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David Del Tredici
David Del Tredici (American composer)
David Del Tredici (americký hudební skladatel)
David Del Tredici (Amerikaans pianist)
David Del Tredici (amerikansk komponist og pianist)
David Del Tredici (amerikansk kompositör och pianist)
David Del Tredici (compositeur américain)
David Del Tredici (compositore statunitense)
David Del Tredici (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Del Tredici, David
DelTredici, David
Tredici, David Del
Тредичи, Дэвид Дель
דייוויד דל טרדיצ'י
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Asko ensemble
Bryn-Julson, Phyllis
Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)
Del Tredici, David (1937-...)
Festival Chamber Orchestra
Helps, Robert
Joyce, James (1882-1941)
Knussen, Oliver (1952-...)
Manrique, Jaime (1949-)
Naxos Digital Services
Shelton, Lucy (1954-...)
Acrostic paraphrase
Acrostic song
Adventures underground
Aeolian ballade
Alice Symphony: I. Speak Roughy / Speak Gently, An
Alice Symphony: II. The Lobster Quadrille, An
Alice Symphony: III. 'Tis the Voice of the Sluggard, An
Alice Symphony: IV. Who Stole the Tarts? - Dream - Conclusion, An
Alice Symphony (Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra feat. conductor: Oliver Knussen, soprano: Phyllis Bryn-Julson), An
Alphabet, no. 2
Ballad in Lavender
Ballad in yellow after García Lorca
Ballad in yellow, baritone, piano
Belgian bliss
Carol Wincenc
'Cello acrostic
Chana's story
Child Alice. All in the golden afternoon
Child Alice Fuga for orchestra
Child Alice. Happy voices
Child Alice. In memory of a summer day
Child Alice. Quaint events
Complete piano works.
[David Del Tredici interview]
Facts of life
Fantasy on a cherished name
Fantasy Pieces: I. Adagio
Fantasy Pieces: II. Poco allegretto
Fantasy Pieces: III. Allegro minacciando
Fantasy Pieces: IV. Largo
Felix Variations
Final Alice. Acrostic song
Final Alice: Alice is Growing. "Consider your verdict"
Final Alice: Aria I. "They told me you had been to her"
Final Alice: Aria II. "She's all my fancy painted him"
Final Alice: Aria III. "She's all my fancy painted her"
Final Alice (Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Chorus feat. conductor: Georg Solti, soprano: Barbara Hendricks)
Final Alice: Finale. "She's all my fancy painted her"
Final Alice: Fuga
Final Alice: Hymn - Aria IV. "A boat 'neath a sunny sky"
Final Alice: Opening. "The King & Queen of Hearts were seated on their throne"
Five gay-themed pieces
Four composers, one voice
Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 1: Dove Song (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 2: She Weeps Over Rahoon (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 3: A Flower Given to My Daughter (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Four Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 4: Monotone (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Gay life
Gotham Glory (Four Scenes of New York City): I. West Village Morning (Prelude)
Gotham Glory (Four Scenes of New York City): II. Museum Piece (Fugue)
Gotham Glory (Four Scenes of New York City): III. Missing Towers (Perpetual Canon)
Gotham Glory (Four Scenes of New York City): IV. Wollman Rink (Grand Fantasy on The Skaters’ Waltz)
Grand trio
Gymnopedies. My Goldberg
Haddock's Eyes: I. Introduction
Haddock's Eyes: II. The White Knight's Song (I)
Haddock's Eyes: III. Cadenza
Haddock's Eyes: IV. Aria" My Heart and Lute
Haddock's Eyes: V. Interlude
Haddock's Eyes: VI. The White Knight's Song (II)
Haddock's Eyes: VII. Farewell (Quodlibet)
Haddocks' eyes. Acrostic song
hear an army, I
Heartfelt anthems
Heavy Metal Alice: I. Aria
Heavy Metal Alice: II. Fuga
Heavy Metal Alice: III. Apotheosis
Herrick's anthems
History lessons, 2000:
Illustrated Alice
In memory of a summer day (Child Alice, part one)
In wartime
Inspirational song. Baritone songs
Joyce settings Scherzo
Joyce Settings / Syzygy
Lament for the death of a bullfighter
Last Gospel
Love addiction
Magyar Madness: I. Passionate Knights
Magyar Madness: II. Interlude: Contentment
Magyar Madness: III. Magyar Madness, "Grand Rondo à la Hongroise"
March to tonality : for orchestra
Miz Inez sez
Most beautiful song in the world
Night Conjure-Verse: I. Simples
Night Conjure-Verse: II. A Memory of the Players in a Mirror at Midnight
On learning on the clearest night only 6000 stars are visible to the naked eye
On wings of song. New Year's Eve
Opposites attract
Paul Revere's ride
Piano album
Piano music. Selections
Piano Recital Bannister, Tanya - Del Tredici, D. ; Theofanidis, C. ; Farrin, S. ; Silver, S.
