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Dubliners Musical group (Musical group or band)
Dubliners, The
Offizieller Name The Dubliners
Original Dubliners
The Dubliners
The Dubliners (Musical group or band)
The Ronnie Drew Ballad Group
began 1962
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bourke, Ciarán (hasMember)
Campbell, Eamonn (hasMember)
Cannon, Seán (hasMember)
Drew, Ronnie (hasMember)
Golden Bough
Golden Bough (Musical group)
Kelly, Luke (hasMember)
Lynch, Bobby (hasMember)
McCann, Jim (hasMember)
McKenna, Barney (hasMember)
McLoughlin, Noel
Pied Pipers (Folk music group)
Reilly, Paddy (hasMember)
Sheahan, John (hasMember)
Talamh, Sean
Tara Ireland
Watchorn, Patsy (hasMember)
Woods, Pat
18 Original Greatest Hits, Volume Three
20 best of Irish ballads
20 famous Irish ballads
20 Greatest Hits, Volume 1
20 Original Greatest Hits, Volume 2
25 Years Celebration
30 Years A‐Greying
40 Jahre
40 years of the Dubliners their greatest hits
50 Years
Acrobat / Village Bells, The
Acrobats / Village Bells, The
Ageless Classics
Air Fa La La La Lo (live)
Alabama 58
Alarum Clock, The
All for Me Grog
All for Me Grogg
All The Best
Alle 40 goed
Among Friends
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Anna Liffey
Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi
At home with the Dubliners
At It Again!
At Their Best
Aul Triangle, The
Auld Triangle, The
Back in Durham Gaol
Ballad of Ronnie’s Mare, The
Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Ballads on tap ...
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The
Bank of the Roses, The
Bank of the Sweet Primrose, The
Banks of the Roses (A Bunch of Red Roses) (Ronnie Drew), The
Bantry Girl’s Lament
Barley and Grape Rag
Barney's Banjo Selection
Barney's Mozart
Battle of the Somme / Freedom Come All Ye, The
Beggar Man, The
Beggarman, The
Belfast Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail, The
Belfast Hornpipe (Tim Maloney), The
best of folk music, The
best of Ireland a collection of traditional Irish favourites, The
Best of Irish Pub Songs, The
Best of the Dubliners: Irish Favorites, The
best of the dubliners sr, the
Best of the Original Dubliners, The
Best, Volume 1, The
Best, Volume 2, The
Biddy Mulligan
Black Velvet Band [2012 - Remaster]
Black Velvet Band (live)
Black Velvet Band, The
Blantyre Expl. / Parcel of Rogues
Blue Mountain Rag, The
Bold O'Donaghue
Bombo Lane
Bonny Boy, The
Bonny) Shoals of Herring, (The
Boots of Spanish Leather
Boula Vogue
Breeze (live), The
Buddy Mulligan
Building Up and Tearing England Down
Bunch of Red Roses, A
Button Pusher, The
Call and the Answer, The
Captains and the Kings, The
Carolan Concerto
Castle Masters Collection: Dubliners
Cavan Girl
Celtic Collections
Celtic mystic original Irish tap-dance
Celtic Tenors: Irish album, The
Champion at Keepin' Them Rolling
Champion at Keeping Them Rolling
Chief O'Neil's / Cork Hornpipe
Chief O'Neill's / Cork Hornpipe
Chief O'Neill's Favourite
Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe / Ryan's Hornpipe / Mullingar Races
Chief O'Neills Favourite
Christ Church
Cill Chais
Cod-Liver Oil / Coolies
Collection, Volume 2, The
Colonel Fraser & O'Rourke's Reel
Come and Join the British Army
Comical Genius, The
Coming Off the Road
Complete Collection
Complete Dubliners (The Transatlantic Years), The
Cook in the Kitchen, The
Cooley’s Reel / The Dawn/ The Mullingar Races
Cork Hornpipe (live)
Cork Hornpipe, The
Country + [and] western Orig.-Aufn.
