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Edelman, Randy
Edelman, Randy ((1947- ))
Edelman, Randy S.
Randy Edelman
Randy Edelman (American composer)
Randy Edelman (Amerikaans zanger)
Randy Edelman (amerikansk komponist og sanger)
Randy Edelman (amerikansk komponist og songar)
Randy Edelman (amerikansk kompositör och sångare)
Randy Edelman (compositeur américain)
Randy Edelman (compositore statunitense)
Randy Edelman (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Randy Edelmann
Randy S. Edelman
Ренді Едельман
Рэнди Эдельман
Ռենդի Էդելման
رندی ادلمن (خواننده و آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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20th century-Fox
Buena vista home entertainment
CIC vidéo
Cohen, Rob
Cohen, Rob (1949-)
Edelman, Randy (1947-....))
Edelman, Randy (1947-...)
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Jones, Trevor (1949-....))
Millar, Miles
PFC Vidéo
Reitman, Ivan (1946-....))
Reitman, Ivan (1946-...)
Touchstone Pictures
Universal City studios
Warner home video France
Ziessen, Annemiek
27 Dresses
27 robes
2nd Century B.C.
40 Central Park South
9romised land (4 min 17 s)
Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Ain't No Piece of Cake
Airport Madness
Al Pops Up
Alex and Lin
Alimony (5 min 26 s)
All Along the Rhine
All American Pastime
Am a Dancer, I
Amazing Grace
American Theme
Anaconda (main title)
Anarchy 99
Ancient China
Andy Beats the Car
Andy's perfect Act / Crater Stunt
Andy Takes the Wheel
Andy the Outsider
Angels in the Outfield
Anna’s Theme
Anniversary Fox Trot
Anotha Cuppa Tea
Anywhere Saloon, The
Apollo 11 in the Sky
Aquamarine Angel
Armistead Is Hit
Arrival in the Big Bad City
Arrival of Lorraine / The Law of Entropy / Katherine Drives by
Arriving at the Truth
Art of the Con
Ascending the Heights
Astoria School Theme
Awakening to Pecos Bill
Backwood Rebels
Backyard Argument
Bad Days
Baiting the Line
Balls of Fury
Ballycarbery Castle
Bank, The
Battle at Devil's Den
Battle Begins in a City of Flames, The
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Battle of Little Round Top
Beaver's World
Becoming a Cowboy in Carson City
Becoming a Family
Bed and Breakfast
Beethoven's 2nd
Beethoven to the Rescue
Belle Catherine, La
Bienvenue au paradis
Big Ball-O-Yellow - The Symbol
Big Green March
Big Green, The
Bilecki's Scam
Black Clouds
Black Knight, The
Blood Ties
Blowin' Us Lovers Away
Blue Street
Boarding the Sub
Boat Ride
Bond That Never Breaks, A
Bonded for Life / Closing
Bonding Buddies
Bonding in Jail
Bonnie Blue Flag
Booked for Murder
Bowen’s Decoy
Bowen’s Ride
Boys Are Back, The
Brazil Accompaniment
Break-In, The
Breaking News As Our Tale Continues
Breakout at the Mission
Bridge at LaCrosse
Bring the Baby In With the Bacon
British Arrival, The
Brooklyn Reflections
Brotherly Intrigue
Bruce and Linda
Bubble Shuffle
Buddies Visit Buckingham Palace, The
Buford's Decisive Determination
Building a New Home
Bumpy Encounter
Burger Binge
Buried Alive?
