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Nouriel Roubini (American economist)
Nouriel Roubini (Amerikaans econoom)
Nouriel Roubini (docente e economista statunitense)
Nouriel Roubini (US-amerikanischer Nationalökonom)
Roubini, N.
Roubini, Nouriel
Нуриел Рубини
Нуріель Рубіні
Рубини, Нуриэль
Նուրիել Ռուբինի
נוריאל רוביני
רוביני, נוריאל
نوریل روبینی
누리엘 루비니 (미국의 경제학자)
ルービニ, ヌリエル
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Alesina, Alberto
Alesina, Alberto F
Buiter, W.H.
Buiter, Willem H
Cavallo, Michele
Cohen, Gerald D
Cohen, Gerald D.
Corsetti, G.
Corsetti, Giancarlo
Corsetti, Giancarlo M.
Corsetti, Giancarol
de Crombrugghe, Alain
Frankel, Jeffrey A.
Grilli, Vittorio
Guimarães, Bernardo
Hamada, K.
Harvard University
Kim, Soyoung
King, Mervyn
Kisselev, Kate
McKibbin, Warwick J.
Mihm, Stephen (1968-)
Milesi-Ferrett, Gian Maria
Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria
New York University (NYU) / Stern School of Business / Economics Department
Ozler, Sule
Perri, Fabrizio
Pesenti, P.
Pesenti, Paolo
Pesenti, Paolo A.
Pesenti, Paolo Arturo
Pimenta, Paulo Fonseca
Roubini, N.
Roubini, Nouriel
Sachs, Jeffrey
Sachs, Jeffrey D
Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Sakuragawa, M.
Sala-I-Martin, X.
Sala-i-Martin, Xavier
Setser, Brad
Srinivasan, T.N.
Steta, Annick
Uzan, Marc
Wachtel, Paul
Wolters Kluwer Polska
מיהם, סטיבן (1968-)
山岡, 洋一 (1949-2011)
`Excessive Deficits': Sense and Nonsense in the Treaty of Maastricht
Attacking Poverty: A Lost Opportunity - World Development Report 2000-2001.
Bailouts or bail-ins? : responding to financial crises in emerging economies
Capital Flight, North-South Lending, and Stages of Economic Development.
Com ens en sortirem : un camí accidentat en el futur de les finances
Competitive devaluations: toward a welfare-based approach
Crisis economics a crash course in the future of finance
Crisiseconomie : over de toekomst van financieel beleid
Current Account and Budget Deficits in an Intertemporal Model of Consumption and Taxation Smoothing. A Solution to the "Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle"?
Current account sustainability in transition economies
Dynamic optimization in two-party models. -
Dynamic Strategic Monetary Policies and Coordination in Interdependent Economies: Comment; Reply
Economia de crise um curso intensivo sobre o futuro da finança
Economic and political determinants of budget deficits in developing countries
Économie de crise : une introduction à la finance du futur
Ekonomia kryzysu
Electoral business cycle in industrial democracies
Ende der Weltwirtschaft und ihre Zukunft
European versus American perspectives on balanced-budget rules
Excessive Deficits: Sense and Nonsence in the Treaty of Maastricht.
Excessive deficits: Sense and nonsense in the Treaty of Maastricht; Discussion
Exchange rate anomalies in the industrial countries: A solution with a structural VAR approach
Exchange rate overshooting and the costs of floating
Exchange Rate Volatility in Integrating Capital Markets
Financial development, the trade regime, and economic growth
Financial integration, liquidity and exchange rates
Financial Intermediation and Monetary Policies in the World Economy
Financial repression and economic growth
Fiscal deficits, public debt and government solvency : evidence from OECD countries
Full de ruta del futur de l'economia de la mà de l'expert que va predir la crisi mundial
Fundamental Determinants of the Asian Crisis: The Role of Financial Fragility and External Imbalances
Government Spending and Budget Deficits in the Industrial Economies
Growth effects of income and consumption taxes : positive and normative analysis
growth model of inflation, tax evasion, and financial repression, A
Industrial Country Policies
International lending of last resort and moral hazard: a model of the IMF's catalytic finance
International policy coordination under alternative exchange rate regimes ; the case of the European Monetary System
invisible hands, The : top hedge fund traders on bubbles, crashes, and real money
Is recovery of Asian markets sustainable?
Krizová ekonomie : budoucnost finančnictví v kostce
Leadership and cooperation in the European monetary system : a simulation approach
Leadership and cooperation in the Europian Monetary System: A simulation approach
Liquidity and Exchange Rates: Puzzling Evidence from the G-7 Countries
Liquidity, capital controls, and exchange rates
Liquidity models in open economies : theory and empirical evidence
Macroeconomic policy and elections in OECD democracies
New international financial architecture
Occupy Handbook, The
Offset and Sterilization Under Fixed Exchange Rates With An Optimizing Central Bank
Ōinaru fuantei : Kin'yū kiki wa gūzen dewa nai hitsuzen de aru
On the taxation of human and physical capital in models of endogenous growth
Optimal Government Spending and Taxation in Endgenous Growth Models
Optimal Taxation of Human and Physical Capital in Endogenous Capital Models
Optimal taxation of human and physical capital in endogenous growth models. -
Paper tigers? : a model of the Asian crisis
Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the Industrial Democracies; Comments
Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the IndustrialDemocracies
Political cycles and the macroeconomy
Political Cycles in OECD Economies.
Political Instability and Economic Growth
Politically Motivated Fiscal Deficits: Policy Issues in Closed and Open Economies
"Rules of thumb" for sovereign debt crises
role of industrial country policies in emerging market crises, The
role of large players in currency crises, The
Sources of macroeconomic imbalances in the world economy : a simulation approach
Tax Smoothing Discretion Versus Balanced Budget Rules in the Presence of Politically Motivated Fiscal Deficits: The Design of Optimal Fiscal Rules for Europe after 1992
Taxation and Endogenous Growth in Open Economies
Twin Deficit or Twin Divergence? Fiscal Policy, Current Account, and Real Exchange Rate in the US
Twin Deficit or Twin Divergence? Fiscal Policy, Real Exchange Rate, and the Current Account in the U.S.
What Caused the Asian Currency and Financial Crisis? Part I: A Macroeconomic Overview
What Caused the Asian Currency and Financial Crisis? Part II: The Policy Debate
Will the Bretton Woods 2 regime unravel soon? the risk of a hard landing in 2005-2006
כלכלת משבר : קורס מזורז על עתיד ההון
大いなる不安定 : 金融危機は偶然ではない、必然である
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1988