Crack Was Ninety in the Isle of Man, The
Crooked Jack
Croppy Boy [2012 - Remaster]
Cuilin, The
D'ya Remember Jem
Dainty Davey
Dainty Davy
Dancing at Whitsun
Danny Farrel
Danny Farrell
Darby O'Leary [2012 - Remaster]
Death of the Bear, The
Definitive Dubliners: 33 of Their Greatest Hits, The
Dicey Reilley
Dicey Reilly
Dicey Riley
Dirty Old Town [2012 - Remaster]
Dirty Old Town (live)
Dirty old town : The best of The Dubliners
Docherty's Reel
Doherty's Reel / Down the Broom / Honeymoon Reel
Don’t Get Married Girls
Don't Give Up 'til It's Over
Donegal Danny
Donegal Reel / The Longford Collector, The
Donkey Reel [2012 - Remaster]
Donnegal Danny
Double Dubliners
Double Gold
Down by the Glen Side
Down by the Glenside
Down by the Glensides
Downfall of Paris (instrumental), The
Downfall on Paris
Drag That Fiddle
Drink It Up Men [2012 - Remaster]
Drinkin' & Courtin'
Drinking & [and] wenching
Drinking whiskey before breakfast 40 famous Irish ballads
Drop of the Hard Stuff, A
Drops of Brandy / Lady Carberry (instrumental)
Drops of Brandy / Lady Carbery
Dublin Fusiliers, The
Dublin in the Rare Old Times
Dublin in the Rare Oul Times
Dublin Jack of all Trades, The
Dublin Minstrel, The
Dublin / Nelson's Farewell
Dubliner's Dublin, The
Dubliner's Ireland
Dubliners #1, The
Dubliners 20 Greatest Hits, The
Dubliners - 25 [Fünfundzwanzig] Jahre, The
Dubliners - 40 Jahre, The
Dubliners - absolutely live!
Dubliners - Alive alive o live in Germany, The
Dubliners - Celebration, The
Dubliners Collection (disc 2), The
Dubliners' Dublin, The
Dubliners Fancy, The
Dubliners - Further along, The
Dubliners - Ihre schönsten Lieder, The
Dubliners in Gold, The
Dubliners - Irish folksongs, The
Dubliners live at Montreux, The
Dubliners - Live in Carré, Amsterdam, The
Dubliners - Live legendary concert of the Dubliners ; 40 years Reunion
Dubliners - the essential, The
Dubliners - Vierzig Jahre, The
Dubliners with Luke Kelly special collection., The
Dundee Weaver, The
Easy and Slow (live)
Eileen Óg
Essential Collection
Essential Songs
Fáinne Geal an Lae
Fairmore Lasses and Sporting Paddy, The
Fairmoye Lasses / Sporting Paddy
Fairmoyle Lasses, The
Fairmoyle Lassies / Sportin' Paddy, The
False Hearted Lover
Farewell to Carlingford
Farewell to Ireland (instrumental)
Fermoy Lasses / Sporting Paddy, The
Fermoy Lassies / Sporting Paddy, The
Ferryman, The
Festival of Irish music
Fiddler’s Green
Fiddlers Green
Fields of Athenry, The
Fifteen years on
Finnegan’s Wake
Finnegan Wakes
Finnegans Wake
Finnigan’s Wake
Finnigan Wakes
Finnigans Wake
Five Wild Rovers: The Best of The Dubliners
Flop Eared Mule (Donkey Reel)
Flowers of Normandy
foggy dew the best of Irish music, The
Folk 1978
Folk music festival
Follow Me Up to Carlow
For What Died the Sons of Róisín
Forty years of the Dubliners
Four Green Fields
Four Poster Bed / Colonel Riley, The
Four Poster Bed / Colonel Rodney, The
Foxrock Hornpipe / Ostinelli's Hornpipe, The
