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Vamık Volkan
Vamık Volkan (American psychiatrist)
Vamık Volkan (Amerikaans psychiater)
Vamık Volkan (US-amerikanischer Friedens- und Konflikforscher und Psychoanalytiker)
Volkan, Vamik
Volkan, Vamik D.
Volkan, Vamık D.
Volkan, Vamık Djemal
Βαμίκ Βολκάν
Вамък Волкан
ומיק וולקן
ヴォルカン, ヴァミク
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Akhtar, Salman (1946 July 31-)
Akhtar, Salman (co-author)
Ast, Gabriele
Ast, Gabriele (co-author)
Dod, Andrew W. (1965-))
Fowler, J. Christopher (co-author)
Itzkowitz, Norman (1931-...)
Itzkowitz, Norman (co-author)
Kriegman, George (1917-)
Montville, Joseph V.
Rodgers, Terry C.
Socarides, Charles W. (1922-...)
Socarides, Charles W. (co-author)
Stein, Howard F. (co-author)
Varvin, Sverre (co-author)
Wilson, John
Zintl, Elizabeth
Zintl, Elizabeth (co-author)
水谷, 驍 (1942-)
Als de pijn voorbij is : leven met verlies en verdriet
Animal killer transmission of war trauma from one generation to the next
Attitudes of entitlement theoretical and clinical issues
Blind trust large groups and their leaders in times of crisis and terror
Blindes Vertrauen Großgruppen und ihre Führer in Zeiten der Krise und des Terrors
Bloodlines from ethnic pride to ethnic terrorism
Borderline-Therapie strukturelle und Objektbeziehungskonflikte in der Psychoanalyse der Borderline-Persönlichkeitsorganisation
Cultural zoo animals in the human mind and its sublimations
Cultural zoo, c2005:
Cyprus--war and adaptation : a psychoanalytic history of two ethnic groups in conflict
Das infantile psychotische Selbst und seine weitere Entwicklung Verständnis und Behandlung schizophrener und anderer schwieriger Patienten
Depressive states and their treatment
Die Erweiterung der psychoanalytischen Behandlungstechnik bei neurotischen, traumatisierten, narzisstischen und Borderline-Persönlichkeitsorganisationen
Divandaki Düsmanlar Bir Türk Psikanalistin Siyaset Psikolojisi Serüveni
Enemies on the couch a psychopolitical journey through war and peace
Göçmenler ve mülteciler travma, sürekli yas, önyargı ve sinir psikolojisi
Hokori to zōo : Minzoku funsō no shinrigaku
homosexualities and the therapeutic process, The
homosexualities reality, fantasy, and the arts, The
Immigrants and refugees trauma, perennial mourning, prejudice, and border psychology
Immortal Ataturk: A Psychobiography, The
Individual and large-group identity : parallels in development and characteristics in stability and crisis
infantile psychotic self and its fates, The : understanding and treating schizophrenics and other difficult patients
Infantile Psychotic Self: Understanding and Treating Schizophrenics and Other Difficult Patients, The
Israel on the couch the psychology of the peace process
Life after loss the lessons of grief
Linking objects and linking phenomena a study of the forms, symptoms, metapsychology, and therapy of complicated mourning
Linking Objects and Linking Phenomenon: A Study of the Forms, Symptoms, Metapsychology and Therapy of Complicated Mourning
Maps from the mind readings in psychogeography
Mental zoo : animals in the human mind and its pathology
Need to Have Enemies and Allies: From Clinical Practice to International Relationships, The
need to have enemies and allies, The : from clinical practice to international relationships
Normal & pathological responses to bereavement;
Osmanlı'nın yasından Atatürk'ün Türkiye'sine : onarıcı liderlik ve politik psikoloji : "söyleşi"
Primitive internalized object relations a clinical study of schizophrenic, borderline, and narcissistic patients
Psychoanalysis, international relations, and diplomacy a sourcebook on large-group psychology
Psychodynamics of International Relationships, Vol.I: Concepts and Theories, The
Psychodynamics of International Relationships, Vol.II: Unofficial Diplomacy at Work, The
Regional and ethnic conflicts : perspectives from the front lines
Richard Nixon: A Psychobiography (paperback, 1999)
Searching for the perfect woman : the story of a complete psychoanalysis
seed of madness constitution, environment, and fantasy in the organization of the psychotic core, The
seed of madness, The : constitution, environment, and fantasy in the organization of the psychotic core
Siblings in the unconscious and psychopathology womb fantasies, claustrophobias, fear of pregnancy, murderous rage, animal symbolism, Christmas and easter "neuroses", and twinnings or identifications with sisters and brothers
Six steps in the treatment of borderline personality organization
Special problems in the psychotherapy of depression.
Spektrum des NarziBmus: Eine klinische Studie des gesunden NarziBmus, des narziBtisch-maso-chistischen Charakters, der narziB-tischen Personlichkeitsorganisation, des malignen NarziBmus und des erfolg
Spektrum des Narzißmus : eine klinische Studie des gesunden Narzißmus, des narzißtisch-masochistischen Charakters, der narzißtischen Persönlichkeitsorganisation, des malignen Narzißmus
Spektrum des Narzissmus eine klinische Studie des gesunden Narzissmus, des narzisstische-masochistischen Charakters, der narzisstischen Persönlichkeitsorganisation, des malignen Narzissmus und des erfolgreichen Narzissmus
Third Reich in the unconscious transgenerational transmission and its consequences, The
Trauma uronjena u rat : zbornik
Türkler ve Yunanlılar çatışan komşular
Turks and Greeks: neighbours in conflict
Versagen der Diplomatie: Zur Psychoanalyse nationaler, ethnischer und religioser Konflikte (The Failure of Diplomacy: The Psychoanalysis of National, Ethnic and Religious Conflicts, Das
Violence or dialogue ? psychoanalytic insights on terror and terrorism
Wege der Trauer
What do you get when you cross a dandelion with a rose? : the true story of a psychoanalysis
誇りと憎悪 : 民族紛争の心理学