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Byrd, Donald
Byrd, Donald (American musician, 1932-2013)
Byrd, Donald Toussaint L'Ouverture
Byrd, Donald (trompettist)
Byrd, Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture
Byrd, Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture (II)
Byrd, Donaldson Toussaint L'Overture
Byrd, Donalson Toussaint L'Ouverture II
Donald Bird
Donald Byed
Donald Byrd
Donald Byrd (American musician)
Donald Byrd (Amerikaans trompettist (1932-2013))
Donald Byrd (amerikanischer Jazztrompeter)
Donald Byrd (amerykański muzyk jazzowy)
Donald Byrd (trombettista statunitense)
Donald Byrd (trompettiste américain de jazz)
Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II
Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II, Donaldson
דונלד בירד
دونالد بیرد
도널드 버드
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Computer file
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
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Adams, Pepper (1930-1986)
Adams, Pepper (co-performer)
Capitol Records Inc
Carrère music
Chambers, Paul (1935-1969)
Chambers, Paul (co-performer)
Coltrane, John (1926-1967)
Coltrane, John (co-performer)
Davis, Walter Jr (co-performer)
Donald Byrd and Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Street, New York City Affiliation (see also from)
Donald Byrd Quartet (see also from)
Donald Byrd quintet
Donald Byrd Quintet (isMemberOf)
Donald Byrd quintet (see also from)
Donald Byrd Quintet Affiliation (see also from)
Donald Byrd Sextet (see also from)
Donald Byrd Singers (see also from)
Drew, Kenny (co-performer)
Elmo Hope Sextet (isMemberOf)
EMI music France
Garland, Red (co-performer)
Gigi Gryce Donald Byrd Jazz Laboratory Affiliation (see also from)
Griffin, Johnny (co-performer)
Hall, Joe (co-performer)
Hancock, Herbie (1940-...)
Heath, Albert “Tootie” (co-performer)
Hope, Elmo (co-performer)
Jackie McLean quintet
Jackie McLean quintet 1955-1963 (see also from)
Jackie McLean sextet
Jackie McLean sextet 1956 (see also from)
Jaspar, Bobby (co-performer)
Johnny Griffin Sextet (isMemberOf)
Johnson, Stephen (co-performer)
Jones, Philly Joe (co-performer)
Jones, Sam (co-performer)
Joyner, George (co-performer)
Kelly, Wynton (co-performer)
Kenny Clarke quintet
Kenny Clarke quintet (see also from)
Kenny Drew quartet
Kenny Drew quartet 1957 (see also from)
Kenny Drew quintet
Kenny Drew quintet 1957 (see also from)
Killgo, Keith (co-performer)
Mitchell, Blue (co-performer)
Mobley, Hank (1930-1986)
Mobley, Hank (co-performer)
Pearson, Duke (1932-1980)
Perry, Barney (co-performer)
Phil Woods septet
Phil Woods septet 1956 (see also from)
Priester, Julian (co-performer)
Saunders, Orville (co-performer)
Sonny Rollins sextet
Sonny Rollins sextet 1978 (see also from)
Taylor, Art (1929-1995)
Taylor, Art (co-performer)
Taylor's Wailers
Taylor's Wailers 1956-.... (see also from)
The Blackbyrds
The Blackbyrds (isMemberOf)
The Blackbyrds (see also from)
The Jazz lab quintet (see also from)
The Red Garland Quintet (isMemberOf)
Toney, Kevin (co-performer)
Ware, Wilbur (co-performer)
Watkins, Doug (co-performer)
Woods, Phil
2 Trumpets
52nd Street Theme (Live)
6 M’s
All day long
All Members
Alter Ego
And 125th Street, N.Y.C.
