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Gaspar, V.
Gaspar, Vítor
Gaspar (Vítor Louçã Rabaça)
Vítor Gaspar
Vítor Gaspar (econoom uit Portugal)
Vítor Gaspar (portugiesischer Ökonom, Universitätsprofessor und Staatsminister)
Vitor Gaspar (portugisisk ekonom)
Vítor Gaspar (portugisisk økonom)
Vítor Gaspar (Portuguese economist and politician)
Вітор Гаспар
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Banco de Portugal Affiliation (see also from)
Detken, Carsten
Hartmann, Philipp
Issing, Otmar
National Bureau of Economic Research
Pereira, Alfredo M.
Pérez Quirós, Gabriel
Pérez-Quirós, Gabriel (1966-)
Portugal Ministro das Finanças 2011-2013 (Vítor Gaspar (see also from)
Rodriguez, Hugo
Sicilia, Jorge
Sleijpen, Olaf Caspar Hendrik Marie (1970- ))
Smets, Frank
Tristani, Oreste (19..-....))
Universidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Economia Affiliation (see also from)
Vestin, David
Wyplosz, Charles
Adaptive learning, persistence, and optimal monetary policy
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Consumer theory with nonconvex consumption sets
Contribuições para os fundamentos microeconómicos da economia pública
Desta vez é diferente oito séculos de loucura financeira
diário secreto de Vítor Gaspar, O
Dynamic general equilibrium analysis of EC structural funds ... 1992:, A
ECB monetary policy strategy and the money market
euro at ten, lessons and challenges, The : fifth ECB Central Banking conference 13-14 November 2008
Evidence from surveys of price-setting managers: policy lessons and directions for ongoing research
Excess burden and the cost of inefficiency in public services provision
Home bias in portfolios and taxation of asset income
impact of financial integration and unilateral public transfers on investment and growth EC capital-importing countries, The
Imperfect knowledge and monetary policy
Imposto linear único sobre o rendimento perspectivas e oportunidades para a reforma fiscal em Portugal
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Money measures of welfare change under quantity constraints
new EU member states convergence and stability third ECB central banking conference 21-22 october 2004, The
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Potência, binário, motor e rendimento de motores
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Vítor Gaspar por Maria João Avillez
Why tax incentives dont't promote investment in Brazil