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Blas, Johnny
Carl Craig
Carl Daniel Craig
Carl Graig
Craig, Carl
Craig, Carl Daniel
Graig, Carl
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
69 (pseud)
69 (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Applied Rhythmic (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
BFC (pseud)
BFC (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
C2 (pseud)
C2C4 (pseud)
Culture, Urban (pseud)
Demented, Tres (pseud)
FRS (pseud)
Music, Designer (pseud)
Music, Immortal (pseud)
Paperclip People (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Parametric (pseud)
Parametric (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
People, Paperclip (pseud)
Piece (pseud)
Psyche (pseud)
Shop (pseud)
Six Nine (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Allen, Geri (co-performer)
Barnes, Alan (co-performer)
Barnes, Allan (co-performer)
Belgrave, Marcus (co-performer)
Blakula (co-performer)
BMG France
Bond, Tassili (co-performer)
Carter, Regina (co-performer)
Catlett, Francisco Mora (co-performer)
Detroit experiment
Detroit experiment (see also from)
Dixon, Kenny Jr (co-performer)
DJ Peter Anthony
Henderson, Ben (co-performer)
Hughes, Perry (co-performer)
Ingram, Sherard (co-performer)
Innerzone orchestra
Innerzone Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Innerzone orchestra 1992-.... (see also from)
League, Athletic Mic (co-performer)
Levinson, Aaron (co-performer)
Maupin, Bennie (co-performer)
McMathis, Terrell (co-performer)
Otis, Ron (co-performer)
Randolph, Paul (co-performer)
Riggins, Karriem (co-performer)
Rotundo, Frank (co-performer)
Schreiber, Susan (co-performer)
Shakir, Anthony (co-performer)
Smith, Michael (co-performer)
Taborn, Craig (co-performer)
The Detroit Experiment (isMemberOf)
Turner, Al (co-performer)
Tyler, Greg (co-performer)
Urban Tribe (isMemberOf)
Virgin France
Whitiker, Rodney (co-performer)
Young, Claude
2006-09-16: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
Act 2
Album Formerly Known As..., The
Alien Talk
Angel (Caya dub)
Angel (Japanese mix)
Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Deep Space dub)
Angel (Jerome Sydenham's main dub)
Angel (Jerome Sydenham's vocal dub)
Angel (Keith Kemp's Western Addition mix)
Angel Remixes
Angolabateau ivre rework
Angolaget down dub
Arms Around (C2 Affected Rmx)
As Time Goes By (Sitting Under a Tree) (feat. Sarah Gregory)
At Les (Christian Smith Hypnotica Mix)
At Les (Christian Smith Remixes)
At Les (Christian Smith's Hypnotica remix)
At Les (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment remix) / Spitzer - Too Hard to Breathe (a cappella) (feat. Kid A)
At Les / Innerzone Orchestra - At Les
At Les (live in Paris)
At Les (Russ Gabriel mix)
At Les (Russ Gabriel rework)
Barcelona Trist
Basic Math
Beginning of the End, The
Brain Freeze
Bug in the bassbin
C-Beams Glitter
Carl Craig: The Workout
Changing Factors
Clear and Present - The C2 Sessions
Climax (Basic Channel remix), The
Climax (Basic Channel reshape), The
Climax (original), The
Club SodadeCesaria Evora by...