And what if I don't (6 min 30 s)
Angel Eyes (take 4)
Around the Corner
At the Half Note Cafe, Volume 1
At the Half Note Cafe, Volume 2
At the Half Note Cafe, Volumes 1 & 2
At This Time (Live)
B. For B.B, (previously unissued)
Back Down In Lu Easy Anna
Beale Street
Beast of Burden
Best of Donald Byrd, The
best of the Red Garland quintets, The
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Bird House
Black Byrd (4.0 mix)
Black Disciple, The
Blind man, blind man
Blue break beats
Blue Breakbeats
Blue Byrd
Blue Monk
Blues Medium Rare
Blues Walk (Live), The
Blues Well Done
Book’s Bossa
Books Bossa
Boom, Boom
Bronze dance (6 min 40 s)
Brother Isaac
Bup a Loup
But George
Byrd Blows on Beacon Hill
Byrd House
Byrd in Flight
Byrd in hand
Byrd Jazz
Byrd's word
Byrd Song
Byrds Eye View
Call to Arms
Cantaloupe Island
Cat Walk, The
Cecile (12 min 50 s)
Change (Makes You Want to Hustle), Part 1
Changes (Makes You Wanna Hustle)
Chasin' the Bird
Chasing the Bird
Child’s Play (take 2)
Child’s Play (take 3)
Christo Redentor
City Called Heaven, A
Clarion calls (5 min 39 s)
Close You Eyes And Look Within
Construction Crew
Cool Aid
Cornbread, Earl & Me (movie radio spot)
Counter Punch
Creeper, The
Cristo Redendor
Cristo Redento
Cristo Redentor
Dance Band
Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Street
Davis cup
Day Dream
Dear Old Stockholm (Live)
Del Valle
Design a Nation
Devil whip (4 min 39 s)
Devilette [Previously unissued]
Dig it !
Dimensions and extensions
Distant Land
Dixie Lee
Do It Fluid
Dominoes / Wind Parade
Don't stop the carnival
Don't Worry Be Jazzy
Donald Byrd Collection, The
Donald Byrd - Ghana
Donald Byrd Milestones of a Jazz Legend
Donald Byrd's Best
Doug’s Blues
Down Tempo
Droppin' science greatest samples from The Blue Note lab
Dude, The
Duke's Mixture
Each Time I Think of You
Early Byrd: the Best of the Jazz Soul Years
Early Sunday Morning
Early Years: 1955 - 1958
Electric Byrd
Emperor (Parts 1 & 2), The
Ethiopian knights
Everything Happens to Me
Fallin’ Like Dominoes (live version)
(Fallin’ Like) Dominos
(Falling Like) Dominoes (live)
Fancy free
Far away lands
Feel Like Loving You Today, I
First Flight
Flight Time (4.0 mix)
Flute Blues (Live)
Fly, Little Bird Fly
Formidable (Live)
Foster Dulles
Four, 5 and 6
Free form
French Spice
Friday’s Child (take 1)
Fuego / Amen
Funky Mama
Gate City
Get a Kick Out Of You, I
Gingerbread Boy
Giving It Up
Gold The Moon, White The Sun
Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good), I
Gotcha Goin' n Comin'
grandes del jazz, Los
Great God
Groovin’ for Nat
Hank’s Other Tune
Hanks Other Tune
Happy Music
Harlem Blues
Hastings Street Bounce
Have You Heard The News?
