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L. Schifrin
Lalo Schiffrin
Lalo Schifrin
Lalo Schifrin (Argentine composer)
Lalo Schifrin (argentinischer Pianist, Komponist, Arrangeur und Dirigent)
Lalo Schifrin (componist uit Argentinië)
Lalo Schifrin (compositore e pianista argentino)
Lalo Schifrin & Orchestra
Lalo Schifrin (pianiste, chef d'orchestre et compositeur argentin)
Lalo Schrifrin
Lalo Shifrin
Schiffrin, Lalo
Schifrin, Boris
Schifrin, Boris Claudio
Schifrin, Boris "Lalo"
Schifrín, Lalo
Shiffrin, Lalo
Shifrin, L.
Shifrin, Lalo
Шифрин, Лало
לאלו שיפרין
لالو شیفرین
ลาโล ชิฟริน
랄로 시프린
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bart, Lionel (1930-1999)
Eastwood, Clint (1930-)
Fink, Harry Julian
Fink, Rita M.
Gillespie, Dizzy (1917-1993)
Horn, Paul (1930-2014)
Orchestre philharmonique de Paris (Orchestre de musique de film) Orchestre de musique de film (see also from)
Rosenberg, Stuart (1927-2007)
Schifrin, Lalo (1932-...)
Siegel, Don (1912-1991)
Tizmoret ha-filharmonit ha-Yiśreʼelit
Warner bros
Warner home video France
Warner music France
WEA Europe
Zimmer, Hans (skladatelj)
$50 Million Ransom
4M3 / Electric Tension
5th Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings
Accent #1
Accetiamo, Le
Acts of Love, The
Acupuncture #1
Acupuncture #2
Adagietto for Guitar and Orchestra
Adios Nonino
Ado Talks Kim / Rado at the Mall
Affair in Madrid
African Drums, Moths and Communication
After Hours Menu
After the Explosion
After the Massacre
After the Procession
Aftermath of Love (Radio Source), The
Agnus Dei
aigle s'est envolé
Aimless Walk
Air Terminal—Main Lobby
Airletta Blues
Airports / Street Fight
Alby and Lester Boy
All for the Love of Sunshine (album version)
All for the Love of Sunshine (alternate)
All For The Love Of Sunshine (from Kelly's Heros)
All for the Love of Sunshine (instrumental)
All Packed
All the Things You Are
Am Not Your Mommy, I
Am the Future, I
American in Paris / Parisian Thoroughfare, An
Amityville Frenzy
Amityville Horror (end credits)
Amityville Horror Main Title, The
Amityville II: The Posession
Amityville la maison du diable
Amityville Love Scene
Amnesiac: Beyond the Shadow of Today, The
Amputation Aftermath
Amusement Park Theme From Rollercoaster
Andes, Los
Animal Mutilations
Another Call
Another Headline
Another Side of Harry
Another Step
Another Victim
Another World
Anpacondra Soul - Jam Session
Answer Is No / This Time It’s Different, The
Antique Shop / Health Club
Anvil (Il Trovatore)
Ape Shuffle
Apito No Samba
Apple Turnover (from Rollercoaster)
Aqua Blues
Arabian Dance
Arc de Triomphe
Architect's Building, The
Arizona Desert
Arletta Blues
Around the Corner
Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
Arrival; Theme of Hope, The
As Long as We Are Together
As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
Asian Art Convention
At the Convent / Sandra
At the Farm
At the Park / Motionless
At the Top of the Bridge
Attic, The
Automag, The
Avanti / Have Chickens Will Travel / Dirt Road à lá Italiana
Ax, The
Axe, The
B. A. Blues
Baboon’s Blues / Baboon’s Blues Encore
Babysitter, The
Bach to the Blues
Bachianas Brasileiras #5 - New Fantasy (LP)
Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
Bachianas Brasilieras
Bad News / Locked / Dramatic Act End
Bad News / Once a Thief
Bad News / The Holy Brotherhood / The Galley Slaves
Baia (alternate take)
Bait, The
Ballad of Cool Hand Luke
Balm Of Fierabras, The
Bamboo Bird Cage
Bamboo Birdcage
Bang Blues
Bank Robbery
Banquet, The
Barney Does It All
Baroque Connection, The
Barraca, La
Basement, The
Basin Street Blues
Battle at Juntao's
Battle Hymn of Athena
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Battle in the Barn
Be Happy Again (Jingle of the Future)
Be Happy / LUH / Society Montage
Bean Time
Beat's Beat (The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Life in the Dance Hall: F-U-N, Some Door are Slamming, Enough La Boheme for Everybody)
Beat Up
Bedroom Scene
Bees, Wasps and Mayflies
Before I Go, Kill Her, I Feel Lucky, Got Him, Shredder
Before I Met You / Kris
Begin the Beguine
Beginning, A
Behind Enemy Lines
Beneath a Weeping Willow Shade
Besame Mucho
Best of Lalo Schifrin, The
Beverly Hillbillies
Beyond the Shadow of Today
Big Apple, The
Big Battle, The
Big Brawl, The
Big Joe / Gold Bar / Colonel Dankhopf
Bikini Waltz
Bird, The
Black Russian
Black Widow
Blazing Buildings
Bleeding Walls / Postludium
Blue Vase, The
Blues A Go-Go
Blues à gogo
Blues for Johann Sebastian, The
Blues in the Bassment
Bluey’s End / End Titles
Boat, The
Boato (Bistro)
Bolero #2
Bonded Humans
Boo-Bam-Boo, Baby
Bossa Antique
Bossa Em Nova York
Boysie's Bossa (instrumental sax version)
Brave New Beat
Brazilian Impressions
Brazilian Jazz
Breaks Bossa Nova
Breeze and I, The
Bride of the Wind
British Menace, The
Broken Mirrors
Brush Strokes
Bullet, The
Bullit (Bitten by the Black Dog - Mini Driver Jam)
Bullit (Bullit)
Bullit, Guitar Solo
Bullit Main Title
Bullitt (Bitten by the Black Dog - Cruise Control)
Bullitt (Bitten by the Black Dog - Mini Driver Jam)
Bullitt (Demo)
Bullitt (End Title album version)
Bullitt, Main Title (movie version)
Bullitt: On the Way to San Mateo
Bullitt: The Black Dog Remixes
Burning Bridges (album version)
Burning Bridges (instrumental)
Burning Candle, The
But Not for Me
Butterfly: Main Title ’70 (Stereo remix)
Cabello Rojo
Caccia / Slow Motion Chase / Coo Coo Collision
Calahan (Magnum Force)
Call From a Ghost (with dialogue)
Calle y La Luna, La
Calliope of Death
Campus Pop Source
Can't Get Started, I
Cantata for Combo
Cantina Rock
Capriccio, clarinet, string orchestra
Capricho Español, for Piano, Op. 39, H. 30, DLR 5:1 Capricho Espanol
Captain; Goodbye Aunt Jenny; We Need Help
Capturados / Presidio
Capture the Chief
Car Radio / More Car Radio
Car Tailing Sequence
Car, The
Carol Of The Drum
Carry On
Carter Chases Clive
Cartoon Background
Cartoon Source
Casino Rhapsody
