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Brevette with Skatalites
Lester Sterling & The Skatalites
Lloyd Brevette with Skatalites
Ska-Talites Musical group
Skatalites (hudební skupina)
Skatalites (Musical group or band)
The Ska-Talites
The Skatalists
The Skatalites
The Skatalites And Friends
The Skatalites (Musical group or band)
The Skatalities
The Skatilites
began 1964-05
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alphonso, Roland (hasMember)
Batchelor, Kevin (hasMember)
Breedlove, Nathan (hasMember)
Brevett, Lloyd (hasMember)
Brooks, Cedric "Im" (hasMember)
Bryan, Karl (hasMember)
Clark, Will (hasMember)
Drummond, Don (hasMember)
Gordon, Vin (hasMember)
Haynes, Jah Jerry (hasMember)
James, Devon (hasMember)
Knibb, Lloyd (hasMember)
McCook, Tommy (hasMember)
Mittoo, Jackie (hasMember)
Moore, Johnny Dizzy (hasMember)
Opel, Jackie (hasMember)
Shaffer, Doreen (hasMember)
Soul brothers Groupe de reggae (see also from)
Soul vendors (see also from)
Sterling, Lester (hasMember)
Absent Without Leave
Addis Ababa
Adorable You
African Beat
African Dub
African Freedom
African Queen
african roots sr p
After The Rain
Air Raid Shelter
Ali Pang
Alipang (The Skatalites)
Alley Cat
Alley Pang (Aka Alley Pon)
Always On Sunday
Anniversary Ska
Around the World
Away From Home
Baby Elephant Walk
Bad Minded Woman
Ball o' Fire
Ball of fire
Be Honest With Me
Beard Man Ska
Beardman Ska
Beardsman Ska
Below Zero
Best of the Skatalites
Big Trombone
Black Joe
Black Sunday
Blow Roland Blow
Bottom Dub
Boys Town
Bridge View
Brown Skin Girl
Buddy Bye
Burning Torch
Burning Touch
Burru Style
Can't Sit Down
Can’t You See
Candle Light
Caravan (Ska-Ra-Van)
Caribbean beat
Caribbean, The
Carry, Go Bring, Come
Carry Go Bring Home
Celebration Time
Chicken scratch
Chiemsee reggae summer
China Clipper
Christine Keeler
Christine Kieler
Cleopatra Rock
Club ska '67
Coconut Rock
Coffee and cigarettes
Collie Bud
Come Down
Come Dung
Cool Shade
Cool Smoke
Cool Smoker
Corner Stone
Country Town
Cow and Gate
Cow Town Skank
Cuban Blackade
Cuban Blockade
Dahil Sayo (El Cid)
Desert Ska
Devil's Triangle
Dick Tracy
Divine Conception
Doctor Dekker (1969 remix)
Doctor Dekker (album version)
Don D Lion
Don-De-Lion (The Skatalites)
Don (Part I), The
Don (Part II), The
Don's Memorial (The Skatalites)
Don't Slam The Door
Don't Stay Away
Doreen Special
Dr. Decker
Dr. Kildare
Dr. Killdare
Dragon Weapon
Dream Dream
Dub Lalibela
Eastern Rock
Eastern Standard Time (The Skatalites & Tommy McCook)
Eastern Western Time
Essential Ska Masters
Everlasting Sound
Fast Mouth
Featuring Don Drummond
Feeling Fine (album version)
Feeling Good
Fidel Castro (#1)
Fidel Castro (#2)
Flowers for Albert
Fly Right
Forest Flower
Forest Flowers
Foundation Ska
Four Corners
Four Seasons
Freedom Ska
Freedom Sound
Freedom sounds a tribute to the Skatalites.
Freedom Sounds (Intro)
Freedom Sounds (live)
Freedom Sounds (Outro)
From Paris with love
From Russia With Love
Fugitive Dub
Full Dread
Funky Funky Reggae
Further East
Garden Memorial
Garden of Love (mix 2)
Garden Of Love (Tommy McCook & Don Drummond)
Ghost Town (You Can't Sit Down)
Girls Town Ska
Glory to the Sound
Going Back to Ja.
Gold Coast
Golden Love
Good Gravy
Good News
Goodbye Pretty Darling
Green Island
Greenwich Farm
Greetings From Skamania
Guns Fever
Guns of Navarone (live)
Guns of Navarone: The Best of the Skatalites
Hail Pussycat
Hail Tommy McCook
Hanging Tree
Have a Good Time
Heaven Declare
Heavenly Road
Hello Mother
Herb Chalice
Herb Challis
Herb Dub - Collie Dub
Herb Man Dub
Heroes of Reggae in Dub
Hi-bop ska!