Burning Bush, The
Burnt Desert
By the Fireside
Call to Adventure (theme from Mummy 3), A
Call to War at the Red Sea
Calypsonians (Performed by Taj Mahal), The
Camerons, The
Campbells are Coming, The
Can’t Make Music, I
Case Dismissed
Castle World
Catch's Advice
Century Plant
Challenge Fight Warm‐Up, The
Chance Meeting at the Marketplace
Chance Meeting At The Park
Changing Science of Ahab, The
Charging Up the Hill
Chasing Jane
Check Your Portfolio
chevalier black
Children's Montage
Chipmunk adventure, The
Chosen Ones
Chris Beats Germany
Christmas Pageant
Ciao, Baby
Citizen X
City View, A
Classic Gunfight, A
Closed Membership, A
Closing and Reprise of Wazoo Junction
Closing / Prized Possession
Coeur de dragon
Come see the paradise Przyjdź zobaczyć raj
Coming Together
Community Is Formed, A
Concrete and Clay
Connection, The
Connie and Carla Overture
Cop Follow Washington
Cora's Final Answer
Cora’s Theme
Costume Change
Countdown / Blast Off
Countdown in Las Vegas
Courier, The
Cowboys and Indians
Cows Help the Jailbirds, The
Cozy Quartet
Cracking the Ice
Crash and Burn
Crater Reunion
Cross Bow
Crossed Paths
Crossing Paths to a Western Town
Cupboard Disappearance
Cynthia With a "C"
Czech Cavalry
D'un rêve à l'autre
Dad Has to Relax
Dance a Little Closer
Danger in the Early Morning Mist
Dark Night, A
Dark Seas (Opening)
Darkened Hallway
Date, The
Dates & Sewers
Daylight: Lautro's Theme/End Credits
Declan's Walk
dernier des mohicans, Le
Desert Passage
Destruction of the Calf
Devil call me back home (4 min 03 s)
Did You Say Divorce?
Dimwits Meet Paul Bunyan, The
Dingle's Senior Citizens
Dinner for Three at SueSingOui
Dinner for Two at Su Sing Wu
Dinner Invitation, A
Discovering the Diary
Discovering the Evidence
Discovering the Map
Discovering the Neighborhood
Discovering The Pups
Disney's Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill
Dissolve to Grey
Distiguished Gentlemen (reprise)/Finale, The
Distinguished Gentleman, The
Distorted View of the World, A
Do it for Katherine
Do They Miss Me at Home?
Dog Has to Go, The
Dogs Let Loose, The
Dominic's Theme / A Rough Day
Don't Forsake Me Now
Don’t Let Go of Me
Don't Mind the Black Cat
Don't sit under the apple tree
Dorian Gets a New Face
Down periscope
Down River
Dragon l'histoire de Bruce Lee
Dragon (Rob Cohen)
Dragon’s Heartbeat, The
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dragon Theme / A Father’s Nightmare
Dragonheart Cor de drac
Dragonheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dream Is Over, The
Dreaming of Florence
Dreams Come True
Drums on the Beach
Duel, The
Early Days (Opening), The
Early Sunrise, An
Echoes in the Distance
Ellie's Theme
Elliot's Lullaby
Emotions Run High
Emperor Versus Zi Yuan, The
Empty Pool
End of a Journey
End of December
Entering the Tomb
Ernest Gives Feather
Ernest Joins Them
Escape Over the Moat
Escaping Death
Everybody Wants to Call You Sweetheart
Exam Cram
Excuse Me, Did You Talk?
