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Alfred A. Hart
Alfred A. Hart (American photographer and painter)
Alfred A. Hart (Amerikaans fotograaf (-))
Alfred Hart
Hart, Alfred A.
Hart, Alfred (American painter and photographer, 1816-1906)
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Watkins, Carleton E. (1829-1916)
Green Valley and Giant's Gap. American River, 1,500 feet below railroad
Grizzly Hill Tunnel from the north. 500 feet long
Heading of east portal Tunnel No. 8
Hieroglyphic Rocks, on the Yuba River, near Crystal Lake
High bank, Baltimore Ravine
High embankment, near Auburn
Hog's Back Cut, 60 feet deep. 2 miles from Alta
Hornet Hill Cut, west of Gold Run. 50 feet deep
Humboldt Gate, Ten Mile Canyon
Hydraulic mining, at Gold Run, Placer County
Inside view of snow gallery at summit. Bolting the frame to the rocks
James McCloskey
Laborers and rocks, near opening of Summit Tunnel
Lake Angela, Mount King in the distance. Western summit
Lakeview Bluff, 350 feet high, from the Wagon Road
last rail - the invocation. Fixing the wire, May 10th, 1869, The
Lime Point, above Auburn
Long Ravine Bridge from the top of Cape Horn
Looking across Truckee Meadows, toward Sierra Nevada Mountains, near Camp 37
Lower Cascade Bridge. Above Cisco
Lower crossing Humboldt River, 254 miles from Sacramento
Melting of a snow bank. Scene on the summits in August
Miller's Bluffs, near Crystal Lake. Old Man Mountain in distance
New Hampshire Falls, on Yuba River. Summer view. 96 miles from Sacramento
Old Man Mountain. Near Meadow Lake, altitude 7,500
Owl Gap Cut. 900 feet long, 45 feet deep. 80 miles from Sacramento
Palisades Rocks, with road and teams descending western summit
Poetry and prose. Scene at Monument Point, north end of Salt Lake
Powder Bluff. West end of 10 Mile Canyon
Prospect Hill Cut. Upper slope, 170 feet
Railroad around Cape Horn, from the canyon
Railroad at Ogden, Wahsatch Range in distance
Railroad, below Cisco and Crystal Lake
Red Bluffs, lower canyon of Truckee. 178 miles from Sacramento
Reno and Washoe Range in the distance. From base of Sierra Nevada Mountains
Road east of station, at Auburn
Sandstone Cut, near Alta, Placer County
Scene near Deeth. Mount Halleck in distance
Secret Ravine, Iowa Hill in the distance. 61 miles from Sacramento
Secrettown Trestle from the west. Length 1,100 feet
Shaft house over Summit Tunnel, American Peak in distance
Snow gallery around Crested Peak. Timbers 12x14 inches, 20 inches apart
Snow plow
South Yuba Valley and summit, from Black Butte
Summit of Castle Peak, from the northwest
Summit tunnel, before completion. Western summit, altitude 7,042 feet
Summit Tunnel - eastern portal. Length 1,660 feet, on the western summit
Summit Valley, altitude 6,960 feet. Emigrant Mt. and R.R. pass in the distance
Summit Valley, from Emigrant Mount. Alt. 8,200 feet, looking toward Cisco
Summits of Sierras, 8,000 to 10,000 feet alt.
Tangent below Pino, 22 miles from Sacramento
Taylor's Mills, Wasatch Range
Trestle in Clipper Ravine, near Clipper Gap
Truckee River and R.R. at Lime Point. Sierra Nevada Mountains 35 miles distant
Truckee River, approaching the eastern summits
Truckee River, at Truckee Station. 15 miles from Lake Tahoe
Truckee River below Truckee Station, looking west toward Donner Lake
Truckee River, near Wadsworth. Lower canyon of Truckee
Tunnel No. 12, Strong's Canyon
Tunnel No. 15. Looking east, toward Nevada
Tunnel No. 15. Near Camp 24
Tunnel No. 3, above Cisco
Upper Cisco, Rattlesnake and Yuba Mountains
View across river and canyon. From top of Palisades
View from Crested Peak, 8,500 ft alt. Donner Lake 1,500 ft below. Railroad 1,000 ft below
View in Dutch Ravine, looking west, Placer County
View near the state line. Truckee River
View on Donner Lake. Altitude 5,964 feet
View on the American River, below Cape Horn
View west of Prospect Hill. 75 miles from Sacramento
Views in Bloomer Cut, near Austin
Water train opposite Humboldt Lake
Watkins' Pacific Coast
West of Clipper Gap, Placer County
Winnemucca town and peak. 334 miles from Sacramento
Yuba River, above Cisco, Placer County