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Griffith, Philip Jones
Griffiths, Philip J.
Griffiths, Philip Jones
Griffiths, Philip Jones (Welsh photojournalist, 1936-2008)
Jones Griffiths, Philip
Philip Jones Griffiths
Philip Jones Griffiths (britisk fotograf)
Philip Jones Griffiths (Brits fotograaf (1936-2008))
Philip Jones Griffiths (brittisk fotograf)
Philip Jones Griffiths (Walisischer Fotojournalist)
Philip Jones Griffiths (Welsh photojournalist)
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Edmunds, Tom Owen
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Le Bourg, Dominique
Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I (Madrid)
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Time-Life Boeken
Time-Life books
West, Richard (1930-)
10 year-old South vietnamese soldier (ARVN). [cote : GRP68010W00001/18]
Agent Orange : "collateral damage" in Viet Nam
Bachgen yn dinistrio piano
battles for Saigon. At Tet and again in Mai, the vietcong struck Saigon. They aimed for the middle-class districts which were duly destroyed by United States firepower. Looting was extensive, so people fled with everything they could carry. [cot, The
battles for Saigon. At Tet and again in Mai, the vietcong struck Saigon. U.S. troops were used to retake Saigon, but only after ARVN soldiers had first tried and failed. [cote, The : GRP68010W00025/11]
Beroemde reizen
Bomb crater, Ashau valley. [cote : GRP68009W00001/16]
Boy Destroying Piano
Captured "Vietcong". [cote : GRP70005W00007/18]
Car purchasing during combat. Salesmen used to follow GI's into the field to make a sale "so that the boys will have a real reason for wanting to get home in one piece." Today they find it safer to have the GI choose his car's trim and upholstery by
Dark odyssey
Discarded equipment collects in huge stockpiles as the ground war draws to a close. [cote : GRP70019W00002/22]
Dunkle Odyssee
GI's with entertainer. [cote : GRP70018W00001/30]
Great journeys
Grosse Reisen entlang berühmter Strassen
Near Danang. Beachhead assaults took place more often for drunken parties than for attacking the enemy. As the war became more automated, soldiers who remained had more leisure time. [cote : GRP70006W00002/14]
Opération "Cedar Falls". [cote : GRP67001W00019/09]
Outside the U.S. airbase, is the longest dump in Vietnam, perhaps in the world. [cote : GRP70027W00007/26]
Patient screams on a hospital floor as her leg wound is treated . The overcrowded conditions shown here are typical of most hospitals. [cote : GRP70017W00006/36A]
Photographs by Philip Jones Griffiths
South Vietnam. Jan/Feb. 1968. During the Vietnamese New Year celebrations of the TET, the city of Hue an ancient Mandarin walled city which stood on the banks of the perfumed river and near to the demilitarised zone, a force of 5000 Vietcong and NVA
U.S marine sharing cigarettes. [cote : GRP67009W00010/26]
Una visión retrospectiva (1952-1988) : : 12-18 de febrero, 1992, Recinto Ferial de IFEMA, Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid
Unembedded : four independent photojournalists on the war in Iraq
[Vietnam du sud. Saïgon.] [cote : GRP67013W00014/04A]
Vietnam inc.
vietnamese village. Rice is traditionally threshed by walking a buffalo over it. This costs nothing and is a pleasant way to spend an evening. [cote, The : GRP70010W00017/31]
VNC Female
woman was the sole survivor of a communications squad caught in the open. Wounded in the spine, she was forced to crouch all day with her hands tied behind her back before being taken off by helicopter. [cote, The : GRP70005W00002/07]
"Yankee station" is the area in the South China Sea where the United States carriers position themselves for bombing runs on Vietnam. [cote : GRP66002W00011/11]