Free the People
Further Along
Galway Races, The
Galway Shawl, The
Galways Races
Gartan Mother's Lullaby, The
Gentleman Soldier [2012 - Remaster]
Gentleman Soldier, The
Gerry Cronin's / Denis Langton's / The Irish Washerwoman
Gerry Cronin's Reel / Denis Langton's Reel
Glendalough Saint, The
Go to Sea No More [2012 - Remaster]
Go to Sea Once More
God Save the Dubliners and Ireland
Greatest Hits 1
Greatest Hits 3
Greatest Hits, Volume 2
Greenland Whale Fisheries, The
Greenland Whale Fishery
Greenland Whales Fisheries
Gwenther, Paddy
Gypsy Rover
Hand Me Down M'Bible
Hand Me Down Me Bible
Hand Me Down Me Petticoat
Hand Me Down My Bible
Hand Me Down the Petticoat
Harry's Game
Hen's March to the Midden, The
Here's to the Dubliners
Heritage Songs
Herring, The
Hey Johnny McGorry
High Germany
High Reel, The
Holy Ground, The
Home, Boys, Home
Honeysuckle / The Golden Eagle, The
Hornpipes: Honeysuckle / Golden Eagle
Hornpipes: The Tailor’s Twist / Ryan’s Hornpipe
Hot Asphalt
Humpty Dumpty
I'll tell me ma
I’ll Tell My Ma
I'll Tell Ya Ma
I'm a Champion at Keepin' 'Em Rolling
I'm a Free Born Man
I’m a Man You Don’t Meet Every Day
I'm a Rover [2012 - Remaster]
I’m Asking You Sergeant Where’s Mine
I'm Champion at Keepin' 'em Rollin'
If You Ever Go to Dublin Town / Off to California
In Concert
In Session
Inniskillen Dragoons, The
Instrumental Medley Including: The Fairmoye Lasses / Sporting Paddy
Instrumental Medley Including: The Pipers's Chair / Bill Hart's Jig / the Nights of St. Patrick
Instrumental Medley: Paddy's Gone to France / Skylark
Instrumental Medley: The Piper's Chair / Bill Hart's Jig / The Nights of St. Patrick
Instrumental Medley: The Rocky Road to Dublin / Within a Mile of Dublin
Ireland's Finest
Ireland's No.1 Folk Group
Ireland's Prodigal Sons
Irish drinking songs
Irish folk scene
Irish folk songs
Irish heartbeat die schönsten Liebeslieder und Balladen aus Irland
Irish Navy [2012 - Remaster], The
Irish pub hits
Irish pub songs
Irish Rebel Ballads
Irish rover, The
Irish song festival
Irish superstars, The
Irlande l'âme celte
Jack's heroes
Jail of Cluain Meala, The
Jail of Cluan Meala, The
James Larkin
Jar of Porter
Jigs: Humours of Glendart / Saddle the Pony / Brian O'Lynn
Jigs Medley: The Musical Priest / The Blackthorn Stick
Jigs: The Fisherman’s Lilt / Tobin’s Fancy / Peggy’s Jig
Job of Journey Work / Cork Hornpipe
Job of Journeywork
Jockey to the Fair
Joe Hill
Johnny Doyle
Johnny McGory
Johnson's Motor Car
Johnsons Motor Car
Johnston’s Motor Car
Jonson's Motor Car
Kelly the Boy from Killan [2012 - Remaster]
Kelly the Boy From Killane
Kerry Recruit (alternate take), The
Kerry Recruit (live), The
Kerry Recruit (One Morning in March), The
Kid on the Mountain
Kid on the Mountains (instrumental)
Killeburne Brae
Killieburn Brae
Killieburn Braes
Killieburn Brai
Killieburne Brae
King of the Fairies
Kitty Came Down From Limerick
Kitty Come Down From Limerick (live)
Kitty Come Down From Limmerick
