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Die Krupps
Die Krupps (Musical group or band)
Krupps, Die
Krupps (Musical group or band)
Offizieller Name Die Krupps
The Krupps
began 1980
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Altus, Lee (hasMember)
Dörper, Ralf (hasMember)
Einstürzende Neubauten
Engler, Jürgen
Engler, Jürgen (hasMember)
Esch, Rüdiger (hasMember)
Front Line Assembly
Lietz, Christopher (hasMember)
Malaka, Bernward (hasMember)
Michelfeit, Christoph (hasMember)
Minter, Darren (hasMember)
Witt, Joachim
Yo La Tengo
Young Gods
Zürcher, Marcel (hasMember)
1992-09-05: Against Fascism: Kassablanca, Jena, Germany
30 Seconds
5 Millionen
Alive in a Glass Cage (demo)
Alive in a Glass Cage (remixed by Faderhead)
Alles verbrennt (live)
Als wären wir für immer
Amboss (feat. Client), Der
Battery (re-filtered by filter section)
Battle Extreme (demo)
Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly
Beyond (Unheilig remix)
Black Beauty White Heat (video edit)
Blick zurück im Zorn, Ein
Bloodsuckers (Biohazard remix)
Bloodsuckers (Die Aerzte remix)
Bloodsuckers (live in Europe)
Bloodsuckers (remixed by Evan Seinfeld & Billy Graziadei of Biohazard)
Bloodsuckers (remixed by Julian Beeston)
Bloodsuckers (remixed by Phillip Boa & M.D. Moses)
Bloodsuckers (Sag mir wo die Blumix '94)
Bloodsuckers (video edit)
Board to hell
Bonded by Blood
Chameleon Man (Vigilante remix by Ivan Muñoz), The
Communication Breakdown (Don't Speak mix)
Complete Control
Cover classics
Covered in black an industrial tribute to the kings of high voltage AC/DC
Crossfire (Both Sides remix)
Crossfire (Faith No More remix)
Crossfire (Gunshot remix)
Crossfire (In Your Face remix)
Crossfire (remixed by Jim Martin)
Crossfire (remixed by White Child Rix of Gunshot)
Crossing all over
Cyber core compilation
Dance or be shot Bottom 12 remixes
Dark decryption
Dawning of Doom (live in Europe)
Dawning of Doom (live), The
Dawning of Doom (remix), The
Dawning of Doom (remixed by Waltari), The
...denn du lebst nur einmal (Modulate remix)
Diese Nacht (live)
Disciples of Discipline (non-guitar version)
Doppelgänger (demo)
Dr. Mabuse (demo)
Dr. Mabuse (Memphis remix)
Eggshell (Pressure mix)
Eggshell (Pressured mix)
Eiskalter Engel
electronic challenge, The
Ende der Träume (Funker Vogt remix), Das
Ende der Träume (Project Pitchfork remix), Das
Enter Sandman (Bastard club mix)
Enter Sandman / One
Enter Sandman (remix)
Enter Sandmann
Entering the arena
Fatherland (Andrew Eldritch & Rodney Orpheus remix)
Fatherland (Confrontation mix) (extended)
Fatherland (extended Confrontation mix)
Fatherland (live in Chicago 2014)
Fatherland (live) (unplugged)
Fatherland (remixed by Andrew Eldritch of the Sisters of Mercy & Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex)
Fatherland (Shame mix)
Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix)
Fatherland (The Sisters of Mercy remix)
Fatherland (Unforgiven mix)
Final Option (remixed by Paul Raven & Stuart Coleman), The
Final Option (S.P.Q.R. mix), The
Final Remixes, The
Fire (Nexus Six remix)
Fly Martyrs Fly
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fuer Einen Augenblick (live in Belgium)
Full Circle
Funky alternatives best of volume one to eight
Für einen Augenblick (Inertia remix)
Für einen Augenblick (live in Belgien)
German classics electrobeats
Germaniac 2001 (Analogical Climax)
Germaniac (alternative mix)
Germaniac (Analogital Climix)
Germaniac (English version)
Germaniac (German Speed version)
Germaniac (No Human Contact mix)
Germaniac (Speed version) (live)
Germaniac (Walhalla version)
Germaniac (War Crime mix)
Gladiators (demo version)
Gods of Void, The
Going underground
Goldfinger (extended version)
Goldfinger (Leæther Strip remix)
Goldfinger (Leætherstrip remix)