Piano Recital Golan, Jeanne - Tredici, D. del ; Moe, E. ; Cipullo, T. ; Ornstein, L. (American Handstands)
Poem & the master
Pop-pourri : for soprano, rock group, chorus, and orchestra
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1
Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 2
S/M ballade
Scherzo, piano, 4 hands
Secret music a songbook
Sixteen (The) American Collection (An)
Songs on poems of James Joyce (1959)
Songs on poems of James Joyce (1960)
Songs. Selections
Steps / Haddock's Eyes
Steps: I. Giant Steps
Steps: II. The Two-Step
Steps: III. Giant Giant Steps
Steps: IV. Stepping Down
String quartet no. 2
Syzygy for soprano, French horn and chamber orchestra.
Syzygy: I. Ecce Puer (feat. horn: Jan Harshagen, tubular bells: Peppie Wiersma, Wim Vos)
Syzygy: II. Nightpiece (feat. horn: Jan Harshagen, tubular bells: Peppie Wiersma, Wim Vos)
Tattoo: 1. Moderato Maestoso
Tattoo: 2. Moderato Maestoso - Omaggio a Nicolò Paganini
Thirteen ways of looking at the Goldberg : piano solo.
Trios, violin, viola, cello
Two Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 1: Bahnhofstrasse (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Two Songs on Poems of James Joyce, No. 2: Alone (feat. piano: David Del Tredici)
Vintage Alice: Cadenza I "bat! - at!...bat! - at!..."
Vintage Alice: Cadenza II "fly - - sky..."
Vintage Alice: Cadenza III "move...moving...Let's all keep on" / "'But what happens when you come to the beginning again?' Alice repeated"
Vintage Alice: Changing Places "Let's all move one place on" / "He moved on as he spoke..."
Vintage Alice: Hymn to the Queen "God save our gracious Queen" / "Here the Dormouse shook itself, and began singing in its sleep..."
Vintage Alice: Interlude "Little bat!"
Vintage Alice: Quodiblet-Return "Ah! ah! ah! ah!"
Vintage Alice: Second Evocation of the Queen
Vintage Alice: Sleeping-Coda "Twinkle, twinkle..."
Vintage Alice: The Mad Hatter's Song, Verse I "...little bat! Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!" / The Star, Verse II "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" / The Star, Verse II "'You know the song, perhaps?' The Hatter said"
Vintage Alice: The Mad Hatter's Song, Verse II " you fly...Up above the world you fly" / "'Well, I'd hardly finished the first verse,' said the Hatter"
Vintage Alice: "There was a table set out under a tree..." / First Evocation of the Queen
Virtuoso Alice
Vocal Music (Contemporary) (Rapport)
Vocal Recital Nessinger-Golan Duo u Debussy, C. ; Sandresky, E. ; Martin, J. ; Currier, S. ; Berg, A. ; Del Tredici, D. ; Rothman, D.
Wedding song
Werke Singst. Kl
What lips my lips have kissed
Wildwood etude
Wondrous the merge : for string quartet with narrator-singer (baritone)
Works. Selections
Contributed to or performed: 
Acrostic Song
Complete Piano Works, Volume 1: Gotham Glory
Gay American Composers
Good-bye My Fancy
Herrmann: Souvenirs de Voyage / Del Tredici: Magyar Madness
In Memory of a Summer Day
New American Classics Written for Brass Ring
Three Poems by Howard Moss: If you can
Three Poems by Howard Moss: See how they love me
Three Poems by Howard Moss: The upside-down man
Time’s Long Ago!: Lament
Time’s Long Ago!: Monody
Time’s Long Ago!: Pisa's Leaning Tower
Time’s Long Ago!: The night march
Time’s Long Ago!: Time's Long Ago!
Time’s Long Ago!: Under the ground
Vintage Alice / Syzygy / Songs
Works by George Perle, David Del Tredici and Nicholas Thorne