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Lamb Chop
Lambchop Musical group (Musical group or band)
Lambchop (Musical group or band)
began 1986
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cronin, Dennis (hasMember)
Doster, Mike (hasMember)
Hayden, Annie
Imperial Teen (Musical group)
Kilgour, David
Kilgour, David Auld
Killebrew, Bill (hasMember)
Ladybug Transistor (Musical group)
Marx, Jonathan (hasMember)
Niehaus, Paul (hasMember)
Portastatic (Musical group)
Radar Bros. (Musical group)
Spaceheads (Musical group)
Spoon (Musical group)
Trovillion, Marc (hasMember)
Wagner, Kurt
Wagner, Kurt (hasMember)
Webb Brothers
2001-12-10: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
2002-04-23: Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany
2006-08-09: Radiokulturhaus, Vienna, Austria
2008-11-08: Loewensaal, Nuremberg, Germany
2012-09-08: Hopscotch Festival, Fletcher Opera Theater, Raleigh, NC, USA
2B2 (basement sessions)
[3] Damaged [Edits]
About My Lighter
Action Figure
Air Is Heavy and I Should Be Listening to You, The
All Over the World
All Smiles and Mariachi
Alumni Lawn (slow)
Art Lover
Autumn's Vicar
Aw c'mon - No, you c'mon
Aw come on
Awcmon - Noyoucmon
Backstreet Girl
Backyard Hoop, The
Because You Are the Very Air He Breathes
Beers Before the Barbican (edit)
Beers Before the Barbican (live)
Being Tyler
Believe in You, I
Betty's Overture (basement sessions)
Beyond Belief
Black Sessions, The
Blame It on the Brunettes
blaue Grenze ein Film über die Lebenden, die Toten und die unsterblich Verliebten, Die ; Original-Soundtrack
Bon Soir, Bon Soir
Boo Fucking Who?
Book I Haven't Read (alternate version)
Book I Haven’t Read (Fearless), The
Breathe Deep
Burly & Johnson
Butcher Boy (live), The
Buttons (basement sessions)
Came Home Late
Can Hardly Spell My Name (live), I
Caterpillar (live)
Chelsea Hotel #2 (live)
Christian Rock
Christmas Time is Here (radio edit, Beeps)
Christmas Time is Here (radio edit, Nicey Nice)
Close Up And Personal
Close Up (R)
Coral Castle, The
Cowboy on the Moon
Crackers (edit)
Crawl Away
Crosswords, or What This Says About You
D. Scott Parsley
Daily Growl (live), The
[data track]
Day Without Glasses (live), A
December-ish You, The
Decline of Country and Western Civilization (live), The
Decline of Country and Western Civilization, Part II: The Woodwind Years, The
Decline of the Country and Western Civilization, The
Decline of the Country & Western Civilization: 1993-1999, The
Di Di 7
Directions to the Can
Dishes to Wash Music To
Distance From Her to There (alternate version)
Distance From Her to There, The
Doak's Need
Each Time I Bring It Up It Seems to Bring You Down
Each With a Bag of Fries
Every Waking Moment
Everything Is for You
Fade Away Jumper, The
Fadeaway Jumper, The
Fall of Troy
Fear (live)
Fish Fry, The
Flowers of Memory
For Which We Are Truly Thankful
Four Pounds in Two Days
Gap in My Education (Berman), The
(Get a) Grip (on Yourself)
Getttysburg Address, The
Gettysburg Address, The
Gimme Your Love (Doppelganger remix)
Give It (live)
Give It (Once in a Lifetime)
Give Me Your Love (Love Song)
Gloria Leonard (alternate version)
Gone Tomorrow (Nevers remix)
Gone Tomorrow (video)
Good Life (Is Wasted), The
Greylines in Heaven
Gusher (live), The
Harbor Country
Hate Candy, I
Haul Away Joe
Haven't Heard a Word I've Said, I
Heavy Metal
Hey, Where's Your Girl?
Hold of You, A
Hope You’re Sitting Down / Jack’s Tulips, I
hope your're sitting down, I
How I quit smoking
How Many Times Did They Play Iko Iko?
Hustle Unlimited, The
I'm a Stranger Here
I'm Glad I Never
I'm Thinking of a Number (Between 1 and 2)
I've Been Lonely for So Long
If I Could Touch The Hem Of His Garment
If Not I’ll Just Die
In Care of 8675309
Introduction, An
Introduction (Jon Wurster)
Is a Bonus
Is a Woman (Alpha remix)
Is a Woman (live)
Is a Woman (reworked by the Maxwell Implosion)
It's Impossible
It's Not Alright
Jack's tulips
Jan 14
Jan 17B
Jan. 24
January 14
January 17b (with Storm)
January 24
Jim, I Wore a Tie Today
Joke (Tony Crow)
Kennedy (The Wedding Present)
Kind Of (Roger Moutenot remix)
King of Nothing Never
Kurt Wagner's Heart Attack
Lasting Last of You, The
Let’s Go Bowling
Life #2
Life’s Little Tragedy
Little Servant (Chill Pill)
Live at the Shanghai Symphony Chamber Hall
Live at XX Merge
Lone Official, The
Long Long Time, A
Loretta Lung
Love T.K.O.