Cat (From the M-G-M Motion Picture Joy House), The
Cat - Joy House / The Love Cage (Movie), The
Cave Man End Title
Cave, The
Caveman (End Title)
Caveman (Main Title)
Cavern Fight
Central Park variations
Centrifuge, The
Cha Cha Cha Flamenco
Chamber of Venus
Changing World (Bolero) (1:09)), A
Changing World (Chase), A
Changing World (Kama Sutra 2), A
Changing World (Single version), A
Charanga #1
Charanga #2
Charley Varrick
Charlie Parker: The Firebird (medley)
Chase Sequence
Chase To The Convent (from The Four Musketeers)
Chasing Sang
Chasing the Assassin
Ché (Orchestra Version)
Ché (Solo Guitar Version)
Check Your Queen
Chega De Saudade
Chela / Tacho
Chelsea Memorandum, The
Children's Ride
Chill / Front Door / Sergeant Vito
Chilly Winds (End Title, alternate)
Chilly Winds (Main Title, alternate)
Chinese Paintings
Chinese Street Music
Chinese Street Source
Choclo, El
Choked Up
Chora Tua Tristeza
Chow Down
Christine (End Credits)
Christmas song
Church Time
Cincinatti Kid, The
Cincinnati Kid: All Packed, The
Cincinnati Kid: At the Farm, The
Cincinnati Kid: Dialogue in the Rain, The
Cincinnati Kid: Lalo Schifrin Film Scores Vol. 1 (1964–1968), The
Cincinnati Kid: Melba, The
Cincinnati Kid: New Orleans Procession, The
Cincinnati Kid: Shooter, The
Cincinnati Kid: So Many Times, The
Cincinnati Kid: The Chase, The
Cincinnati Kid: The Cincinnati Kid (instrumental version), The
Cincinnati Kid: The Cock Fight, The
Cincinnati Kid: The Game, The
Cincinnati Kid: The Man, The
Cinicnnati Kid, The
Cinnamon (The Lady Was Made to Be Loved)
City Hall (alternate)
Claire’s Blues (long version)
Claire’s Blues (short version)
Clairmont Waltz (album version)
Class of 1984
Classics Medley (Lawrence Of Arabia / The Third Man / Doctor Zhivago / Zorba The Greek)
Clock / The Black Coat / Missing Money, The
Close Order Drill
Closer Walk With Me, A
Closet / Under the Sofa / The Scream, The
Cobra Strikes Again, The
Cock Fight, The
Cockfight (alternate)
Cocktails of Fire
Coffe Break
Cold / The Ghost
Columna, La
Come My Way
Commando Prelude, Opus I-V
Competition. Selections
Con Alma
Concerto No. 5 for Harpsichord and Strings (Bach) –alternate
Concertos Contrebasse, orchestre
Concertos, double bass, orchestra
Concertos, guitar, orchestra
Concertos Guitare, orchestre
Concertos, piano, orchestra, no. 2
Concertos, trumpet, band
Concertos, trumpet, piano, orchestra
Concertos, violin, cello, orchestra
Concierto caribeño
Concorde: Airport '79 (Suite]
Coney Island (from The Sting II)
Confesion, La
Conga Soul
Conspiracy Waltz
Conspirators, The
Contender: Crap Game / Dice / The Ringside, The
Contender: Maybe No Angle / The Frameup / Finale, The
Contender: Mission Blues, The
Contender: Operation Charm, The
Contender: Rollin / Stopwatch / He’s Got to Make It, The
Contender: The Gas Box / Sugar Ray, The
Contender: Time / False Step / Sleeping Phelps, The
Continuum for Solo Harp
Continuum Journeys Voyage
Controls on Target / With a Screwdriver / Burn, Baby
"Coogan Raga" and Pushie's Pool
Coogan's Bluff Main Title
Coogan's Wild Ride
Cool Hand Luke Main Title
Cop, The
Copters and Gliders
Corazón De Oro
Cosmo Is Las Vegas, The
Cotton Candy
Country Living
Covered Boxes
Cowboys and Indians
Crime Fighters Medley: Dragnet / The Untouchables / Peter Gunn / Batman / Mission: Impossible / Baretta / Charlie's Angels / Swat / Kojak / Hawaii Five-O / The Rockford Files
Criss-Crossing the Fence
Crooks, The
Cross, The
Crucifix, The
Cubano Be
Cumbanchero for Orchestra, El
Cumparsita, La
Curtains for a Murder
Dalchimsky / Remember Sobolev / Winter in Moscow
Dance of Athena
Dance of the Flaming Swords
Dance of the Harlequins
Dance to It
Dances concertantes
Dangling Bloody Hand / To Get Some Air
Danube Incident - Mission: Impossible (TV)
Danza del Los Montes
Dark Bedroom / Unemployment
Dark Eyes
Dawn Discovery
Day by Day by Day
Day of the Animals
Dead Leaf
dead pool, The
Death at the Diner
Decision, The
Deep Thought/Trance Like / Lisa’s Idea / Lisa’s Solution
Demanding Lover, A
Descent, The
Desperate Interlude
Details, The
Dialatone / Empty Porch / Mailman / Phone Voice / A Wet Nothing
Dialogue in the Rain
Didn’t Lie to You/Hypodermic Persuasion, I
Digging Begins, The
Dinner With Violent
Dirty Harry Anthology
Dirty Harry kommt zurück (Sudden Impact)
Dirty Harry - Latin Soul (single)
Dirty Harry Main Title
Dirty Harry: Music From the Motion Pictures
Dirty Harry’s Creed
Dirty Harry. Selections
Dirty Harry Suite (Dirty Harry)
Dirty Harry: Theme
Dirty Harrys Creed
Disc, Gregorio, Glasgow Docks, The
Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past, The
Dizzy Gillespie Fireworks
Dog Boy
Don Augustín Bardi, A
Don Quixote And The Books
Don't Blow Your Cool
Dona Donna
Donna's Dream
Doorknobs Alternate
Dorado, El
Down Here on the Ground
Dr. Huxley / Shuttle Ending / Clear for Ignition / Lisa Karger
Dr. Willard
Dragon and the Treasure, The
Dragon Lady
Dramatic Headline
Dresser Top
Dripping Icicles
Driving to Kansas City
Drunken Entrance / Drunken Exit / Now Listen, Doc / I’m Sorry But I’m Not Ready / River Bank / Next Morning / The Chase
Dulcinea, Queen Of La Mancha
Duplication / Spoiled Juvenile
Eagle Discovered
Eagle Falls in Love
Eagle Goes to Church
Eagle Has Landed: Eagle Verses Fox, The
Eagle Has Landed: End Credits, The
Eagle Has Landed: Flight of the Eagles, The
Eagle Has Landed: Main Title, The
Eagle Has Landed: The Eagle Grows, Part 1, The
Eagle Has Landed: The Eagle Grows, Part 2, The
Eagle in Danger
Eagle's Bite, The
Eagle's Enemy, The
Eagle's Resolution
Eagle Versus Fox
Eagles Are Landing
Eagles in Love (alternate take)
Eagles in Love (Love Theme from "The Eagle Has Landed")
Early Is Late
Echoes of Duke Ellington
Edge of Night, The
Egg Eating Contest
Eiffel Tower Meeting
Elegy and meditation
Ellen's Image (from The Fox)
Embrace, The
Emisario, El
Empty Hangers / Attack on Kwan / Chinese Cemetery
Empty Room
Enchanted Flame
Encore: 1937?