History of ska, rocksteady and reggae
Hog in a Cocoa
Holding On
Home Home Home
Hot Cargo
Hot Flash
How They Laughed
I’m in the Mood for Ska (live)
Idler's Rest
If You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life
In Orbit Vol. 1 & 2
In Orbit, Volume 1
In the Mood for Ska: The Moonska Years
Independence Anniversary Ska
Independence Ska and the Far East Sound (Original Ska Sounds From the Skatalites 1963-65)
Independent Anniversary Ska (I Should Have Known Better)
Independent Anniversary Ska (The Skatalites)
Inez (Tommy McCook & Lester Sterling)
James Bond (Roland Alphonso)
James Bond Theme
John & James
Joker from La Boka, The
Jr. Jive
Jumbo Malt
June Rose
Killer Diller
Kimble Dub
King Solomon
Knock Out Punch
Knockout Punch
Lat in Goes Ska
Latin Goes Ska (album version)
Latin Goes Ska (Tommy McCook)
Latingo Ska
Laurel Aitken - The legendary godfather of ska
Lawless Street (DJ Version)
Lawless Street (instrumental version)
Leader, The
Lee Harvey Oswald
Legendary Skatalites, The
Legs Man
Lester's Mood
Let George Do It
Little Irene
Little Theresa
Live at Reggae Sunsplash
Lon Chaney
Lost Penny
Love Abiding
Love Is the Way
Love It Up
Loving Princess Diana
Lucky 7
Lucky Seven (The Skatalites)
Machine Shop
Magic Muffin
Magic Star
Magnificent Ska
Malcolm X (Take 1)
Malcolm X (Take 2)
Malcom X
Man in the Street, The
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Jr.
Marcus Junior
Marguerita's Lament
Master's Call, The
Meet To Come
Mike Lane Shuffle
Mill Man
Mind Your Business
Mood for Ska
More Celebration Time
More intensified! original ska 1963-67.
Mother in Law
Mother in Love
Mouth a Massy
Music from Coffee and cigarettes a film by Jim Jarmusch
(Music Is My) Occupation
Music Makers (Ska-Ta-Shot)
Musical Communication
Musical Communion (Baba Brooks)
Musical Rampage
Musical Store Room
Musical Storeroom
My Little Girl
My Love
Naked City
Nanny’s Corner
Nannys Corner
Nelson's Song
Never Knew, I
New York Minute
Nice Time
Northern Sound
Nuclear Weapon
Nucleus of Ska
Occupation (Ring of Fire)
Occupation Ska! The Very Best Of
Oh Baby
Old Fowl
On the Right Track
One Armed Bandit
One Drop
Oriental Ska
Original ska sounds from The Skatalites 1963-65
Outback Dub
Outback Ska
Party Time
Passing Through
Pata Pata (Skata Skata)
Peanut Vendor
Pep-Hep Lift
Phoenix City (live)
Piece for Peace
Play Ska
Police Woman
Portrait of My Love
Precious Time
Presentacion Banda
President Kennedy
Pussy Cat Ska, El
Pussycat, El
Putumayo presents The Caribbean
Rain or Shine
Rascal Boy
Reach for the Sky
Real Rock / Rockfort Rock
Reburial, The
Red Is Danger
Respect to Studio One [33 dancehall, reggae and ska classics]
Return of the Big Guns
Rico Farewell
Right Now
Right Track
Ringo Rides (aka Ringo)
Ringo’s Theme Ska
Ringo’s Theme (Version Two)
River Bed
River To The Bank (Baba Brooks & Tommy McCook)
Rivers of Babylon
Road Block
Rock Bottom
Rock Fort Rock
Rock steady! 40 ska & rock steady classics from Treasure Isle
Rocket Ship
Rockfort Rock
Rocking Away
Roland Ride Along
Rolling Steady
Roots Dub
Roots Party
Rough and Tough
Rough & Tough (Stranger Cole)
Royal Charlie
Royal Flush
Rude Boy Dreams
Rum Bumper's
Sailing Along
Sammy Dead
Sca Ba
Scandal Ska
Scattered lights
Scrap Iron
Sealing Dub
Seven Seal
Shake a Lady (VC 10)
Shank I Sheck
Shock Trail
Shot in the Dark, A
Should Have Known Better, I
Silver Dollar (album version)
Silver Dollar (mix 2)
Silver Dollar (Original version)
Simmer Down
Ska Authentic, Volume 2
Ska Beat
(Ska) Boo da Ba
Ska Boss
Ska Easy
Ska Fort Rock
Ska in Vienna Woods
Ska La Parisienne
Ska Latte
Ska Pan
Ska-Ra-Van (Caravan) (take 1)
Ska-Ra-Van (Caravan) (take 3)
Ska Reggae Hi-Bop
Ska Ska Ska
Ska Splash 96
Ska Voovee
Skatalite!, The
Skatalites & Friends at Randy's
Skavling Johnny
Sky Rocket
Song for Don D., A
Song for My Father
South China Sea
Special Event
Speechless ska & reggae, the instrumental way
Split Personality
Spread Satin
Spred Satin
Starry Night
Stepping Stone
Storm Warning
Stream in the Meadow
Street Corner Soul
Streets of ska
Stretching out over 90 minutes of explosive ska.
