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Addison, ‘Jock’
Addison, John
Addison, John ‘Jock’
Addison, John Mervin
Addison, John Mervyn
‘Jock’ Addison
John Addison
John Addison (britischer Komponist)
John Addison (britisk komponist)
John Addison (Brits componist (1920-1998))
John Addison (brittisk kompositör)
John Addison (Composer)
John Addison (compositeur de musique de films)
John Addison (compositor de música para cine)
John Addison (compositore britannico)
John ‘Jock’ Addison
Джон Эддисон
جان ادیسون (آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adlard, Storm
Bosley, Tom (1927-2010)
Caine, Michael (1933-...)
Fischer, Peter S.
Lansbury, Angela (1925-)
Levinson, Richard (1934-1987)
Link, William (1933-)
Millar, Kyle
Naxos Digital Services
Oorspr. voor trompet en strijkorkest
Osborne, John (1929-1994))
Shaffer, Anthony (1926-2001)
Shaffer, Anthony Joshua (1926-2001)
Sinfonia of London. [from old catalog]
Ullmann, Liv (1938- ))
Vaughan, Richard (1951-)
Windom, William (1923-)
Zoodashna, Zahra
Ac Act of Pity / You're Late! / Mr. Jenkins
Across the Seas
Aerosol Knock-About
After the Battle
Air Lift
Alien Professor
Amazing stories
Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders, The
Amorous Count / When the Cat's Away / The Wages of Sin / Polite Society, The
Andrew and Milo
Anger and Reflection
(Another) Day Out
Arnhem Destroyed
Assault on the Fortress
Baby Don't Go
Bad Old Days, The
Bad Times for Moll
Bagatelles for brass
Bagatelles, trumpets (2), horn, trombone, tuba
Bailey Bridge
Barn Fight
Barnacle Bill
Bedroom Farce
Before the Holocaust
Behind the Curtain
Belle / The Strawberry Mark
Betty and Joseph [alternate]
Big Ship Sails On The Alley-Alley-O (From "A Taste Of Honey")
Bloodying Scene
Blow Up Car
Born For Trouble
Brandy for the Parson: End Titles
Brandy for the Parson: Opening Titles
Break In
Bridge Too Far March, A
Bridge Too Far: Themes, A
Britannia Rules
Britsh Modern, Vol. 1
Bulletin Boards
Can't Help Laughing
Carlton-Browne of the f.O.: March
Carnaby Street
Carte blanche. Suite
Catch a Highwayman If You Can
Caught in the Act / Vice Repented
Centennial: Main Theme
Charge of the Light Brigade: Across the Seas, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: After the Battle, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Anger & Reflection, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: End Title, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: First Kiss, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Go Gently, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Lady Scarlett's Ball, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Main Title, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: March on the Alma, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Nolan's Theme, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Sebastopol, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Suite, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: The Charge of the Light Brigade, The
Charge of the Light Brigade / The Honey Pot, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: The Six Hundred, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Valley of Death, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: Waiting for the Charge, The
Charge of the Light Brigade: War Fever, The
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. British music for film & television [SR] p1979:
Coach Party
Coach Robbery, The
Cocaine Nightmare
cockleshell heroes, The
Code name : Emerald
Commencez la révolution sans nous
Concertino, bassoon, orchestra
Concerto, trumpet, string orchestra
Count to Twenty
Customers / Rest Homes
Daily Soap
Dawn Departure
Day Out
Death of Sir Thomas / Parson Adams Sees the Ghost, The
Death Of The Baron, The
Destination Alturus
[Divertimenti, Fl Ob Klar Fg Hr (1990)]. - c
Divertimenti, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon
Divertimenti, trumpets (2), horn, trombone, op. 9
Divertimento for wind quintet
Dog Howls
Don't Marry Mr. Bliful / The Ghost Walks
Don't Move
Drowned / Slipslop Repulsed 1 & 2
Dry-Eyed Widow / The Lecherous Banker
Duel For A Lady
Dutch Rhapsody, A
Earl Struck
Elemental, Doctor Freud
Emily's Hat
End Credits (alternate)
End Game
End Title Including the Love Theme from Torn Curtain (Green Years)
End Titles
entertainer, The
Envahisseurs sont parmi nous
Escape From Spaceship & End Credits
Escape on the π Bus
False Trail
Fanny Rescued and Loved
Farewell Party, The
Fencing Lesson / Ned and Jane, The
Film Music of John Addison, The
fine madness, A
Fire Escape
First Encounter / Is It Dangerous?