Knew Danny Farrell, I
Knew Patrick Kavanagh, I
Know My Love [2012 - Remaster], I
Lannigan's Ball
Lark in the Morning, The
Last Night's Fun / The Congress Reel
Last of the Great Whales, The
Last Thing on My Mind, The
Leavin’ of Liverpool (live), The
Leaving Nancy
Leaving of Liverpool (live), The
Lifeboat Mona, The
Limerick Rake [2012 - Remaster]
Limerick Rake, The
Live at the Albert Hall
Live at Vicar Street
Live From the Gaiety
Live in Carré (Amsterdam)
Liverpool Lou
Lord Inchiquin
Lord of the Dance
Louse House at Kilkenny, The
Louse House in Kilkenny, The
Louse House of Kilkenny
Love is Pleasing
Loved the Ground She Walked Upon, I
Lowlands in Holland
Lowlands of Holland
Luke's 21st Anniversary Poem
Luke's Gravestone
Maid behind the Bar / Boyne Hunt / Shaskeen Real / Mason's Apron
Maid Behind the Bar / The Boyne Hunt / The Shaskeen / Mason's Apron, The
Maid Behind The Bar / The Boyne Hunt / The Shaskeen / The High Reel, The
Maid Behind the Bar / Toss the Feathers, The
Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man [2012 - Remaster]
Maloney Wants a Drink [2012 - Remaster]
Manchester Rambler, The
Many Young Men of Twenty [2012 - Remaster]
Marino Casino / Gerry Cronins Reel / Denis Langtons Reel / The Irish Washerwoman
Marino Waltz (instrumental), The
Mason's Apron (instrumental), The
Masons Apron, The
Master McGrath
Masters, The
Matt Hyland
McAlpine’s Fusiliers (live)
McAlpine's Fusilliers
Mcalpines Fusilers
McAlpines Fusiliers
McCafferty [2012 - Remaster]
Medley: Doherty's Reel / Down The Broom / The Honeymoon Reel
Medley (Drops of Brandy, Lady Carbery)
Medley: Dublin / Nelson's Farewell
Medley: Dunphy's Hornpipe / Leitrim Fancy / Down The Broom
Medley: My Darling Asleep / Paddy In London / An t-Athair Jack Walsh
Medley: Queen of the Fair / The Tongs by the Fire
Medley: Sligo Maid / Colonel Rodney
Medley: Sunshine Hornpipe / Mountain Road
Medley: The Donegal Reel / The Longford Collector
Medley: The Maid Behind the Bar / Toss the Feathers
Medley: The Man Behind the Bar / Toss the Feathers
Medley: The Waterford Boys / The Humours Of Scariff / The Flannel Jacket
Mero, The
Mien Roos
Millenium Collection
Molly Bawn [2012 - Remaster]
Molly Maguires (live)
Molly Maguires, The
Molly Mallone
Molly Malone
Molly Maquires, The
Molly McGuires, The
Monto, The
More of the hard stuff
Mormon Braes
Mountain Dew
Mrs. McGrath [2012 - Remaster]
Muirsheen Durkin, A
Musical Priest/The Blackthorn Stick, The
Musik-Joker präsentiert: Folk [19]78
My Cavan Girl
My Darling Asleep/Paddy in London an T-Athair Jack Walsh
My Little Son
My Love Is in America (live)
My Love Is in America (Reel)
Nancy Whiskey [2012 - Remaster]
Nancy Wiskey
Nation Once Again [2012 - Remaster], A
Navvy Boots (live)
Nelson's Farewell Medley
Nelsons Farewell
Net Hauling Song [2012 - Remaster]
Never Wed an Old Man
Newry Highway Man, The
night out with the Dubliners, A
Night Visiting Song, The
Nightingale, The
Now I'm Easy
