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Holmes, P.
Holmes, P. J.
Holmes, Phil
Holmes, Philip
Holmes, Philip J.
Holmes, Philip John
Philip Holmes (American mathematician)
Philip Holmes (Amerikaans wiskundige)
Philip Holmes (amerikansk ingeniør og matematikar)
Philip Holmes (amerikansk ingeniør og matematiker)
Philip Holmes (amerikansk ingenjör och matematiker)
Philip Holmes (mathématicien américain)
Philip Holmes (US-amerikanischer Mathematiker)
Филип Холмс
فيليب هولمز
فیلیپ هولمز (ریاضی‌دان و مهندس آمریکایی)
ホームズ, P
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Berkooz, Gal
Cornell University Affiliation (see also from)
Diacu, Florin (1959-)
Ghrist, Robert W. (1969-)
Guckenheimer, John
Guckenheimer, John M.
Lumley, John Leask (1930-...)
Marsden, Jerrold E.
Newton, Paul K.
Princeton University Affiliation (see also from)
Sullivan, Michael C. (1959-)
Weinstein, Alan (1943-...)
吉田, 春夫 (1955-)
Acquisition of decision making criteria: reward rate ultimately beats accuracy.
Averaging and chaotic motions in forced oscillations
Bifurcation in coupled nonlinear oscillators with applications to flutter and divergence
Bifurcation of periodic motions in two weakly coupled van der Pol oscillators
Bifurcation sequences in horseshoe maps - Infinitely many routes to chaos
Bifurcation to divergence and flutter in flow-induced oscillations - An infinite dimensional analysis
bifurcations of Duffing's equation - An application of catastrophe theory, The
Bifurcations of the forced van der Pol oscillator
Bifurcations to divergence and flutter in flow-induced oscillations - A finite dimensional analysis
Can monkeys choose optimally when faced with noisy stimuli and unequal rewards?
Celestial encounters : the origins of chaos and stability
Chaotic motions in a weakly nonlinear model for surface waves.
comparison of bounded diffusion models for choice in time controlled tasks, A
Constrained Euler buckling: An interplay of computation and analysis
Constrained Euler buckling - Line contact solutions
Do humans produce the speed-accuracy trade-off that maximizes reward rate?
Dynamical Analysis of Bayesian Inference Models for the Eriksen Task
Dynamical-systems-theory approach to the wall region
Dynamics and control of coherent structures in the turbulent wall layer: An overview
Dynamics and stability of insect locomotion: a hexapedal model for horizontal plane motions.
Dynamics and stability of legged locomotion in the horizontal plane: a test case using insects.
Dynamics of a nonlinear oscillator with feedback control. I - Local analysis
dynamics of coherent structures in the wall region of a turbulent boundary layer, The
Dynamics of Legged Locomotion: Models, Analyses, and Challenges, The
effect of modeled drag reduction on the wall region., The
elastic rod model for anguilliform swimming, An
electrochemistry of semiconductors, The
existence of one dimensional steady detonation waves in a simple model problem, The
experimental characterization of wave propagation systems. I - Non-dispersive waves in lumped systems. II - Continuous systems and the effects of dispersion, The
Geometry, mechanics, and dynamics volume in honor of the 60th birthday of J.E. Marsden
Global analysis, modern methods for the study of nonlinear phenomena in engineering, the sciences, and mathematics
Global bifurcations and chaos in the forced oscillations of buckled structures
green road, 1986:, The
Heteroclinic cycles, exponential tails, and intermittency in turbulence production
hexapedal jointed-leg model for insect locomotion in the horizontal plane., A
Homoclinic orbits in slowly varying oscillators
Horseshoes and Arnold diffusion for Hamiltonian systems on Lie groups
Horseshoes in perturbations of Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom
influence of spike rate and stimulus duration on noradrenergic neurons., The
Intermittent dynamics in simple models of the turbulent wall layer
Intersegmental coordination of cockroach locomotion: adaptive control of centrally coupled pattern generator circuits.