Coding Cycle
Coding Sequence
coffret idéal electroles 60 titres electro que vous devez posséder, Le
Comment tu t'appelles ? (5 min 48 s)upside down mix
Comment tu t'appelles ? (6 min 14 s)head over heels mix
Comment tu t'appelles ? (6 min 15 s)mind your own business mix
Country boy goes dub (5 min 17 s)
cycles of the mental machine vr
Darkness / Angel
Darkness (Max mix)
Darkness (Max remix)
Darkness (Radio Slave remix)
Darkness (Radioslave re-edit)
Demented (or Just Crazy)
Designer Music: The Remixes, Volume 1
Designer Music V1
detroit experiment enregistrement sonore, the
disco-tech of... D.J. Cosmo, The
DJ-Kicks: Carl Craig
DJ-Kicks (The Track)
DJ Morpheus presents Lysergic factory
Dominas (Carl Craig mix) / Dominas (Ruff mix)
Einbahn (version)
electronic storm, The
Electronicnew flava19 tracks mixed
Enter the Darkness
Error in Replication
es 30
Fabric 25: Carl Craig (Radio Mix)
floor (5 min 51 s), The
Folkloric Acid
Food and Art (In the Spirit of Revolution)
Fran's Funk (Francisco Mora - Drums), Greg's Groove (Greg Tyler - Drums), Now the Conga (Francisco Mora - Drums)
Free Your Mind
From Beyond
From the Vault: Planet E Classics Collection, Volume 1
Future Love Theme
Futurelovetheme (Carl Craig 'Sessions' remix)
Good Girls
Goodbye World
Home Entertainment (Caya dub)
Home Entertainment (version)
House Party 013: A Planet E Mix
Hush Hush
It Could Be G
Jak to Basics
Jam the Box (Medium Mix)
Just Another Day
Kao-Tic Harmony
Kicks Track
Lagos Shake. Honest Jons records HJRCDDJ34
Lagos Shakea Tony Allen chop up
Landcruising (3 min 46 s)
Landcruising (version)
Live Jam
Low Berth
Manufactured Memories
Masterpiece: Created by Carl Craig
Meditation 1 (version)
Meditation 2 (version)
Meditation 3 (version)
Meditation 4 (version)
Meditation 5 (version)
Meditation 6 (version)
Melody, The
mer est grandeextrait de la bande originale du film "La mer est grande", La
Mind of a machine (9 min 20 s)
Mind of a Machine (version)
Mixmag Presents: Life On Planet E
More songs about food and revolutionary art
Moskow diskowCarl Craig dub
Mr. C presents X-mix The electronic storm
Mutantclassic TG
My Machines (original mix)
My neighborhood (9 min 48 s)
No More Words EP
No More Words (Neo - New Age Tribal mix)
One day soon (5 min 03 s)
One Day Soon (version)
Oscillator (6 min 23 s)
Paperclip man (4 min 57 s)
Parking garage politics (5 min 38 s)
People Make the World Go Round (Slum Village mix)
Picadillo (Carl Craig 12" mix)
Piti piti pasextrait de la bande originale du film "L'homme orchestre"
Planet Plan (Carl Craig mix)
Poi et pas
ReComposed - New Mixes By François Kevorkian & Moritz Von Oswald
ReComposedmusic by Maurice Ravel & Modest Mussorgsky
Red Lights
Relevéealternate version
RelevéeBaby Ford, remix
RelevéeCarl Craig remix
RelevéeDFA remix
Remake Uno
Rougish Moogish
Salsa Life (Forefather mix)
Sandstorms (C2 2011 version)
Sandstorms (original version)
Sandstorms (Versus version)
Science fiction (8 min 04 s)
Science Fiction (A Break for You)
Science Fiction (Flight Through the Unknown)
Science Fiction (From the Top - edit)
Science Fiction (In Touch With My Psyche)
Science Fiction (Kenny Larkin remix)
Science Fiction (version)
secret tapes of Doctor Eich, The
Sessions Bundle Mix 2
She'z Satan
Singing Bass (Sequential Circuits Prophet V), Gary's a New Man, Scratch Fart (Sequential Circuits Prophet 600)
Six nine. Distance DI 222
Six ninethe sound of music
Slam dance (4 min 02 s)
sound of music. Distance DI222, The
Sound on sound
Steam (5 min 35 s)
Sub seducer
Suspiria (Susie Banion mix)
techno anthology enregistrement sonore the innovators