Encore: Judo Chop / Hollow Wall
Encore: Mission a La King
Encore: Mission Score Opus 25
Encore: Operation Charm
Encore: Tape Cartridge / Open Shop / Encore
Encore: Tommy Krool / Claim Ticket
End Credits (A Changing World)
End Credits (March) (from The Eagle Has Landed)
End Game
End of the Rainbow, The
End Theme
End Title ’70
End Title ’72
End Title and End Cast
End Titles
enice After Dark (The Venetian Affair, single recording)
Enter The Dragon Main Title
Entertainer (The Sting), The
Escape Attempt
Escape From Tomorrow: Apes Chase
Escape From Tomorrow: Apes Urgency
Escape From Tomorrow: Concealment
Escape From Tomorrow: Exotic Forest
Escape From Tomorrow: Jail Break
Escape From Tomorrow: Prison Cell / Zaius
Escape From Tomorrow: Prison Guard
Escape From Tomorrow: The Master
Escape From Tomorrow: The Spaceship
Escape From Tomorrow: The Warp
Escape From Tomorrow: Urko and Galen
Escape From Tomorrow: Your World
Escape to Athena
Etude in Rhythm
Evelyn Story
Evening in Sao Paulo, An
Everything Gone
Execution Squad
Exorcism (with dialogue), The
Exorcist Trailer
Explosions, The Congregation
Explosive Situation
Extra Room (with dialogue), The
Eye-Ballin Glasses
Face of Death, The
Face of Love, The
Faceless Assassin, The
Fakir, The
False Fronts
Farewell to Kenji
Fashion Shop
Fast Boat to Moscow
Fast Forward
Fast Moves
Fast Walking Main Title
Father Bolen
Father Delaney
Félins Main Title, Les
Ferryboat Sequence
Fiddles & Broomsticks
Fiddlesticks Affair, suite no. 2, The
Fiesta Numero Dos
Fiesta Numero Uno
Fight at the Harbor
Fighting in the Dark
Film Classics - Lalo Schifrin Presents 100 Years of Cinema
Final Battle, The
Finale (Brubaker's Adagio & Coda)
Finding McB
Finzie's Piano #1
Finzie's Piano #2
First Call, The
First Chase / Foot Chase / St. Matthew Passion
First Escape
First Morning, The
First Movement
First Night Out
First sketckes
First Snow Fall, The
Fish House Fit
Fishing Net Trap / It's Late in Cell / The Torture Chamber / The Strappado / Corale, The
Five by Four (Ala Moana)
Five Minutes
Flames / Lin Toa
Flashing Lights
Flies / Father Delaney / Get Out!
Flight of the Eagles
Flip Side: Main Title ’70 (Revised, Unused)
Floodlights (take 1)
Flores Del Alma
Flower Bblossoms
Flying Circus
Forces of Darkness, The
Forest Finale
Forsaken / End Titles
Fortune Teller / Snake Shop / Snakes
Fortune Tellers
Foul Play
Four Leaf Clover
Four Musketeers: A Lovely Adventure, The
Four Musketeers: Atho's Story, The
Four Musketeers: Breakfast at the Bastion, The
Four Musketeers: Chase to the Convent, The
Four Musketeers: Chased From the Louvre, The
Four Musketeers: End Credits, The
Four Musketeers: Frozen Pond Fight, The
Four Musketeers: Milady's Theme, The
Four Musketeers: Musketeers Rescue Constance, The
Four Musketeers: Overture, The
Four Musketeers: Symphonic Suites From the Motion Picture Scores, The
Fourth Call, The
Fourth Movement
Fourth Protocol Main Title, The
Fox (Main Title), The
Fox (Re-Recording), The
Fox Symphony, The
Fox (The Fox), The
Fox Variation #1
Fox Variation #2
Foxhole, The
Frances' Theme
Frances` Theme (from the Motion Picture "The Day of the Animals")
Fred's Theme (Short Version)
Free Parking
Free Worlder, A
Frenzy Fighting, A
Frightened Stacey/Mexican Waters
Frisco Night
Frost Trees
Fuego Lento, A
Functional Music
Funeral Blues
Game Over / Last Explosion
Game, The
Gentle Earthquake, The
Gentle Softness, The
Get a Kick Out of You, I
Getaway, The
Getting Better
Getting My Life Together
Ghost, The
Giant Kung Fu
Ginley's Bar
Girl Who Came in With the Tide, The
Girls Next Door
Gladiators: A Beginning, The
Gladiators: Allan in Jail, The
Gladiators: Barlow, The
Gladiators: Brutal Fight, The
Gladiators: Dalton, The
Gladiators: Fighting, The
Gladiators: Human Vs Apes, The
Gladiators: Humans Versus Apes, The
Gladiators: Into the Arena, The
Gladiators: Jason, The
Gladiators: Planet of the Apes Mountains, The
Gladiators: Ready, The
Gladiators: There Will Be a Death, The
Gladiators: Track, The
Gladiators: Trouble With Apes, The
Gladiators: Wooded Area, The
Gladiators: Wrestling in the Arena, The
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah
Going Home, End Titles
Going to War With Connie
Golden Needles (End Titles)
Golden Needles (Main Title)
Golden Needles of Love
Golden Statue, The
Golden Trip, The
Gone With the Wave: Gone With the Wave
Good-bye Cop
Good Seeds: Apes Neutral Suspense, The
Good Seeds: Apes Tension, The
Good Seeds: Central City, The
Good Seeds: Discovered, The
Good Seeds: Hunting Bonded Humans, The
Good Seeds: I’ve Seen Him Before, The
Good Seeds: Local Patrol, The
Good Seeds: Pitchfork Attack, The
Good Seeds: Plowin, The
Good Seeds: Polar, The
Good Seeds: Riding for Urko, The
Good Seeds: Riding with Urko, The
Good Seeds: The Next String, The
Good Seeds: The Riding Enemy, The
Good Seeds: Toll the Bell, The
Good Seeds: Travel Without Stars, The
Good Seeds: Twin Bulls, The
Good Seeds: Virdon, The
Good Seeds: We Ride, The
Good Seeds: Wind Mill, The
Good Seeds: Zanties, The
Good Year
Goodbye, Callahan
Goodbye Oharra
Goot Groove
Gorvoshein, Karpov, Borisov
Got My Mind Back
Grace at the Table (with dialogue)
Greasy Egg Rolls
Green Worms
Groovin' High
Guajiro From the Distance (long version)
Guajiro From the Distance (short version)
Guaracha / Bolero
Guilt (with dialogue), The
Guru, The
Hairspray / The Cart
Halieva Blues
Han's Cruelty
Han's Island
Hand, The
Handful at a Time, A
Happily Ever After
Harbor Chase / Crowds / Conclusion
Harlem Nocturne
Harry el fuerte Magnum force
Harry in Your Pocket
Harry Never Holds
Harry's Hot Dog
Harry's New Friend
Harry's Ostinato
Haunting (Inspired by the M-G-M Motion Picture The Haunting), The
Have Fun Sam
Hawks vs. Doves
He Called Me
Headlights / Pressure / More Pressure / Ingenious
Headline Number Two
Headset Jazz
Health Club Fight
Heavies Approach / Harbor Sequence
Heir Apparent: Mission Prelude, The
Heir Apparent: One Dot Step One / Povia / Byzantine Church / The Medallion, The
Heir Apparent: Plot Continues / The Test, The
Heir Apparent: The Plot / Celine, The
Heir Apparent: The Royal Box / Lower Right Hand Corner / Puzzle Sequence, The
Heir Apparent: The Throng, The
Hell in the Pacific
Hellstrom Chronicle (Finale), The
Hellstrom Chronicle (Life Evolves), The
Here 'Tis
Here We Go
Hey Me
Hiding From Connies' Men
Hiding Su Yung / Two Americans in Paris
High and Dry
High Tension
His Name Is Goldsmith
Hologram, The
Homage To Nino Rota (La Strada / The Godfather)
Hommage à Ravel
Homo Erectus
Horn Lizard, The
Horror Begins, The
Horror Montage and the Harvester Ant Community
Horseshow, The
Hospital Gunfight
Hot Shot Cop
Hotel Daniels (Radio Source)
Hotel Nacionale (from Voyage Of The Damned)
Hound, The
House at Night, The
House of Oriental Harmony
How to Open at Will the Most Beautiful Window
Human Fly, The
Humans versus Apes
Hunt Down
Hunter’s Way / They’ll Be Chewing Up Your Carcass / The Attack, The
Hymn to Freedom
I'll Be Home for Christmas
I'll Make it Someday / Intersection
I'll Play the Game
I’m All Packed (alternate)
I’m All Packed / The Man’s Cane