O’Carolan's Concerto
O'Carolan's Devotion
O'Carolans Devotion
O'Connell's Steam Engine
Octopus Jig
Off the Dublin in the Green
Off to Dublin in the Garden
Off to Dublin in the Green
Ojos negros
Old Alarm Clock [2012 - Remaster], The
Old House, The
Old Orange Flute (live), The
Old Triangle [2012 - Remaster], The
On Raglan Road
On the road : Live in Germany
Orange Flute, The
Original Dubliners 1966 - 1969
original Dubliners, The
Oró, Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Oul Triangle, The
Ould Orange Flute, The
Ould Triangle, The
Paddy on the Railway [2012 - Remaster]
Paddy's Gone to France/Skylark [Medley] [2012 - Remaster]
parcel of rogues, A
Pariot Game, The
Partin’ Glass, The
Parting Glass [2012 - Remaster], The
Patriot Game (Behan), The
Peat Bog Soldiers, The
Peggy Gordon (live)
Peggy Lettermore
Permoy Lassies / Sporting Paddy
Phil the Fluter’s Ball
Piper's Chair / Bill Hart's Jig / The Nights of St. Patrick, The
Pipers Chair / Bill Hart’s Jig / The Nights of St. Patrick
Plain and simple Edition the Dubliners
Plains of Boyle / Sheaf of Wheat
Ploughboy Lads, The
Pool Song, The
Poor Old Dicey Reilly
(Poor Old) Dicey Riley
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Preab San Ói
Preab San Ól
Prefad San Ol
Prodigal Son (instrumental)
Prodigal Son, The
Protect and Survive
Pub with No Beer [2012 - Remaster], A
Pub with No Beer, The
Quare Bungle Rye
Queen of the Fair / Tongs by the Fire
Queens of the Fair
Raglan Road (Part 1)
Raglan Road (Part 2)
Ragman's Ball (live), The
Ragmans Bull
Ragtime Annie
Ramblin' Irishman
Rambling Rover
Rare Auld Times, The
Rare Old Mountain Dew
Rare Old Time, The
Rare Old Times, The
Rare Oul'times, The
Rare Ould Times, The
Rathcliffe Highway (new vocal)
Rattling Roaring Willie [2012 - Remaster]
Rebel Patrick Pearse, The
Rebellion Medley (The Rebel & Rebellion)
Red Roses for Me
Reel - My Love Is in America
Reels: Cooleys / The Dawn / Mullingar Races
Reels: Love at the Endings / The Old Bush / The Maids of Castlebar
Reels (medley) - The Siglo Maid, Colonel Rodney
Reels: Ril Gan Ainm / Sheehan's Reel / Jenny's Wedding
Reels: Sligo Maid / Colonel Rodney
Reels: The Donegal Reel / The Longford Collector
Remembering Ciarán
Rising of the Moon [2012 - Remaster], The
Rocky Road to Dublin, The
Rocky Road to Dublin / Within a Mile of Dublin
Roddy Maccorely
Roddy MacCorley
Roddy Macorley
Roddy McCorley (live)
Roisin Dobh
Róisín Dubh
Róisin the Bow
Ronnie's Heaven
Rose of Allendale, The
Salamanca Reel, The
Salford Town (new vocal)
Sally Wheatley
Salmanca Reel
Sam Hall
Sam Hill / Daint y Davy
Sands of Sudan
Saxon Chilling
Saxon Schilling
Saxon Shilling
Scarce O'Tatties
Scholar / Teatotaller (instrumental), The
Scholar / Teetotaler, The
Scholar / The Teetotaller / The High Reel, The
School Day's Over
School Days Over
Schoolday's Over
Schooldays Over
Scorn Not His Simplicity
Sé Fath Mo Bhuartha
Sea Around Us, The
Sea Captains (Instr.), The
Sea Shanty
