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Harold Spencer Jones (astronome)
Harold Spencer Jones (astronomo inglese)
Harold Spencer Jones (britischer Astronom)
Harold Spencer Jones (British astronomer)
Harold Spencer Jones (britisk astronom)
Harold Spencer Jones (Brits astronoom)
Harold Spencer Jones (brittisk astronom)
Jones, H. Spencer
Jones, H. Spencer (Sir)
Jones, Harold Spencer-
Jones, Harold Spencer (Sir)
Spencer Jones, H.
Spencer-Jones, Harold
Spencer-Jones, Harold Spencer
Гарольд Спенсер Джонс
Джонс, Гарольд Спенсер
Харолд Спенсер Џоунс
ჰაროლდ სპენსერ ჯოუნზი
هارولد اسپنسر جونز (ستاره‌شناس بریتانیایی)
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Baillie, Granville Hugh (1873-1951)
Barlow, Crossley William Crosby
British Council
Bryan, George Hartley (1864-1928)
Burgess, Eric
Cannon, Annie Jump
Chase, Carl Trueblood
International Council of Scientific Unions. Special Committee for the International Geophisical Year
Jackson, John (1887-1958)
King, Henry C.
Longmans, Green & Co
Newcomb, Simon (1835-1909)
Royal Observatory Greenwich Affiliation (see also from)
Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Annals of the International Geophysical Year
Catalogue of 4569 stars from observations with the reversible transit circle made at the Royal observatory
Clocks and watches an historical bibliography
concise history of astronomy, A
determination of precise time., The
Discussion of observations of occultations of stars by the moon, 1672-1908, being a revision of Newcomb's "Researches on the motion of the moon, part II"
earth as a clock, being the Halley lecture delivered on 5 June 1939, The
First Cape catalogue, 1925
From the Aratus globe to the Zeiss Planetarium. Revised and enlarged edition, translated from the German [Die Sterne durfet ihr verschwenden] by A. H. Degenhardt... with a foreword by... Harold Spencer Jones...
Frontier to space
Frontiers of science
General astronomy
history of the telescope, The
John Couch Adams and the discovery of Neptune.
Life on other worlds.
Magnitudes of stars
Mathematical practitioners of Tudor and Stuart England, by E. G. R. Taylor. [Foreword by H. Spencer Jones.]
Ninth astronomer royal, the life of Frank Watson Dyson, by Margaret Wilson. [Foreword by Sir Harold Spencer Jones.]
Observations of colour temperatures of stars.
Observations of Eros, 1930-31 Notes on Methods of Reduction and Publication of Results, The
origin of the solar system, The
Proper motions of stars contained in the Cape fundamental catalogues of 1846 stars for the equinox 1900.
Proper motions of stars in the zone catalogue of 20,843 stars, 1900 : zones -40° to -52° derived from photographs taken at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Radial velocity determinations including a spectroscopic determination of the constant of eberration, the orbits of 13 spectroscopic binary stars, and the radial velocities of 434 stars
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur Harold Spencer-Jones]
Results of meridian observations made at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, in the years 1918-1925, under the direction of H. Spencer Jones ...
Royal Observatory, Greenwich, The
Solar activity and its terrestrial effects.
space encyclopaedia, The : a guide to astronomy and space research
spectrum of Nova Pictoris, 1925, The
Stellar parallaxes (1st series) determined in the years 1926-1930
Storia dell' astronomia
Sunspot and geomagnetic-storm data derived from Greenwich observations 1874-1954
Uit de diepten van het heelal
vie sur d'autres mondes, La
Worlds without end
Zhiznʹ na drugikh mirakh.