Executive action
Exposed Heart
Expresso Rescue
Facing the Dragoness
Facts Of Life, The
Faddle Fiddle
Fade From Satin
Fading Wish (piano solo), A
Fall of Paris, The
Falling Hard and Going Soft
Family Discussion
Family in Pursuit
Family Presses Close, A
Family Therapy
Farewell Fairbanks
Father and Son
Father's Wish, A
Father Theme
Feeding Time
Feliz Navidad
Fife and Gun
Fifth Ghostbuster, A
Fighting Demons
Final Assault
Finale - Fulfillment of the Quest
Finally a Clue
Finding Missy
Finding Paradise in Bora Bora
Fire at the School
Fire in a Brooklyn Theatre
First Battle, The
First Chase
First Date
First Kiss
First Outing
Fisherman's Heaven
Fist of Fury
Fixing the Old Beaver
Flashback to an Early Love
Flesh'n blood (4 min 16 s)
flic à la maternelle, Un
Flight to Avalon
Flip city (5 min 12 s)
Floating Pontoons
Flower that blooms in the rain
Flunking Out
Fly Moon in Car / Andy Learns Truth
Flying Injured
Foot Race to Paradise
For a Friend
For Richer or Poorer
Forbidden City
Forked Tongue
Formation of the Terra Cotta Army
Forrest of Death
Fragile Princess, A
Frankie Figs
Fred Intrudes / Classroom
Freemantle & Armistead
Fresh Out’a Love
Frog in the Well
From East to West
From History to Legend
Games' Afoot, The
Gang Arrives in Montreal, The
Garden Scene
General Lee at Twilight
General Lee's Solitude
Générique (Mac Gyver)
George Gets Turned On
George in a Good Light
Get Down Pennsylvania Hoe
Get with the band (3 min 50 s)
Getting Dizzy
Getting Extremely Personal
Getting Loose
Gettysburg Address (Recited by Jeff Daniels), The
Gettysburg: Deluxe Commemorative Edition
Gettysburg la dernière bataille.
Gettysburg - Main Theme
Gettysburg, More Songs and Music from
Gettysburg - Revisited
Ghostbusters II Original Score
Gift of All Gifts, The
Girl Can Walk, The
Girls of Many Nations in D.C.
Go to Their Graves Like Beds
Gogolak Mansion, The
Going to Santa Fe
Going Up To The Mountain
Gone Fishin'
Good Plan
grand tournoi
Greastest Fighters, The
Great Computer Caper, The
Greatest Sorrow, The
Growing Older
Half Heaven Half Heartache
Halloween Masquerade
Hancock & Kemper Are Shot
Hanging, The
Happy Ending, A
Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington remix)
Harsh Ballerina, A
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
He's Alive
Heart of America, The
Heavy Burden, A
Hi Peter
Higher and higher (4 min 08 s)
Highway Affair
History in a Paddle
Home Again / Raging Water
Home on the Rangoon
Home Sweet Home
Home to a Welcome Village
Homecourt Advantage
Hopalong City Boy
Hot Wheels
House Arrival
Hunley The Hunley
Hymn to a Faery King
Ice Storm
If I Could Do That
If This Is Love
Important Decisions
In Central Park
In Front of the Pyramids
In the Arms of Love
In The Moonlight
In Xander's Zone
Indian in the Cupboard, The
Interest of the Crown, The
Intimate Evening
Into the Mist
Irish Schnitzel
Isn’t It a Shame
It’s Nice to Have Something to Believe In
Italian Star, The
Jack and Lily
Jack and Lucy
Jamal on Horseback
Jefe in the Colombian Drug Fields, El
Jimmy the Tulip
Jingle Bell Rock
John Henry
Journey of the Imperial Guard
Journey to the Competition
Jumping Ship
June Lullaby
Just a Small Snake
Just Another School Day
Just Before the Battle, Mother
Just Passing Through
Katherine finds Letter
Katherine Must Merge
Katherine's first Try
Katherine Won't Budges
