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Stereolab Musical group (Musical group or band)
Stereolab (Musical group or band)
began 1990 until 2009
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brown, Duncan (hasMember)
Dilworth, Joe (hasMember)
Gane, Tim
Gane, Tim (hasMember)
Gifford, Katharine (hasMember)
Hansen, Mary (hasMember)
Harrison, Richard (hasMember)
High Llamas
Johns, Simon (hasMember)
Kean, Martin (hasMember)
Lhote, Morgane (hasMember)
Morris, Gina (hasMember)
O'Hagan, Sean (hasMember)
Ramsay, Andy (hasMember)
Sadier, Laetitia
Sadier, Lætitia (hasMember)
Sting (Musician)
The Groop (see also from)
Walters, Joe (hasMember)
Watson, Joe (hasMember)
Wonder, Stevie
1000 Miles an Hour
1993-10-16: 7th Entry, Minneapolis, MN, USA
1996-10-05: Metro, Chicago, USA
1998-02-04: Prince of Wales Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
2001-09-18: Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
2001-11-15: Variety Playhouse, Athens, GA, USA
2004-03-31: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
2008-09-27: 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA
ABC Music: Radio 1 Sessions
ABC (The Multitude) / Freestyle Dumping
Aimies des memes, Les
Allures (demo)
Aluminum Tune
Aluminum tunes
Analogue Rock (original mix)
Anonymous Collective (demo)
Au Grand Jour'
Avant Garde M.O.R.
Baby Lulu
Backwards Shug
Banana Monster ne répond plus
Barock - Plastik
Black Ants in Sound-Dust
Black Arts, The
Blaue Milch
Blips Drips and Strips
Blips, Drips & Strips (demo)
Blue Milk (demo)
Blue Milk (edit)
Bonnie and Clyde (The Bonnie Parker version)
Bons Bons de Raisons, Les
Bons bons des raisons, Les
Bonus Beats
Bop Scotch
Brakhage Instrumental
Brigitte (demo)
Brigitte, Part 1
Brigitte, Part 2
Brush Descends the Length, The
Caleidoscopic Gaze (demo)
Canned Candies
Captain Easychord
Cellulose Sunshine (Edit)
Check and Double Check
Chemical Chords (Edit)
Chemical Chords (Edited Album Versions)
Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night (Expanded Edition)
Cobra Tune
Come and Play in the Milky Night (demo)
Continuum (Unreleased original version)
Continuum Vocodered (Unreleased)
Contranatura (demo)
Contranatura Pt. 2 Instrumental
Contronatura (Prelude to the Autumn of a Faun mix)
Cosmic Country Noir
Cybele's Reverie (demo)
Cybele's Reverie, Part 1
Cybele's Reverie, Part 2
Daisy Click Clack (Edit)
Dear Marge
Demeure, La
Des étoiles électroniques (demo)
Diagonals Bode Drums
Diagonals Instrumental
Difficult Fourth Title
Dimension M2
Dots and Loops (Expanded Edition)
Double Rocker
Drum - Backwards Bass - Organ (Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full version)
Eaten Horizons or the Electrocution of Rock
Eclipse, The
Écoute et Répète: Rarities
Ecstatic Static (Edit), The
Elektro (He Held the World in His Iron Grip)
Eloge d'Eros
Emergency Kisses, The
Emperor Tomato Ketchup (demo)
Enfer Des Formes, Le
Escape Pod (From the World of Medical Observations)
Everybody’s Weird Except Me
Excursions Into "oh, a-oh" / "Get a Shot of the Refrigerator"
Excursions Into "oh, ah oh"
exotisme intérieur, L'
Explosante fixe
Extension Trip, The
Eye of the Volcano
Fab four suture
Feel and Triple
Feel the Air (demo), I
Feel the Air (of Another Planet), I
Fiery Yellow
First of the Microbe Hunters, The
Flower Called Nowhere, A
Flower Called Nowhere Instrumental, The
Forensic Itch
Fractal Dream Of A Thing (Edit)
Free Design, The
Free Witch and No-Bra Queen
Freestyle Dumping