First Kiss
Follow The Clues
formule magique
Fox at Bay
Fraulein Deveraux
Funeral Chase, The
Funeral Source
Futile Mission
Garden Grave
Geriatric (alternate), The
Go Gently
Grace Quigley
grand truc
Greasy Fellow
Grim Guardians of Justice, The
Gun Threat
Hardware Dump
Hidden Gun / The Killing of Mr. Putnam / Emily's First
Histoires fantastiques 3
Hollywood's greatest hits classic music from the movies
Honey Pot: Fox at Bay, The
Honey Pot: Lone Star's Secret Weapon, The
Honey Pot: Lost Romance, The
Honey Pot: Palazzo, The
Honey Pot: Palm Springs Comes to Venice, The
Honey Pot: Play's End, The
Honey Pot: Remembering the Old Days, The
Honey Pot: Sarah, The
Honey Pot: Strange Encounter, The
Honey Pot: The Honey Pot: Main Title, The
Honey Pot: The Honey Pot: Reprise, The
Honey Pot: The Love Game, The
Honey Pot: Time Remembered, The
Hospital Tent
Human Roadblock
If He Swing by the String
Incredible Chase, The
Inspector Doppler
Introduction to π
It's Always Your Fault
It's Time
Jabberwock March
Jewel Box
John Gay's the Beggar's opera and other eighteenth-century plays
Joseph Andrews
Joseph Dismissed
Joseph on the Road
Journey to Centerville
Journey To Vienna
Ladies Are Irresistible
Lady Booby Goes to Bath
Lady Booby Repulsed
Lady Scarlett's Ball
Lamp Eater
Lean days
London Scene
Lone Star's Secret Weapon
loneliness of the long distance runner
Lost Romance
Love Game, The
Love Interrupted
Love, Lost and Found
Love's Reward / End Titles
Love Theme from Joseph Andrews
Love Theme From Tom Jones - Variations
Love Theme from Torn Curtain, The
Love You, Sophie Western, I
Lovely as She (Moll Flander's Theme)
Lovely Death of Mr. Jenkins (alternate), The
Lover’s Meeting / Fanny’s Doubts
Lucky Jim
Maggie: Song of the Maggie, The
Main Title
Main Titles
Man Between: Berlin Story, The
MAN BETWEEN THEME : du film "Man Between"
Man Between: Theme, The
March of the Paratroopers
March on the Alma
Marguerite’s Theme
Marriage Plans
Masked Ball, The
Michael and Sarah— Alone on the Hill
Milo’s Theme
Milo the Clown
Mirando hacia atrás con ira Look back in anger
Miss Western Arrives
Moll Grows Up
Morning After, The
Mother Ship & Main Title
Mr. Argo Shot / Grace in the Car / Seymour Flint
Mr Boogedy
Mr. Wilson's Story: A Rake's Progress
Mr. Wilson’s Story (Stolen Baby)
Murder Clues
Murder of Gromek, The
Murder, She Wrote: Main Theme
Nasty Newman
Never Marry a Fool
New Clothes
Night of Love / Lover's Farewell
Nijmegen Bridge
Nolan's Theme
Nom de code Emeraude
Nombres de la banda sonora, de José María Benítez y Luis Miguel Carmona
None Sing Again / The Plan
Nummy, Nummy
O jeden most za daleko
Off to Work / Tidying Up
otra cara de la muerte Dead man's folly, La
Overture for Joseph
Palm Springs Comes to Venice
Parson Adams Intercedes
Partridge's Plan
Pasha's Train, The
Past Misdeeds / The Fight in the Barn
Pedlar Pays the Bill
Pickpocket Monkey, The
Pie Fight
Pirate des caraïbes
Play's End
pont trop loin, Un
Poor Sir Thomas
Preminitions of Trouble
Project Leader
Promenade at the Fayre
Proposal, The
puente muy lejano, Un
Pumpkin Competition: Alma Defeated, The
Pumpkin Competition: Big Pea, The
Pumpkin Competition: Growth Payment / Night Growth, Part 1, The
Pumpkin Competition: It's a Fix, The
Pumpkin Competition: Night Growth, Part 2, The
Pumpkin Competition: No Family / You Can Win, The
Pumpkin Competition: Off to the Fair / Late Arrival, The
Pumpkin Competition: Pumpkin Girls, The
Pumpkin Competition: The Wager / Rope and Ladder, The
Putnam's Short Cut
Radio Lieder
Radio Source
Reach for the Sky: Themes