I'm Not the Marrying Kind
I've Been Working on the Railroad
Ice Pick Mike (movie version)
Ice Pick Mike (record version)
If It Were Possible
If That Is So
Iglesia, La
Illusion: Buy My Glass of Wine
Illusion: Ten Tiny Toes
Illusion: The Lady ’Bove the Bar
Immigrantes, Los
'In' Crowd - Jam Session, The
In Memoriam / Oh Didn’t He Ramble (Bob Cole & J.R. Johnson)
In the Fog
In the Sewers
Incest (with dialogue), The
Incredible PWEI vs. Dirty Harry, The
Indian Camp
inmigrantes, Los
Ins and Outs
Inside Movie, The
inspecteur Harry (Dirty Harry), L'
Instrumental music. Selections
Instrumental Suite
Into the Arena
Into the Night
Invaders, The
Invisible City
Invocations: Jazz Meets the Symphony #7
Is He Gone? / So Long, Honey / Chilly Winds
Island / Hospitality, The
It's a Mystery
It's All Right With Me
It’s Got to Feel Good
It's Not So Late
It's You or No One
Jail Break
James Bond (Theme)
Jaws (Theme from the Universal Picture "Jaws")
Jay, El
Jazz and blues variations
Jazz Mass In Concert
Jazz Meets the Symphony #6 (Kaleidoscope)
Jazz suite on the Mass texts
Jazz Waltz
Jean / Chilly Winds / Chilly Winds
Jennings / El Ataque / La Cruz
Jericho: Alternate Main Title
Jericho: Upbeat & Underground
Jerry’s Rag
Jesus Loves Me
Jill's Visit / Dream Haze / Lonley Inez (The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Life in the Dance Hall: F-U-N, Some Door are Slamming, Enough La Boheme for Everybody
Jim on the Move - Mission: Impossible (TV)
Joe Kidd (End Title)
Joe Kidd (Main Title)
Johnny's Theme
Joint (From the M-G-M Motion Picture Once a Thief), The
Journeys for Percussion; Voyage of the Damned, Suite
Joy to the World
Juan Carlo Copes, A
Juice Blues / Basta
Juke Box Source
Julo Julie Chant / Julo Julie Chant Encore / Dance Part 1 / Dance Part 2
Jumping the Bus
Jungle Beat
Jungle Fantasy
Juppo / Food for Thought / Fantastic Fight
Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Just Coffee
Just One of Those Things
Just Wish, I
Kansas City
Kate’s Waltz (Alternate)
Kathy’s Dream / Upper Floor Level
Keep Tomorrow for Me
Kelly's Heroes (album version)
Kelly's Heroes: All for the Love of Sunshine
Kelly's Heroes: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Kelly's Heroes: Burning Bridges
Kelly's Heroes: Clairmont Waltz
Kelly's Heroes: Commando Opus
Kelly's Heroes: I've Working on the Railroad
Kelly's Heroes: Kelly's Heroes
Kelly's Heroes: Quick Draw Kelly
Kelly's heroes. Selections
Kelly's Heroes & The Cincinnati Kid
Kelly's Heroes: Tiger Tank
KGB Headquarters
Kid Stuff
Kidnap and Rescue
Killed for You
Killer: Killer Rock, The
Killer: Killers Move, The
Killer: Main Title ’70, The
Killer: Scorpio, The
Killer: The Long Trap, The
Killer: The Plot / Quiet Plot / Against the Clock, The
Killer: Window Shades / The Trick, The
King of Hearts
Kiss of Death, The
Kissing Plant, The
Kite Over the Tower, The
Klaine Jazz Music, Eine
Kleine Jazz Musik (A Little Jazz Music), Eine
Kleine Jazz Musik, Ein
Knight Of The Doleful Countenance, The
Knocking at the Door (with dialogue)
Kol Nidrei
Konzerte, Git Orch (1984)
Kopra übernehmen Sie
Kovalefskii’s Death / Tamper Destruct Strategy / Time Running Out / Operation Defuse
Lady Eve
Lalo's Bossa Nova - Insensatez (LP)
Lalo's Bossa Nova (Samba Para Ods)
Lalo's Bossa Nova (Sambra Para Dos)
Lalo Schifrin & Friends
Lalo Schifrin’s SFX Session
Lament for a Trapped Spy
Lancey’s Arrival / Christian / Deal ’Em Up
Laniakea Waltz
Last Autograph, The
Last Dance in Sausalito
Last Kite, The
Last of the Independents
Latin Jazz Suite
Lee Arrives in L.A.
Lee at the Mansion
Lee's Sadness
Lee Vs. Han
Let's Fix That
Letter For Dulcinea, A
Letters from Argentina. Calle y la luna
Letters from Argentina. Malambo de los llanos
Letters from Argentina. Pampas
Letters from Argentina. Resonancias
Letters That Won't Arrive
Life Insurance
Like Father, Like Son
Lili'uokalani symphony
Ling Funeral Service
Lion and the Doctor, The
Liquidator, The
Liquor Store Holdup
Liz’s Source
Loading Van / Autowrap
Lobo Lounge Alternate
Lonely Brubaker
Lonely Hours
Lonely Road
Lonely Silhouette / Our Venetian Affair, A
Lonely Silhouette (retake) / The Affair Is Over
Long, Long Summer
Long Walk, The
Longshot Theme (remix)
Lonliness Sequence
Looking for Jimbo
Loser / Gambling Man
Loud Radio
Love and bullets
Love Dream / The Awakening
Love Poem for Donna
Love Theme
Lover's Mask, A
Lucky Girl
lustige Witwe
Ma mère l'Oye
Maggie Retraced
Maggie’s Theme
Magic Carousel / End Title
Magnum Force Main Title
Magnum force. Selections
Magnum Force Theme
Main Theme (Bullitt)
Main Theme (Mission: Impossible)
Main Title ’71 (Unused)
Main Title (A Changing World)
Main Title (alternate)
Main Title (extended version)
Main Title from Cool Hand Luke
Main Title From “The Carpetbaggers”
Main Title (part A - unused version I)
Main Title (part B - unused version II)
Main Title (record version)
Main Title / The Burning Candle
Main Title (The Mask of Sheba)
Main Title / What's Wrong?
Main Titles (alternate)
Main Titles (Piazza San Marco) (cimbalom)
Malagueña for Voice & (piano)
Malambo de Los Llanos
Malcolm's Answer
Mambo Jazz Opus No. 7
Man From T.H.R.U.S.H., The
Man From Thrush (Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) An M-G-M–NBC Television Series, The
Man From Thrush - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV), The
Man on a Swing / The President's Analyst
Man on the Bottles, The
Mannix (from Mannix)
Mannix (Main Theme)
Mannix Mixdown
Mannix Title Track (long version)
Mannix Title Track (short version)
Marc Has Company
March of the Caveman
March of the Guard / Find a Murderer
Maria - Insensatez (LP)
Maria / Tonight / 'O passe d' 'o sole / Cielito lindo
Mariachi Street Music #1
Mariachi Street Music #2
Marquis de Sade
Marquis is Back, The
Mask, The
Massacre, The
Matt I & Matt II / Confirmation Received
Mattinata / Wien, Wien, nur du allein / Amapola
Mayor, The
Mean Cartoon Source
Mean Season (Main Title)
Mean Season, The
Medical Center
Mediterranean Chase
Melba (from The Cincinnati Kid)
Memorizing Montage / Father Diller
Memory: Flipping Cards / Central Europe / Dimitri Soska
Memory of Love
Memory: Sentry / Projectile / Screen
Memory: Truck Stops / I Forget
Menace / Hong Kong Street
Menina Feia
Mexican Dance Music
Mexican Street Music
Miami Skyline
Middle of the Night
Midnight Courier
Midnight Woman
Millenium Blues
Millie / Dr. Fahrquardt
Minuet in C
Miracle: Beyond the Shadow of Today, The
Miracle: Bride of the Wind, The
Miracle: Candle / Shoot Out / Morning, The
Miracle: End of the Rainbow, The
Miracle: Heavies’ Theme, The
Miracle: Intrigue, The
Miracle: Mission Heavies #3 / Enclosure / You Love Her, The
Miracle: Operation, The
Miracle: The Danube Incident, The
Miracle: The Gentle Earthquake, The
Miracle: Two Petals, a Flower and a Young Girl, The
Miraculous Monk
Mirror, The
Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 1)
Miss Smith’s Apartment (Source No. 2)
Miss Wong
Mission accomplished
Mission: Anthology
Mission Blues
Mission Impossible (album version)
Mission: Impossible... And More!