Hello Bright Sunflower
Here Am I
Here I Am
High pressure
Hip Strut
Hour After, The
House of the Rising Sun
Hush! (take 1)
Hush! (take 2)
I'll Always Remember
I’m a Fool to Want You
I'm an Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande
I'm So Excited by You (first version)
I'm Tryin' to Get Home
I've Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
I've Longed and Searched for My Mother
If I Love Again
In Love With Love
Injuns, The
Instrumental music. Selections
Intro by Ruth Mason
Introduction by Ruth Mason Lion
It's a Beautiful Evening
Jackie's bag
Jammin' with Gene
Jazz at the waterfront
Jazz in Paris Collector's Edition: Byrd in Paris
Jazz lab
jazz message of Hank Mobley
Jazz Message, The
Jelly Roll
Just My Imagination
King Arthur
King cobra
Kofi (Heavy Beats mix)
Kofi (The Jazz Master mix)
Lansana's Priestess
Lansanna's Priestess (DJ Spinna remix)
Little Boy Blue
Little Rasti, The
Little Rock to Getaway
Little T
Loner, The
Long green
Long Two/Four, The
Lou takes off
Loud Minority, The
Love Has Come Around (original 12" version)
Love's So Far Away (4.0 mix)
Love's so far away (6 min)
Love the Girl, I
Love You, I
Lover, Come Back to Me
Loving You
Low Life
Lush life
Makin' It
March Children
MC Willie Bowen - Introduction
Minor Apprehension
Miss Kane
More on the Same
Mr. Lucky (feat. Pepper Adams)
Mr Lucky Theme
Mr. Thomas (4.0 mix)
My Babe
My girl shirl (10 min 20 s)
My Ideal
My point of view
Nai nai (6 min 35 s)
New Perspective, A
New soil
Night flower (6 min 45 s)
Night Whistler
No room for squares
Not Necessarily The Blues
Not really the blues
November Afternoon
Off to the races
On the Trail
One flight up
One Gun Salute
Onliest, The
Onward 'til Morning
Our Delight
Our Love Is Here to Stay
Out of this world
Pairing Off
Parisian Thoroughfare (Live)
Paul Chambers Quintet
Paul's Pal (Live)
Pearly Gates
Pentecostal Feeling
People Suppose To Be Free
People Will Say We’re in Love
Perpetual Love
Ping Pong Beer
Places and spaces
Plain Jane (9 min 57 s)
pleasure is mine (4 min)
Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Portrait of Jennie (6 min 40 s)
Portrait of Jennie, A
Portrait of Jenny, A
Prestige legacy
Pretty Baby
Professor Long Hairs Boogie
Professor Longhair's Boogie
Pure D. Funk
Quiet temple
Ray's Idea (Live)
Remember Me
Return of the King
Rock and Roll Again
Round about midnight
Royal flush
Salt Peanuts (2) [Live]
Samba Yantra
Saw 'Nuff
Say You're Mine
Science Funktion
Secret Love
See, See, Rider
Shaw 'Nuff
Sino, El
Sir Master Kool Guy
Sister Love
Sky High (4.0 mix)
Slop Jar Blues (4.0 mix)
Slow drag
Smoothie (take 4)
Someone to Watch Over Me
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Sonny Rollins
Sonny's crib
Sonnysphere (9 min 36 s)
Sophisticated Lady
Soul junction
Soulful Kiddy (9 min 30 s)
Speak low
Stanley Stomper, The
Stardust (Live)
Stella by Starlight
Steppin' Again (Madlib remix)
Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Madlib remix)
Stepping Into Tomorrow (Madlib remix)
Street Lady
Suddenly It's Spring
Sudel (take 2)
Sudel (take 4)
Sudwest Funk
Sunning In Your Love Shine
Sunning In Your Loveshine
Sweet Cakes
Tanya Jean
Tell Me
Thank You ... For F.U.M.L (Funking Up My Life)
Thank You for Funkin' Up My Life
That’s All There Is to Love
Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall
Theme for Malcolm
Theme for Malcom
Theme From Mr. Lucky
Theme (Pure D. Funk)
Think Twice (Mizell Brothers 2005 Remix)
Think Twice (Mizell Brothers 2005 Special 12" Only mix)
Third, The
Three Wishes