Goldfinger (Leatherstrip remix)
Goldfinger (long version)
Great Divide, The
High Tech Low Life (Nitzer Ebb remix)
High Tech/Low Life (non-guitar version)
High Tech/Low Life (remixed by Julian Beeston & Del Tagg)
Ich bin ein Ausländer
II: The Final Option + The Final Option Remixed
III: Odyssey of the Mind
Im falschen Land
Im Schatten der Ringe
Industrial revolution
Inside Out (Carcass remix)
Inside Out (remixed by Jeff Walker of Carcass)
Iron Man (KMFDM mix)
Iron Man (KMFDM remix)
Iron Man (N-Factor remix)
Iron Man (Phillip Boa remix)
Iron Man (remixed by Sascha of KMFDM & Chris Shepard)
Iron Man (remixed by Xanu & The Skin of N-Factor)
Isolation (Clawfinger mix)
Isolation (edit)
Isolation (live)
Isolation (Luc van Acker mix)
Isolation (Mad Energy remix)
It's a Long Way to the Top
Jeckyll or Hyde
Kaltes Herz (demo)
Kaltes Herz (reworked by Darkhaus)
Kaos Reigns (demo)
Krupps - The final remixes, Die
Küss den Stahl (live)
Language of Reality (Charlie Clouser & Mick Cripps remix)
Language of Reality (extended version)
Language of Reality (Nine Inch Nails remix)
Language of Reality (remixed by Charlie Clouser & Mick Cripps)
Language of Reality (remixed by Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails)
Lärm macht Spaß (Stormtrooper remix)
Last Flood (Blood Stream mix), The
Last Flood (live), The
Last Time, The
LCD (remixed by Leæther Strip)
Live im Schatten der Ringe
Live Option, The
Live Wire
Lohn / Arbeit
Machineries of Joy (Join the Rhythm of Machines), The
Machineries of Joy (Parts I & II), The
Machineries of Joy (radio version), The
Machineries of Joy (Rhönrad mix), The
Machineries of Joy (Skateboard mix), The
Machineries of Joy (True Work mix), The
Machineries of Joy (Wahre Arbeit mix), The
Machinist of Joy, The
machinists of joy, The
Macht, Die
Metal Machine Music (Cassandra Complex remix)
Metal Machine Music (Degeneration mix)
Metal Machine Music (demo)
Metal Machine Music (exclusive mix by Die Krupps)
Metal Machine Music (remixed by Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex)
Metal Machine Music (The Aggressor)
Metal Machine Music (The Doppelgänger)
Metal Machine Music (The Machinist)
Metal Machine Music (The Technician)
Metal Machine Music (The Terrorizer)
Metal Machine Music (The Theme)
Metal Machine Music (The Trasher)
Metal Machine Music (The Welder)
Metall Maschinen Musik: 91–81 Past Forward
Metalmorphosis of Die Krupps '81-'92
Metalmorphosis (Shifting Mutation mix)
Ministry of Fear (non-guitar version)
Ministry of Fear (remixed by Xanu & The Skin of N-Factor)
Moving Beyond (non-album version)
Nazis auf Speed
Neue Helden (Girls Under Glass remix)
Neue Helden (remixed by Claus Larsen/Leæther Strip)
Neue Helden (Vigilante remix)
New industries
New life
New) Society Treaty, (A
New Temptation (Einstuerzende Neubauten remix)
New Temptation (remixed by F.M. Einheit of Einstürzende Neubauten)
Nobody’s Fault but Mine
Nothing Else Matters
Odyssey of the Mind (remixed by Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters of Mercy)
Odyssey of the Mind (Sisters of Mercy mix)
One (live)
One (remix)
One (Ugly Stepchild club mix)
Paradise now
Paradise of Sin (remixed by Luc Van Acker of Revolting Cocks)
Paradise of Sin (Revolting Cocks remix)
Part of the Machine
Perfect Drug, The
Power (demo), The
Power (Metal-Hardfloor remix), The
Power (Sparse Hardfloor Instrumental), The
Power (The Mix From the Darkside), The
Red Line, The
remix wars, The
Rings of Steel (remixed by Pro-Pain & Steve Remote)
Rise & Fall, The
Rise Up (club mix)
Risk (Metallic Outro)
Risk (Operatic Intro)
Risky Soul Version
Road Rage Warrior ’82
Robo Sapien (Angst Pop Feat. Technomancer Remix)
Scent (club version)
Scent (Pheromone mix)
Schmerz aus Eisen (live)
Shellshocked (Einstuerzende Neubauten remix)
Shellshocked (Paradise Lost remix)