Mission Impossible and Other Thrilling Themes
Mission: Impossible: End Credit
Mission Impossible: Hauptthema
Mission Impossible "Kobra übernehmen Sie"
Mission: Impossible / Take Five
Mission: Impossible (The Main Title)
Mission: Impossible: The Plot / Main Theme
Mission: Impossible Theme (live)
Mission: Impossiple: Main Theme
Mojada (pre-recording)
Mon homme
Monastry, The
Mongolian Supper
Monk, The
Monster Fake out / The Medallion Story
Monster Vision
Moonglow (Theme from Picnic)
Moonlight Gypsies
More Gold / Mulligan / A Piece of the Action
More Jazz Meets the Symphony
More Mission: Impossible
More Plot
Most Important Thing / Melba / All Packed, The
Most Wanted: 1968-1979
Most Wanted Theme
Motorcycle, The
Moulin rouge
Mount Olive
Mouvemented Night
Movement From String Quartette (Young Man's Theme)
Movie Songs Medley (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid / The Wizard Of Oz / Orfeu Negro / Bagdad Cafe...)
Mr. Magic
Mr Ross, Telecommunications, The Cast, The Freezer
Mr. Slade
Mu Shu Parlor
Murder by the Sea
Music From Bullitt
Music from Mission: Impossible
Music From the Unused Trailer
Music From U.N.C.L.E. (The Original Soundtrack Affair), The
Music to Interrogate By
My Bet / Five Thousand / Jack of Diamonds
My Funny Valentine
My Life In Music
My Lord Don Quixote / End Title
My Mind Right
My Shawl
N.Y. at Dusk / The One to Spare
Nest, The
Nevada, La
Nevada Mood
Never Mind
Never Should Have, I
New Clothes
New Deck, Please / A Deuce to the Man
New Fantasy
New Hope / Earth II Theme (Earth II), A
New Orleans Procession
New Secrets
New Shingles
New Warden, The
News on the Telephone
Next of Kin / The Back Door
Next String
Night in Venezia, A
Night Walk
No Fright / A New Beginning
No More Lies, Girl
No One Home (12″ version)
No One Is Safe
No Weapons
Not a Bad Move
Not Retail
Nouvelle Orleans, La
Nowhere to Go
Number Four
Number One
Nunzio In Love (from Nunzio)
Nunzio. Selections
O Amor E a Rosa
O'Hara Death
O Menino Desce o Morro
Ochi tchorniye / Caminito / La Vie en rose
Off and Running
Off Duty
Off-Road Rage / Final Battle
Offside 7
Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On
Oh Perfidy
oignons, Les
Old Friends
Old Laces
Old Movie Strings
Olvidados, Los
Omega Team
Ominous Clouds
On Call
On Horseback
On Juntao's Heels
On l'appelait Milady
On Rainy Afternoons
On the Boat
On the Way Back / Snoopy Karger / Just Alive / I’ll Beat You Again
On the Way to San Mateo - Bullitt (Movie)
Once a Thief (instrumental) (An M-G-M Motion Picture)
One Blade of Grass
One Track Mind
One Year Later
Open Gate / The Unsolved Affair
Opening Credits
Opening Theme
Operation Charm
Opération dragon
Operation Rogosh: Bombs / Containers Location
Operation Rogosh: Rogosh / Planted Photo / Self-Control
Operation Rogosh: The Scaffold / Mr. Lopex
Orchestra music. Selections
Orfeu negro
Organ Medley
Oriental Drama
Osterman weekend, The
Osterman Weekend Theme
Otis Leaves
Our Prayers Have Been Answered
Our Venetian Affair (long version)
Our Venetian Affair (The Venetian Affair, single recording)
Out of Range
Out of the Way
Out of This World
Out of Town
Outer Leaf / Plotting in the Dark, The
Pablito / Guitarra / Padre Van Horne
Parachute Down
Paramount Seal and Opening / Main Title
Paranoid Starts / Cocktail Lounge
Paratrooper Plays Organ
Parlor Fight
Patinho Feio
Patio (guitar), El
Paul's Memories
Peaceful Coexistence
Peanut Vendor, The
Pega Joso
Penny Arcade
Penthouse / Boysie's Bossa, The
Penthouse Source
Penultima Trance
Perennial Suspension
Petrovsky, Preston
Phone Booth / A Question of Credibility
Piano Español
Piano Lounge
Piano, Strings and Bossa Nova
Piensa En Mi (High Heels)
Pier, the Bridge, and the City, The
Pig’s Eyes / Carolyn
Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel
Pilot: Claustrophobia / Cinnamon
Pilot: Dossiers
Pilot: Makeup General / Operation Wheelchair / Operation Open Door
Pilot: Mambo Impossible
Pilot: Operation Checkout / Operation Fireworks
Pilot: Operation Run
Pilot: Red White and Blue / Operation Mirror
Pilot: Santa Costa / Operation Check-In / Thumb Print
Pimp, The
Pinky's Place
Pinned Note / Early Morning Alley, The
Pissoir / 767,2274 Tank Corp, The
Place Called "La Mancha", A
Planet Of The Apes" TV Series: Apes' Shuffle
Plastic Jesus
Playing Nurse (Source)
Plot (from Mission: Impossible), The
Poacher’s Paradise
Poema Do Adeus
Point Blank
Ponce / Ponce (alternate)/Chilly Winds
Pool Room Source (unused version)
Pool, The
Popcorn (film version)
Popcorn (original version)
Portrait of Harry
Portrait of Louis Armstrong
Possession I, The
Possession II, The
Possession III
Possession IV / The Priest (with dialogue)
Potrero Hill
Pour More Here
Pre-Title Sequence
Prehistoric Dance
Prelude Number 2
Preparations / The Knight's Attack
Presence in the House, A
Press Room
Pressure / No Trouble / Tube Station
Preston and Amanda
Preston’s Memories
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Priest Is Back, The
Priest's Visit, The
Prime Cut
Primeval Beginnings and the Deadly Traps
Prison Guard
Process of Darkness, The
Prologue, Montage
Prologue: The First Fight
Prologue - The Swimming Pool
Prologue / Zululand
Prophecy of Love
Proposal, The
Pushie's Pool (unedited version)
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Anvil (Il trovatore)
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Avanti / Have Chickens Will Travel / Dirt Road à lá Italiana
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Caccia / Slow Motion Chase
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Coffee Break / False Fronts
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Coo Coo Collision
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Cowboys and Indians Italian Style
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Duplication / Spoiled Juvenile
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Fraulein Anna / What's New Pussycat? / Out of Gas / War Paint
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Fred's Theme (short version)
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Happily Ever After
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Holes
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Hydro-Therapy
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Le accettiamo/Flashing Lights
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Main Title: Groove Into It
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Millie / Dr. Fahrquardt
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Millie (record version)
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Mission: Impossible / Angelica
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Organ Medley
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Ornella
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Pussycat Source
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Sneaky Fred / Sleepy Fred / Young and Active
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Stagecoach Dance
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Stripper / Battle of the Bulge Salon / Sauna Bath / Fernando / True Friends / Flavia
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: The Guru
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Theme for a Fierce Embrace
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Tickling Bubbles / What's New Pussycat?