Time Is Moving On
Tis (Theme)
Together We Wail
Tortion Level
tribute to someone (8 min 40 s)
Two Bass Hit (Live)
Two guitars
Untinted sources for Madlib's shades of blue
Up with Donald Byrd
Uptowner, The
Voyage à Deux
We'll be together again
We're Together
We Six
Weasil (9 min 50 s)
Wee Tina
West of the Pecos
What’s New
Whats New
When I fall in love (5 min 32 s)
When sonny gets blue
When Sunny Gets Blue
When your love has gone
Where Are We Going? (4.0 mix)
Whims of chambers
Why was I born ? (3 min 13 s)
Wild Life
Wilford's Gone
Will Wait For You, I
Wind parade (6 min 07 s)
Witch Hunt
Witchcraft (8 min 25 s)
Woman of the World
Woody 'n You
You and music (5 min 20 s)
You and the Music
You Are the World (Lee Stone remix)
You're My Thrill
You're Next
You've Been Talkin' 'bout Me, Baby
Your Love Is My Ecstasy
Yusef (Barry Harris)
Contributed to or performed: 
'Round Midnight
100 Best Jazz Tunes of the 1950's, The
100 Best of Blue Note
100 Hits: Disco Classics
100 Hits: Jazz
100% Pure Groove, Volume 2
100% Smooth Jazz
12 Inch Dance: 80s Groove
2 Trumpets
25 ans avant Nova
3/60: Disco Anthems
32 Gems From 32 Jazz
32 More Gems From 32 Jazz
33 1/3 Microgroove
50 Best of Blue Note
52nd Stree Theme
60 Great Jazz Classics
80's Club Classics Repress
80's Groove Record Box
80s Groove: The Ultimate Collection
Ain't Life Grand
All About Jazz Stars
All the Things You Are
All This Time
All-Star Sessions, The
American Jazz Lounge
Années Blue Note - The Finest In Jazz - 1955-1967, Les
années Blue Note, Les
Anthems, Volume 1
Anthems, Volume 4
Around the Corner
Art of Jazz: Trumpet Legends, The
At Newport
Azuli Presents François K: Choice: A Collection of Classics
Back Down to the Tropics
Barbara Bui Presents Initial Grooves
Barrel of Funk
Bat Land
Beginner's Guide To Jazz
Beginner's Guide To Latin Jazz
Berthe, La
Best Blue Note 100
Best Blue Note 100, Volume 2
Best Blue Note 100, Volume 3
Best Blue Note Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Ever Funk & Disco, The
Best Latin Jazz Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best of Blaxploitation, The
Best of Blue Break Beats
Best of Blue Note, The
Best of Boogie Woogie, The
Best of Guru's Jazzmatazz, The
Best of Jazz, The
Best of Rudy van Gelder: A Selection of Legendary Blue Note Recordings, The
Best of the Jazz Trumpets, The
Best Smooth Jazz... Ever!, The
Best Smooth Jazz...Ever!, The
Bien, le Mal, Le
Bird House
Birk's Works
Birth Of Hard Bop featuring Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, The
Birth of the Cool: Digging That Blue Note Sound
Bitty Ditty
Black Music Lounge
Blaxploitation, Volume 4: Harlem Hustle
Blue 'n Groovy, Volume 1: Blue Note Connects With the Good Vibes
Blue 'N' Groovy, Volume 2: Mostly Modal
Blue 'n' Soul: Hear It Through the Grapevine
Blue ’70s: Blue Note Got Soul
Blue Bossa: Cool Cuts From the Tropics
Blue Bossa: Cool Cuts From The Tropics - Volume 2
Blue Box: Blue Note's Best, The
Blue Break Beats
Blue Break Beats, Vol. 1
Blue Break Beats, Volume 2
Blue Break Beats, Volume 3
Blue Concept
Blue Doll
Blue Impressions: Blue Note Mix by DJ Mitsu the Beats
Blue Lights
Blue Note
Blue Note 50th Anniversary Collection, Volume 3: 1956-1967 Funk and Blues
Blue Note 50th Anniversary Collection, Volume 5: 1970-1989 Lighting the Fuse
Blue Note Beach Classics Presented By José Padilla
Blue Note Blend, Volume 2
Blue Note Essentials, Volume 1
Blue Note Live at The Roxy
Blue Note Live at The Roxy, Vol. 1
Blue Note Perfect Takes
Blue Note Plays Bossa Nova
