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Suicide Musical group (Musical group or band)
Suicide (Musical group or band)
began 1975
Location / Nationality: 
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Musical sound recording
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Darnell, August
Kodály Vonósnégyes
Rev, Martin
Rev, Martin (hasMember)
Trans Am
Vega, Alan
Vega, Alan (hasMember)
1/2 alive
22/1/98 - Reinventing America
23 Minutes Over Brussels
96 Tears (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2)
96 Tears (Erics Liverpool July 29 1978)
96 Tears Intro (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
96 Tears (Max's Jan 13 1978)
All Night Long
American Mean
American supreme
Attempted: Live at Max's Kansas City 1980
Baader Original-Soundtrack
Backstage (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Be Bop Kid
Be My Dream
Beggin' for Miracles
Berlin Kant Kino-Neue Welt June 30 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Harlem/96 Tears
Berlin Kant Kino-Neue Welt June 30 1978, Set 2: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/96 Tears/Dance/Harlem
Brussels June 16 1978: Ghost Rider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/Frankie Teardrop
C'est la Vie
C'mon Baby
CBGB Dec 3 1977, Set 2: Ghostrider/Jesus Vega/Frankie Teardrop/Put a Little Love in Your Heart
CBGB Feb 3: Harlem/Ghostrider/Keep Your Dreams/Dance/Frankie Teardrop
CBGB Sept 29 1977: 96 Tears Intro/Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Jonny/Frankie Teardrop
Cheree (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978)
Cheree (Brussels June 16 1978)
Cheree (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
Cheree (Erics Liverpool July 29 1978)
Cheree (Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978)
Cheree (London Music Machine July 24 1978)
Cheree (Max's Jan 13 1978)
Cheree (Maxs August 25 1978)
Cheree (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Cheree (remix)
Cheree (The Palladium Jan 7 1978)
Child, It's a New World
Christmas record, A
Cool as Ice
Creature Feature
Cum Ahead Frankie Teardrop (Erics Pt. 2 July 29 1978)
Dachau, Disney, Disco
Damn Rain Damn Train
Dance (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2)
Dance (Brussels June 16 1978)
Dance (CBGB Feb 3 1978)
Dance (London Music Machine July 24 1978)
Dance (Max's Jan 13 1978)
Dance (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Dance (The Palladium Jan 7 1978)
Death Machine
Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
Do It Nice
Dominic Christ
Don't Know, I
Dream Baby Dream (long version)
Erics Liverpool July 29 1978: Rocket USA/Cheree/Ghostrider/96 Tears
Erics, Pt. 2 July 29 1978: Cum Ahead/Frankie Teardrop
Fast Money Music
First Rehearsal Tapes
Flashy Love
Frankie (Max's Jan 13 1978)
Frankie Teardrop (Brussels June 16 1978)
Frankie Teardrop (CBGB Dec 3 1977 Set 2)
Frankie Teardrop (CBGB Feb 3 1978)
Frankie Teardrop (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
Frankie Teardrop (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Frankie Teardrop (The Palladium Jan 7 1978)
Frankie Teardrop vs. The Space Alien
Ghost Rider (Brussels June 16 1978)
Ghost Rider (Pocketknife's Torn Bowery Blazer remix)
Ghost Riders
Ghostrider (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2)
Ghostrider (CBGB Dec 3 1977 Set 2)
Ghostrider (CBGB Feb 3 1978)
Ghostrider (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
Ghostrider (Erics Liverpool July 29 1978)
Ghostrider (Max's Jan 13 1978)
Ghostrider (Maxs August 25 1978)
Ghostrider (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Goin' to Las Vegas
Half alive
Hamburg Audiomax: Rocket USA/Cheree/Harlem
Harlem (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2)
Harlem (CBGB Feb 3 1978)
Harlem (Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978)
Harlem II
Harlem (London Music Machine July 24 1978)
Harlem (Maxs August 25 1978)
Harlem / Sweet White Lady
Heat Beat
Hey Lord
Hot Ticket
Into My Eyes
Jesus Vega (CBGB Dec 3 1977 Set 2)
Johnny Dance
Jonny (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
Jonny (Maxs August 25 1978)
Juke Box Baby '96
Jukebox Baby '96
Keep Your Dreams (CBGB Feb 3 1978)
Keep Your Dreams (live)
Last Time
Live 1977-1978
Live in Berlin - June 1978: Ghost Rider / Rocket U.S.A. / Cheree / Harlem / 96 Tears
Live in New York - May 1978: Mr. Ray / Las Vegas Man / Four Horsemen / Keep Your Dreams / I Remember
London Musicmachine July 24 1978: Rocket USA/Dance/Harlem/Cheree/Mr Ray
Long Talk
Love So Lovely
Love You
Mambo Mambo
Maxs August 25 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Mr Ray/Jonny/Harlem
Maxs Jan 13: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/96 Tears/Frankie
Misery Train
Mister Ray
Mr. Ray (London Music Machine July 24 1978)
Mr. Ray (Maxs August 25 1978)
Mr. Ray (To Howard T.)