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Too Little, Too Late / Grant Granite / The Unwritten Rule
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: Top Down / White Convertible
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: What's New Pussycat? / Indian Camp
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You: You Think of Everything / Oh Perfidy
Python / It’s Clear Dear / Cruel Pool
Queen Plays Cards, The
Quejas De Bandoneón
Quick Draw Kelly (album version)
Quiet Morning
Quiet Village
Quijote de Miguel de Cervantes, El
Radio in Barracks
Radio Source No. 1
Radio Source No. 2
Radio Spot (version I)
Radio Spot (version II)
Radio Spot (version III)
Rado Attacks / Rado Chase Rollie
Rage Main Title
Raiders Of The Lost Ark March (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
Rampage (alternate version)
Rampage of the Driver Ants
Rap Tune
Rapaz de bem
Ray of Light, A
Razor Cuts
Ready for the Ambush
Real Rado, The
Real State
Rebano, El
Recovery / Rhino / Dance of the Rhinos / Rhino’s Distrust / I Got Myself a Cow
Red Light District
Reel Lalo Schifrin, The
Reflections in the Window
Refletions on Death / Thumbs Up / End Credits
Relaxin' at Charenton
Remember Guriyeva / Detonating Device
Remember Melikyan
Remember Nikulin
Remembering Su Lin
Remembering Terror
Rendez-vous dansant à Copacabana
represión, La
Rest of Your Life / Double or Nothing / When You Are Back, The
Restaurant Poison
Restaurant Source 2
Restless Nights
Return from Witch Mountain
Return of the Marquis de Sade
Return of the Triads, The
Return to Trieste (From the M-G-M Motion Picture Once a Thief)
Reynard's Plea
Rhapsody for Bix
Riders, The
Riding for Urko
Riding With Urko (Extension)
Right to Love, The
Ring Around the Moon
Ringerman's Chase (part A)
Ringerman's Chase (part B)
Rio After Dark - Insensatez (LP)
River / Heavy Traffic, The
Road Gang
Road Reamers
Road to San Paolo, The
Road to San Paulo
Robbery Suspect
Rocinante's Theme
Rock Ballad (Unused Theme from The Exorcist)
Rocket Gates
Rocking Chair / The Window / Unknown Force
Rogue Gun
Roll It Over
Roller Coaster (from the Universal Film)
Roller Derby
Rollie’s Regret
Rollin Hand
Rolling Down
Room 26 (movie version)
Room 26 (Radio Source)
Room 26 (record version)
Room Tone / Primitive Dance
Roper: A Betting Man
Roper Fight
Roper's Night Choices
Roper Vs. Bolo
Rosehaven Motel
Roulette Rhumba (Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) An M-G-M–NBC Television Series
Rules, The
Rumble / The Killer
Run Spy Run
Rush Hour 2: Main Title
Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour (End Title)
Rush Hour Main Title Theme
Ruta, La
Sabre Dance
Salon Mexico, El
Salt Lake City
Sam+ba Par Dos
Samba de uma nota so
Samba Do Perroquet (Parrot Samba)
Samba No Perro Quet
Samba para dos
Sampans and Flashbacks
San Francisco After Dark (End Titles)
San Francisco Night
San Rafael De Los Mineros
Sandy Looks for Ray
Sao Paolo After Dark
Scary House, A
Scheherazade Fantasy
Schifrin Meets Piazzolla
Schön ist die Welt
School Bus (alternate), The
Scorpio’s Theme
Scorpio's View
Scorpio Takes the Bait
Sea, the Sky and the Spies, The
Searching and Detecting
Searching the Woods
Second Escape
Second Movement
Second Night Out
Second Procession, The
Secret Act, The
Secret Code
Secret Shared, A
SEN / Monks / LUH Reprise
Sérénade méditéranéenne
Sèrènade Mèditerranèenne
Setting the Trap
Shadow Of Your Smile (The Sandpiper), The
She'll Find Something
Shepherds, The
shérif à New York
Sherman Holiday Inn
Shi Shen
Shifting Gears
Shock Treatment
Shooter / No Sale
Shooting at the Target / Zebra Demise / My Diagnosis
Shooting (with dialogue), The
Shower Curtain
Sidney Plans Escape
Sidney’s Flight
Silak / De Marco / Kylie
Sinfonia concertante, violin, cello, orchestra
Sketches of Miles
Sky Riders
Slaughter on 10th Avenue
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
Slow Dance
Small Talk
Smart Aleck Alec / Counterattack
Snake's Dance, The
Sneaky Fred / Sleepy Fred / Young and Active
Sniper, The
Snowy Bushes
So Far From Love
So Many Things I Wanted to Say
So Many Times
Soft Clay
Sol Madrid (Main Theme)
Sol Madrid’s Theme
Solo Busanova
Solo on a Raft
Somebody Touched Me
Someone Walking
Something in Return
Something’s Wrong / The Blade / Rado
Something Wrong / Yacov / Riviera Escape / Fight on Cliff
Song for Cathy, A
Song for Julie (humming version)
Song to Julie
Songs of the Aztecs
Soo Yung's Abduction
Soo Yung's Theme
Soul Source (The Bell in the Schoolhouse Tolls for Thee, Life in the Dance Hall: F-U-N, Some Door are Slamming, Enough La Boheme for Everybody)
Source #4 / Third Escape / Morgue Sequence / The Temple / Disruption / LUH's Death
Source Muzak #1
Source Muzak #2
Source Muzak #3
Source Muzak #5
Source Muzak #6
Source Muzak #7
Source Muzak #9
Soy Source
Space March
Space Punch
Space Tug / The Bomb’s Photograph
Spaceship, The
Spenser’s Rock
Spies Paranoid / Dream Paranoid / Suspicious Paranoid
Spill the Wine
Square Head
Squatch Revealed
Sra. Dolores
Stacey’s Bolero
Stadium Grounds, The
Stagecoach Dance
Staircase, The
Stairway to Hell
Stars & Stripes Forever
Statue of Liberty March, The
Statues, The
Status Symbol
Stinger #1-2-3 / Cooler and Sweater Number
Stolen Vehicle / Back to Trieste / Suppose We Don’t Come
Street Tattoo
String Rumble Nº1
String Rumble Nº2
Strip Club, The
Stripper / Battle of the Bulge Salon / Sauna Bath / Fernando / True Friends
Stuck With You
Su Lin's Tragedy
Su Lin (The Monk)
Su Yung Returns / Dojo Arrival
Subliminal Horror / Narco / Venetian Chase
Submarine: More Plot / Mission: Impossible Theme
Submarine: The Layout / Sardi / Operation Decoy
Submarine: The Search Tightens / The Plot
Submarine: Where Is the Prisoner / The Plot
Sudden Impact Main Title
Sudden impact. Selections
Suite From "Submarine": Mission: Impossible Theme
Suite From "Submarine": More Plot
Suite From "Takeover": Kate Thomas
Suite From "Takeover": Signal Light
Suite From "The Contender": Ready
Suite From "The Contender": Rollin
Suite From "The Contender": Sleeping Phelps
Suite From "The Contender": The Plot
Suite From "The Contender": Time
Suite From "The Killer": Bower Hotel
Suite From "The Killer": Check Out Time
Suite From "The Killer": The Trick
Suite From the Unused Score to the Exorcist
Suite From "Underground": Good Job
Suite From "Underground": Tape Machine
Summer Dance
Surf Waltz
Survivors, The
Swan, The
Sweet and Sour
Swimming Pool (original version) / Scorpion's View, Parts 2 & 3 (alternate vocal take), The
Sword and the Spear, The
Symphonic impressions of Oman
Symphonic Sketches of Cool Hand Luke
Symphonies, no. 1
T. P. C. / Cerebrum Communicator
Take a Look Around
Take Him Alive
Take Me to Ringerman
Takeover: Dan Carlin Forever
Takeover: Kate Thomas
Takeover: Shoot the Mayor
Takeover: Signal Light / Arsenal
Takeover: Weapons / Change in Plan / Mayor’s Office
Talkin' Verve
Tango a Borges
Tango bárbaro
Tango Borealis
Tango Del Artadecer
Tango lunaire
Tango (Motion picture music). Tango del atardecer
Tango Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tango para percusión
Tangos, flute, harp, violins (2), viola, cello, double bass
Tangos, percussion
Tapfere Soldat
Tar Sequence
Tara's Theme (Gone With The Wind)
Target Practice
Taste of Bamboo (Hula Twist), A
Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto (excerpt)
Telefon Main Title
Telegram, The
Telephone Trap
Tell Me About Arizona
Telseness in the Air
Tema D'Amore
Ten More Miles / End Credits
Tender Moon
Tenor, The
Tense Agony
Tension Rock
Termite World, The
Terrorists, The
That Night
That's Him
Theme for a Fierce Embrace
Theme from Brubaker
Theme From Dirty Harry
Theme From Enter the Dragon (main title)
Theme From Enter the Dragon (reprise)
Theme From Jaws
Theme From “Joy House”
Theme from King Kong
Theme From Les Félins
Theme from Mannix
Theme From 'Medical Center' - Medical Center (TV)
Theme From Medical Center (Verve 7" version)
Theme From Mission: Impossible (Dream Version)
Theme From The Cincinnati Kid
Theme from "The Fox"
(Theme From) The Man From Uncle
There is Something out There
There’s a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin’ On
There They Go
There Was a Fire
There Will Be Death
Third Call, The
Third Movement
This Night
Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
Threat of an Exorcism (with dialogue)
THX 1138
Tickling Bubbles
Tiempo Pasado
Tiger Fini / In Memoriam
Tiger Source—Continued
Tiger Tank (album version)
Tiger Tank / More Tiger
Tilt (Source)
Time After Time
Time for Love
Time to Get Up
Timing Wasn't Right, The
Tin Tin Daeo
Tin Tin Deo
To Be a Woman
To Be or Not to Bop
To Cast a Spell
Tokyo Blues
Too Little, Too Late / Grant Granite / The Unwritten Rule
Too Much Sugar
Top Down / White Convertible
Torture Sequence / Prison Talk Sequence
Tosca Variations
Total Sound
Towering Toccata (Based on D Minor Toccata & Fugue for Organ)
Town Hall / The Phone
Traffic Jam
Tragedy; Time Pulse
Trailer, The
Training Montage (Main Title)
Training Montage (With F/X)
Training Sequence
Transition / Palais de Justice / Lisa’s Opinion
Transition Revised
Transporting Rhino / Epilogue
Trap, The
Travel Without Stars
Treasure Chamber
Tres tangos para bandoneón y orquesta: I. Allegro marcato
Tres tangos para bandoneón y orquesta: II. Moderato mistico
Tres tangos para bandoneón y orquesta: III. Allegretto molto marcato
Tribute to Bud, A
Trip, The
Trombone Fantasy
Turn Every Stone
Turn On, Search Out
Turning Point
Two Petals, a Flower and a Young Girl
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ultima Careta, La
Ultimate Computer Affair, The
Ultimatum: Main Title ’72
Uncle Herbert
Unconcerned / The Other Venice / Venetian Affair
Undercover Agents
Underground: Dr. Brady / Emergency / Mission Activity
Underground: Lotus Hill / Air Ducts / Powder / Basement
Underground: Morning / Off the Hook / Good Job
Underground: Schell / Clavering / Hearse
Underground: Wheelhouse Source
Unicorn’s Head
Uranium, Uranium, How About A Drink, Heathrow
Urko and Galen
Vaccinated Mushrooms
Various Theme
Venetian Dialogue / The Credentials
Venice After Dark - The Venetian Affair (Movie)
Versailles Promenade
Viaje / Cordona, El
Victory Fanfare and Training Montage
Vienna Incident, The
Vignettes of Fats Waller (medley)
Village Street
Villanova’s Cocktail Music
Villanova’s Villa / Villanova’s Chase / Villanova’s Fight
Violent Is a Real Pretty Name
Visiting the Factory
Voyage of the Damned: End Credits (Foxtrot)
Voyage of the Damned: Hotel nacionale
Voyage of the Damned: House Painter March
Voyage of the Damned: Lament
Voyage of the Damned: Main Title
Voyage of the Damned: Our Prayers Have Been Answered
Voyage of the Damned: Tragedy / Time Pulse
Waimea Bay
Wakefield Blues
Walking Away Blues / Dialogue With the Rain
Walking Down / At the Farm
Walking Down / You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet
Wall / The Dog, The
Wallet, The
Wanna Talk to You, I
Warm Enough?
Warning / Live Blueberries
Warp, The
Warriors on the Move
Water, Fire & Mines
Water Games
Wave - Insensatez (LP), The
Way... Way Out / Braddock
We Are Waiting for You
We Try, We Fail
We've Been Had
Weak (3 min 31 s)
Weekend Freaks
Welcome to the House
Welcome to the Moon
Welcome to Victoria
Western Medley (High Noon / The Magnificent Seven / The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)
What Have You Done? / Worried Karger / Shuttle I
What Kind of Fool am I
What Really Counts
What's Past is Past / Affirmation of Love
Wheat Germ Landscapes
When I've Made Up My Mind
When the Saints Go Greek
When time ran out...
Where's Ringerman
White Boy Blues
Wide Willy
Wiener Blut
Wig, The
Wild Bike
William Tell Overture
Williams on the Run
Williams Vs. Han
Wills’ Last Trance
Wind, The
Windmills Or Giants?
Window, The
Windshield, The
Winter Landscapes
Winters' Mansion / Winters / It's Time
Wish a Lot of Things, I
With Genvieve
Won Ton for Two
Woods Are Lovely / The Purse, The
Work With Me
Works. Selections
World Court, The
Worried Stacey / Scarpi / Heroin Bag / The Pump
Wrath of God, The
Wrong Number
You And Me (Voce E Eu)
You Are Dead
You Are the Story
You Drive / Lighted Tunnel
You Feel Good
You Have Nowhere to Go
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #1)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #2)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #3)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #4)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #5)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #6)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #7)
You Just Ain’t Ready for Me Yet (version #2, pick-up #8)
You Let Everything Slide
You, me and world war III
You Should Have Known
You Think of Everything
You've Come a Long Way
Your Name
Your World
Yumba, La
Yvonne / The Other Tiger / Lecture on Love
Zach and Felicia
Zero Time
Zorro Gris
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Agents Secrets
Ain't Seen Nothing Like Me
Alfred Hitchcock Theme
All for the Love of Sunshine
All Time Greatest Movie Songs, Volume 2, The
AM Gold: TV Themes of the '60s
Archer's Theme (Bumper Version #1)
Archer’s Theme (End Credits) / Paramount Studios Logo
Around The World In 80 Days
Atlantic Jazz Again
Band, The
Beautiful Bossa Nova
Begin the Beguine
Ben Veni Non Tardare
Berlin Blues
Best of Clint Eastwood, The
Best of Fantasy Themes (disc 1), The
Best of Mission: Impossible: Then and Now, The
Best of Sampled, The
Best TV Ads… Ever!, The
Best World Instrumental Hits, Volume 2, The
Big Mix '97, Volume 2 (disc 2)
Bloues in the Bassment
Blue Box of Jazz, The
Blues Bossa Nova
Bombay Jazz Palace, The
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 1, The
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 3, The
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 5, The
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 6: Film Bossa, The
Breakfast At Tiffany's - Moon River
Brush Strokes
Burning Bridges
But Not for Me
Cadenza Variations
Casablanca - As Time Goes By
CBS: The First 50 Years
Central Park Variations for Clarinet and Piano
Chaccone, Cornamuse
Chains, The
Chara tua Tristeza
Chartboxx: I Feel Good
Chartbusters USA, Volume 2
Chillout Album, Volume 1: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Choral Christmas Concert, A
Cincinnati Kid, The
Cincinnati Kid: The Cincinnati Kid, The
Cinema Classics
Circular Ruins, Sauterelle, The
Classic Cuts Presents The TV Sets: Episode 1
Classic Movie Themes
Classic Score, The
Classic War Movie Themes (The London Theatre Orchestra)
Club Culture - Exposed!!
