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Micro system
System 7
System 7 (Musical group or band)
System Seven
began 1990
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Giraudy (Miquette; see also from)
Giraudy, Miquette (hasMember)
Hillage (Steve; 1951-....; see also from)
Hillage, Steve (hasMember)
5 Beat
7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy edit)
7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy mix)
7:7 Expansion (Double Edged Sword mix)
7:7 Expansion (Elastic mix)
7:7 Expansion (Nutritious mix)
7 O'Clock
Abyss (Hephaestion edit), The
Alpha Wave (Alpha mix)
Alpha Wave (Gliss mix)
Alpha Wave (Hemi-Sync mix)
Alpha Wave (Mirror System remix)
Alpha Wave (Plastikman's Acid House mix)
Alpha Wave (Plastikman's Acid House remix edit)
Alpha Wave (That Sound mix)
Alpha Wave (Water edit)
Alphawave (Bananadance remix)
Alphawave (Plastikman's Acid House mix)
Alphawave (Plastikman's Acid House remix edit)
Alphawave (System 7 2000 remix)
Altitude (Easy Life mix)
Angelico Presto
Art of Chill 3, The
At Last
Back to Reality
Batukau (Laurent Garnier mix)
Batukau (World Turtle mix)
Big Sky City (High Rise mix)
Big Sky City (Jacob's Optical Stairway mix)
Big Sky City (Jacob's Optical Stairway remix)
Big Sky City (original)
Big Summit
Bon Humeur (demo)
Borobudur (Single Remix)
Borobudur (The Art of Chill mix)
Café Seven
Chic Psychedelic (X-Port version)
Chicago Indian
Chihiro 61298 (Evan Marc remix)
Chihiro 61298 (With Son Kite)
Chiringuito (UP remix)
Civilization (Carl Craig Mix)
Colour of Love (X-Port version), The
Coltrane (Fire edit)
Coltrane (Fire mix)
Coltrane (Firefly mix)
Coltrane (Red Moon mix)
Cool Dry Place (ORB mix), A
Dance of the Deer
Davy Jones' Locker (The Orb mix)
Depth Disco (extended mix)
Depth Disco (live)
Desir (Butterfly remix)
Desir (Ghost mix)
Desir (live)
Desir (Turbo mix)
Don Corleone
Dr Livingstone I Presume (Hotuatabotol mix)
Eagle, The
Europa (Blue)
Expansion (Conspiracy mix)
Fay Deau Deau
Floating World
Fractal Liaison
Freedom Fighters (Freedom Void mix)
Freedom Fighters (New Style edit)
Freedom Fighters (Praying by the Sea mix)
Future Fifths
Gazed and Diffused
Glid 7
Gliding on Duo-Tone Curves (Cascade mix)
Gliding on Duo-Tone Curves (Water edit)
Gliding On Duo-Tone Curves (Youth Mix)
Golden Section
Good Morning
Habibi (7" edit)
Habibi (Another World mix)
Habibi (The Camel mix)
Hangar 84 (album mix)
Hangar 84 (Carl Cox mix)
Hangar 84 (Cox's W.W. Ultimatum mix)
Hangar 84 (Cox's WW Ultimatum mix)
Hangar 84 (Live mix - The End 7/2/96)
Hangar 84 (The Gods Must be Crazy mix)
Hardcore Stomper With Rolling Out Break & No Parody
Hi No Tori
High Plains Drifter (Voyager remix)
Hinotori Call Sign
Hinotori (Evan Marc remix)
Infinity Boulevard
Interstate (Doc Scott mix)
Interstate (Doc Scott remix)
Interstate (edit)
Interstate (Exploding Plastic Mainline)
Interstate (Using a Sample from Hallo Gallo)
Interstate (Voodoo mix)
Jupiter! (Feed Your Head mix)
Laurent Garnier - Early works
Limited Addition
Liquid Sky
Live Transmissions: Tokiodrome, Liquid Room
Love for the Phoenix (X-Port version)
Love Mission - Mission Love
Makimura - Space Pilot (With Mito)
Manik Shamanik
Masato Eternity (With Jam El Mar)
Mektoub (Youth mix)
Mia (The Fisherman mix)
Mia (Ultraworld Colony mix)
Million Suns
Mind Boggles, The
Miracle (Orb remix)
Move, I
Mysterious Traveller (Dust Devils mix)
Night Owl
Om Rock (Groovy Intent)
On The 7th Night (Live At Glastonbury Festival)
On the Seventh Day
On the Seventh Night (Boom 2010 remix)
Opal Flash
Over and Out
Planet 7 (James Holden remix)
Planet 7 (Son Kite remix)
Plasmatic Park
Point 3: Fire Album
Point 3: Water Album
Positive Noise (Carl Craig remix)
Positivenoise (A. Mochi remix 2.0)
PositiveNoise (Carl Craig remix)
PositiveNoise (Eclipse 2012 Remix)
PositiveNoise (Original Club Mix)
PositiveNoise(Sakiko Osawa OIRAN Mix)
Power of Seven⁷
Queen, The
Quest (Moody Boys Interpretation)
Quest (Moon mix)
Red Wine Bakery
Ring Of Fire (Advent Remix)
Ring of Fire (Advent Touch 1)
Ring Of Fire (The Advent Touch I)
Ring Of Fire (The Advent Touch II)
Ring Of Fire (The Advent Touch III)
Ring Of Fire (Troniq Mix)
Ring of Fire (Troniq & Volcaniq mixes)
Ring of Fire (Volcaniq mix)
Rite of Spring (Dancefloor mix)
Rite of Spring (Doc Scott mix)
Rite of Spring (Filter mix)
Rite of Spring (Origin mix)
Rite of Spring (radio edit)
Sal del Mar
Scramble (feat. Slack Baba)
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Seventh Wave
