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Lomax Smith, Vernon
Smit Vernoy
Smith, V.
Smith, V. L.
Smith (V. L.; 1927-)
Smith, Vernon
Smith, Vernon L.
Smith, Vernon Lomax
Vernon L. Smith (American economist)
Vernon L. Smith (Amerikaans econoom)
Vernon L. Smith (amerikansk ekonom)
Vernon L. Smith (amerikansk økonom)
Vernon L. Smith (économiste américain)
Vernon L. Smith (US-amerikanischer Ökonom, Professor für Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften)
Vernon Lomax Smith
Vernon Smit
Vernon Smith (economista statunitense)
Vernon Smith (ekonomista amerykański, noblista)
Вернан Сміт
Вернон Сміт
Върнън Смит
Смит (В; 1927-)
Смит, В. Л
Смит, Вернон
Смит, Вернон Ломакс
ვერნონ სმითი
Վեռնոն Սմիթ
ורנון סמית'
فيرنون سميث
ورمن ایل سمتھ
ورنن سمتھ
ورنون اسمیت (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
เวอร์นอน แอล สมิธ
버논 스미스
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Cambridge University Press
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Cato Institute
Chapman University / Argyros School of Business and Economics / Economic Science Institute (ESI)
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Dinar, Ariel
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Durham, Yvonne
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Forsythe, Robert
Franciosi, Robert
George Mason University Affiliation (see also from)
Gillis, Floyd E.
Gjerstad, Steven
Gorham, Michael
Gunnthorsdottir, Anna
Hallstrom, Daniel
Harvard University
Hazlett, Thomas W.
Hirshleifer, Jack
Hoffman, Elizabeth
Houser, Daniel
Houtven, George Van
Howitt, Richard
Howitt, Richard E.
Huang, Ju
Hussam, Reshmaan N.
Isaac, R Mark
Jaworski, Taylor
Kahneman, Daniel
Keane, Michael
Ketcham, Jon
Kimbrough, Erik
Kimbrough, Erik O.
Knez, Peter
Kujal, Praveen
Ledyard, John O.
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McCabe, Kevin
McCabe, Kevin A
McCabe, Kevin A.
McFadden, Daniel L.
Michelitsch, Roland
Miller, Ross M
Murphy, James
Murphy, James J.
Olson, Mark
Olson, Mark A.
Palmquist, Raymond
Parisi, Francesco (1962-...)
Pattanayak, Subhrendu
Plott, Charles
Plott, Charles R
Plott, Charles R.
Pope, Jaren
Porter, David
Porter, David P
Rassenti, S.J.
Rassenti, Stephen
Rassenti, Stephen J
Rassenti, Stephen J.
Reiley, David
Reynolds, Stanley S
Reynolds, Stanley S.
Rietz, Thomas A.
Rigdon, Mary
Rigdon, Mary L.
Ryan, Lee
Sheremeta, Roman M.
Shields, Timothy W.
Shobe, William
Smith, V.
Smith, V.L.
Smith, Vernon
Smith, Vernon L
Smith, Vernon L et al
Smith, Vernon L.
Snowberg, Erik
Suchanek, Gerry L
Sunstein, Cass R.
Teece, David J.
Titus, Jon A
University of Arizona Affiliation (see also from)
Urbancic, Michael
Van Boening, Mark
Walker, James M
Walker, James M.
Weg, Eythan
Wellford, Charissa P.
Wiley, Jay W.
Williams, Arlington W
Williams, Arlington W.
Wilson, Bart
Wilson, Bart J
Wilson, Bart J.
Wolters Kluwer Polska
Xiao, Erte
Zhang, Xiaolong
Zitzewitz, Eric
1. Markets
2. Market Economics of Uncertainty and Information
2003 Manifesto on the California Electricity Crisis
3. General Equilibrium and Multiple Market Systems
4. Games
5. Mechanism Design and Policy Applications
6. Non-market and Organizational Research
7. Individual Choice, Beliefs and Behavior
8. Methods
Adaptation and convergence of behavior in repeated experimental Cournot games
Adjusting to natural disasters
Allocation, information and markets
Appendix I-H: The Measurement of Capital
Auction design for composite goods : The natural gas industry
Auction Institutional Design: Theory and Behavior of Simultaneous Multiple-Unit Generalizations of the Dutch and English Auctions.
Auction market theory of heterogeneous bidders
Bargaining and market behavior essays in experimental economics
Behavioral economics research and the foundations of economics
Behavioral Foundations of Reciprocity: Experimental Economics and Evolutionary Psychology.
Bidding behavior in first price sealed bid auctions : Use of computerized Nash competitors
Borrower-Lender Relationship., The
Bubbles, Crashes, and Endogenous Expectations in Experimental Spot Asset Markets.