Strolling In
Sucu-Sucu (Sucu Sucu)
Suffers Choice
Sugar and Spice
Sugar Sugar
Sun Rises
Super Charge
Super Time
Surftide Seven (In a Mellow Tone)
Swing Easy
Tear Up With Cedric Brooks
Teenage Ska (Baba Brooks)
Tell Me
Thinking of You
Third Man Ska
this is jamaica ska sr 197
Thorough Fare
Tip Toe
Toasters Back in Town
Treasure Island (Aka Thoroughfare)
Treasure Isle Time
Tribut To Nehru
Tribute to Nehru
Tribute to the Skatalites
Trip to Mars
Trotting In
Turn To The Almighty
Turn Your Lamp
Twelve Minutes to Go
Twilight Zone
Two for One
Uluru Rock
University Goes Ska
Ups And Downs
Vitamin A
Waisting My Time on You
Walk with me
Wall Street Shuffle
Way From It All, A
We Nah Sleep
Welcome Back Home
Well Charge
What a Day
What Makes Honey
When I Fall in Love
When You Call My Name (Stranger & Patsy)
Whispering Dub
Wild Honey
Wild Man Street
Will Always Love You, I
Wise Man
Wish You Love, I
Woman a Come
Wondering Now
Wood and Water
Yard Broom
Yellow Basket (Lynn Taitt & Tommy McCook)
Yogi Man
You Can't Sit Down (Ghost Town)
You're So Delightful
You're Too Bad
You’re Wondering Now
Your Mother’s Love
Contributed to or performed: 
'Up Your Ears! Volume 1
’60s Ska Explosion
"Solid Gold" From The Vaults - Volume 2
(Music Is My) Occupation
100 Hits Mexico
100 Hits: Reggae
100 Popcorn Classics
100 Reggae & Ska Hits
100% Ska
1000 Tons of TNT
200% Dynamite!
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Ska
A342 Central Questions in the Study of Music
Adam and Eve
Adam's Apple (Don't Bother Me No More)
Adorable You
African Dub
African Queen
African Roots
African Roots Dub
Álbum Verde: Tributo Reggae a The Beatles
Alle 40 Goed - Popcorn
Ambition of Men
And This Is a Ska Explosion
Another World Is Possible
Answer, The
Around the World
Audio’s Audiophile, Volume 3: Blow It Up
Bad Minded Woman
Ball of Fire
Be My Guest
Because of You
Beginner's Guide to Ska
Best of Reggae, Volume 1, The
Best of Ska
Best Ska Album in the World... Ever!, The
Big Fire Burning
Birth of Ska, The
Blazing Volcano
Blue Flame
Blunted in the Bomb Shelter
Boat Ride
Bonanza Ska
Bottom Dub
Burning Fire
Burning Inferno
Burning Torch
Can't You See
Candle Light
Candle Light Dub
Candlelight Dub
Cannabis Cafe
Carry Go Bring Come
Carry, Go, Bring, Come: Treasure Isle Mod Ska Anthems 1960-1966
Clash of the Ska Titans, The
Cleo's Back [Take 2]
Close to Jah
Club Ska '67
Club Ska '99, Volume 2: The Shack
Come Back Pretty Baby
Come Down
Come Down (Live)
Confucious (live)
Cool Smoke
Cool Vibe
Coolie Boy
Copasetic! The Mod Ska Sound
Corner Stone
Cotton Tree
Cow and Gate
Coxsone's Music 2: The Sound of Young Jamaica (More early Cuts From the Vaults of studio One 1959-63)
Dance the Ska
Deep Ska: 80 Original Ska Classics
Deep Space NYC, Volume 1
Devil or Angel
DJ Andy Smith's Jam Up Twist
Doctor Zhivago
Don Cosmic
Don de Lion
Don't Slam the Door
Dread Broadcasting Corp: Rebel Radio
Dub of Love
Dub Sessions
Dumboo Dub
Dynamite Reggae Classics
Eastern Standard Time
Essential Ska
Every Day I Pray
Far East (a.k.a. Further East / Trolley Song)
Feeling Fine
Fly Flying Ska
Foul Play
Four Seasons
Freedom Ska
Freedom Sounds
Freedom Train
From Jamaica With Jazz
Fugitive Dub
Full Dread
Garden of Love
Garden on Love
Gary Crowley Presents Where the Action Is!