Ship Out of the Desert
Sinbad (7th Voyage of Sinbad)
Sinbad (Bandit edit)
Sinbad (live)
Sinbad / Quest
Sinom X Files
Sirenes (20th Level remix)
Sirenes (Carl Craig remix)
Sirènes (Fire edit)
Sirènes (Marshall Jefferson mix)
Sirènes (System 7.1)
Sirènes (Tranquility mix)
Sirenes (Tranqulity mix)
Smuggler And A Juggler (In The Biz), A
Soft Rain (After the Rain mix)
Song for the Phoenix
Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space remix)
Space Bird (feat. Jam El Mar)
Space Bird (Liquid Soul remix)
Space night
Spanish Castle Magic
Strange Beings (feat. Daevid Allen)
Strange Quotations (demo)
Strange Quotations (Joy Department mix)
Strange Quotations (Thrash's mix)
Sunburst (Atahualpa mix)
Sunburst (Orb remix)
Sunburst (Seahorse mix)
System 7.3: Fire + Water
System Express
Teotihuacan (Pyramid of the Sun)
To the Power of Seven
Trancespotting music from the world of trance
Wave Bender
Wolf-Head (feat. Eat Static)
Work It Out
Y2K (Back to the Future)
Y2K (Beatnik mix)
Y2K (Hole in the Sky mix)
Contributed to or performed: 
♥ Techno - The Classics, Volume 5, I
10 Years I ♥ Techno: The Classics
2001-09-07: A State of Trance #12
2001-09-28: A State of Trance #15
22 Class A Tracks
69 Steps Vol.04: Reflector, The
Adrenalin Volume 9
Altitude (Mayday mix)
Altitude (Mayday mix) / the Martian - Star Dancer / Ambivalent - R U OK (a cappella) / Polder - Topdrop
Amberdelic Space
Ambient Nights: Life as It Is
Ambient Nights: Red God Yellow God
Ambient Senses 3: The Aroma
Ambient Spirit: Fire
Arkives, 1993–2010
Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty, Part 2
Back in the Box
Back in the Box (Unmixed)
Balance 020: Deetron
Better Living Through Circuitry
Big Sky City
Big Sky City (Above the Clouds mix)
Big Sky City (Mayday mix)
Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck: Damian Lazarus
Carl Craig: The Workout
Cisco (Phoenix Rising version)
Complete Trancespotting
Cultura 3
Dead Planet
Desert Sun: A Higher State of Trance and Chemical Music, The
Dream Me A River (Arc Of Darkness Dub Mix)
Drop Name Records, Volume 1
Dubnology: Journeys Into Outer Bass
Early Works
Earth Audio, the First Album
Earth Ritual: A Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass
Earth Trance
Earthdance - The Global Dance Party For Planetary Peace
Eclectic Electric
Eclipse 2012 - Following The Eye Of God
Elektronika: Better Muzik Thru Chemistry
Escape From Chaos
Excursions in Ambience
Excursions in Ambience: The Fourth Frontier
Fascinating Rhythms: Sound Systems & Dancefloor
Feed Your Head, Volume 1
Foundations: Coming Up From the Streets
Fractal Liaison
Funky Gong
Ghost in the Shell Tribute Category: Techno Style
Global Underground 037: James Lavelle in Bangkok
Global Underground GU37: James Lavelle: Bangkok
GU37: Bangkok
Gutter Techno Experience: A Tribute to the Gods of Hardcore, Scooter!, The
Haiti Appeal Project
Hardesertrance 2
Hinotori (album version)
Hinotori (single edit)
Hinotori (System 7 2013 remix)
Homage to Neu!, A
Hotaka Mountain Festival '01 '02
Hybrid - A Decade of Dubfire
Hypnotic 12" Collection, The
Hypnotic Sounds: 17 Trips in Trance
Hypnotic State
In to the Mix
Keinijg 1
Kreucht & Fleucht
Listen (That's mix)
Love for the Phoenix
Meeting of the Spirits
Mysterious Traveller
Mysterious Traveller (Fire mix)
Mysterious Traveller (Groovy Intent mix)
N + X
Phoenix Rising
Play! 02 [Live] Paris / France
Progression in Electronic Music
Prototype 1
Prototype 1 (Electron mix)
Pure Adrenalin, Volume 4
Pure Progressive
Rave Zone Montini, Volume 4
Rave: 1
Renaissance: 3D
Renaissance: The Mix Collection, Part 4
Ripples of Dub
Sally's Photographic Memory
Searching for the Spark
Seem to Be a Verb, I
Serious Road Trip, The
SHIBUYA OIRAN warm up music
Sino Dub (Phoenix Rising version)
Soul Vibration, Volume 2
Sound of the Sun
Space 'n' Bass
Space Night Vol. II
Spiritual Vibes: The International Spirits of Electronic Dance
Survival 2000
System Static
Taking Liberties
Tangerine Dreaming
Technicians of Electronica
Techno Mode d'emploi
This is Drum 'n' Bass
This Is Trance 3.0
This Is... Techno 2
Trance Europe Express
Trance Nation 2001
Trancespotting 3
Trancespotting II
Transmission: Sound System for the Nation
Tsunami Benefit
Ultimate Drum 'n' Bass
Ultra Techno, Volume 2
Unseen Onsen
Upfront Pinup 2:5
Volume 17
Volume Two
Voyage Into the Chill-Out Zone, A
Wasted: The Best of Volume, Part 1
Werks Like a 12"
Whirl-Y-Waves, Volume 3: Sounds Imported
Who Shot Jaques Laverne?