Blue Note Rare Grooves
Blue Note Revisited
Blue Note Trip, Volume 1: Saturday Night / Sunday Morning
Blue Note Trip, Volume 10: Late Nights / Early Mornings
Blue Note Trip, Volume 2: Sunset
Blue Note Trip, Volume 2: Sunset / Sunrise
Blue Note Trip, Volume 3: Goin' Down / Gettin' Up
Blue Note Trip, Volume 4: Lookin' Back / Movin' On
Blue Note Trip, Volume 7: Birds / Beats
Blue Note Trip, Volume 8: Swing Low / Fly High
Blue Note Trip, Volume 9: Heat Up / Simmer Down
Blue Note Trip: Jazzanova
Blue Note Weekend by Minus 8
Blue Note Years, Volume 3: Organ and Soul, The
Blue Note Years, Volume 6: The New Era, The
Blue Note: 60 Years of Cool
Blue Note: Collectors Edition
Blue Note: The Ultimate Jazz Collection
Blue Note's Sidetracks, Volume 3: Into Blue
Blue Note's Sidetracks, Volume 5: Out of the Blue: Remixes by Lefto & Krewcial
Blue Series Sampler III, The
Blues Medium Rare
Blues Number Two
Blues Number Two (previously unissued)
Blues Well Done
Body & Soul
Bohemia After Dark
Boogie Woogie
Bop and Beyond
Bop Lives
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 4, The
Bronx Tale, A
Byrd House
Byrd in Hand
Call to Arms
Carol's Interlude
Cattin' (alternate take)
Cattin' (Original issue)
Certain Attitude, A
Chasing the Bird
Chico San
Chips & Cheers: Blue Note Mix CD, Volume 1
Christo Redentor
Classic Jazz Funk, Volume 1
Classic Jazz Funk, Volume Three
Classic Jazz-Funk 2: Definitive Jazz-Funk Mastercuts, Volume 2
Classic Jazz-Funk 3: Definitive Jazz-Funk Mastercuts, Volume 3
Classic Jazz-Funk: Definitive Jazz-Funk Mastercuts, Volume 1
Classic Jazz: The Sixties
Classic Movies
coffret idéal - Jazz Cool, Le
Coffret Idéal Soul, Le
Colette N°7
Collectables Jazz Classics: Jazz Lab / Modern Jazz Perspective
Coming Home
Complete 80's Soul Weekender, The
Complete Blue Note Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams Studio Sessions, The
Complete Jazz Lab Studio Sessions, Volume 1
Complete Jazz Lab Studio Sessions, Volume 2
Complete Jazz Lab Studio Sessions, Volume 3
Complete Story of Jazz, The
Cosmos: Outer Space Disco Funk Ignites B.N. & T.K. Dancefloors
Crazy Rhythm
Creeper, The
Day Dream
Delicious Jazz, Volume 1: As You Like It
Dewey Square
Diggin' Heat 2016
Disco Discharge: American Hot
Disco Inferno 2
DJ Vinroc Presents So Much Soul
Double Whammy
Doug’s Blues
Droppin Science: Greatest Samples From the Blue Note Lab
Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From the Blue Note Lab
Early Bird
Early Morning Blues
Early Sunday Morning
Eighties Soul Weekender
Eighties Soul Weekender 3
Either Side of Midnight Later
Electric Blue - Plug in and Turn On
Emperor (DJ Cam remix), The
Emperor / Misdemeanor, The
End of a Love Affair, The
Ergo the Blues (take 2)
Ergo the Blues (take 3)
Evening in Casablanca, An
Everything Happens to Me
Exhibit A
Eyes So Beautiful, as Yours
Feels So Good: 12 Jazz Funk Classics
Ferry Maat's Soulshow "Soul Show 4 Ever"
Fly Me to the Moon
Four Strings
Fundamentally Bedtime
Funkin' on the 1
Funky Bop
Funky Collector, Volume 1
Funky End, The
Funky Groove
Funky Grooves
Funky Jazz, Volume 3: Il ritmo dell'anima
Funky Jazz, Volume 4: Dallo swing al groove
Getting Down To Business
Giant Steps
Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good), I
Got It Bad and That Ain't Good, I
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Paradise FM
Grass Roots: Danny Krivit
Great God
Greatest 80's Soul Weekender, The
Greatest Hits of Soul and R&B
Groove Originals 2
Groove Train: Get Off at Blue Note Grooves Station!
Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 (deluxe edition)
Hallmark Jazz Sampler
Hand of Love, The
Hank Mobley Sextet
Hank's Symphony
Hank’s Other Tune (a.k.a. the Late Show)
Hank’s Tune
Hard Bop
Hard Bop 101
Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya
Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya / Bohemia After Dark
Hear Me Talking to Ya
High Voltage: Blue Note Plugs In to the Electric Funktion
Hip Hammond & Soulful Grooves
Hip Hop & Jazz Mixed Up Vol.2
Hip Hop & Jazz Mixtape Chapter 2, The
Hip Jazz Bop - Over a million served
His Majesty King Funk / Up With Donald Byrd
Hot & Funky
Hot Java Jazz
House of Chan
I’m an Old Cowhand
If I Love Again
In Walked George
Inrockuptibles présentent : Juin 2004, Les
Inside Blue Note Connoisseur Series
Into the Blue
Isn't It Romantic
Isn't It Romantic?
It Might as Well Be Spring
It's a Jazz Thing
It's You or No One
It’s a Beautiful Evening
Jazz ’Round the Clock
Jazz After Dark
Jazz Box, The
Jazz Carnival
Jazz Chillout II
Jazz Chillout V1.0, The
Jazz District - Bebop
Jazz District: Cool Jazz
Jazz Eyes
Jazz For A Lazy Day
Jazz for the Open Road
Jazz for When You're Alone
Jazz for When You’re Alone
Jazz History, Volume 2: Modern Jazz 1956-1965
Jazz in Paris, Volume 4: Rive Gauche, Rive Droite 1956-1959
Jazz in Paris: 1917/1959
Jazz in the City: A Beautiful Day in the Big Apple With Gare Du Nord
Jazz Lab
Jazz Masters
Jazz Meets Wine
Jazz Message, The
Jazz of the Millennium
Jazz Sessions
Jazz sur la Croisette
Jazz Years - History of Jazz Box set, The
Jazz-Club: Trumpet
Jumpin' Jazz
Keep Your Worries
Kind of Soul
Kings of Jazz, The
Kiss for My Love, A
Kiss of No Return, The
Land of 1000 Dances: Special Soul & Funk Edition
Late Date
Late Entry
Late Night Jazz
Late Night Jazz - The Ultimate Collection
Late Night Tease: Downtempo Sexy Soul Funk Hidden Gems & Cult Classics For Love Teasin'
Latin Jazz
Latin Jazz Experience
LD Blues
Let's Have a Ball! With Gare Du Nord
Life Is Chic
Life:Styles: Bugz in the Attic
Little Melonae
Little Niles
Little Rock Getaway
Live at the Half Note, Volume 2
Look Into the Flower: Trip on Psychedelic Grooves With Blue Note
Loungin (Jazz not Jazz mix)
Love for Sale
Love Jazz, Volume 1, I
Lover Man
Lush Life
M & M Mixes, Volume 3, The
M+M Mixes, Volume 3: New and Never Released M+M Mixes, The
Made To Move Music Collection - Jazz
Married An Angel, I
Mastercuts Best of Jazz Funk
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 135: Jazz Funk
Masters of the Jazz Trumpet
Medley: Early Morning Blues / Now, Don't You Know
Meilleur de Blue Note: 50 titres de légende, Le
Mellow Jazz
Midnight Jazz
Midnight Jazz - The Midnight Jazz Collection
Minor Run Down
Mizell Brothers at Blue Note, The
Modern Jazz Perspective
Moe, Jr. (take 2; previously unissued)
Mood Malody
More of the Same
Most Romantic Jazz Music in the Universe, The
Motor City Scene
Move It
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Scruff's Big Chill Classics
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 10
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 16
My Funny Valentine
N.Y. Lounge: One Night on Broadway, Volume 2
Natural High
New Formulas From the Jazz Lab
New Groove: The Blue Note Remix Project, Volume 1, The
New York Times: Tribute to Blue Note
Nica's Dream
Nica's Tempo
Night Flower
No. 1 Jazz Album, The
Nova 24h
November Afternoon
Off Minor / Well You Needn't / Salt Peanuts
Old Folks
On It
On the Corner
Once More
One Mo' Blues