Can Natural Experiments Measure Behavioral Responses to Environmental Risks?
Checking Out Temptation: An Natural Experiment with Purchases at the Grocery Register
Combinatorial Auction Mechanism for Airport Time Slot Allocation, A
Combinatorial Auction, The
Comparison of Posted-Offer and Double-Auction Pricing Institutions., A
Competitive Market Institutions: Double Auctions vs. Sealed Bid-Offer Auctions.
Concurrent trading in two experimental markets with demand interdependence
Constructivist and Ecological Rationality in Economics
Consumption and Investment Booms in the Twenties and Their Collapse in 1930
Control theory applied to natural and environmental resources an exposition
Corporate Financial Theory under Uncertainty.
Cotenancy and Competition in an Experimental Auction Market for Natural Gas Pipeline Networks.
Cultural group selection, co evolutionary processes and large-scale cooperation (by Joseph Henrich)
Cyclical Double-Auction Markets with and without Speculators.
Default Risk, Scale, and the Homemade Leverage Theorem.
Depreciation, Market Valuations, and Investment Theory
Design of ``Smart'' Water Market Institutions Using Laboratory Experiments, The
design, testing and implementation of Virginia's NOx allowance auction, The
Designing `smart' computer-assisted markets : An experimental auction for gas networks
Designing Call Auction Institutions: Is Double Dutch the Best?
Discovering Economics in the Classroom with Experimental Economics and the Scottish Enlightenment
Discovery - A memoir
Discriminatory Price Auctions in Electricity Markets: Low Volatility at the Expense of High Price Levels.
Dividend timing and behavior in laboratory asset markets
Do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Poorer? Experimental Tests of a Model of Power.
Do the Richer get Richer and the Poor Poorer? Experimental Tests of a Model of Power
Double Bubbles in Assets Markets with Multiple Generations
Durability, Re-trading and Market Performance
Dynamics of Waste Accumulation: Disposal Versus Recycling.
Economic Analysis of Contributions Under the Income-Tax Laws, An
Economic Equipment Policies: An Evaluation
Economic Principles in the Emergence of Humankind: Presidential Address to the Western Economic Association, June 30, 1991.
Economic Theory and Its Discontents.
Economics in the Laboratory
Economics of natural and environmental resources. -
Economics of Production from Natural Resources: Reply.
Effect of Bidding Information in Ascending Auctions., The
Effect of Non-binding Price Controls in Double Auction Trading
effects of rent asymmetries in experimental auction markets, The
Electric Power Market Design Issues and Laboratory Experiments
endowment effect., The
Energy, Reserve and Adjustment Market Behavior With Industry Network, Demand and Generator Parameters
Exchange and Specialization as a Discovery Process
Exchange, Specialization, and Property as a Discovery Process
Exchange, theft, and the social formation of property
Exclusionary Bundling and the Effects of a Competitive Fringe
Exogenous Uncertainty Increases the Bid-Ask Spread in the Continuous Double Auction
Experimental Auction Markets and the Walrasian Hypothesis
Experimental Comparison of Three Public Good Decision Mechanisms., An
Experimental Development of Sealed-Bid Auction Theory: Calibrating Controls for Risk Aversion.
Experimental economics : how we can build better financial markets
Experimental Economics: Induced Value Theory.
Experimental Economics: Reply.
Experimental economics комплекс исследований, по совокупности которых автору присуждена Нобелевская премия
Experimental Examination of Two Exchange Institutions., An
Experimental Study of Competitive Market Behavior, An
Experimental Tests of an Allocation Mechanism for Private, Public or Externality Goods.
Experimental tests of the endowment effect.
Experiments in decision, organization and exchange
Experiments with a Decentralized Mechanism for Public Good Decisions.
Fairness and short run price adjustment in posted offer markets.
Fairness: Effect on Temporary and Equilibrium Prices in Posted Offer Markets.
Friend-or-foe intentionality priming in an extensive form trust game
Functional Imaging Study of Cooperation in Two-Person reciprocal Exchange, A
Futures Contracting and Dividend Uncertainty in Experimental Asset Markets.
Game Theory and Experimental Economics: Beginnings and Early Influences
Gross domestic product and its components in recessions
Handbook of experimental economics results.
Hayek and Experimental Economics
Hedonic models and air pollution: Twenty-five years and counting
Historical Property Rights, Sociality, and the Emergence of Impersonal Exchange in Long-distance Trade
Identifying individual differences: An algorithm with application to Phineas Gage
Impact of Exchange Context on the Activation of Equity in Ultimatum Games, The
In Search of Predatory Pricing.
Incentives and Behavior in English, Dutch and Sealed-Bid Auctions.
Individual Rationality, Market Rationality, and Value Estimation.
Inducing Risk-Neutral Preferences: An Examination in a Controlled Market Environment.