Second World Song
Seven Deadly Sins [2012 - Remaster]
Seven Drunken Nighs
Seven Drunken Night
Seven Drunken Nights [2012 - Remaster]
Seven Drunken Nights (live)
Sez She
Showman’s Fancy / The Wonder Hornpipe / The Swallow’s Tail, The
Sick Note (Murphy and the Bricks), The
Sligo Maid / Colonel Rodney
Smith of Bristol
Song for Ireland, A
Songs of Dublin
Sons Of Roisin
Sound of Ireland
South Australia
Spancil Hill
Spancill Hill
Spanish Lady, The
Special collection
Spey in Spate
Spirit of the Irish: The Ultimate Collection
Spring Hill Disaster
Springhill Desaster
Springhill Mine Disaster, The
Springhill Mining Disaster
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Star edition - The Dubliners
Star gold - The Dubliners
Step It Out Mary
Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door, The
Story of The Dubliners, The
Sullivan's John [2012 - Remaster]
Sun Is Burning, The
Sunshine Hornpipe / The Mountain Road
Surrounded by Water
Swallow's Tail Reel
Swallows Tail Reel
Swallows Trail Reel
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Sweets of May
Ta an Coileach Ag Fogairt an Lae
Tá An Coileach Ag Fórgairt A Lae
Take It Down From the Mast (live)
Tha Auld Triangle
Tha Holy Ground
Their Greatest Hits
Thirty Foot Trailer
[Thirty] years a greying, 30
Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage
Three Score and Ten
Three Sea Captains (instrumental), The
Three Sea Captains / The Mullingar Races, The
Three See Captains, The
Tibby Dunban
Tibby Dunbar [2012 - Remaster]
Time to Remember, A
Times Have Changed
Tongs by the Fire, The
Too Late to Stop Now: The Very Best of the Dubliners
Town I Loved So Well, The
Town of Ballybay
Tramps and Hawkers
Transatlantic Anthology, The
Travelling People [2012 - Remaster], The
Twang Man, The
Twenty best of Irish ballads
Twenty famous Irish ballads
Unquiet Grave, The
Van Dieman's Land
Van Diemen's Land
very best of Irish ballads, The
very best of Irish pub songs, The
Very Best of the Original Dubliners, The
Village Bells
Viva La Quinta Brigada
Voyage au coeur des musiques du monde
Walking in the Dew
Waterford Boys / The Humours of Scariff / The Flannel Jacket, The
Weila Waila
Weila Waile [2012 - Remaster]
Weila, Waile, Walia
Weila Wallia
Weila, Weila, Waile
Weila Weila Weila
Weila, Weila, Weile
Weile Weile Waile
Weile, Weile, Weila
Weile, Weile, Weile
Welia Welia Walie
Welle Waile
West's Awake, The
Wests Awake, The
Whack Fol De Diddle
What Will We Tell the Children
Wheels of the World (New Instr.)
Wheels of the World (New instrumental)
When the Boys Come Rolling Home
Whiskey in a Jar
Whiskey in the Jar [2012 - Remaster]
Whiskey in the jar (extended version)
Whiskey in the Jar (live)
Whiskey on a Sunday (Seth Davey)
Whisky on a Sunday
Wild Irish Rovers
Wild Rover: Best of the Dubliners
wild rover Irish folk, The
Wild Rover (live), The
Will Rover
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Will You Come Back to the Bower?
