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Hatebreed Musical group (Musical group or band)
Hatebreed (Musical group or band)
began 1995
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Beattie, Chris (hasMember)
Byrne, Matt (hasMember)
Jasta, Jamey (hasMember)
Lozinak, Wayne (hasMember)
Martin, F. Sean (hasMember)
Novinec, Frank (hasMember)
About The New Album
Afflicted Past
All I Had I Gave
Another Day Another Vendetta
Apex Within, The
As Damaged as Me
As Diehard as They Come
As Dieheard As They Come (Download Festival 2009)
Become the Fuse
Become To Fuse
Becoming the Fuse
Before Dishonor
Before the Fight Ends You
Beholder Of Justice (Wacken Festival)
Below the Bottom
Betrayed by Life
Between Hell and a Heartbeat
Big air experience
Bitter Truth
Bloodsoaked Memories
Bound to Violence
Boundless (Time To Murder It)
Boxed In
Burial for the Living
Burn the Lies
Call for Blood, A
Choose or Be Chosen
Conceived Through an Act of Violence
concrete confessional, The
Condemned Until Rebirth
Confide in No One
Dead Man Breathing
Defeatist (Wacken Festival)
Destroy Everything (Download Festival 2009)
Divine Judgment
divinity of purpose, The
Driven by Suffering
Empty Promises (Download Festival 2009)
Escape [Diehard edit]
Every Lasting Scar
Everyone Bleeds Now
Evil Minds
Facing What Consumes You
For the lions
From Grace We’ve Fallen
Ghosts of War
Give Wings to My Triumph
Hallow Ground
Hands of a Dying Man
Hatebreed : Special edition
Headbangers ball
Healing to Suffer Again
Hear Me
Hollow Ground (Download Festival 2009)
Honor Never Dies
Horrors of Self
I’m in Pain
I, Spoiler
Idolized and Vilified
Immortal Enemies
In Ashes They Shall Reap
In the Walls
It’s the Limit
Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable)
Kill an Addict
Language, The
Last Breath
Lay It All to Waste
Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned, A
Life Is Pain
Live at Download Festival 2009
Live at Wacken Open Air Festival 2008
Live Dominance / For The Lions
Live For This (Download Festival 2009)
Looking Down the Barrel of Today
Making of the Album, The
Mark My Words
Merciless Tide
Mind Over All
Most Truth (Wacken Festival), The
Music from and inspired by the motion picture XXX
Never Let It Die (Download Festival 2009)
New Hate Rising
No Halos for the Heartless
Not My Master
Not One Truth
Nothing Scars Me
Own Your World
ozzfest live 2002 sr p
Perseverance Sampler
Perseverance [sound recording]
Pollution of the Soul
Prepare for War
Preservation of Belief
Put It to the Torch
Rat Pack
Remain Nameless
Remember When
rise of brutality, The
Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire
Serve Your Masters
Set It Off
Seven Enemies
Shut Me Out
Sick of Talk
Slaughtered in Their Dreams
Smash Your Enemies
Something’s Off
Specific Songs
Spitting Venom
Straight To Your face
Suicidal Maniac
Supremacy of Self
Tear It Down
Texas chainsaw massacre the album, The
Thirsty And Miserable (Download Festival 2009)
This Is Now (Wacken Festival)
Through the Thorns
To The Threshold (Download Festival 2009)
Triple X
Under the Knife
Us Against Us
Voice of Contention
Walking the Knife
Wayne Re-Joins
We Still Fight
Will Be Heard (Download Festival 2009), I
Words Became Untruth
Words Become Untruth
Worlds Apart
XXX music from and inspired by the motion picture "XXX"
You’re Never Alone
Your Mistake
Contributed to or performed: 
1998 Summer Tour
2006 New Shit Sampler
25 Live and Now! Roadrunner Rock Tribune Sampler
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
Aerodrome 2004
Black Procession Tour 2010, The
Blast! presents 101/2013
Built to Blast, Volume 1
CMJ Certain Damage, Volume 121
Crusty Demons: Beyond the Apocalypse
Crusty Demons: Unleash Hell 2008
Download 2004
East Coast Empire Presents 'The Harder They Come'
Fields of Rock Summer 2007
Final Prayer
First Crusade, The
Freddy vs. Jason
Full Metal Racket 2
Ginger Snaps
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
Headbangers Ball: The Revenge
Hellfest 2002
Island Sampler: #03:02
Jagermeister MusicTour 2005
JägerMusic: Rarities 2004
Killing Cuts 6
KnuckleTracks 96
KnuckleTracks 99
Masters of Horror II
Maximum Metal, Volume 107
Maximum Metal, Volume 145
Metal Hammer Goes 90s
Metal Hammer: August 2006
Metal Hammer: March 2004 (Razor, Volume 2)
Metal Hammer: October 2004 (Razor, Volume 8)
Metal Meltdown
Metal Top 50
Midwest Music Summit 2003 Sampler CD
MTV2 Headbangers Ball
New Shit, Volume 8
No Name Music Sampler
Number 23: More Music From the Film: Fingerling's Playlist, The
Of Things to Come
Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute to Sick of It All
Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium
Ozzfest 2007 Summer Sampler
Ozzfest Live 2002
Pledge of Allegiance: 2001 Sampler, The
Punisher: The Album, The
Punisher: War Zone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Punk Stars
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 045
Rock Sound 100% Volume 171
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 55
Rock Sound: Sound Check, Volume 88
Saw VI
School of Hard Rocks
Stones to Mark a Fire
Tattoo the Earth: The First Crusade
Terrorized, Volume 25
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 115
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 32
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
Tribute to Metallica: Ride the Lightning, A
Ultimate Beatdowns, Volume 1
Universal Records: A&R Sampler, May 2002
Vans Warped Tour '17
Victory Style III
Victory Style IV
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 103
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 148
W:O:A Full Metal Juke Box Vol. 4 - Preview 2008
What Doesn't Kill Me (Blackout! and Stillborn Records Sampler)
Xtreme Rock
xXx: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture