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Harvey Schmidt
Harvey Schmidt (American musician)
Harvey Schmidt (Amerikaans componist)
Harvey Schmidt (amerikansk komponist)
Harvey Schmidt (amerikansk kompositör)
Harvey Schmidt (compositeur américain)
Harvey Schmidt (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Schmidt, H. G.
Schmidt, Harvey
Schmidt, Harvey Lester
Schmidt, Lester
Харви Шмидт
שמידט, הארווי
שמידט, הארווי לסטר
שמיט, הרבי
هاروی اشمیت (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
シュミット, ハーヴィー
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Achache, Jean (co-author)
Anthony, Joseph (co-author)
Aznavour, Charles (co-author)
Bernet, Ralph (co-author)
Bontempelli, Guy (co-author)
Coe, Richard L. (1914-1995)
Coe, Richard Livingstone (1914-1995)
Domingo, Plácido (co-performer)
Gérald, Frank (co-author)
Jones, Thomas Jones (1940-)
Jones, Tom (1940-...)
Jones, Tom (1940-)
Jones, Tom (co-author)
Kander, John (co-author)
Maïtena (co-author)
Marnay, Eddy (co-author)
Martin, Mary (co-performer)
Nelson, Kenneth (co-performer)
Noeltner, Robert H.
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Salvatori, Penny
Schmidt, Harvey
Smith, Ross D. (co-author)
Stein, Julian
Stein, Julian (co-performer)
Thurston, Ted
Walters, Richard
Watson, Susan (1938-)
Willis, Gordon (1931-2014)
Ziémba, Karen
110 in the Shade (1963 Original Broadway Cast)
110 in the Shade (1997 studio cast)
110 in the Shade (Roundabout Theatre Company cast)
110 in the shade the original Broadway cast recording
110" the Shade: Inside My Head
110° in the Shade: Evening Star
110° in the Shade: Flibbertigibbet
110° in the Shade: Just Fine
110° in the Shade: Pretty Is
110° in the Shade: Sweetriver
Abduction Ballet
Album n° 4 de 12 succès orgue à 12 accords
All the Dearly Beloved, Together Forever, I Do! I Do!
Another Hot Day
As Time Goes By
Bad company
Bloga kompanija
Broadway I love, The
Brotherly Love / Do Not Hold On
Brotherly Love / Heavenly Music Night
Burnished by the Sun
Can Dance (110 in the Shade), I
Can See It (Reprise), I
Carte noire créatrice florale
Case based teaching and assessment tutor training program
Cattive compagnie
Celebration (Finale)
Celebration (Original 1969 Broadway Cast)
Celebration. Selections
Colette collage
Come on Along (The Fantasticks)
Come To Life (from Colette)
Comédie musicale. les Fantasticks
Confrontation: How Free I Feel / Oh, How Easy to Be Scornful! / Come With Me, The
Contemporary Broadway revisited
Curtain Call
[curtain calls]
Curtain Music
David Merrick collection
De "the Fantasticks". Au coeur de septembre
Decorate the Human Face (Colette Collage)
Dessau Dance Hall (110 in the Shade)
[dialogue] / [underscoring]
Do! Do! (From Show) (I Do! I Do!), I
Do! Do! (Thirties) (I Do! I Do!), I
Do! I Do! (From Film) (I Do! I Do!), I
Do! I Do! (Original Broadway Cast), I
Do! I Do!: Thousands of Flowers, I
Don't Kiki Me
Earthly Paradise (from the play, Colette)
End of Scene Four
Evenin' Star / Everything Beautiful
Everyone Looks Lonely (New York Scrapbook)
Everything Beautiful Happens at Night / Dance (reprise)
Everything Beautiful Happens at Night / Shooting Star
Exit Music
Fantasticks (2006 off-Broadway revival cast), The
Fantasticks original Broadway cast, The
Fantasticks. Selections
Fantasticks (The Japan Tour), The
fantasticks the original cast album of the award-winning international musical, the
Father of the Bride, The
Fifty Million Years Ago
Finale Act One: Old Maid
Finale Act Two: Rain Song (reprise)
Flaming Agnes
Flibberty-Gibbet (110 in the Shade)
Gallo's Entrance, El
Gonna Be Another Hot Day (110 In the Shade)
Goodbye World / Conclusion
Grant Me in Your Minds a Month
Greatest of These, The
Grover’s Corners (1987 composer's demo cast)
Growing Older (from Colette)
Guess We May As Well Stay Married Now (from I Do! I Do!)
Happy Ending
Have Acted Like a Fool, I
He's Coming / Antioch Prison
Hearty Breakfast, A
Here Am I (from Roadside)
Honeymoon Is Over (from I Do! I Do!), The
Hungry Men, The
I'd Do Almost Anything to Get Out of Here and Go Home
I do ! I do ! the original Broadway cast recording
I’m Glad To See You Got What You Want (from Celebration)
I'm Glad to See You've Got What You Want
In schlechter Gesellschaft
Is It Really Me?