Willie Cannon
Willie Gannon
Wish I Had Someone to Love Me, I
Wish I Were Back in Liverpool [2012 - Remaster], I
Wish (Till Apples Grow on an Ivy Tree), I
Within a Mile of Dublin
Woman From Wexford (live), The
Words & [and] music
Working Man
world of Celtic, The
Wrap the Green Flag
Zoological Gardens [2012 - Remaster]
Zoological Gardens, The
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits: Classic 60s
100 Non Stop Party Hits
101 Irish Ballads, Volume 1
101 Sixties Hits
20 Best of Today's Folkmusic
20 jaar Folkfestival Dranouter
25 Of The Best Irish Drinking Songs Volume 1
25 of the Best Irish Pub Songs
40 Folk Favourites
46 of Your Favourite Irish Drinking Songs
50 plus belles chansons Celtes, Les
60s Summer Party
Acoustic Folk Box, The
All New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock, The
Âme celte, Volume 1 : de Bretagne et d'Irlande..., L'
Âme celte, Volume 2 : de Bretagne, d'Écosse et d'Irlande..., L'
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955–1978
Anthology of Irish Music
Aul’ Triangle, The
B‐Sides & Rarities
Ballad of Ronnie Drew, The
Barley & Grape Rag
Best 40 Favourite Irish Pub Songs, The
Best Celtic Anthems… Ever!, The
Best Ever Collection of Irish Pub Songs, The
Best Folk Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Irish Album in the World... Ever! Volume 2
Best Irish Pub Songs
Best of Ireland, The
Best of Irish Ballads, The
Best Of Irish Folk
Best Of Irish Folk Music, The
Best of Irish Folk, Volume 2, The
Best of Irish Folk, Volume 3, The
Best of Irish Folk, Volume One
Best of Irish Folk, Volume Three
Best of Irish Folk, Volume Two
Best of Irish, The
Best of the Sixties
Best of…: The Stars of Irish Folk Music
Best Sixties Party, The
Best That Is Irish, The
Big Stiff Box Set, The
Birthday Bash
Blantyre Explosion
CD Catalogue Vol. 4: Ireland, Scotland, Bluegrass, American Folksongs, Scandinavia
Celebration of Dublin: 21 Street Ballads from the Fair City, A
Celtic Celebration
Celtic Collection (disc 1), The
Celtic Collection (disc 2), The
Celtic Collection (disc 3), The
Celtic Collection, The
Celtic Heritage
Celtic Moods
Celtic Pride II
Celtic Spirit
Celtic Spirits
Celtic: The Essential Album
Chegger's Choice
Classic Cuts Presents: Party in a Box
Classic Irish Folk
Classic Irish Folk, Volume 2
Collection destination : Autour du monde celtique
Craic Is 90, The
Cream of Ireland, The
Cream of Irish Folk, The
Dicey Reilly
Drinking Songs
Drinking Whiskey Before Breakfast - 40 Famous Irish Ballads
Dublin Songs
Dubliners (with Luke Kelly)
Dubliners, The
Dublinia — Dicey Reilly / The Waxie’s Dargle / Molly Malone / The Rare Aul’ Times / The Rocky Road to Dublin
Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock
Electric Reels 2
Emerald Gems
Essential Irish Pub Songs Collection (disc 1)
Essential Irish Pub Songs Collection (disc 3)
Feast of Irish Folk, A
Ferryman, The
Festival of Galway
Festival of Irish Folk, Volume Three
Festival of Irish Music
Festival of Irish Music, Volume 3
Festival of Irish Music, Volume 6
Festival of Irish Music, Volume II
Foggy Dew, The
Folk Fiddle
For What Died the Sons of Róisín
Four Poster Bed / Colonel Rodney
Gaitas, Violines Y Otras Hierbas
Gaitas, violines y otras hierbas 2
Gentleman Soldier, The
Give Ireland Back to the Irish
Golden Oldies Juke Box Hits
Grandmaster: Party 2
Greatest Hits of the 60s
Greatest Irish Pub Music, The
Have a Drink on Me in Ireland
Have a Drink on Me in Ireland (disc 4: The Galway Races)
He Rare Ould Mountain Dew
Heart of Irish Folk, The
Hell's Ditch
History of Pop 1964-1966, The
Holy Ground, The
I'll Tell Me Ma
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
In Bruges
Ireland in Music and Song