Give ’Em the Boot
Give Thanks
Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino
Green Island
Guns of Navarone
Heavens Declare
Heavens Gate
Herb Challis
Herb Dub-Collie Dub
Herb Man Dub
Hero of Dub
Heroes of Reggae in Dub
Hipocondria Mods: 60's Ska
Historic Roots of Ska, The
History of Ska, The
History of Trojan Records 1968-1971, Volume 1
Hog In A Cocoa
Hotter Fire
In Crowd: The Ultimate Mod Collection, The
In Mood for Ska
In My Soul
In the Mood for Ska
Independent Anniversary Ska (I Should Have Known Better)
Intensified! Original Ska 1962-66
Island 40, Volume 2: 1964-1969: Rhythm & Blues Beat
Island Presents Ska: 40 Original Ska Classics
It's Too Late
It’s Too Late
Jack Rubby Is Bound to Die
Jamaica Reggae
Jamaica Ska Core - Best of Ska, Volume 3
Jamaica Ska Core - Best of Ska, Volume 4
Japan Special
Jazz Walking
JFK's Memory
Jumbo Malt
Junior Jive
Just Cool (Cornerstone)
Kimble Dub
King of Kings
Knock Out Punch
Latin Goes Ska
Lawless Street (DJ version)
Legendary Skatalites in Dub, The
Legendary Studio One Records: Original Classic Recordings 1963-1980, The
Let's Skank 3: Patate Records Connection
Levi Roots presents: Reggae Reggae Hits
Lion of Judah
Liquidators, The
Little Bit of Heaven, A
Lock, Stock: The TV Series
Long Hot Summer, The
Long Hot Summer: Jamaican Ska 1963, The
Love in the Afternoon
Love You, I
Made in Jamaica
Magic Star
Man Alone
Man in the Street
Marcus Garvey
Mega Reggae
Memorial Album
Middle East
Middle East Dub
Mod and Beyond
Mod Anthems
Mojo Presents: Studio One Selector
Mood for Ska
Moon Ska Europe Sampler
Moonstompers, Shufflers and Skankers… Ska
More Intensified! Volume 2 Original Ska 1963-67
Music from Glastonbury the Film
Music Is My Occupation: Ska Instrumentals
Musical Communion
Musical Storeroom
My Daily Food
My Daily Food / One Look
National Ska: Pain In My Belly
Never Grow Old
Next Door Neighbor
Nimble Foot Ska
No More Will I Wonder
Nova - Danse 1930–2020
Nova Classics Eight
Nova Danse 1930 | 2020
Nuclear Weapon
Old Broom Sweep Clean
Old Rocking Chair
Old Skool Ska: An Anthology
One Look
One More River to Cross
One Original Step Beyond: The Story of Ska
One Step Beyond: 45 Classic Ska Hits
Original Club Ska
Out of Many: 50 Years of Reggae Music
Peace Perfect Peace
Peanut Vendor
Pericos & Friends
Please Beverley
Plebs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Popcorn: Golden Hits, Volume 3
Putumayo Presents: Ska Around the World
Putumayo Presents: The Caribbean
Randy's 50th Anniversary
Randy's Records Collector's Series, Volume 1 - Randy's Rythm & Blues
Randy's Records Collector's Series, Volume 3 - Randy's Ska, Volume 2: Instrumentals
Real Cool
Really Now
Red Fire
Red Is Danger
Red Is Danger [Take 1]
Red, Gold and Green
Reggae All Stars
Reggae Box: The Routes of Jamaican Music, The
Reggae Classics – Ska and Reggae Greats
Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins of Jamaican Music - 50th Anniversary
Reggae Music That Changed Our Lives
Remember My Darling
Respect to Studio One
Riddim CD #03
Riding West
Riding Westward
Road Block
Rock Bottom
Rock With Me Baby
Rockford Rock
Rocky Road
Rode Boy Dreams
Rolli Rollin’
Roots Dub
Roots of Reggae II, The
Rorx: 10th Annual Reggae On The Rocks
Rough Guide to Reggae, The
Rough Guide to Ska, The
Rude Boy Dreams
Rude Boy Revival
Rude Boy Ska
Russian Ska Fever
Saint, The
Same Old Song
Sauvitt (Sauvito)
Scrap Iron
Sealing Dub
Serious Ska