Kathleen Mavourneen
Katie Go
Kawamura familly theme
Kawamura Family Theme
Kentucky Blue
Khan Kills Phang
Kicking J.T.'s Butt
Killer Angel
Kilrain's Ride
Kimball Reveals the Truth
Kindergarten Cop: Astoria School Theme
Kindergarten cop Gliniarz w przedszkolu
Kindergarten Cop (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Kindergarten Cop: Rain Ride
Kindergarten Cop, The
Kiss by the Potomac, A
Kiss Is Not a Kiss, A
Kiss on the Rooftop, A
Kissed by a Snowflake
Kit's Plan
Knights in Shining Armor
Kyle, the Wheat Boy
Lament for Boone
Last Dragon Slayer, The
last of the Mohicans Ostatni Mohikanin, The
Latura's Theme
Laughter and the Tears, The
Leap Year Promise, A
Leave It to Beaver
Leave It to Sol
Leaving a Friend
Leaving George
Leaving the Station
Lee Hoi Chuen’s Love
légendes de l'Ouest
Let's Kick Butt
Let the Sailors Dance
Life Is Good
Life on the Open Road
Light at the End
Like It, I
Lily and Mini
Line Up / Fireside Chat, The
Lions and Gibbons
Lisa's Theme
Little Bag of Magic, A
Little Girls Don't Cry
Little Pebble
Little Tokyo
Look Both Ways
Looking for a Way Out
Looking Toward a Rainbow
Lost and Found
Love and Warmth O'er Yonder
Love birds
Love in the Himalayas
Love is the sweetest thing
Love Me
Love Theame
Love Theme From the Untouchables
Love Theme (Joyce)
Love Theme (reprise)
Loving You All Over
Lucrative Luncheon
Luke and Chloe
Lunching With Peacocks
Mac Gyver "Mac Gyver Theme"
MacGyver: Er kämpft mit allen Tricks
MacGyver’s War
MacGyver Theme
Mad Dash for Kevin, A
Madelyne's Fate
Mafia is Everywhere, Part II, The
Mag Gyver Theme (Main Title)
Magic Place, A
Magical Moments
Magua's Vow
Main Themes
Main Title From Diabolique
Main Titles
Making Plans
Man Behind the Mask, The
Man of the Hour
Manhattan Farewell
March to Mortality (Pickett's Charge)
Martial Arts
Marty and Aaron
Mask Is Back, The
Mayfield Mighty Mites
Medieval 'Hood', A
Meeting Little Bear
Meeting the Judge
Memories, Retirement and Dinner
Men of Honor
Message From Alexander
Met a Sailor, I
Mexican Standoff
Mid-Life Jersey Crisis
Middle Age Inn, The
Mill Fight & Triumph
Milo to the Rescue
Miracle in New Orleans
Missing Persons
Mission Impossible
Mon voisin le tueur
Monkey Boy and Snake Eyes
More than a kiss (3 min 16 s)
Morning on Boston Common
Moses Starts a New Life
Most Wonderful Time of the Year, The
Mother and Daughter Reunion
Mother's Lullaby, A
Motorcycle Assault
Mountain of Gold, The
Mountains and Streams
Mr. Johnson Finds a Cause
Mud Slide Van
mummy, tomb of the Dragon Emperor original motion picture soundtrack, The
Murder and Escape
Museum Becomes Alive!, The
Music Still Plays, The
My Beautiful Anna... (Conda)
My Body & Soul
My cousin Vinny
My Heart Got in the Way
My Heart Shall Not Fear
My Home Is Virginia
My Ole Man
My Place (Come on Over)
My Special Friend
Named After A Hot Dog Brand
Neighborhood Sleeps, The
New and Grand Country, A
New Assignment, A
New Day, A
New Neighbor, A
New Phone System, A
New Prisoner, A
New Year’s Betrayal
New York City Blues
Nick Malone
Night Attack
Night Music
Nine Tiny Seconds
No Miracles Today
No One Is Safe
No Photographs
No Reinforcements
No Reservations
No Scout
No Secret
Nobody Made Me
Norton Gets Nuked
Nothing Stays the Same
Offering the Claddagh Ring
Old Black and White
Old Friends
Old New York
Old Wise Tale, An
Omri's Newfound Magic