Intertemporal Competitive Equilibrium: An Empirical Study of Speculation.
Interview with the 2002 Laureates in Economics, Daniel Kahneman and Vernon L. Smith
Investment and production a study in the theory of the capital-using enterprise
Investment Behavior: Discussion.
Is Meta-Analysis a Noah's Ark for Non-Market Valuation?
James M. Buchanan, Gary S. Becker, Daniel Kahneman and Vernon L. Smith
law and economics of irrational behavior
Marine Debris, Beach Quality, and Non-Market Values
Markets as Economizers of Information: Experimental Examination of the "Hayek Hypothesis".
Measuring Nonmonetary Utilities in Uncertain Choices: The Ellsberg Urn.
Microeconomic Systems as an Experimental Science.
Momentum and overreaction in experimental asset markets
Monetary Rewards and Decision Cost in Experimental Economics.
Motivation Theory and Experimental Behavior under the Decision Cost Hypothesis
Natural Monopoly and Contested Markets: Some Experimental Results.
Numerical Computation of Equilibrium Bid Functions in a First-Price Auction with Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes
Off-floor Trading, Market Disintegration and Price Volatility in Bid/Ask Markets
Oligopoly competition in fixed cost environments
On Expectations and the Monetary Stakes in Ultimatum Games.
On Models of Commercial Fishing: The Traditional Literature Needs No Defenders.
On Nonbinding Price Controls in a Competitive Market.
On the failure to induce meager offers in ultimatum game
Optimal costly firm entry in general equilibrium
optimistic theory of exhaustible resources, An
Papers in Experimental Economics
Paradox of Power, The
Positive reciprocity and intentions in trust games
Preface to the Handbook
Preferences and Property Rights in Ultimatum and Dictator Games
Price Bubbles
Price Controls in a Posted Offer Market.
Primitive Hunter Culture, Pleistocene Extinction, and the Rise of Agriculture., The
Principle of Unanimity and Voluntary Consent in Social Choice., The
Promise of Prediction Markets, The
Prompting Strategic Reasoning Increases Other-regarding Behavior
Psychology and Economics: Discussion.
¿Qué es la economía experimental?
Racjonalność w ekonomii
Radio Spectrum and the Disruptive Clarity of Ronald Coase
Rational Choice: The Contrast between Economics and Psychology.
Rationality in Economics Constructivist and Ecological Forms
razionalità nell'economia, La : fra teoria e analisi sperimentale ; prefazione di Matteo Motterlini e Francesco Guala
Reciprocity in Ultimatum and Dictator Games: An Introduction
Reciprocity, Trust, and Payoff Privacy in Extensive Form Bargaining
Recovering Hicksian Consumer Surplus within a Collective Model: Hausman's Method for the Household
Regulation of Interstate Wine Shipments
Relevance of Laboratory Experiments to Testing Resource Allocation Theory
Res. exp. econ.
Rethinking housing bubbles : the role of household and bank balance sheets in modeling economic cycles
Rewards and Behavior in First Price Auctions
Rewards, Experience and Decision Costs in First Price Auctions.
Social Distance and Other-Regarding Behavior in Dictator Games: Reply
Social Distance and Reciprocity in Dictator Games
Spot market mechanism design and competitivity issues in electric power
Stock market bubbles in the laboratory
Strategy-Proof Equilibrium Behavior in Two-Sided Auctions
Sustaining cooperation in trust games
Taxes and share evaluation in competitive markets, 1967:
Taxes and Share Valuation in Competitive Markets.
test that discriminates between two models of the Dutch-first auction non-isomorphism, A
Tests of a heterogeneous bidders theory of first price auctions
Thar She Blows: Can Bubbles Be Rekindled with Experienced Subjects?
theoretical and empirical inquiry into the economic replacement of capital equipment, A
Theory and Behavior of Multiple Unit Discriminative Auctions.
Theory and experiment: What are the questions?
Theory and Individual Behavior of First-Price Auctions.
Theory and Misbehavior of First-Price Auctions: Comment.
Theory and Test of Credit Rationing: Some Generalizations., A
Theory, Experiment and Economics.
Theory, experiment and the federal communications commission spectrum auctions
Transmission Constraints, Incentive Auction Rules and Trader Experience in an Electric Power Market
Transparency, Efficiency and the Distribution of Economic Welfare in Pass-Through Investment Trust Games
Two Faces of Adam Smith, The
Uncertainty and partial adjustment in double-auction markets
Using the Machiavellianism instrument to predict trustworthiness in a bargaining game
Walrasian Auction, The
What would Adam Smith think?
When punishment fails: Research on sanctions, intentions and non- cooperation
Winner's Curse and Public Information in Common Value Auctions: Comment, The
Экспериментальная экономика
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Thesis (Ph.D.)--Harvard University, 1955