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Claw Finger
Clawfinger (Musical group or band)
began 1989 until 2013-08-24
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Johansson, Henka (hasMember)
Netterman, Richard (hasMember)
Ottem, Erlend (hasMember)
Skaug, André (hasMember)
Skaug, Morten (hasMember)
Skog, Jocke (hasMember)
Tell, Zak (hasMember)
Torstensen, Bård (hasMember)
Vigerstøl, Ottar (hasMember)
15 Minutes of Fame
2000-07-08: Forestglade, Wiesen, Austria
Ain’t No Turning Back
All My Greatest Fears
All the Way
Are You Man Enough?
Are You Talking to Me
Armageddon Down
Back to the Basics
Best & The Worst, The
Better Than This
Biggest and the Best Of, The
Biggest & the Best (Godhead remix)
Biggest & The Best (live)
Biggest & the Best (U.S. radio edit)
Breakout (Embrace the Child Inside You)
Burn in Hell
Can See Them Coming, I
Catch Me
Choice Is Yours, The
Close My Eyes, I
Crossing all over
Cure & The Poison, The
Deaf dumb blind
Deafer dumber blinder : 20 years anniversary box 1993-2013
Dirty Lies
Do What I Say (Hanger remix)
Don’t Care, I
Don't Forget It
Don't Get Me Wrong (Zorbact-Techno-Mix)
Don’t Know, I
Don’t Look at Me
Don't Wake Me Up (radio edit)
Don't Wake Me Up (Yoga remix)
Don't Want To, I
Dying to Know
Easy Way Out
Eat the Hand That Feeds Me
Faggot in You, The
Fake a Friend
Fear Itself
Final Stand
Four Letter Word
Get It Off My Chest
God Is Dead
Guess I’ll Never Know, I
Hate yourself with style
Here We Go Again
High, Die
Hold Your Head Up
I’m Your Life & Religion
If You Don’t Know Me
In a Mad World
It’s Your Life
Kick It
KKK Took My Baby Away, The
Life will kill you
Little Baby
Live Like a Man
Love to Hate Myself, I
Love to Have Myself, I
Manic Depression
Master of Celebrity
Middle Clawfinger
Money Is
Money Power Glory
My Dirty Mind
Need You, I
Nigger (D-generator I mix)
Nigger (Me and the Reality mix)
Nigger (Zorbact Mix)
Nobody Knows
None the Wiser
Not Even You
Nothing going on
Ocean, The
Out to get me
Pay the Bill
Picture Perfect Skies
Pin Me Down (Die Krupps remix)
Pin Me Down (live)
Pin Me Down (Zorbagt remix)
Point of No Return
Price We Pay, The
Profit Preacher
Profit Precher
Radio Edits: Warfair / The Truth
Recipe for hate
Right to Rape
Rosegrove (live)
Runner Boy
Sad To See You
Sad to See Your Sorrow
Save Our Souls
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Sick of Myself
Simon Says
Snowboarder tunes
Stars & Stripes
step aside
Still Don’t Know
Take What You Can Get
Tell Me What You Want
Three Good Riffs
Tomorrow (Sank remix)
Truth (Cyberglaumix), The
Truth (edit)
Truth (live version), The
Turn It Off
Two Sides of Every Vibe
Two sides of every vibes
Two Sides (Witchman's Accelerator mix)
Two Steps Away
Use your brain
Vienna (Ultravox)
Warfair (album version)
Warfair (Cybersank mix edit)
Warfair (Cybersank remix)
Warfair (original version)
Warfair (Remix EP)
What Are You Afraid Of?
What Gives Us the the Right
What We've Got Is What You're Getting
When Everything Crumbles (Alt. demo)
Where Are You Now
Where Can We Go From Here?
whole lot of nothing, A
Wipe My Ass
Without a Case
Wonderful World
World Domination
Wrong State of Mind
You Gave Me Something to Think About
Zeroes and Heroes
Zeros and heroes
Contributed to or performed: 
20 Years of Nuclear Blast
Afrekening, Volume 10, De
Afrekening, Volume 14, De
Afrekening, Volume 20(00): The Lost Tracks, De
Afrekening, Volume 25, De
Air & Style, Volume 6
Alternative Moments II
Biggest & the Best (Pitchshifter demix)
Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Compilation Hard Rock 53
Crossing All Over! Nu Rock Ballads
Crossing All Over! The Classix
Crossing All Over! Volume 14
Crossing All Over! Volume 16
Crossing All Over! Volume 17
Crossing All Over! Volume 3
Crossing All Over! Volume 4
Crossing All Over! Volume 7
Defenders of the Oppressed Breed
Delete the Elite
Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal 1970-1996, The
Famous (10 Jahre Gun Supersonic)
Fetenhits: New Rock Party
Great Metal Covers, Volume 6
Hard Music, Volume 1
Hockey Anthems
Ich will
Just the Best 3/2001
Kerrang! The Album
KnuckleTracks 96
Large Compilation CD #10
Låt d goda rulla
Leaving Home - A Norwegian Tribute to the Ramones
Livet e en fest : 90-tal
Lords of the Boards 2000
Lords of the Boards 2002
Maximum Metal, Volume 118
Metal CD, Volume 10
Metal Hammer #147: Razor: Music From the Cutting Edge: Xmas 2005
Metal Museum, Volume 10: Nu Metal, The
Metal Museum: Covered in Metal 3, The
Metal Rock Cavalcade II
Most Wanted Music 2: Rock
Most Wanted Rock
News From Dr. Blast, Volume II: Wacken 2008
Nip Tuck 2
No Fronts
Nuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Pet Sematary (live)
Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler
Radio Kerrang! Volume 5
Rautakanki 2
Rock Furore 6
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 49
Rockgarden 3
Soundcheck #78
Spark in the Dark
Swedish Hard Rock and Heavy Metal 1970–1996
Teraz Rock: Outsiders
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 22
Vi håller inte käften!
Vill ha allt
Warner Music United Kingdom New Releases, Volume 77
What's Up 2
Zero Tolerance: ZTaudio005