On our own (4 min 53 s)
On Sunday Afternoon
On the Bridge
On the Campaign Trail
On the Edge
On the Move
On Time
On to Washington
One Day With Honor
One Long Bluesy Night
One small Step / Escape to Canada
One Too Many Martinis
Open Invitation
Open Wound
Opening (Snoozing with Beethoven)
Opening - The Dream
Opening: The Origin of the Mask
Oscar, Dana & Peter - The Museum
Oscar's Walk On The Ledge
Osmosis Jones
Our Heroes
Our Shining Hero (Finale)
Out In Traffic
Out of Gas
Out of the Line of Fire
Over The Cliff
Over the Fence
Oz Gets a Surprise
Pacific Flow to Abbey Road, The
Painting, The
Palace Farewell
Paradise Pond
Parley / Magua's Story
Passion of Mind
Pêche party
Perfect Place to Stay Forever, A
Perfect Wedding Day, A
Peter's Family
Phone Intrigue
Phone Tag
Piano Picker
Pickett's Complaint
Pieces of a Story
Pig Squawks and Prison Talks
Pigskin Shuffle
Pink Kawala
Pistol Packin’ Melody
Place for Mel, A
Plans Have Changed
Planting Season
Please Don’t Stop Remembering
Pong the Swords
Pontiac Moon
Poor Cindy / Gettysburg Address
Pop of the Old Head
Potato in the Rain, A
Prague Arrival
Premiere of the Big Boss, The
Preparing the Field
Press Conference
Pretty Girls
Price, The
Prime Cuts
Promised Land, The
Protecting a Princess
Puppy Snatchers
Put Oscar Somewhere Safe
Queen and a Dream, A
Quest, The
Quick Getaway, A
Quinn's Brilliant Idea
Race, The
Racing for the Train
Rain Ride
Rainy Day Girl
Randy Edelman and His Piano: The Very Best of...
Rathbone's Evil Heart
Ray of Hope, A
Reading of the Scrolls
Ready to Be Reborn
Reflecting in a Glass Pool
Refreshing Swim, A
Refuge To Peter
Refuse the Line!
Reign of Terror, The
Renaissance Sway
Reprise of Waves of Brotherhood (Finale)
Resolution - End Titles
Return of the Dragon
Return to Egypt
Reunion and Finale
Revisiting the Race
Rhyee And Seth
Rick and Evy in Battle
Rick’s Long Rod
Riff Raff Meets Shoeshine
Right Time... Wrong Guy
River Walk and Discovery
Riverside Walk
Rock & Roll Angels
Rockin' the pad (3 min 52 s)
Romance in the Dark
Room with no Windows, A
Round Fourteen
Roy's Epiphany
Rumble on the Train
Ryce's Theme
Rycerze z Szanghaju
Sad Return, A
Sadly Unemployed
Sailing on the Hudson
Sailing on the South China Sea
Salami and Bagels
Sandhog's Chapel, The
Sandlot Shuffle
Santa Anita
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Sarah and Jesse (5 min 29 s)
Sarone's Last Stand
Say Hello to the Tribe
Say I Do
Saying Goodbye
Scene of the Crime
Scheming on the Boat
Scientific Method, The
Seal in Danger, The
Search, The
Searching for a Miracle
Searching Though Drawers
Secret & Elite
Secret Prince Is Born, The
Sei giorni, sette notti
Sensuous Lady
Sentenced to Death
Sentimental Fool
Sentimental Fools
Settling the Bill
Shakey Vinny Takes the Case
Shanghai Chase
Shanghaï kid
Shanghai Noon
Shared Experience
She's Twitching
Shielding a Son
Shock From an Eastern Bloc
Shopping Spree
Short Swim Under Water, A
Silently Yearning for Centuries
Simon's Lab and Experiment
Six Days and Seven Nights
Six days, seven nights Sześć dni, siedem nocy
Six jours, sept nuits
Skull Island
skulls société secrète
Skulls, The
Slea Head Cliffs, The
Smelling Fear
Smile Please
Snake Scares Lorraine / Escape from bar
Snake & Skeleton
Soft Rebellion
Soldier's Irony & Close Call
Something's Wrong
Son of the Mask (History Lesson)
Sophie Cons Jimmy