Shellshocked (remixed by Aaron Aedy of Paradise Lost)
Simply Say No (demo)
Stahlwerkrequiem / Rheinhausen
Stahlwerkrequiem / Westfalenhütte
Stahlwerksinfonie A
Stahlwerksinfonie B
Stahlwerksinfonie (live)
Stahlwerksinfonie / Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn
Stahlwerksymphonie / Ur-Werk
Taste of Taboo
Terror an industrial metal compilation
This Day Is Not the Last
This is rough mix
Three Rings (Rings of Steel), The
To the Hilt (Alien club mix)
To the Hilt (Clawfinger remix)
To the Hilt (Demian mix)
To the Hilt (Frogs club-mix)
To the Hilt (live) (unplugged)
To the Hilt (LP version)
To the Hilt (Nitzer Ebb remix)
To the Hilt (remixed by Erlend Ottem & Jocke Skog of Clawfinger)
To the Hilt (Russian mix)
To the Hilt / To the Helt
Tod und Teufel (The Horrorist remix)
Too Much History, Vol. 1: The Electro Years
Too Much History, Vol. 2: The Metal Years
tribute to Metallica, A
True Work (remix)
True Work - True Pay
Truth, The
Unforgiven, The
V: Metal Machine Music
Vampire Strikes Back (demo), The
Verdammten (Prelude), Die
Volle Kraft Null Acht
Volle Kraft voraus (Heckmann remix)
Volle Kraft voraus (Spetsnaz remix)
Wahre Arbeit (radio version)
Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn (12" version)
Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (2)
Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn (feat. Douglas McCarthy) (Memphis remix)
Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn (KMFDM remix)
Wahre Arbeit - wahrer Lohn (live)
Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn (maxi version)
We came to dance
Worst Case Scenario (Gunshot remix)
Worst Case Scenario (remixed by White Child Rix of Gunshot)
Xtra compilation
Your Voice
Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus (Stormtrooper remix)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Gothic & Industrial Essentials for Vampires & Halloween
100% Rock
14 Years of Electronic Challenge, Volume II
Abby: The Compilation, Part 4.1
Aderlass, Volume 6
Advanced Electronics, Volume 5
Advanced Electronics, Volume 8
Air & Style, Volume 2
Aktion Rheinland: Widerstand. Gestern, heute, morgen.
Alternativ: Best Grunge Mode
Amboss, Der
Amphi Festival 2011
Amphi Festival 2014
Anthrax & The History of Thrash Metal (The Gold Collection)
Apocalypse Now
Aus grauer Städte Mauern: Die Neue Deutsche Welle 1977 - 85, Teil 1
Aus grauer Städte Mauern: Die Neue Deutsche Welle 1977 - 85, Teil 2
Berlin 61/89: Wall of Sound
Best of Funky Alternatives, The
Best of Rock, The
Best Technomancer & Angst Pop Remixes, The
Black Bible, The
Blackest Album: An Industrial Tribute to Metallica, The
Blackest Box: The Ultimate Metallica Tribute, The
Body Rapture II
Bustin’ Out 1982: New Wave to New Beat, Volume 2
Close Circuit Connection II
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 22: June 1995
Cold Waves III
Cold Waves Live Album Sampler II
Corpus of Destruction
Cover Classics, Volume One
Covered in Black: An Industrial Tribute to the Kings of High Voltage AC/DC
Covered in Nails: A Tribute to Nine Inch Nails
Crossing All Over! The Classix
Crossing All Over! Volume 4
Cyber Core Compilation
Dark Box - The Ultimate Goth, Wave & Industrial Collection 1980-2011, The
Dark Decryption: The Electro Remix Selection, Volume 2
Dark Flower II
Dark Roses: 36 Mystic and Electropop Romantics
Darkest Hour, The
Darkness: Best of Wave & Independent
Descendant Wahre Arbeit
Digital Space Between, The
Digital Space Between, Volume 3: The Final Chapter, The
Don't Blow Your Cover: A Tribute to KMFDM
Doors Nightclub, The
EBM Club Classics, Volume 2
ELECTRI_CITY: Elektronische Musik aus Düsseldorf
Electro Club Attack: The Classix I
Electrocity, Volume 7
Electronic Challenge, Volume 3, The
Elektrozorn, Volume 1
Es geht voran! Vol 2