Freestyle Dumpling
French Disco (demo)
French Disco (early version mix)
French Disko / Jenny Ondioline
French Disko / Super Electric
Fried Monkey Eggs (instrumental)
Fried Monkey Eggs (vocal)
Fruition (demo)
Galaxidion (demo)
“Get a Shot of the Refrigerator”
Get Carter
Golden Atoms
Golden Ball
Good Is Me
Groop Play Chord X, The
Groop Played “Space Age Batchelor Pad Music”, The
Gus the Mynah Bird
Happy Pop Song
Harmonium / Farfisa
Heavenly Van Halen
Heavy Denim
Heavy Munich
High Expectation
High fidelity
Hillbilly Motobike
Household Names
How to Play Your Internal Organs Overnight
I'm Going Out of My Way (demo)
In Sound, The
Incredible He Woman (demo)
Incredible He Woman, The
Infinity Girl (demo)
Infinity Girl, Part 1
Infinity Girl, Part 2
Instant 0 in the universe
Instant O in the universe
International Colouring Contest
Iron Man / The Incredible He Woman
Italian Shoes Continuum (demo)
Jaunty Monty and the Bubbles of Silence
Jenny Ondioline (7" /EP version - alternative mix)
Jenny Ondioline (alternate version)
Jenny Ondioline (demo)
Jenny Ondioline, Part 1 (7" version)
Jenny Ondioline, Pt. 2 (Breakdown mix)
John Cabe Bubblegum / Revox
John Cage Bubble Gum
John Cage Bubblegum
Joys and loops
Jump Drive Shut-Out
Jung at Heart (taken from Volkswagen Commercial)
[keyboard jam]
Klang Tone
Kybernetická Babička, Part 1
Kybernetická Babička, Part 2
Kybernetická Babička / Plastic Mile / Interlock
L’Enfer des formes
Laissez Faire
Latin Cobra Coda (demo)
Leleklato Sugar
Light That Will Cease to Fail / Au Grand Jour, The
Live At The Variety Playhouse 1999!
Lo Boob Oscilator / Tempter
Lo Boob Oscillator
Loboob Oscillator
Lock Groove Lullaby (demo)
Long Hair of Death, The
Long Life Love
Low fi
Lucia Pamela
Man With 100 Cells, The
Margerine eclipse
Margerine Melodie
Margerine Rock
Mars audiac quintet
Mass Riff
Melochord 75
Melochord Seventy-Five (original Pulse version)
Metronomic Underground (demo)
Metronomic Underground / Percolations
Metronomic Underground (Wagon Christ mix)
Microlab: Endless Summer
Miss Modular (Automator mix)
Miss Modular (Automator remix)
Miss Modular (demo)
Miss Modular Remixes
Miss Modular (Single Edit)
Miss Modular (single version)
Monday Song
Monkey Jelly
Monstre Sacre
Moogie Wonderland
Morvern Callar soundtrack to a film by Lynne Ramsay
Motoroller Scalatron (demo)
Mountain Instrumental
Munich Madness
Narco Martenot
Naught More Terrific Than Man
Need to Be
Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound mix)
Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound Southern Baptist remix)
Neon Beanbag (Edit)
New Orthophony
Nihilist Assault Group - Part 6
Nihilist Assault Group, Parts 3, 4, 5
Noise of Carpet (original mix)
Noise of Carpet (US single), The
Nomus et Phusis
Not music
Nothing to do With Me
Nous Vous Demandons Pardon (Edit)
Nous vous demandons pardons
Nth Degrees, The
NWW Drone Instrumental
Off On (demo)
Old Lungs
OLV 26
One Finger Symphony (Edit)
One Note Samba / Surfboard
One Small Step
One Thousand Miles an Hour
Op Hop Detonation (demo)
Oscillons from the anti-sun
Our Trinitone Blast
Outer Accelerator (original mix)
Outer Bongolia
Pack Yr Romantic Mind
Pain et spectacles
Pause (demo)
Pause (original mix)
Peng! 33
People Do It All the Time (demo)
Percolator (demo)
Percolator (original mix)
Ping Pong (demo)
Ping Pong (original version)
Plastic Mile
Plastic Pulse Four
Plastic Pulse One
Plastic Pulse Three
Plastic Pulse Two
Pop (do we not like that?)
