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Bureau de l'Enfance United States
Children's Bureau United States
United States Administration for Children, Youth, and Families Children's Bureau
United States Bureau de l'Enfance
United States Children's Bureau
United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Children's Bureau
United States Department of Labor Bureau de l'Enfance
United States Department of Labor Children's Bureau
United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare Children's Bureau
United States Dept. of Labor Children's Bureau
United States Office of Child Development Children's Bureau
United States Social and Rehabilitation Service Children's Bureau
United States Social Security Administration Children's Bureau
United States Welfare Administration Children's Bureau
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Association of State and Territorial Health Officers
Lundberg, Emma Octavia
Matthews, Ellen Nathalie
Sheridan, William Henry
Springer, Ethel M. (b. 1880.)
Springer, Ethel Maria (b. 1880.)
Thom, Douglas Armour
United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (see also from)
United States Department of Labor (see also from)
United States Office of Child Development (see also from)
United States Social and Rehabilitation Service (see also from)
United States Social Security Administration (see also from)
United States. Bureau of Family Services
United States. Public Health Service. Office of the Surgeon General
Woodbury, Robert Morse
abused child; principles and suggested language for legislation on reporting of the physically abused child., The
AFCARS report, The
Annual report of the Chief, Children's Bureau to the Secretary of Labor.
care of your children's teeth., The
Child dependency in the District of Columbia; an interpretation of data concerning dependent children under the care of public and private agencies
Child labor and the work of mothers in oyster and shrimp canning communities on the Gulf coast
Child management
child monthly news summary., The
Child welfare outcomes ... : annual report.
Children : an interdisciplinary journal for the professions serving children
children's bookshelf, The : a booklist for parents.
Children's bureau of Cleveland; a study of the care of dependent children in Cleveland, Ohio, The
Children's Bureau, The : yesterday, today and tomorrow.
closed, short-term group: a treatment adjunct for parents of mentally retarded children, The
confidential nature of birth records, including the special registration problems of children born out of wedlock, children of unknown parentage, legitimated children, and adopted children; a policy recommended by American Association of Registration Executives, Council on Vital Records and Statistics, and endorsed by Children's Bureau and National Office of Vital Statistics, Federal Security Agency, January 1949., The
county as a unit for an organized program of child caring and protective work, The
effect of tropical sunlight on the development of bones of children in Puerto Rico; a roentgenographic and clinical study of infants and young children with special reference to rickets and related factors, The
Federal programs assisting children and youth.
Juvenile court statistics (Washington, D.C.)
new family., The
Prenatal care
prevention of juvenile delinquency, The : a selected, annotated bibliography.
public child-welfare program in the District of Columbia, The
Publications of the Children's Bureau.
Research relating to children : an inventory of studies in progress
Research relating to emotionally disturbed children.
Research Symposium on Child Sexual Abuse, May 17-19, 1988
Residential treatment centers for emotionally disturbed children : a listing.
Rural children in selected counties of North Carolina
Safety, permanency, well-being
Scholarships for children
Social-statistics bulletin
Social workers look at adoption. A report of a meeting on the role of the social agency and the social worker called by the Children's Bureau, May 27-29, 1957.
Standards for juvenile and family courts
Standards for specialized courts dealing with children
Standards of child welfare.
Standards of legal protection for children born out of wedlock [microform] : a report of regional conferences held under the auspices of the U.S. Children's Bureau and the Intercity Conference on Illegitimacy, Chicago, Ill., February 9-10, 1920, New York, N.Y., February 16-17, 1920.
Standards of public aid to children in their own homes
State commissions for the study and revision of child-welfare laws
story of the White House conferences on children and youth., The
Subsidized adoption in America.
Tentative standards for training schools.
Training personnel for work with juvenile delinquents.
Training syllabus for social services in emergency conditions.
U.S. Children's Bureau statistical series.
Unemployment and child welfare; a study made in a middle-western and an eastern city during the industrial depression of 1921 and 1922
Unemployment and relief documents; a bibliography of source materials
Vision and hearing screening in selected classes for the mentally retarded, City of Detroit, Michigan.
Vocational guidance and junior placement: twelve cities in the United States;
Volunteers in child care.
welfare of children in cotton-growing areas of Texas ..., The
welfare of infants of illegitimate birth in Baltimore as affected by a Maryland law of 1916 governing the separation from their mothers of children under 6 months old ..., The
What is happening to mothers and babies in the District of Columbia?
When your baby is on the way.
Which jobs for young workers?
Year of work
You can quit smoking: young smokers aren't really hooked.
Your baby's first year.
Your child from 1 to 3.
Your child from 6 to 12.
Your child from one to six.
Your child from six to twelve.
Your teenage children and smoking.