Explosive Beats
Extended Electronics
Facelifted: A Tribute to the Establishment, Volume 1
Funky Alternatives Seven
Funky Alternatives: Best of Volume One to Eight
German Classics
Goth Industrial Club Anthems
Gothic Compilation, Part LV
Gothic Compilation, Part XXXVIII
Gothic File 12 | 2
Gothic File 15 | 2
Gothic Rock Box
Gothic Spirits 9
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition 3
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition 4
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition 5
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition 6
Gothic Spirits: EBM Edition 7
Gothic-Industrial: The Remixed Collection
Great Soundclash Swindle, The
Head Wound: A Post Industrial Compendium
Heærts Combine
Help Can't Wait
Industrial Armageddon
Industrial Goes Metal
Industrial Hazard
Industrial Machine Musick
Industrial Madness
Industrial Meltdown
Industrial Metal
Industrial Mix Machine
Industrial Music for Fitness
Industrial Revolution: 3rd Edition
Industrial Virus
Industrial War: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Industrial Music
Introducing, Volume 2
Join in the Rhythm of Machines
Killing Cuts 2: (The Sequel)
Kinetik Festival, Volume 4
Lars Ricken's Hot Shots
Liebe & Herzschmerz
Live at Wacken 2016
M'Era Luna Festival 2006
Machines and Noise, Volume I
Many Faces of Led Zeppelin: The Ultimate Tribute, The
Maximum Metal, Volume 209
Media Markt Collection: Rock Classics
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 3
Metal Masters: Killers
Moonraker II
More Exclusive Alternatives
Music for the 90's, Volume 4
Music for the Masses: Visions of Future Pop
Music From and Inspired by Saw V
Musikexpress 5
Mute/Tonal Evidence 4
Neurostyle, Volume II
New Industries
New Life: 13 Years of Electronic Lust
New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 8
New Wave: German Class•X
Non-Stop Ride
Official Techno Club Compilation, Volume Two, The
Orgazmatracks II: The Second Coming
Orkus Presents: The Best of the 90s, Volume 1
Orkus Presents: The Best of the 90s, Volume 2
Orkus Presents: The Best of the 90s, Volume 3
Perfect Drug, The
Pinnacle Independent News, Volume 21
Piranha: Music That Bites! Volume 2
Pop & Wave Spezial: Die deutschen Wave-Klassiker
Rammstein: A Tribute to Metallica
Remix Wars, Strike 2, The
Remix Wars, Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps, The
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 6
Rock Matrix, The
Rockin’ Rave: Best of Progressive Rave
Sans fin
Saw V
Schattenreich, Volume 6
Sender Rio Presents Rock and Wave
Shout at the Remix: A Tribute
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 112
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 147
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 156 "Man spricht deutsch"
Techno House, Volume 2
Terror: An Industrial Metal Compilation
This Is Industrial
This Is Industrial Hits of the 90's
This Is Rough Mix
Titans of Industrial
Tonwellen: 2 Decades of German Progressive Music 1970-1990
Tribute to Nine Inch Nails, A
Tribute to the Four Horsemen, A
Tyranny of the Beat: Original Soundtracks From the Grey Area, The
Tyranny of the Beat: Original Soundtracks, The
Undercover, Volume 2
Undercover, Volume 3
United: Music for Compilations
Untitled Remix
Verschwende Deine Jugend: Punk und New Wave in Deutschland: 1977-1983
Versus Satanicus
Very Best of Industrial Revolution, The
Vivamania, Volume 1: The Best of Alternative Music
We Came to Dance, Volume 10
We Came to Dance, Volume 11
We Came to Dance, Volume IV
We Came to Dance, Volume VIII
We Will Follow: A Tribute to U2
Wellenreiter in Schwarz, Volume 2
Wing Commander: Prophecy
Wired Injections
X-Treme: The Best of Hard'n'Bizarre
Zillo CD-11/2013
Zillo Dark Summer 2006 • 2
Zillo Jubiläums-Compilation 1989-1994