Love TKO
Low Ambition
Luxury liner
Magnificent Obsession
man who loved beer, The
Masters of None
Merge Records presents Survive and advance.
Militant (live), The
Militant (Mark Robinson remix), The
Millitant, The
Miss Prissy
Moist Towelette (acoustic version), A
Moody Fucker
Mr. Crabby
Mr. M
Mr. Met
Mr. N
Music City Shits
Music for modern living
My Blue Wave (live)
My Cliché
My Face Your Ass
Nashville Does Dallas (A Collection of Recordings by Lambchop)
Nashville Parent
National Talk Like a Pirate Day
Never My Love
New Cobweb Summer (Lanzarote remix), The
New Cobweb Summer (live), The
New Cobweb Summer (VPRO session), The
New Isn’t So You Anymore, The
Nice Without Mercy
No you c'mon
No you come on
Nothing Adventurous Please
Nothing but a Blur From a Bullet Train (instrumental)
Nothing but a Blur From a Bullet Train (PBS session)
Of Raymond (R)
Oh Nooooooo
OH (Ohio) : Deluxe
Oh, What a Disappointment
Old Dog Blue
Old Fat Robin (alternate version)
Old Fat Robin, The
Old Gold Shoe, The
Old Masters
Old Match Book Trick, The
Old Matchbook Trick, The
One (live), The
Open Fresca, An
Or Thousands of Prizes
Ovary Eyes
Pack-Up Song, The
Paperback Bible (edit)
Paperback Bible (live)
Paperback Bible (with Drums)
Pet Sounds Sucks
Petrified Florist, The
Playboy, The Shit
Please Rise (N)
Poor Bastard
Pop ist Sheriff
Prelude to My Hallucination
Prepared (live)
Problem, The
Producer, The
Puppy and the Leaf (live), The
Que Sera Sera
Queens Royal Trimma, The
Rainer on My Parade
Relatives #2
Rise and Fall of the Letter P (live), The
Saturday Option, The
Scared Out of My Shoes
Scary Caroler (fast), The
Seemingly Stranded
Shang a Dang Dang
Sharing a Gibson With Martin Luther King Jr.
Six O'Clock News
Slipped Dissolved and Loosed (R)
Slipped Dissolved and Loosened
So I Hear You’re Moving
Soaky in the Pooper
Something’s Going On (and On)
Song by song / Kurt Wagner talks about the songs on Mr. M
Steve McQueen
Style Monkeys
Sucked My Boss's Dick, I
Suicide Lasts Forever
Superstar in France
Survive and advance.
Sweet Marie
Theme from the Neil Miller Show, The
Theme from the Television Show "Dallas"
There is Still Time
There's Still Time
They Were Made for Each Other
Things to Do (Bonus Track)
This Corrosion (edit)
This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You)
Thriller, hank
thriller sr p
Timothy B. Schmidt
Tin Chime, The
Tools in the dryer
Total Lee! the songs of Lee Hazlewood
Tour Box
Treasure Chest of the Enemy
Turd Goes Back
Two Kittens Don't Make a Puppy
Under a Dream of a Lie
Under the Same Moon
Up With People (edit)
Up With People (live)
Up With People (Zero 7 dub mix)
Up With People (Zero 7 reprise mix)
Up with People (Zero 7 reprise remix)
Up With People (Zero7 remix)
Up With People (Zero7 reprise mix)
Up with the People (Zero 7 mix)
Up With the People! (Zero 7 remix)
Wanna Know Girls, I
We Never Argue
We Shall Not Be Overwhelmed
What another man spills
What Else Could It Be?
What Goes Up
What Was He Wearing?
When You Were Mine
Where or When
Why Can't I Touch It
Why Won’t You Stay
Will Drive Slowly, I
Women Help to Create the Kind of Men They Despise
Would Have Waited Here All Day (live), I
Yard Work
You Masculine You
You're a Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan)
Your Fucking Sunny Day
Your Life as a Sequel (fast)
Your Life Is A Sequel
Contributed to or performed: 
2005-07-06: All Things Considered
2008 Digital Sampler
2008-12-26: Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA
2009 Merge Records Sampler
2010-02-20: 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA
21st Century Chill Out
25 Records Presents 25 Songs
50 Йачре Циты Сланг
Absolutely Live 2003
Abstract Funk Theory
Acoustic 04
Acoustic 3
Acoustic Chill 2
Acoustic Songbook
Acoustic, Volume 2
All Songs Considered 2
Ambient Lounge 6
Ambient Lounge: The Best Of
Another Country: Songs of Dignity & Redemption From the Other Side of the Tracks
Are You Ready for the Country
Back to Mine: Morcheeba
Barramundi #3: Chill In / Chill Out
Best of Exposed Roots, The
Best of FM4 Radio Sessions
Best of the Chillout Sessions, The
Beyond Nashville: The Twisted Heart of Country Music
Big Chill Classics, The
Big Chill: Beach, The
Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine
Chill Two Latin Lounge 2002.2
Chillout, The
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 66: February 1999
Cohen Revisited (A Tribute To Leonard Cohen)
Come On Beautiful: The Songs of American Music Club
Comes With a Smile, Volume 1: All the While...