Seven Seal
Shades of Black
Shake a Lady
Shank I Sheck
Shot in the Dark
Shot in the Dark (take 3), A
Shot in the Dark, A
Shufflin on Bond Street
Silver Dollar
Simmer Down
Sir Coxsone & Duke Reid In Concert At Forresters Hall
Ska - Moonstompers, Shufflers & Skankers
Ska After Ska After Ska
Ska All Mighty
Ska Anthems
Ska Archive
Ska Ba
Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Ska Years
Ska Down Her Way: Women of Ska
Ska Down Her Way: Women of Ska, Volume 2
Ska Down Jamaica Way
Ska Explosion
Ska for Life
Ska Heroes
Ska Island
Ska Legion
Ska Mania
Ska Story
Ska Titans
Ska Trek
Ska Trilogy 1
Ska-ra-van (Caravan - Take 1)
Ska-ra-van (Caravan)
Ska-Ta-Shot (take 1)
Ska-Ta-Shot (take 2)
Ska: A.K.A.
Ska! An Essential Guide to the Best of Ska, Two Tone and Blue Beat
Ska’s the Limit, The
Skandalous: I've Gotcha Covered
SKAndalous: I've Gotcha Covered, Volume 2
Skankin' 'round the World
Skankin' Ska
Skatalites & Friends - Phoenix City, The
Skatalites With Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang, The
Skill and Craft
Soul of Jamaica, Volume 2
South China Sea
Space Light
Speechless - Ska & Reggae: The Instrumental Way
Splashin’ the Palace ’84
Split Personality
Starlight Version
Story of Treasure Isle, The
Stream in the Meadow
Street Corner
Street Corner: Ska Classics and the Original Rude Boy Sound
Strolling In
Studio One Classics
Studio One Downbeat Special Box Set
Studio One Freedom Sounds (Studio One In The 1960s)
Studio One Rockers
Studio One Scorcher
Studio One Scorcher, Volume 2 (Instrumentals)
Studio One Ska
Studio One Ska Fever!: More Ska Sounds From Sir Coxsone's Downbeat
Studio One Story
Studio One Story (1-16)
Sugar Sugar
Suggs Selection
Summer Ska
Swingin' Ska
SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists
Take a Bread
Teach the Ska
There She Goes
This Is Ska - The Famous and the Infamous
This Is Ska Too!
This Is Ska!
This Is Trojan Ska: The Original Jamaican Rude Boy Anthems
Thunder Storm
Top Deck Presents: Ska Instrumentals: 1962-1966
Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music
Toughest, The
Treasure Isle
Treasure Isle Presents: Ska - 40 Jamaican Rude-Boy Classics
Treasure Isle Story: The Soul of Jamaica, The
Tribute to Tommy: The Best of Tommy McCook & The Skatalites
Trojan A Jamaican Story Box Set
Trojan Country Reggae Box Set
Trojan Explosion: Intensified Club Reggae Classics
Trojan Legends Box Set
Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set
Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set, Volume 2
Trojan Mod Reggae Collection
Trojan Originals Box Set
Trojan Presents Ska
Trojan Records Record Store Day 2015 CD Sampler
Trojan Records Sampler 2002, The
Trojan Ska Box Set
Trojan Ska Box Set, Volume 2
Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set
Trojan Story, The
Trojan UK Hits Box Set
Tropical Funk Experience: Island Jump-Up: Caribbean Funk, Soul, Reggae, Calypso and Afro Grooves 1968-1975
Trotting In
True Love
Tuff Talk
Twelve Minutes to Go
Ultimate Ska Collection, The
Very Best of Ska (disc 3), The
Vow, The
Wheel and Turn
When You Call My Name
Where the Action Is (disc 2)
Whine and Grine Club Ska 67
Whispering Dub
Will, I
Womad New Zealand Sounds of the Planet 2010
Woman a Come
Woman Come
World’s Fair
Yogi Man
You're Wondering Now
Young Gifted and Black: 50 Classic Reggae Hits!
Young, Gifted & Black, Volume 1
Zion I Dub
Кафеклуб «Китайский лётчик Джао Да» №2