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Desagalliers, John T.
Desaguliers, Dr
Desaguliers, J. T.
Desaguliers, J.Th
Desaguliers, Jan Theophilus
Désaguliers, Jean-Théophile
Desaguliers, Joannes Theophilus
Desaguliers, Johannes Theophilus
Desaguliers, John T.
Désaguliers, John Theophilus
Desaguliers, John Theophilus (Dr)
Desaguliers, John Theophilus (Mr)
Desaguliers, Mr
Jean Théophile Désaguliers
John Theophilus Desaguliers
John Theophilus Desaguliers (filozof przyrody i fizyk angielski)
John Theophilus Desaguliers (Frans natuurkundige)
John Theophilus Desaguliers (French-born British natural philosopher and clergyman)
John Theophilus Desaguliers (Naturphilosoph)
John Theophilus Desaguliers (scienziato e religioso inglese)
Дезагюлье, Джон Теофил
جون ثيافليس ديسجلوريس
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Language material
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Anderson, James (co-author)
Boutin, Pierre (co-author)
de La Tierce
Groot, Anthoni de ('s-Gravenhage)
Nieuwentijt, Bernard (co-author)
Pezenas, Esprit (1692-1776)
Pitcairn, Archibald (1652-1713)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Rollin, Jacques (1703?-1768)
Sutton, Samuel
Tirion, Isaak (Amsterdam)
Vaucanson, Jacques (1709-1782)
Vaucanson, Jacques (co-author)
Vaucanson, Jaques de (1709-1782)
account of the mechanism of an automaton or image playing on the German-flute
Art royal et régularité dans la tradition de 1723-1730, c2009:
Astronomische aenmercking op 't zamenstell van de werelt uyt de leering van [...] Jsaak Netwon; en desselfs discipel [...] Desaguliers.
Begryp van de mechanische en Experimenteele Philosphie. Waar door een yder,... in staat werd gestelt, om te verstaan de verscheide (Phoenomena) ... die zig in de Natuur opdoen, en door de regulen der Meetkunde zyn ontdekt,..., Een
Catoptricae et dioptricae sphaericae elementa.
Cours de physique expérimentale.Tome I [-II]
Course of experimental philosophy
Cursus mathematicus: or A compleat course of the mathematicks ... The whole illustrated with near 200 copper plates.
Dissertation concerning electricity
Dissertationes medicae.
Dr. Gregory's elements of catoptrics and dioptrics, 1735:
Fires improv'd:
Histoire, obligations et statuts de la tres venerable confraternité des franc-maçons tirez de leurs archives et conformes aux traditions les plus anciennes : approuvez de toutes les Grandes Loges & mis au jour pour l'usage commun des loges repanduës sur la surface de la terre
Jean-Théophile Desaguliers : un huguenot, philosophe et juriste, en politique
[Korte inhoud der philosophische lessen van Dr. Desaguliers; zo als dezelve door een' zyner toehoorders te Rotterdam zyn opgeschreven]
Le mécanisme du fluteur automate
Mathematical elements of natural philosophy, confirm'd by experiments: or, an introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy. Written in Latin by the late W. James 's Gravesande, LL.D. professsor of mathematicks at Leyden, and F. R. S. Translated into english by the late J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D. F.R.S. And published by his son J. T. Desaguliers. The sixth edition greatly improved by the author, and illustrated with 127 copper plates all new engraven. In two volumes. Vol. I (-II).
mécanisme du fluteur automate. Dutch
motion of water, and other fluids. Being a treatise of hydrostaticks, The
natuurkunde uit ondervindingen opgemaakt, De
Newtonian system of the world. The best model of government, The
Nixons Cheshire Prophetien
Nouvelle méthode pour pomper le mauvais air des vaisseaux, par Samuel Sutton. Avec une Dissertation sur le scorbut, par le Docteur Mead, et une suite d'expériences du Docteur Desaguliers sur les moyens d'échauffer l'air, de le renouveller, &c. Ouvrages traduits de l'anglais par M. Lavirotte,....
Physices elementa mathematica, experimentis confirmata.
Physico-mechanical lectures.
pierre angulaire, La
religious philosopher
The Constitutions of the free masons
The Religious philosopher, or the Right use of contemplating the works of the Creator
Verhandeling van het zamenstel van drie zig-zelfs-beweegende werktuygen.
Vrye metzelaars zakboekje, of Omstandig berigt van de vrye metzelaars, 't
Whole works of Dr. Archibald Pitcairn, published by himself
works of Dr. Archibald Pitcairn, The : wherein are discovered by true foundation and principles of the art of physic : with cases and observations upon most distempers and medicines
York-buildings dragons, The : Or, A full and true account of a most horrid and barbarous murder, (whose fatal consequences will not only distract the present age, but affect the three next generations) intended to be committed on Monday the 20th of December next, on the bodies, goods, and name of the greatest part of His Majesty's Liege subjects, dwelling and inhabiting between Temple-Bar in the east, and St. James's in the west; and between Hungerford-Market in the south, and St. Mary la Bonne in the north, by a sett of evil-minded Persons, who (by the instigation of plutus, and not having the fear of several lords, knights, and gentlemen, before their eyes) do assemble twice a-week, to carry on their wicked purposes, in a private room over a stable, by the Thames side, in a remote corner of the town.