SOS fantômes II
Sound Advice
Sparkie's Chase
Speak to Me
Spiffing Up the Hunley
Spirit (4 min 14 s)
Spoons and Bugs
Spped Boat Race
Stalking Crisp
Stan, the Pantsman
Statesman Feng Makes the Intros
Steep but Beautiful Climb, A
Stiles Confronts the Town Folk
Stimulating Bath, A
Stinging Truth, A
Stirring First Date, A
Stirring the Pot
Stolen Vehicle, A
Stonewall Jackson's Way
Stoney Road to Dublin
Storming Combat
Storming the Garrison
Stormy Seas Meet a Peaceful Shore
Strain Begins to Show, The
Streetwalkin’ Ed
Stroll Through Town, A
Suburban Pittsburgh
Subways and Skyscrapers
Supernatural (4 min 35 s)
Surefire Plan
Surviving Christmas
Swamp Music
Sweet Victory
Swingin' Barbecue, A
Sworn Testimony
Table Spin
Take Off Your Clothes
Taking a Stand
Taking All Comers
Taking Sides on the Issue
Tango in the Park
Tao of Jeet Kune Do, The
Tear Jerking Tale
Ted and the Bullies
Teen Love
Telling a Story
Ten Commandments (main title), The
Terminal island
Test Begins, The
Testicular Situation, A
Texas Oasis, A
Thanksgiving Prayer, A
Theme From 27 Dresses
Theodore's Victory Run
They're Coming Again
Think We'll Be Fine, I
Thirty Years Old (Mom)
This Must Be Heaven
Thorazine Hell
Three Ring Hearing Room
Tide Turns, The
Time Changes People
Tiny Balls Go Olympic
To the City of Battle
To the Queen
To the Stars
Toboggans and Helicopters
Today (June Song)
Torn Apart
Torpedo on the Loose
Total Madness
Totem's Sacred Ground, The
Tower Climb
Tower / Everything Is OK, The
Tracking Chikatilo
Tracking the War Party
Training for the Battle
Training for the Dive
Training Shakedown
Trashing the Diggs
Tried and True
Trip To The Asylum - Bring Me A Child
Troetelbeertjes : hulp uit Troetelland
Trotter Unfolds the Tale
Trouble in the Old City
True Gift (Shaya), A
Trusty Old Chief
Tuck In The Guts, We're The Ghostbust
Tulip Reprise, The
Tunnel Claims Its Own, The
Turn the World Around
Turning Away
Two Comrades Embrace
Two-Dog Walk
Two Females and a Guy
Two-Fifty Large
Úbeda City
Underdog Saves the Day
Untimely Accident, An
Up against the sky (5 min 55 s)
Up to No Good
Up-Town Up-Tempo Woman
Up-Town Up-Town Woman
Upcoming Execution
Uptown, Uptempo Woman, The
V.O. Lyle
Victory at Ed Parker’s
Vie En Ring, La
Vigo's Plan
Visit From a 3-Headed Friend
vuelta al mundo de Alvin y las ardillas, La
Während du schliefst
Waking Alone
Walkin' on the Streets of London
Wally's Lament
War and Romance
Warm Conversation, A
Warm Rooftop, A
Warming Trend, A
was a fool (2 min 49 s), I
Washington Searches for the Right Man
Watch Me
Watching and Waiting
Wave, The
Waves of Brotherhood
Way of the Yengeese, The
Wazoo Junction
We Are the Flank
We're back (5 min 08 s)
We Will Prevail!
Weekend in New England, A
Welcome Here Again/Old
Where Did We Go Wrong?
Where's Victoria?
Where the Money Is
While You Were Sleeping: A Happy Ending
While you were sleeping Ja cię kocham, a ty śpisz
While You Were Sleeping (KMN score remix)
whole nine yards Jak ugryźć 10 milionów, The
Wie überleben wir Weihnachten?
Will's Funeral
Will to Win, The
Willie Has Gone To War
Winding Lonesome Highway, The
Winning the Crowd
Wire, The
Woman on Your Arm, The
Wonders of an Ancient Glory
World of the Heart (Main Title), The
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
X Marks the Spot
xXx: Prague Arrival
Y a-t-il un commandant pour sauver la Navy ?