New City
Night Time
On Fire
One day + Live at La Loco, Paris
Our Price Radio Ad
Palladium NYC Jan 7: Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/Frankie Teardrop, The
Paris Olympia June 18 1978: Ghostrider/Rocket USA/Cheree/Dance/Frankie Teardrop/Backstage
Play the Dream
Pop the Blue
Power au Go-Go
Pump It
Put A Little Love In Your Heart (CBGB Dec 3 1977 Set 2)
Rain of Ruin
Remember, I
Rock 'n' Roll (Is Killing My Life)
Rock Train
Rocket U.S.A.
Rocket USA (Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2)
Rocket USA (Brussels June 16 1978)
Rocket USA (CBGB Sep 29 1977)
Rocket USA (Erics Liverpool July 29 1978)
Rocket USA (Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978)
Rocket USA (live)
Rocket USA (London Music Machine July 24 1978)
Rocket USA (Max's Jan 13 1978)
Rocket USA (Maxs August 25 1978)
Rocket USA (Paris Olympia June 18 1978)
Rocket USA (The Palladium Jan 7 1978)
Scream and Shout
Second Album + The First Rehearsal Tapes, The
second album, The ; The first rehearsal
See You Around
Show Me tha' Money
Sister Ray Says
Sneakin’ Around
Space Blue Mambo
Speed Queen
Suffering in Vain
Suicide (The Second Album)
Super Subway Comedian
Surrender, I
Swearin' to the Flag
Sweet White Lady
Televised Executions
Too Fine for You
Touch Me / Be Bop a Lula
Tough Guy
Vegas Man, Las
Violent Games
way of life, A ; Live at Town & Country London 1987
White Man
Why Be Blue? (CD version)
Why Be Blue? (club version)
Why be blue? ; Live at Le Palace Paris 1989
Why Be Blue? (radio version)
Wild in Blue
Wrong Decisions
Zero Hour
Contributed to or performed: 
1-2-3-4!: The Roots of The Ramones
100 Hits New Wave
100 Hits: Punk & New Wave
20th Century Women
25 ans avant Nova
Back to Mine: Mercury Rev
Beating the Meat
Catalog vs. Catalog: Round 1
CBGB’s and the Birth of U.S. Punk
Christmas Record, A
Close to the Noise Floor Presents... Third Noise Principle (Formative North American Electronica 1975-1984)
D.I.Y.: Blank Generation: The New York Scene (1975–78)
Dawn of Electronica – Uncut
Definitive Story of CBGB: The Home of US Punk, The
Dirty Diamonds
Dirty Water: The Birth of Punk Attitude
Door 2.12 / Apply Some Pressure / Champs / Angels / Audobon Ballroom / Sparks / You Bring Out the Worst in Me / Dracula Mountain / Enlightened by the Cold / Arrived in Gold, Arrived in Smoke / There's Always Room on the Broom / Rocket USA / Satisfaction / Kiss the World / Tell Me Why (The Riddle) / Technicrats / More of Your Love / When Jokers Attack
Downtown 81
Dream Baby Dream / Mr Ray
Driver: Parallel Lines, Volume 1
Electrocity, Volume 13
Frankie Teardrop
Friend of Mute: Evidence Fall 2002
From Hell to Obscurity
Generation Underground
Good Vibrations: A Record Shop, a Label, a Film Soundtrack
Harbour Boat Trips 01: Copenhagen by Trentemøller
Horrors / Suicide, The
I'll Make You Happy
Indie Top 20, Volume VI
Inrockuptibles présentent : Une rentrée 2002 : Tome 2, Les
Jive Wire
LateNightTales: MGMT
Leatherettes Mixtape, The
Live in Switzerland
Man & A Machine 02, A
Man & A Machine III, A
Man and a Machine, A
marche, La
Mistress America
Mixmag Presents: New York Heroes
Mojo Presents: I Love NY Punk!
Mojo: U2 Jukebox
Mutant Disco
Mutant Disco Volume 3: Garage Sale
N.Y. No Wave
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 11
New Wave Essential
New Wave Post Punk: 1977–1981
New York Rocks: Original Punk Classics of the 70's
Nicolas Winding Refn Presents: The Wicked Die Young
No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion
Open Ends - Musical Exploration in New York - 1960 to 2000
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Punk / F**k Art Let's Danse
Punk Legends: The American Roots
Red Star Records: Songs of the Naked City
Rough Trade Shops: Rock and Roll 1
Sónar 99
Sonic Mook Experiment
Sound of the City: New York, The
Tougher Than Featherz
Tsugi, Volume 22
Unconditionally Guaranteed, August 1999: Volume 7
Uncut 2003.1: The Best of 2002
Uncut 2003.11: Strange Currencies: 20 Tracks Chosen by R.E.M.
Uncut: The Velvets Revolution: 15 Bands Inspired by The Velvet Underground
Underground Moderne
Underground: La Compile by Actuel
United States of Punk
Wire 20 Years 1982–2002: Audio Issue, The
Wire Tapper 09, The
Ze 30: Ze Records Story 1979-2009
ZE Christmas Album
Zetrospective: Dancing in the Face of Adversity
Zetrospective: Dancing in the Face of Adversity / Hope Springs Eternal
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 13