Pop Molecule (Molecular Pop 1) (Edit)
Pop Molecules (Molecular Pop 2)
Pop Quiz
Prisoner of Mars
Puncture in the Radax Permutation
Rainbo Conversation
Rainbow Conversation
Red Hot + [and] Rio
Refraction in the Plastic Pulse (Autechre Feebate remix)
Refractions in the Plastic Pulse (demo)
Refractions in the Plastic Pulse (Feebate mix)
Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On, Volume 2)
Reich Song
Retrograde Mirror Form
Ronco Symphony (demo)
Rose, My Rocket-Brain!
Sad Chicago Organ
Seeming and the Meaning, The
Self Portrait With "Electric Brain" (Edit)
Serene Velocity: A Stereolab Anthology
Silver Sands (Edit)
Silver Sands (Emperor Machine mix)
Slow Fast Hazel
So Is Cardboard Clouds
Solar Throw-Away
Soop Groove #1
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Foamy)
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Mellow)
Space Moment
Space Moth
Spacy Double Spiral
Spark Plug (demo)
Speedy Car
Spinal Column (demo)
Spinal Columns
Spiracles (demo), The
Spirale, La
Splitting the Atom 2 45
Splitting the Atom I 33
Splitting the Atom I 45
Spool of Collusion
Stars Our Destination (demo), The
Stereolab - Aluminum tunes
Stereolab Mix
Stereolab Sampler
Stomach Worm
Strobo Acceleration (demo)
Stunning Debut Album
...Sudden Stars
Suggestion diabolique
Sun Demon
Supah Jaianto
Super 45
Super Electric
Super Falling Star (Moog mix)
Super-It, The
Switched Off
Switched On Volumes 1–3
Symbolic Logic of Now
Theme From Get Carter
Three-Dee Melodie
Three Longers Later (demo)
Three Women (Edit)
Ticker-tape of the Unconscious
Tickertape of the Unconciousness (Thievery Corporation remix)
Tickertape of the Unconscious
Tomorrow Is Already Here (demo)
Tomorrow's Already Here
Tone Burst (Country)
transient random noise bursts with announcements p
Transona Five (demo)
Transona Five (live)
Transporté sans bouger (demo)
Twin Town original soundtrack
Two Finger Symphony
U.H.F. - MFP
Ulan Bator
Underground Is Coming, The
University Microfilms International
Untitled in Dusseldorf (demo)
Valley Hi! (Edit)
Variation One
Velvet Water
Visionary Road Maps
Vonal Declosion
Vortical Phonothèque
Vortical Phonothque (Edit)
Warp back to earth 66/69
Was a Sunny Rainphase, I
Way Will Be Opening, The
We’re Not Adult Orientated (Neu Wave Live)
We're Not Adult Oriented
Whisper Pitch
Widow Weirdo
Widow Wierdo
With Friends Like These Pt. 2
Working Title (The Pram Song)
Wow and Flutter (7"/EP version - alternative mix)
Yes Sir! I Can Moogie
You Little Shits
You Used to Call Me Sadness
Young Lungs
Yper Sound (demo), Les
Yper-Sounds, Les
Yper-Yper Sound, Les
ZigZag Song
Contributed to or performed: 
104.9: An XFM Compilation
2004: The Year in Song
2008: The Age of Miracles, the Age of Sound
2k1's Hits
Abductions and Reconstructions
All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1
Alma Road Mail Order Sampler, Volume 2
Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason)
AP: Storm the Planet
BBC Radio 6 Music’s Alternative Jukebox
Beggars Group: Winter Sampler '05
Beggin' for More
Bleep: Guide to British Independent Music
Bollox to Ibiza: The Autumn Collection
Brain Candy
Brain Drain
Brit Box: U.K. Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit-Pop Gems of the Last Millennium, The
By the Window in the Sky
Cafe del Mar Vol. 9
Caliméro / Cache Cache