Real Parents / Wedding and End Titles, The
Reluctant Bride, Impatient Spouse
Remembering the old Days
Rescue By Train
Rest Homes (alternate - version 1)
Rest Homes (alternate - version 2)
Retreat to the Ship
Return To Saucer
Returning to Bath / Mr. Didapper
Ride a wild pony
rideau déchiré
Room Service
Rustic Revels
Sarah Alone
Saved by the Pedlar
Saved From Drowning / Pedlar and Adams / Bad News
Se ha escrito un crimen
Se interpone un hombre The man between
Serenade, wind quintet, harp
Serenades, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, harp
Sérénades, vents, harpe
Serlock Holmes Passacaglia
seven-per-cent solution, The
Seven Percent Solution: Suite, The
Seymour Shot to Grace / Pillow Ride / Beach Revisited / Mum and Son
Six Hundred, The
Sleuth: Overture
Sleuth Theme
Smashing Time (End Title)
Smashing Time (main Title)
Sneaking Around
solitude du coureur de fond
Squire Steps In, The
Start the Revolution without me
Storm at the Docks / Vauxhall Dance
Strange Encounter
Strange Invaders: Themes
Such Trying Times
Suite from Carte Blanche: I. Prelude and Waltz
Suite from Carte Blanche: II. Bagatelle
Suite from Carte Blanche: III. Scherzo and Bacchanale
Suite from Carte Blanche: IV. (interlude)
Suite from Carte Blanche: V. Romanza and Postlude
Swashbuckler Love Theme (reprise)
Swashbuckler Main Theme
Swashbuckler: Suite
Swimming Sequence / A New Awareness
Swinging Thru London
Sword Fight
Sylvan Misadventures
Take That, You Hussy / Tom to the Rescue
taste of honey, A
Tennis Duel
Thief's Disguise
Time Bomb
Time Remembered
Tom and Lady Bellaston
Tom and Molly
Tom and Partridge - Mine is a Sad Story
Tom and Sophie Montage
Tom Jones : banda sonora original de la película
Tom Jones, entre l'alcôve et la potence, français
Tom Jones ; Irma la douce
Tom Jones: Overture
Tom Jones Strut, The
Tom Strikes Again
Torn Curtain: Main Title / Gromek / The Killing
Torn Curtain: Main Titles
Toronto Woodwind Quintet. Toronto Woodwind Quintet performing works by Pijper, Fiala and Addison [Enr. son.]
Torture / Erotica in Waltz Time
Touch and Go: Mirror Waltz
Tracking The Baron
Train Talk
Trouble at the Tavern / Safe and Sound / The Count Returns
Truth and the End, The
Trying Times
ultimate solution of Grace Quigley, The
Underground Resistance
Vainqueur du ciel each for the sky
Valley of Death
Variations on the Love Theme from Torn Curtain
Victory and Love
Waal River, The
Waiting for My Friend
Waiting for the Charge
War Fever
Was Monty's Double: March, I
Wellington suite : for two solo horns, solo piano, strings, timpani and percussion
While I'm Still Young
White Moth
Wine and Women
Wish Me Luck
Woodfall Film / Prologue, A
Π Bus Theme Variations
Достичь небес
Забављач (филм)
Школа для негодяев
טום ג'ונס
پرده پاره
توم جونز
شبح اپرا (مجموعه تلویزیونی)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Años de cine, Volume 2
100 Greatest TV Themes
Amazing Stories Anthology, Volume 2
Amazing Stories Anthology, Volume 3
American Television Themes
British Film Music From the 1940s & 1950s
CBS: The First 50 Years
Classic War Movie Themes (The London Theatre Orchestra)
Funny Old Shit - A Trunk Records Sampler - Vol 1
Hollywood Heroes
Longest Day: Music From the Classic War Films, The
Main Title from 'Torn Curtain'
MGM Soundtrack Treasury, The
Motion Picture Classics, Volume Two
Plus Grands Thèmes du Cinéma: Films de Guerre, Les
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Sherlock Holmes: Classic Themes From 221b Baker Street
Sound of the Movies, The
TV Themes, Volume 3
Oorspr. voor trompet en strijkorkest