Knots and links in three-dimensional flows
Kuramoto-Sivashinsky dynamics on the center-unstable manifold
Low-Dimensional Modelling of Turbulence Using the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition: A Tutorial
Low-dimensional models for turbulent plane Couette flow in a minimal flow unit
Low-dimensional models of coherent structures in turbulence
Mechanical models for insect locomotion: active muscles and energy losses.
Mechanical models for insect locomotion: dynamics and stability in the horizontal plane I. Theory.
Mechanical models for insect locomotion: dynamics and stability in the horizontal plane-II. Application.
Mechanical models for insect locomotion: Stability and parameter studies
Mechanisms underlying dependencies of performance on stimulus history in a two-alternative forced-choice task.
model for insect locomotion in the horizontal plane: feedforward activation of fast muscles, stability, and robustness., A
model for the periodic synaptic inhibition of a neuronal oscillator., A
model of interval timing by neural integration., A
Neural Network Model of the Eriksen Task: Reduction, Analysis, and Data Fitting, A
New approaches to nonlinear problems in dynamics, 1980 (a.e.)
Ninety Plus Thirty Years of Nonlinear Dynamics : Less is More and More is Different
Nonlinear oscillations, dynamical systems, and bifurcations of vector fields
On the derivation and tuning of phase oscillator models for lamprey central pattern generators
On the dynamics of cranes, or spherical pendula with moving supports.
On the dynamics of electrically-coupled neurons with inhibitory synapses
On the phase reduction and response dynamics of neural oscillator populations.
On the practical estimation of spectra and correlation functions of transient signals
oscillatory circuit underlying the detection of disruptions in temporally-periodic patterns, An
partial differential equation with infinitely many periodic orbits Chaotic oscillations of a forced beam, A
Periodic orbits in slowly varying oscillators
Periodically forced linear oscillator with impacts - Chaos and long-period motions
periodically forced piecewise linear oscillator, A
Phase locking and chaos in coupled limit cycle oscillators
Physics of Optimal Decision Making: A Formal Analysis of Models of Performance in Two- Alternative Forced-Choice Tasks, The
place to stand, A : poems 1969-76
proper orthogonal decomposition in the analysis of turbulent flows, The
Qualitative theory and bifurcation to chaotic motions in nonlinear mechanics
Quantifying dynamic stability and maneuverability in legged locomotion.
Random perturbations of heteroclinic attractors
Rapid decision threshold modulation by reward rate in a neural network.
Reflexes and preflexes: on the role of sensory feedback on rhythmic patterns in insect locomotion
Repeated resonance and homoclinic bifurcation in a periodically forced family of oscillators
Reward Rate Optimization in Two-Alternative Decision Making: Empirical Tests of Theoretical Predictions
Robust versus optimal strategies for two-alternative forced choice tasks
Running in Three Dimensions: Analysis of a Point-mass Sprung-leg Model
Sequential Effects in Two-Choice Reaction Time Tasks: Decomposition and Synthesis of Mechanisms
Stability analysis of a clock-driven rigid-body SLIP model for RHex.
Stability analysis of legged locomotion models by symmetry-factored return maps.
Stable and random motions in dynamical systems : wth special emphasasis on celestial mechanics
Strange attractors and chaos in nonlinear mechanics
'Strange' phenomena in dynamical systems and their physical implications
Tentai rikigaku no paioniatachi.
Three-dimensional Translational Dynamics and Stability of Multi-legged Runners
Three sections of poems
Time-Varying Perturbations Can Distinguish Among Integrate-to-Threshold Models for Perceptual Decision Making in Reaction Time Tasks
Towards a factored analysis of legged locomotion models.
Turbulence, coherent structures, dynamical systems, and symmetry
Wall layers (Final Report, 15 Jan. 1989 - 14 Jan. 1992)
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