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Hellacopters (Musical group or band)
The Hellacopters
The Hellacopters (Musical group or band)
began 1994 until 2008-10-26
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Andersson, Nicke (1972-)
Andersson, Nicke (hasMember)
Dahlqvist, Robert (hasMember)
Dregen (hasMember)
Eriksson, Robert (hasMember)
Håkansson, Kenny (hasMember)
Hellberg, Mattias (hasMember)
Lindström, Anders (hasMember)
Puddle of Mudd
Radio 4
Royale, Nick (hasMember)
Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction
16 With a Bullet
1995 (live)
1999-08-21: Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany
24h Hell
455 SD
5 vs. 7
Acid Reign
Action de Grace
Ain’t No Time
Ain’t Nothin’ to Do
Air raid serenades
All American Man
All I’ve Got
All New Low
Allright Already Now
Alright Already Now
American Ruse
Another Place
Another Turn
Baby Borderline
Baby, Come
Be Not Content
Before the Fall
Better Than You
Big Guns
Blinded by the Light
Bore Me
Born Broke (live)
Bring It on Home
By the grace of God
Carry Me Home
City Slang (Sonic's Rendezvous Band Cover)
Colapso Nervioso
Cold Night for Alligators
Cream of the Crap! Collected Non‐Album Works, Volume 1
Cream of the Crap! Collected Non‐Album Works, Volume 2
Creeps, The
Crimson Ballroom
Cross for Cain, A
Darling Darling
Defend rock
Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord, The
Didn’t Stop Us
Dirty Women
Disappintent Bues
Disappointment Blue
Disappointment Blues
Dogday Mornings
Doggone Your Bad Luck Soul
Down on Freestreet
Down Right Blue
Downright Blue
Electric Index Eel, The
Everything’s on T.V.
Everything's on TV
Exorcist, The
Fake Baby
Fiends & Frankensteins
Fire Fire Fire
Freeway to Hell
Get Ready
Ghoul School
Gimme Shelter
Go Easy Now
Got a Right, I
(Gotta Get Some Action) Now! / Soulseller
Grande Rock
Have Mercy on the Children
Head off
Heart of the Matter
Heart Without Home, A
Her Strut
High visibility
Holiday Cramps
Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial
House Is Not a Motel, A
How Could I Care
Hurtin' Time
(I'm a) Stealer
I’m in the Band
(I'm) Watching You
In the Sign of the Octopus
Intro (Chippen)
It Might Mean Something to You
It’s Good but It Just Ain’t Right
(It’s Not a) Long Way Down
It’s Too Late
Just Don't Know About Girls, I
Kick Out the Jams
Kick This One Slow
Killing Allan
Leave It Alone
Like No Other Man (live)
Long Gone Losers
Looking at Me
Low Down Shakin’ Chills
Lowered Pentangles (Anything at All)
Make It Tonight
Makes It Alright
Making Up for Lost Time
Man and a Half, A
Master Race Rock
Midnight Angels
Might Come See You Tonight, I
Misanthropic High
Move Right Out of Here
Move Right Outta Here
Murder on My Mind
No Angel to Lay Me Away
No One's Gonna Do It for You
No Salvation
No Song Unheard
Nothing Terribly New
Oh Yeah Allright!
On the Line
On Time
Only Got the Shakes, I
Pack of Lies
Paul Stanley
Payin’ the Dues
Positively So Naive
Psyched Out & Furious
Put Out the Fire
Rainy Days Revisited
Random Riot
Red Light
Riot on the Rocks
Rock am Ring 2005 - Hellacopters
Rock and roll is dead
Rock Hammer
Same Lame Story, The
Sent en lördagkväll
Sent en lördagskväll
Slow Down (Take a Look)
Sometimes I Don't Know
Soul Seller
Spock in My Rocket / Tilt City (live)
Straight Until Morning
Strikes like lightning
Such a Blast
Supershitty to the max!
Take Me On
Teen spirit
Television Addict
Thanks for Nothing
Throttle Bottom
Throw Away Heroes
Tilt City (live)
Time Got No Time to Wait for Me
Time to Fall
Times Are Low
Toys and Flavors
Toys and Flavours
Truckloads of Nothin'
Trucloads of Nothin'
Turn the Wrong Key
TV Addict
Twist Action
Ungrounded Confusion
Venus in Force
Veronica Lake
View From Nowhere, A
Wanna Touch, I
Want a Lip, I
Welcome to Hell
What Are You
What'd Ya Do?
Where the Action Is
Whole Lot of Shakin’ in My Heart (Since I Met You)
Workin' for MCA
Working for MCA
You are Nothin’
You Are Nothing
You Left the Water Running
You're Too Good (to Me Baby)
Contributed to or performed: 
20 Years Too Soon: A Tribute to The Nomads
After School Special: A Man's Ruin Sampler
Best Damn Rock 'n' Roll Sampler Ever!!!, The
Big Day Out 00
Big Noize
Blå tåget & The Hellacopters
Buffy: Four Play
CM Distro Fall Sampler
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 125: July 2004
Delorean / Crimson Ballroom
Electric Frankenstein vs. The Hellacopters
Feelgood Hits for the Summer
Fistful of Rock 'n Roll, Volume 9, A
Flattery: A Tribute to Radio Birdman, Volume 1
Flipside R.A.F.R. Compilation, Volume 2
Frontside Rock 2
Ge Fan I Våra Vatten (LzY)
Gearhead & Lookout Presents All Punk Rods
Grammis 2005
Gravity Games 2000 Summer Sounds, Volume 1
Great Metal Covers, Volume 15
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Hell on Earth: A Tribute to the Misfits
Hotell National 2013
Hotell National 5 år
Hotell National volym II
How We Rock
Hultsfred Rockparty 1981 to 2001
Independent Music for Independent People
Invasion: Rock and Roll From Scandinavia 1993 ‒ 2015, The
Kats Karavan: The History of John Peel on the Radio
Kerrang! High Voltage
Kerrang! Hometaping, Volume 1: A Suave Collection of Garage Punk Nuggets Lovingly Compiled by The Hives
Kerrang! Super Summer Swinging Sounds
Kerrang! The Best of 2000
Killing Cuts 6
KISS Covered in Scandinavia
Large Compilation CD 20
Lars Ricken's Hot Shots
Little Steven’s Underground Garage Presents the Coolest Songs in the World! Vol. 5
Livet e en fest : 90-tal
Lords of the Boards 2001
Lowered Pentangles (Anything at All) / All the Right Places
Metal for the Masses, Volume 3
Metal for the Masses, Volume 4
Metal Hammer: Hammered, Volume 6
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 5
Misfits Rare & Covers
Motörhead Tribute
Nationalsånger: Hymner från Vågen och EPA:s torg
New Class of Rock, The
NOW That's What I Call Music! 1
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, July 2006
Punk Stars
Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the Man! Volume 1
Respect the Rock
Respect the Rock America
Riot on the Rocks, Volume 1
Riot on the Rocks, Volume 2
Rock 'N' Roll Disease!, The
Rock & Roll Jihad
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 16
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 60
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 8
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 7
Runnin’ on Fumes: The Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation
Scandinavian Friends: A Tribute to Roky Erickson
Song Ramones the Same: A Tribute to the Ramones, The
Sonically Speaking, Volume 23: Juni 2005
Sonically Speaking, Volume 40: April 2008
Teen Spirit Vol. 2
Up in Flames
Vi håller inte käften!
Visions Präsentiert Musik Für Die Neunziger Vol. V
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 13
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 32
Where the Action Is
White Trash Soul!
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 20