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Holst (J. J.)
Holst, Johan J.
Holst (Johan Joergen)
Holst, Johan Jørgen
Johan Jørgen Holst (Noors politicus (1937-1994))
Johan Jørgen Holst (norsk politikar)
Johan Jørgen Holst (norsk politiker)
Johan Jørgen Holst (Norwegian politician)
Johan Jørgen Holst (norwegischer Politiker der Arbeiderpartiet)
Johan Jørgen Holst (personnalité politique norvégienne)
יוהאן יורגן הולסט
يوهان يورغن هولست
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Brennan, Donald G. (1926- ))
Hunt, Kenneth
Krogh, A.
Nerlich, Uwe
Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt
Norsk utenrikspolitisk institutt (Oslo)
Schneider, William (1941-)
Schweizerisches Institut für Auslandforschung Zürich
Sjaastad, Anders C. (1942-)
Urban, G. R. (1921-)
Urban, George R. (1921-)
Workshop: Beyond nuclear deterrence: new aims, new arms (09-1975 : Copenhagen)
Antirobotvapen--hot eller löfte?
Arms control and alliance strategy : a preliminary exploration
Arms control revisited : an exploratory essay
Atomvåpen og forhandlinger : hva må gjøres?
Ballistic missile defence : two views
bandlagte Vapen Og Sikkerheten I Europa
Beyond nuclear deterrence : new aims, new arms
Can we negotiate restraint with the Soviet Union?
Changing Europe, A : security challenges of the 1990's
Civilian-based defense in a new era
Comparative U.S. and Soviet deployments, doctrines, and arms limitation.
Confidence and security in Europe : a long term view
Confidence buildings measurres : a conceptual framework
Den strategiske våpensituasjon : ordliste og katalog
Deterrence and defense in the North
dialectic of US-Soviet relations and a confidence building regime in Europe, The : two panel contributions
Domestic concerns and nuclear doctrine : how should the nuclear posture be shaped?
EF--Norges vei?
En atomvåpenfri sone i nordisk område : hensikter og konsekvenser : foredrag i Militærteknisk Studiegruppe, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, 05.12.1984
European security and the role of arms control
Exploring Europe's future, 1990:
Five roads to Nordic security.
future of East-West relations, The : some policy perspectives
future of the oceans, The : presentation of a report
Hvorfor ja til EF.
IISS annual conference papers
independent european programme group (IEPG) Problems, progress and prospects
INF and political equilibrium in Europe
Investigations on the exchange of phosphorus in teeth using radioactive phosphorus as indicator
Kyststatens forsvar mot ubåter i fred : en foreløpig skisse
Lilliputs and Gulliver : small states in a great power alliance
NATO and northern security
NATO and the wider world : strategic interests and demestic constraints
New strategic factors in the North Atlantic
Non-proliferation policy : a European perspective
Nordområdene--et norsk perspektiv
Norge i det sikkerhetspolitiske samarbeidsmønster i Europa
Norge i NATO og Europa : på leting etter sikkerhet og avspenning
Norge og rustningskontroll i Europa.
Norsk europapolitikk : forutsetninger og målsettinger
Norsk sikkerhetspolitikk i strategisk perspektiv.
Norsk utenrikspolitikk
Norway and NATO in the 1980's
Norwegian foreign policy in the 1980s
Norwegian look into the early seventies, 1969:, A
Nuclear proliferation : facing reality
Om arbeidet for fred i kjernevåpnenes tidsalder
On how to achieve progress in nuclear arms negotiations
On the conduct of East-West relations : a view from Europe
Problems of Atlantic defense
Prospects for conflict, management, and arms control in the North Atlantic
role of agriculture in the development process of low-income countries, The : comments on a paper by Professor Theodore W. Schultz, University of Chicago during Høgskoledagene ved Norges Landbrukshøgskole, Ås 05.11.1981
security of Japan and Western Europe
Security, order and the bomb; nuclear weapons in the politics and defence planning of non-nuclear weapon states.
Strategic analysis and the management of power : Johan Jørgen Holst, the Cold War and the new Europe
strategic implications of change in the Soviet Union, The
Technology, politics, and alliance management
Towards a new political order in Europe? : paper prepared for presentation to Schweizerisches Institut für Auslandforschung, Zürich, January 19, 1982
Towards a policy of no first use of nuclear weapons
Utbåten i fredens hav 1981 : Ubåt 137, U-238 og Vi
Vår forsvarspolitikk : vurderinger og utsyn
western perspective on the East-West arms control agenda
Why ABM?. - New York, 1969.
Why ABM? Policy issues in the missile defense controversy.