Clubbin': Dance for the Club Generation
Cocktail Mix, Volume 4: Soundtracks With a Twist!
Cocktail Themes
Coffee Time Jazz
Composer of Black Orpheus Plays and Sings Bossa Nova
Concierto Para Bandoneón • Tres Tangos
Concierto Para Bandoneón: 1. Allegro Marcato / 2. Moderato / 3. Presto
Cool Hand Luke - Symphonic Sketches
Cool Yule: The Swinging Sound of Christmas
Crime Jazz: Music in the Second Degree
Crime-Stoppers TV's Greatest P.I. Themes
CTI Jazz Classics
Cult Files, The
Cult TV Themes
Def Jam's Rush Hour: Soundtrack
Diamond Head / Gone With the Wave
Diggin' Deeper 3: The Roots of Acid Jazz
Diggin' Deeper 6: The Roots of Acid Jazz
Dirty Dancing - (I've Had) The Time Of My Live
DISCOinferno: Funky
DJ Tools #6
Doctor Zhivago - Lara's Theme
Double Six Club present Music To Play Games By, The
Emmet's Song (Traditional) / Adios / We Like to Kill Each Other / Funeral March (Chopin)
Empire, The
Enjoy Ray Cokes
Essential Movies, The
Exorcist, The
Fakir, The
Film 2000 With Jonathan Ross
Film Four Essential Soundtracks
Film Hits: Up to Date
Flick Fiction
Fraulein Anna / What's New Pussycat? / Out of Gas / War Paint
From Latin to Jazz Dance, Volume 2
From Latin to Jazz Dance, Volume 4
Funk on Film
Funk on Film: 70's Screen Scene Funk
Generation Fernseh-Kult 3
Get a Kick Out of You, I
Get Easy! Volume 1: The Classic Collection
Godfather - Love Theme, The
Gone With The Wind - Tara's Theme
grandi sigle, volume 4: sigle telefilm, Le
Greatest Ever! Chillout: The Definitive Collection
Grimleys, The
größten SWR1 Filmhits aller Zeiten, Die
größten TV Hits aller Zeiten: Die besten Kultserien, Die
Harmony Cinéma : Les Grandes Musiques de films
Hollywood Filmhits: Die lange Kulmbacher Filmnacht
Hotel Byblos: Saint-Tropez Since 1967, Volume 2
iN FLiGHT entertainment
Inrockuptibles présentent : Initials BO, Les
It's All Right With Me
Jazz Around the Funk
Jazz Bossa Nova
Je n'aime toujours pas le jazz, mais ça j'aime bien !
Jim on the Move
Just One of Those Things
Kabel 1 - Die Originale! Die 50 größten TV-Serien-Hits
Kelly's Heroes: All for the Love of Sunshine
Kelly's Heroes: Burning Bridges
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Action und Thriller (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 4)
LateNightTales: At the Movies
Lawrence Of Arabia
Legendary Grooves
Let Us Leave Some Songs
Life is Good Again
Little Mermaid - Medley
Lounging at the Nick at Niteclub
Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks, The
Main Title - Rush Hour Theme
Mambo Mania
Man from U.N.C.L.E. Cult TV Classics, The
Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 2, The
Man From U.N.C.L.E. Volume 3, The
Man From U.N.C.L.E., The
Mastercuts Best of Jazz Funk
Méga Hits TV
MGM Soundtrack Treasury, The
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible & Cult TV Themes of the Atomic Age and Beyond
Mission: Accomplished
Mission: Impossible "Main Title"
Mojo Club Presents: Dancefloor Jazz, Volume 12: Feeling Good
Mood Mosaic 9: The Sound Bullett, The
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movie Killers
Music for the Movies of Clint Eastwood
Music From Famous Westerns, Volume 2
Music to Spy By
My Funny Valentine
N°1 TV
Nova Le Grand Mix
Old Cape Cod: Pop Gold: The '40s and '50s
On Rainy Afternoons
Ou Could Be the Song
Over the Wall
Over the Wall (instrumental)
People Alone-The Competition
Planet of the Apes
plus grands thèmes de la Télé, Les
Poker Nights
Portrait of Luis Armstrong
Prelude, Roseland
Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Romancing The Film
Romantic Collection Cinema
Samba Para Dos
Sample Surround
Sampled, Volume 2: Digging Deeper
Sampled, Volume 3
SAT.1 presents TV's Greatest Hits II
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Easy Listening Edition
Schifrin meets Piazzolla
Screen Cuts
Second Season End Title
Serie Club
Shaken Not Stirred
Shifrin Plays Schifrin
Silky Thoughts / Cool Hand Luke
Sixties Summer Mix 2
Songs for a Central Park Picnic
Soul Bossa Nova
Space Medley 2001: A Space Odyssey/Star Wars
Spy Magazine Presents, Volume 1: Spy Music
Starsky and Hutch
Strictly Breaks, Volume 4
Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul
Suprême Lounge 2
Suprême Lounge 3
Switched On
Telefon / Hide in Plain Sight
Television's Greatest Hits
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1: From the 50’s and 60’s
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: More From the 50’s & 60’s
Themes of Horror
There Goes the Neighbourhood
There Goes the Neighbourhood (Instrumental)
This Is Cult Fiction
This Is the Return of Cult Fiction
This is... Cult Fiction Royale
Thriller Jazz
Time After Time
Top of the Spot Estate
Tres Tangos For Bandoneón And Orchestra: 1. Allegro Tranquillo / 2. Moderato Místico / 3. Allegro Molto Marcato
Tres Tangos para Bandoneon y Orquesta-1er Mov
Tres Tangos para Bandoneon y Orquesta-2er Mov
Tres Tangos para Bandoneon y Orquesta-3er Mov
Trip to Brazil, Volume 3: Back to Bossa, A
Trombone Jazz Samba
TV America
TV Guide 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes
TV Land Presents Favorite TV Theme Songs
TV Themes America: 16 Classic Themes
TV Themes, Volume 3
Twelve Inch Seventies: Boogie Wonderland
Two Argentinians In Paris
Ultimate Collection: Chillout, The
Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack, The
Ultimate TV Themes 2
Ultime Series TV
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 30th Anniversary Celebration
Visionaire No. 53: Sound
WeFunk Mix 6 - Slow Down
What Kind of Fool Am I?
What's New Pussycat? / Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You
Will I Ever Know
Wizard Of Oz - Over The Rainbow, The
Your Hit Parade: '60s Instrumentals - Take Two