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J. V
James Valentine
James Valentine (britischer Fotograf (1815–1879))
James Valentine (britisk fotograf)
James Valentine (Brits fotograaf (1815-1879))
James Valentine (brittisk fotograf)
James Valentine (fotograf brytyjski (1815–1879))
James Valentine (fotografo scozzese (1815–1879))
James Valentine (Scottish photographer)
James Valentine (Skotský fotograf)
Valentine, J. V.
Valentine, James
Valentine, James (Scottish photographer, 1815-1879)
1815-1880 ?
Creation class: 
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Related names: 
Rolland, Romain (1866-1944)
Schmidt, Ferdinand (1840-1909)
Schmitz, Anselm (1839?-1903)
Sirot, Georges (1898-1977)
Smeaton, Charles (1838-1868)
Soame, James (1835-1905)
Sommer, Giorgio (1834-1914)
Tamme, Rudolf (1835-1911)
Valentine & Sons
Valentine & Sons (see also from)
Wilson, George Washington (1823-1893)
[Album de 12 phot. de Lapons, 1890, des collections du prince R. Bonaparte]
[Fonds Romain Rolland. Album de photographies. Vues de France, d'Allemagne, de Grande-Bretagne et reproductions d'oeuvres d'art (peinture et sculpture)]
[Henry Soltau]
High level and swing bridges Newcastle
[Normandie et Angleterre]
[Recueil.] Danemark, Norvège, Suède, Allemagne
[Recueil. Photographies positives et impressions photomécaniques. Oeuvre de James Valentine]
Rothesay Harbour
Scrapbook of Europe, ca. 1880s:
Selection of historical photographs illustrative of the catacombs of Rome Taken with magnesian light, prepared under the direction of John Henry Parker
Tour in Scotland