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Çarlz Menson
Čarlzos Mensuons
Čārlzs Mensons
Charles Manson
Charles Manson (American criminal and musician)
Charles Manson (Amerikaans singer-songwriter)
Charles Manson (amerikanischer Krimineller)
Charles Manson (criminal musical)
Charles Manson (criminale statunitense)
Charles Manson (criminel américain)
Charles Manson (morderca amerykański, przywódca sekty, muzyk)
Manson, Charles
Manson, Charlie
Мэнсон, Чарльз (американский маньяк-убийца)
Чарлз Менсон (американський злочинець, серійний убивця)
Чарлс Менсън
ჩარლზ მენსონი
Չարլզ Մենսոն
צ'ארלס מנסון
تشارلز مانسن
چارلز منسن (خواننده-ترانه‌سرا و موسیقی‌دان آمریکایی)
চার্লস ম্যানসন
ಚಾರ್ಲ್ಸ್ ಮ್ಯಾನ್ಸನ್
ชาร์ล แมนสัน
찰스 맨슨
マンスン, チャールス
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cheltenham, Jean-Paul
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Schreck, Nikolas
Towers Productions, Inc
University of Warwick
1967 - Mac Brother
Air Is the King
Akuma no kokuhaku
All In The Motions
All the Way Alive
All Those Kids That Did All Those Things They Did?
American justice.
And as I Told You on This Chord Once Before
And I'd Like to Say Hello to Some of My Friends
Angels Fear to Tread
Arkansas / I'll Never Say Never to Always
As You Walk In Forever
ATWA: Message To The People Of The Earth / Computer Perfection
Be Free (Be to Be Free)
Before Before
Bet You Think I Care
Big Iron Door
Black Pirate, The
Blind Sky
Boxcar Willy and Big Bad Joe
Brother Gun
Can See You, I
Cease to Exist
Charles Manson
Charlie And His MAM
Charlie And The Chair
Close to Me
Commemorating Sixty Years of Struggle Against Cowardice, Stupidity, and Lies.
Dead Grass Growing In The Garden
Devil Man
Did You Notice My Head Was On Fire?
Do Not Be Stuck In Your Ignorance, I've Got Enough Of My Own
Don't Do Anything Illegal
Don't Need Water Sprinklers in the Desert, I
Down in Dixieland
Dream Train / My Oklahoma Angel Love
East Bound Train
Enemy, The
Eternal Wind
Every Time I Met Him He Was Somebody Else
Everybody's Stuck In The Realities That Are Already Made
Eyes of a Dreamer
Garbage Dump
Gas Chamber
Get on Home
Give Your Love (to Be Free): ATWA / The Hallways of the Always (reprise) / Searchlight Dreams / Down in the Nuremberg / Father in the Universal Sky
Goin' to the Churchyard
Got a Tough Bastard Child Want to Become Inta a Samurai, I
Hallways of the Always, The
Hobo Poem
Hobo's Lament
Hollywood Is Destroying The State Of California
Home Is Where You're Happy
House of Tomorrow, The
How Long Does A Dog Live?
I'll Never Say Never to Always
I'm Doin' Fine / Stars / Friends
I'm Free Now
I'm Scratching Peace Symbols in Your Tombstone
I'm Scratching Peace Symbols on Your Tombstone
If You Have No One
In The Infinite Mind
In Your Music Mind
Indian War Song
Invisible Tears
Is There No-One in Your World but You?
It Was A Balmy Summer Evening
Keep On Wondering (interrupted), I
Lie the love and terror cult
Live at San Quentin
Look at Your Game, Girl (alternate version)
Look at Your Love
Love and terror cult
Love Is Knowing
Love's Death
Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember Me)
Manson in his own words
Manson Speaks
Marilyn Monroe Was My Childhood Shame
Mechanical Man
Meine letzten Worte
Moon, The
More You Love, The
My Feelings Begin to Grow
My Name Is Sam McGee
My World
Never Ask Why (Love Never Dies)
Never Learn Not to Love
Nineteen Women Blues
No Wrong
Once Knew a Man, I
One Mind
Our God Is ATWA
Peace in Your Heart (reprise), A
People Say I'm No Good
Poor Old Prisoner Boy
Prison Conversation
Prison Tape
Prison Was Only To Give A Man A Chance To Start All Over
Red Snake
Ride Away
Riding on Your Fears
Run for Fun
See, The Truth Is Honor, Honor Is The Truth
Self Is Eternal (What Our World Will Be)
Serial killers, profiling the criminal mind
Shakespeare's Clown
She Done Turned Me In / Twilight Blues / Your Daddys Home
Sick City
Side A
Side B
So as the Hour Goes on That I Will Spend With You
So the Mood Was Broken
So Today Has Been a Good Day
So We Go Again
Solution, The
Some topics in homogenization
Sometimes It Works Just Right
Spaceman, The
Summer of Hate: The '67 Sessions, The
Swamp Girl
Sweet Words
Take Me to the Summer Road
Taking It Away From Yourselves
Tale Of A Wonderless Trail, The
Television Mind
There's Two Brotherhoods That Run The Military
This Is Night Life
This Wizard's Lesson
Tribute to Hank Williams, A
True Love You Will Find
Two Pair of Shoes
United States off America : contribution à la compréhension de la société américaine de merchandising en 1971 et à sa critique radicale
Universal Law
Venice, CA
Voix d'en bas poèmes dramatiques, Les
Walking Through Forever
Way of the Wolf
We’re Dead by Then
What Would You Have Me Do?
Who to Blame
Whoever You Are
World Perspectives
Yellow Blues
You And I Meet Each Other In A Field Of Honor
You Know What To Do, As Much As I Do
Your Magic Potion
悪魔の告白 : アメリカを震撼させた殺人者の全生涯
Contributed to or performed: 
Birth of Tragedy Magazine's Fear, Power, God, The
Reflection of Children Coming Up in the Grave
Reflection of Children Coming Up in the Grave (Morlockko Plus remix)
Reflection of Children Coming Up in the Grave (remix)
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Warwick, 2010