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Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas (Mr.)
Thomas Moore
born 1779-05-28 deceased 1852-02-25
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Adieu Bessy, op. 2b no. 8, H. 46A
Adieu Bessy, op. 2b no. 8, H. 46B
All That's Bright Must Fade
At the Mid Hour of Night
Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms
belle voyageuse, op. 2b no. 4, H. 42A, La
belle voyageuse, op. 2b no. 4, H. 42B, La
belle voyageuse, op. 2b no. 4, H. 42C, La
belle voyageuse, op. 2b no. 4, H. 42D, La
Castilian Maid, The
Chanson à boire, op. 2b no. 5, H. 43
Chant guerrier, op. 2b no. 3, H. 41
Chant sacré, op. 2b no. 6, H. 44A
Chant sacré, op. 2b no. 6, H. 44B
Come, Dance the Romaika
Come o’er the sea
coucher du soleil, op. 2b no. 1, H. 39, Le
Dear Harp of My Country (The Farewell to My Harp)
Elégie en prose, op. 2b no. 9, H. 47
Erin! The Smile and the Tear in Thine Eyes
Flowery Band, The
Garland, WoO 7 "By Celia's Arbour All the Night", The
Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls, The
Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls, The
Have a Garden of My Own, I
Hélène, op. 2b no. 2, H. 40A
Hélène, op. 2b no. 2, H. 40B
Hilli-ho! Hilli-ho!
How Sweet the Answer Echo Makes
How Sweet the Answer (The Wren)
L’Origine de la harpe, op. 2b no. 7, H. 45
Last Rose of Summer, The
Let Erin Remember the Days of Old
meeting of the waters, The
Minstrel Boy, The
Mourner's Prayer, The
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 17. Leis' rudern hier, mein Gondolier
Myrthen, op. 25: Nr. 18. Wenn durch die Piazzetta die Abendluft wecht
Neuf Mélodies Irlandaises, op. 2b, H. 38
Night Song, S. 310, A
Night Thought, S. 311, A
Nine English Songs: No. 2. Echo
O the sight entrancing
Oft in the stilly night
Oh! Bird of Love
Oh! 'Tis Sweet to Think
Quick! we have but a second
Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore
Sail on, sail on
Schottischer Bardenchor
She Is Far From the Land
Silent, Oh Moyle! Be the Roar of Thy Water (The Song of Fionnuala)
Tales of Joy, Passion, and Love: III. Tales of Love
Those Evening Bells, S. 374
Venetianisches Gondollied, op. 57 no. 5
When Love Is Kind
Эй, по кругу вино
Contributed to or performed: 
Celtic Poets