Technoloambient (Max dub)
Technology (7 min 07 s)
Technology (version)
Televised Green Smoke
They were (5 min 59 s)
They Were (version)
Throw (14 min 40 s)
Throw (6 min 19 s)K. hand mix
Throw (6 min 23 s)
Throw (7 min)man mix
Twilight (live in Paris)
Undisputable Dub
Undisputable / Melodica
We are one
Welcome center (2 min 57 s)
wonderful life (6 min 27 s), A
Wonderful Life / As Time Goes By, A
Wonderful Life (Epic mix), A
Wonderful Life (version), A
Wrap Me in It's Arms (New Age Pimp mix)
Wrap Me in Its Arms
Wrong Number
You're Our Best and Only Friend
Contributed to or performed: 
...Dix... (Southern Soul, Sandstorms)
...Huit... (Flicklife, Sandstorms, Atmospheric Emotion, Sea Of Sand)
...Neuf... (Atmospheric Emotion, Sandstorms, Easywoman)
100% Pure House
20 Fucking Years of Planet E - We Ain't Dead Yet
Beats & Pieces, Volume Two
Berlin Meets NY
Body & Soul NYC, Volume 5
Carl Craig - At Les (Antigone Remix)
Carl Craig - Domina (Benedikt Frey Outback Remix)
Carl Craig: The European Perspective
Chillout Fourever
Chronological Harmonisations, Volume 1
Cocoon in the Mix
Colin Dale's Outer Limits
Cream Collect Techno
Darkness (Beatrice Dillon Remix)
DC10 Monday Morning Sessions / Locodice
Development Mix
Distance to Technoland
DJ Dimitri: Static Tracks, Volume 2
DJ-Kicks: The Exclusives
Domina (Benedikt Frey The Game Remix)
Electric Community Compilation Recommends Vol. 1
Equinox / The Beginning / Nite & Da: A Retroactive Compilation
Equinox: Chapter One
Essential Elements 7
Essential Underground, Volume 3
Explosive Hi-Fidelity Sounds
Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies
Further Adventures in Techno Soul
Geology: A Subjective Study of Planet E, Volume 2
Geology: A Subjective Study of Planet E, Volume Two
Global Underground: Afterhours 3
Hand to Phone (Appleseed version)
House of Colette, The
Ian Pooley Presents: A Subterranean Soundtrack
In Order to Dance 5
Inrockuptibles : Un printemps 2017, Les
Interval VI
Interval VII
Interval VIII
Kings of Techno, The
Kontor: Sunset Chill, Volume 2
Kontor: Sunset Chill: All Time Classics
Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up
Let It Go
Ludepre (version)
Lysergic Factory
Moogfest 2012: The Soundlabs EP
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
Movement 5
Movement 6
Movement 8 (C2 version)
Murder of the Innocent
Music Is Life: A Chillin' Experience
New York Lounge
Offering: The Past & Present of !K7
Picadillo (Carl Craig 12" mix)
Point Blank / Demented Drums
Popotronic.03: El Problema
ReComposed - New Mixes By Ricardo Villalobos & Carl Craig
Red Hot + Bach
Relics: A Transmat Compilation
Smokedown: An After Hours Journey Into the Leftfield
So What
So What (Dantiez Saunderson remix)
So What (Doorly remix)
So What (Loco & Jam remix)
So What Remixes
Sound Of Detroit - Lisbon - Buenos Aires - Ljubliana - Talin - Singapore, The
Space Odyssey
Speechless (Carl Craig remix)
Speechless (Gesaffelstein remix)
Speechless (Radio Slave Panorama Garage remix)
Speechless (Radio Slave remix)
Speechless (Remixes)
Speechless (Whisper dub)
Speechless (Whisper dub) / Somebody Else's Idea
State of E:Motion, Volume 9, The
Switch 8
Techno Nights: Ambient Dawn
Techno Rave Party 2
This Is... Techno
to Z: Bestival 2008, A
Trance Ambient, Volume 2
Trax, Volume 61
Trax, Volume 90
Tsugi, Volume 39: Carl Craig presents Planet E Twenty Mix
Underground 2010: Techno, The
Unity 2: The Party Rave Trax
Unsound Festival New York Compilation
Versus Remixes Vol.1
Vexille: The Soundtrack
Villalobos "Uli, Mein Ponyhof" RMX
Warner Music United Kingdom New Releases, Volume 77