Ireland, My Ireland
Ireland: Irish Traditional and Modern Music
Ireland's Greatest Songs
Irish Album
Irish Ceili, Reels & Jigs
Irish Celtic Traditions
Irish Christmas Favourites
Irish Drinking Songs
Irish Drinking Songs, Volume 1
Irish Favorites
Irish Favourites
Irish Favourites Millennium Collection
Irish Folk (disc 1)
Irish Folk Collection, Volume One, The
Irish Folk Collection, Volume Three, The
Irish Folk Collection, Volume Two, The
Irish Folk Collection: 60 Favourite Irish Songs, The
Irish Folk Favourites
Irish Folk Songs
Irish Folk: The Collection, Volume 2
Irish Moments
Irish Party Album, The
Irish Pipe & Tinwhistle Songs
Irish Pub Classics, Volume 2
Irish Pub Songs
Irish Rover
Irish Rover, The
Irish Songs of Freedom, Volume 1
Jack’s Heroes
Jack’s Heroes / Whiskey in the Jar
Lark in the Morning
Legends of Ireland
Loved the Ground, I
Luke Kelly Album With The Dubliners, The
Luke’s Legacy
Magic of Ireland, The
Marino Waltz
Massive Hits! Sixties
Mastermix Classic Cuts 2: Party
Mastermix Classic Cuts 80: Shamrocks & Shenanigans
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 152: Irish Party
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 08: Occasions
Mega Celtic
Mega Celtique
Mega World
Memories of Ireland: 16 Traditional Irish Favourites
Molly Malone
More 60’s
Most Wanted Irish
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew, The
Murphy’s Irish Stout Commemorative CD
Music From the Emerald Isle
Musical Priest / The Blackthorn Stick, The, Volume 1
Musique Celtique pour les nuls, La
Musiques à XV : L’Esprit du rugby
My Land
Naciones Celtas IV Legado Universal
Nation Once Again, A
New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock
Now I'm Easy
Now I’m Easy
Original Celtic Box Set: Traditional Favourites from Ireland, Scotland & Wales, The
Original Hits: Sixties
Ould Triangle, The
Our Best Irish Pub Songs
Peggy Gordon
Planete Celtique: The Best of Celtic Music
Planxty Irwin
Preab San Ol
Pub Classics
Pure 60s
Pure Irish
Raglan Road
Ragman's Ball, The
Rainy Night In Soho
Rare Oul Times
Rare Ould Mountain Dew, The
Rare Ould Times
Rocky Road to Dublin
Sail Away
Scorn Not His Simplicity
Shamrocks and Shenanigans (The Ultimate Hooley Album)
Sherlock Holmes (Isolated Score)
Sick Note, The
Sing & Swing
Singers From the Emerald Isle
Smith of Bristol
Song For Ireland, A
Songs From Ireland, Volume 2: Cherish the Ladies
Spanish Lady
Spanish Lady, The
Special Collection
Springhill Mine Disaster
St. Patrick Spirit
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
Stór Mo Chroí: Songs of Love and Loss, A
Sun Is Burning, The
Swallows Tail Reel
Taste the Craic
Thirty Foot Trailer
This Is… 1967
Time to Remember: 1967, A
Timeless Irish Music: The Millennium Collection (disc 4: Raised on Songs and Stories)
Titres essentiels : Celtiques, Les
Top of the Pops 1967
Top of the Pops: Year by Year Collection 1964 - 2006
Town I Loved So Well, The
Traditional Irish Pub Songs, Volume 1
Tramps and Hawkers
Transatlantic Folk Box Set
Travelling People, The
Troubadours of Folk: The 60s Acoustic Explosion
Tubes Celtes
Ultimate Folk Collection, The
Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Celebration, The
Uncut: Tracks That Influenced Bob Dylan
Unquiet Grave, The
Van Diemen’s Land
Very Best of Celtic, The
Very Best of Irish Ballads, The
Very Best of Irish Folk, The
Very Best Of Irish Music, The
Very Best of Irish, The
Water Is Wide, The
Whack Fol de Diddle
Whiskey in the Jar
Whiskey in the Jar (7″ version)
Whiskey in the Jar (extended version)
Whiskey in the Jar: 30 Irish Drinking Songs
Whiskey in the Jar: Essential Irish Drinking Songs & Sing Alongs
Wild Rover, The
Wow What a Party