Chinese Whispers
CMJ 500
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 13: September 1994
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 3: October 1993
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 50: October 1997
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 75: November 1999
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 97: October 2001
Compliments of ESL
Constant Friction: Collaborations 2
Cook Cut Damage Destroy
Cornerstone Player 030
Crumb Duck
Dadda's Intoxication, The
Dimension Mix: A Tribute to Dimension 5 Records
Disko Cabine
DJ-Kicks: Four Tet
Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop / The Long Hair of Death
Exploding Head Movie
Fabulous Shit
Free Design Redesigned, Volume 2, The
Generation X
Godz Is Not a Put-On
Harve Daley Hix
High Fidelity
High Fidelity: Original Soundtrack
Incite 18
Indie Top 20, Volume 19
Indie Top 20, Volume 20
Inrockuptibles et la Fnac présentent : Une rentrée 97, Les
Inside Dave’s Garage, Volume Two
Introduced 100: 100 Issues Intro | Essential Music 1991–2002
Introducing, Volume 4
Kats Karavan: The History of John Peel on the Radio
Krautrock Masters + Echoes
LateNightTales: Belle and Sebastian
LateNightTales: Friendly Fires
Lost Weekend, The
Maximum Electronica, Vol. 1
Metronomic Underground
Monsters, Robots and Bug Men: A User's Guide to the Rock Hinterland
Monte Carlo Nights 2000
Monthly Mix: December
Morvern Callar
Music for Film & Television, Volume 3
Music for the Amorphous Body Study Center
Music Heaven, Volume 35
My Last Mix Tape
Now Sound Redesigned, The
One Note Samba / Surfboard
Phoenix: The Album
Pop (Do We Not Like That?)
Presenting January: A Monthly Skatterbrain Mix
Rare on Air, Volume 3: Live Selections From KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic
Ready for My Close-Up
Record Shop: 30 Years of Rough Trade Shops, The
Red Hot + Rio
Repérages, Volume 12
Rough Trade Shops: 25 Years
Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01
Rough Trade: Music for the 90's, Volume 5
Rvng Prsnts Mx7 & Mx7SEVEN
Seen and Heard: 4AD & Rough Trade 2008 Sampler
Select Magazine Hot!
Sharks Patrol These Waters: The Best of Volume, Part 2
Shimmies in Super 8
Simple Headphone Mind
Sissy Light
Skatterbrain February Mix 2013
Skatterbrain March Mix 2012
Skatterbrain March Mix 2014
Sonic Mook Experiment
Soul Kiss Glide Divine / Tone Burst / Tempter
Sound Is Out There, The
Steel Drum March of the Metal Men
Stereolab / Fugu
Stereolab / Füxa
Stereolab / The Cat's Miaow
Stomach Worm
Story So Far…, The
Sushi Bar 2
Swinging Reflective, The
Swinging Reflective: Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy, The
Take A Trip… (CD Sampler)
Time to Chill: Lounge
Too Lazy to Download 14: August '06
Too Pure - The Peel Sessions
Trippin' With the Birds
Twin Town
Überschall 1996
Unconditionally Guaranteed, October 1999: Volume 9
Upsalapalooza: More Live Music From WFMU
Vaus / Speedy Car
Vogue Presents - Karl Lagerfeld: Les musiques que j'aime
Volume 14: Reading '95 Special
Volume Four
Warp Back to Earth 66/99
Whatever: The ’90s Pop & Culture Box
Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? / Mountain
Why Popstars Can't Dance: A Slumberland Records Compilation
Wire 20 Years 1982–2002: Audio Issue, The
Yeti One
You Are Here (Number Seven)