Yang Follows the O’Connells
Yankee Doodle
Yanni on a String
Year of Jubillo
Years Later
yeux d'un ange
Yip Man’s Kwoon
You Are the Sunlight — I Am the Moon
You Can Always Buy Her Pearls
You Can't Spit at Heaven
You Have the Right to Remain Silent
You, Me and a Martini
You’re the One
Your Eyes Give You Away
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Acoustic Memories
100 ans de musiques de films
100 Greatest TV Themes, Volume 2
100 Hits: 70s Pop
25 ans de films catastrophe
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1976: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
About Us
Action Movie Themes
After the Bombardment
Alle 13 Goed! Voor de 10e keer
Ambush, The
Années 80 Mega
Années 80 Mega 10CD
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Action‐Collection
Arnold: Great Music From the Films of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arrival in Fort Henry
Barn, The
Battle to the Death (includes Dragonheart theme)
Boy Next Door, The
Burial Ground
Capitulation (Magua's Revenge)
Charleston Capers
Chartboxx: Die Lovesongs der 70er
Classic Film Hits
Classique Abstrait I, Le
Classroom Panic
Cora & Nathaniel
Cora's Answer
Cora's Smile
Dead Friends
Disasters! Movie Music Album, The
Disco Rocket
Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Drinking Wine
Duncan & Nathaniel
Dunkan & Cora
Enemy in Shadow, The
Every Song Tells a Story
Final Victory and End Credits (includes Dragonheart theme)
Game, The
General Thanks the Mohicans
General Webb & Heyward
General's Orders (Magua's Oath)
Gods and Generals
Golden Child, The
Goodbye My Friend (includes Dragonheart theme)
Great TV & Movie Themes
Guilty Pleasures Rides Again
Have a Blast
Heywards Arrival
Hurons Attack
Jurassic Park & Other Movie Favourites
Kabel 1 - Die Originale! Die 50 größten TV-Serien-Hits
Kiss, The
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Christmas (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 8)
Klassik Radio: Christmas Soundtracks
Knight Is Sworn to Valor (includes Dragonheart theme), A
Last of the Mohicans (Complete Score), The
Last of the Mohicans (KMN score remix), The
Last of the Mohicans End Titles, The
Last of the Mohicans, The
Last of the Mohicans: Main Title, The
Leaving the Fort #1
Leaving the Fort #2
Light Mellow Parkside Terrace
Light Mellow SEALINE
Log Cabin Blues
Love Scene
Main Titles (The Hunting)
Meilleurs Génériques des séries T.V. américaines 80's, Les
Messenger, The
More Than That
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The
Music for Meditation
Music from the original motion picture soundtrack Twins
Nathaniel Surrenders
Nathaniel's Arrest
Naughty but Nice
Nicest Thing
Piano and the Song, The
Piano Songbook
Plan to Escape, A
Plus Grands Thèmes des séries TV cultes, Les
Power of Love Soft Rock Classics: 1970–1976, The
Prisoners, The
Promise, A
Quarrel, A
Real Life
Return of the God
Sachem's Decision (Alice & Uncas Magua's Death)
SAT.1 presents TV's Greatest Hits II
Score It!, Volume 11
Score It!, Volume 7
Scouts, The
Serial TV
Séries TV cultes, Volume 2
Shanghai Knights
Shared Heart (includes Dragonheart theme)
She Did It! The Songs of Jackie DeShannon Volume 2
Simon Bates Presents: The Golden Years of the ’70s, Volume 2
Singer Songwriters, The
Singers and Songwriters: The Classics
Son of the Mask
Switching Cars
Television Hits, Vol. 2
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control
Top of the World (Last of the Mohicans)
Track, A
True Seventies
True Seventies Love
TV Themes America: 16 Classic Themes
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