Comes With a Smile, Volume 10: Wide-Awake, Crescent-Shaped
Comes With a Smile, Volume 6: Des Vagues de Pierre
Deep End, The
Destination, Volume 1: The Look of Love
Disco Pogo for Punks in Pumps, Volume 2
Eskimo 2
FM4 Sunny Side Up 04
Further Beyond Nashville
Gimme Shelter, Volume 2: The Rolling Stones
Grand Slang
HMV Playlist SDR19A
Hold of You, A
Humo: Top 2002
I'm Thinking of a Number (Between 1 and 2)
INCredible Sound of Jo Whiley, The
Inrockuptibles présentent : Cohen Revisited, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : The Rolling Stones Revisited, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : Une rentrée 2008, Volume 2, Les
Instant Karma: Invigorate Your Mind, Body & Soul
Insurgent Country, Volume 3: Nashville: The Other Side of the Alley
Karma Lounge 2
Kennedy (The Wedding Present)
L’Inrockuptible 2
Late Lounge, The
Leonard Cohen: En Boca De
Loose: New Sounds of the Old West, Volume 1
M-25 Merge Records Sampler
Marconi Sessions 2004, The
Meet Me at Club2
Merge Records 2012 Sampler
Merge Records 2017 Fall Sampler
Merge Records 2017 Spring Sampler
Merge Records Fall Sampler 2016
Merge Records Fall Sampler 2018
Merge Records Spring 2012 Sampler
Merge Records Spring Sampler 2019
Merge Records Winter Sampler 2011
Merge Records: 5 Rows of Teeth
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2002
Ministry of Sound: The Karma Collection
Ministry of Sound: The Karma Collection (disc 1)
Modern Classics: The Q Birthday Compilation
Mojo Machine Turns You On, 7, The
Month Feb 04 - Smile, The
More Sounds of the New West: The Best of Americana 2000
Mr & Mrs Smith: Something for the Weekend
MRG 100 Re-Mix
Music for Modern Living, Volume 4
Musikexpress 0212
Musikexpress 11
Musikexpress 116: Sounds Now!
National Talk Like a Pirate Day
Never Kept a Diary
New Sounds of the Old West Volume Two
No Hits
Notes From the Underground 2
Nova Tunes 01_10
Nova Tunes 02
NPR Studio Cuts, Volume 1
Oh, Merge: A Merge Records 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
Old Enough to Know Better: 15 Years of Merge Records
Or Thousands of Prizes
Paste mPlayer #31
Pop 2001
Pop ist Sheriff, Volume 2
Pop Ist Sheriff!
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 6
Q the Music 8
Quiet Riot, A
Red Hot & Cool
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 108
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 132: A Good Sign
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 63
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 78
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 16
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 34
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 5
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 50
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 8: Unerhört! Die heimlichen Hits von 98
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 91: Cover Me
Rough Trade Shops: 25 Years
Schöner Hören 11
SCORE! Selections From 20 Years of Merge Records
Select: Revolutions 04
Sharing a Gibson With Martin Luther King Jr.
Sissy Light
Slipped Dissolved and Loosed
Solar Spectrums 2
Sonically Speaking, Volume 15: Februari 2004
Sounds of the New West
Spex CD #134
Spex CD #37
Spring 2010 Merge Records Digital Sampler
Spunk Records 2000
St. Thomas
State of Independence, The
Strange Bedfellows
Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1995: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Summer Chill Classics
Summer Chill Classics (Ten Trk Sampler)
Survive and Advance, Volume 1
Survive and Advance, Volume 2
Survive and Advance, Volume 3
Sushi Bar 2
Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny, Volume 4
Taste of 2007's End of the Road Festival, A
TFF Rudolstadt 2004
There's No Such Thing as a Label
This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks
Total Lee: The Songs of Lee Hazlewood
Tribute to Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Love, A
Trójkowy Ekspres, Volume 7: Międzynarodowy Skład 2004
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.2
Unconditionally Guaranteed, 2000.5
Uncut 150: 15 Tracks From Uncut's 150 Albums of the Decade
Uncut 2003.1: The Best of 2002
Uncut 2004.06: 15-track Pick of the Best Recent Music
Uncut, 2002.2
Uncut: Best of 2008
Uncut: Holy Rollers
Uncut: The Hustle: 15 Tracks Curated by Kurt Wagner of Lambchop
Uncut: The Playlist March 2007
Uncut: The Playlist May 2006
Uncut: The Playlist September 2006
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 109
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 216
VISIONS: Nr. 250, Die besten Coversongs aus 25 Jahren, Vol. 2
Watch That Band! New Music for a New Year
You Don’t Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold
You're a Big Girl Now
Your Control
Ποπ+Ροκ: The Post Rock Sessions