Onion Head
Onliest, The
Original Jazz Album, The
Original Jazz Box Set, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 1, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 2, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 3, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 4, The
Original Jazz Masters Series, Volume 5, The
Out of the Blue
Out of This World
Outer World, The
Over the Rainbow
Parisian Thoroughfare
Paul Chambers Quintet
Pentacostal Feeling
People Will Say We're in Love
Phil T. McNasty's Blues
Piece of Gold: Soulful Pop Songs Selected by Tahiti 80, A
Ping Pong Beer
Playboy’s 40th Anniversary: Four Decades of Jazz 1953-1993
Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Prestige Profiles Collector's Edition, Volume 1
Pulp Fusion: Fully Loaded
Pure D Funk
Pure Grooves
Pure Jazz
Pure Jazz Chillout
Pure Jazz Moods
Quiet Temple
Rafał Bryndal Jazz Quartet, Volume 2 (disc 1)
Rare Equations
Remember Clifford, I
Return to Paradise
Rock Creek Park (M & M mix)
S Mos presents: Hip Hop and Jazz Mixed Up, Volume 2
Samba Yantra
Sans Souci
Savoy 60th Anniversary: Timeless
Savoy Story, Volume One: Jazz, The
Say It Loud! Brotherhood, Pride & Groove on Blue Note
Scotch & Sofa
Siebzig Jahre Blue Note
Simply Dinner Jazz
Simply Jazz
Simply Jazz Greats
Simply Late Night Jazz
Simply Smooth Jazz
Sino, El
Six Shades of Blue Funk: Past, Present and Future Funk
Sky High
Smoke Signal
Smooth Jazz
Smooth Jazz - The Ultimate Late Night Collection
Social Call
Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
Soho Collection: Smooth Jazz, The
Some More Horizons
Sophisticated Lady
Soul Anthology
Soul Cargo Vol.5
Soul Jazz Collection, The
Soul Junction
Soul Love: 50 Great Soul Legends of Love
Soul Of Jazz Percussion, The
Space Flight
Space Flight (previously unissued)
Star Eyes
Stella by Starlight
Steppin' Out
Stereo Pictures Vol. 02
Stereo Pictures, Volume 2
Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool
Straight Ahead
Straight No Chaser
Strange Funky Games and Things
Strange Games and Funky Things II
Strange Games and Things Mixed by DJ Spinna
Street Grooves
Strictly Breaks, Volume 10
Strictly Breaks: The Definitive Collector's Box Set
Strut'n' Get Up: Funky Fat Slices of Groove Cut from Blue Note
Summer Waves, Vol. 3
Summertime: The Mixtape, Volume 5
Super Bad Super Black: Blaxploitation Radio Spots
Super Horns
Talkin' Verve
Talkin' Verve - Roots of Acid Jazz (1951-72)
Tender Feelin’s: Silky Cuts for Cool Cats Selected by Blue Note
That Good Old Feeling
That's All There Is to Love
That's Jazz: Best of Jazz, Teil 2
That's Jazz: Simply the Best of Jazz
That’s All
Theme for Malcom
Theme From Mr. Lucky
There Is No Greater Love
There Will Never Be Another You
Third World, The
Third, The
Time is Moving On
Toro Valiente, El
Totally Funk - The Essential Funk Album
Touch and Go
Transition Sessions
Transition Sessions, The
Tribe Vibes
Trip Tease, Volume 1: Fine Moments from the Blue Note Catalogue
Trip Tease, Volume 2: More Fine Moments From the Blue Note and Capitol Catalogue
TRUE BLUE: 75 Years Of Blue Note Records
Tune Up
Ultimate Breaks & Beats, Volume 15
Ultimate Breaks & Beats: The Complete Collection
Ultimate Free Soul Collection
Ultimate Funk Party, The
Ultimate Hand on the Torch (disc 2), The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 32: Swing to Bebop, Modern Jazz, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
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