It Depends on What You Pay
It Isn't Hard to Get Marriage
It's Gonna Be Another Hot Day (110 in the Shade)
It's You Who Makes Me Young
Ja, ik wil : de nieuwe musical : song album
Know Loneliness Quite Well (New York Scrapbook), I
Little Red Hat (from 110 In The Shade)
Lizzie's Comin' Home
Love, Don't Turn Away
Love His Face, I
Love Isn't Everything
Love My Wife, I
Love Order, I
Love Song
Luisa's Introduction
Man and a Woman, A
Man and Wife
Marriage Introduction
Matt's Introduction
Melisande (110 in the Shade)
Merry Christmas 1975
mighty ones; great men and women of early Bible days., The
Moonlight #2 (from The Fantasticks)
Mr. Off-Broadway (Demi-Dozen)
Much More (Reprise)
Musicals. Selections
My Cup Runneth Over (I Do! I Do!)
My Garden
My Secret Dream
Name: Cockian
Necklace, The
Never Say No (from The Fantasticks)
New Grove, 2001:
Nightmare, The
Nobody's Perfect
Not My Problem
Notice You, I
Old Actors' Farewell
Old Maid
Only Want Someone to Love, I
Opening Scene Two Poker Polka
Orphan in the Storm (Celebration)
Our Town (reprise) / Birthday Girl
Perfect Time to Be in Love (First Recording), A
Philemon (1975 original off-Broadway cast)
Plant a Radish
Players Have Arrived, The
Plays Jones & Schmidt
Poker Polka
Production musicale. les Fantasticks
Rain Song (reprise), The
Riviera Nights (from Colette)
Roll Up the Ribbons
Room Is Filled With You (Colette Collage), The
Room Is Filled With You (from Colette), The
Round and Round
[scene change] / [dialogue]
[scene change] / The Hungry Men
Scene / Incidental Music
Sélection chant et piano. [Comédie musicale]. les Fantasticks...
Show Goes On (Mirette), The
show goes on original cast recording, The : a portfolio of theater songs
Simple Little Things (110 in the Shade)
Singer's musical theatre anthology, c1986:, The
Snapshots, Photographs
Socrates and Lodavigo
Someone Needs Me
Something Has Happened
Soon It’s Gonna Rain (from The Fantasticks)
Starbuck's Entrance Rain Song
Story of My Life (New York Scrapbook), The
Streets of Antioch Stink, The
Survive (from Celebration)
Texas romance, 1909
There Is a Curious Paradox
They Were You (from The Fantasticks)
This House (from I Do! I Do!)
This Plum Is Too Ripe
This Tear Is Enough
Thousands Of Flowers (from I Do! I Do!)
Throw It Away
Time Goes By (from Grover’s Corners)
Together Forever
Train Whistle Lizzie's Comin' Home
Try To Remember (from The Fantasticks)
Try to remember : from "The fantastics" : for female chorus (S.S.A.)
Try to remember My cup runneth over
Try to Remember (Reprise)
Two film scores for solo piano
Under the Tree (Celebration)
Une lettre pour rien
Vagabonde (from Colette Collage), La
Vision: The Greatest of These (reprise) / Within This Empty Space (reprise), The
Well Known Fact, A
What Is a Woman
When the Kids Get Married
Where Are the Snows?
Where Did It Go? (Celebration)
Why Can't They Leave Me Alone?
Winter and Summer
Within This Empty Space
Wonderful Music / Rain Song Finale
Wonderful Way to Die (The Bone Room)
World Is Very Wide (from Grover’s Corners), The
You're Not Foolin' Me
You're Not Fooling Me
You Wonder How These Things Begin
Zomer in Zeeland
Zorbá the original Broadway cast recordings
بد کمپانی (فیلم ۱۹۷۲)
Contributed to or performed: 
110 in the Shade (2007 Broadway Revival Cast)
Abduction Ballet, The
Another Hot Day
Can See It (reprise), I
Can See It, I
Curious Paradox, A
Curtain Call / Exit Music
Episode, An
Evenin' Star
Everything Beautiful
Fantasticks: A Decca Broadway Original Cast Album, The
Fantasticks: Original Cast Album, The
Forgotten Broadway
Forgotten Broadway, Volume 2
Glen Speech, The
Happy Ending
Hungry Men, The
I'll Marry When I Marry
Is It Really Me?
It Depends on What You Pay
Little Red Hat
Lizzie's Comin' Home
Lost in Boston
Lost in Boston III
Lost in Boston IV
Love, Don't Turn Away
Luisa's Monologue
Man and a Woman, A
Matt's Monologue
Metaphor (reprise)
Much More
Much More (reprise)
Never Say No
O Have You Ever Been to China?
Old Maid
Original Cast! 100 Years of the American Musical Theater: The Sixties, Part Two
Plant a Radish
Poker Polka
Rain Song (reprise), The
Rain Song, The
Round and Round
She Walked Out on Me...
Simple Little Things
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 5, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Soon It's Gonna Rain
Stay and Talk...
Their Moon Was Cardboard
They Were You
This Plum Is Too Ripe
Try to Remember
Try to Remember (reprise)
Wonderful Music
You're Not Fooling Me