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Horton, John
Horton, John Gale
Horton, Johnny
John Gale Horton
Johnny Horton
Johnny Horton (American musician)
Johnny Horton (americký spevák)
Johnny Horton (americký zpěvák)
Johnny Horton (Amerikaans muzikant (1925-1960))
Johnny Horton (amerikansk sångare och musiker)
Johnny Horton (amerikansk sanger og musiker)
Johnny Horton (amerikansk songar og musikar)
Johnny Horton (cantante statunitense)
Johnny Horton (chanteur américain)
Johnny Horton (US-amerikanischer Country-Sänger)
Singing Fisherman
Хортон, Джонни
جانی هورتون (موسیقی‌دان و خواننده آمریکایی)
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Related names: 
Cash, Johnny (1932-2003)
Dean, Jimmy (1928-)
Franklin Mint Records Society
Laine, Frankie (30.03.1913-06.02.2007)
Martin, Dean (1917-1995)
Owens, Buck (1929-2006)
Robbins, Marty (1925-1982)
Scruggs, Earl (1924-2012)
Tucker, Tanya (1958-...)
Tyler, Bonnie
Wynette, Tammy (1942-1998)
Young, Faron (1932-1996)
16 biggest hits
A-Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed
All for the Love of a Girl 1953
All for the Love of a Girl 1991
All for the Love of a Girl (Columbia version)
All for the Love of a Girl (Mercury version)
All Grown Up
Alley Girl Ways
America Remembers... Johnny Horton
American Originals
Another Woman Wears My Wedding Ring 1953
archive collection of great country music
Back to My Back Street 1991
Back Up Train
Ballad of Johnny Horton (Rudy Thacker) 1961
Battle of Bull Run, The
Battle of New Orleans / All for the Love of a Girl, The
Battle of New Orleans (British version), The
Bawlin' Baby (& Hillbilly Barton) 1952
Because I'm a Jealous Man 1991
Best of country
Betty Lorraine 1991
Betty Lorraine (Betty Lou) 1952
Big Wheels Rollin' 1955
Birds and Butterflies 1951
Bob Sullivan Stomp (Piano instrumental) 1998
Bowlin' Baby
Broken Hearted Gypsy 1953
Broken Hearted Gypsy 1991
can't forget you, I
Candy Jones 1951
Candy Jones (Acetate version)
Candy kisses
'Cause You're the One for Me 1991
Cherokee Boogie
Child's Side of Life 1952
Child's Side of Life, The
Childs Side Of Life
Church by the Side of the Road, The
Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steam 1951
Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steam 1959
Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steam 1964
Coal Smoke, Valve Oil and Steel
Comanch (The Brave Horse)
Comanche (The Brave Horse)
Confusion 1991
Counterfeit Love
Counterfit Love
Country and western classics
Country Legend
Country - The sixties
Country & western hit parade
Dark Haired Beauty Frum Cuba 1991
Devil Made a Masterpiece 1959, The
Devil Made a Masterpiece 1991, The
Devilish Love Light 1951
Devilish Love Light 1959
Devilish Love Light 1964
Devilish Love Light (excerpt) 1998
Devlish Love Light
Don't Like I Did (Before), I
Don't Like I Did / I'm a One-Woman Man, I
Don't take your guns to town
Don't Use My Heart for a Stepping Stone
Done Rovin' 1951
Done Rovin' 1959
Done Rovin' 1964
Done Roving
Down That River Road 1991
Dvorana country.
Early Years, The
Egg Money 1991
Electrified Donkey, The
Empty Bed Blues
Essential Recordings, The
Everytime I'm Kissing You
Everytime Im Kissng You
Evil Hearted Me
First Train Headin' South 1952
First Train Headin' South 1991
First Train Headin' South (Columbia version), The
First Train Headin' South (Mercury version)
First Train Heading South, The
Foggy mountain breakdown
From Memphis to Mobile
Girl in Saskatoon
Give Me Back My Picture and You Can Keep the Frame
Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet (Barefoot Boy Blues) 1951
Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet (Barefoot Boy Blues) 1959
Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet (Barefoot Boy Blues) 1964
Go and Wash Your Dirty Feet (Before You Go to Bed)
Go North
Gobbler, the Houn' Dog
Golden oldies
golden rocket (2 min 03 s)
golden rocket the 1951-1960 rockin' Honky Tonk recordings
Gone but not forgotten
Goodbye Lonesome (Hello, Baby Doll)
Gosh Darn Wheel, The
Got a Hole in My Pirogue, I
Got a Slow Leak in My Heart, I
Got the Bull by the Horns
Ha Ha and Moonface 1954
Hall of fame.
Hank and Joe and Me
Happy Millionaire
Happy Millionarie 1951
Heartaches by yhe number
Hey, Sweet, Sweet Thing
Hey Sweet Thing 1955
Hit makers, The
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
Honky Tonk Jelly Roll Blues (1) 1991
Honky Tonk Jelly Roll Blues (With Band) 1991
Honky Tonk Man: The Essential Johnny Horton 1956-1960
Honky Tonk Mind (The Woman I Need)
Hooray for that little difference (1 min 53 s)
Hot in the Sugar Cane Field
Hot in the sugarcane field (1 min 57 s)
How You Gonna Make It
I'll do it every time (2 min 21 s)
I'll Do It Everytime
I'm a Fishin'Man 1991
I’m a One - Woman Man
I'm coming home (2 min 03 s)
I'm my own grandpa
I'm Ready, If You're Willing / Take Me Like I Am
I'm Ready If Your Willing
I'm the One That Breaks in Two 1991
I've got five dollars and it's Saturday night
If you've got the money l've got the time
In My Home in Shelby County 1951
In My Home in Shelby County 1959
In My Home in Shelby County 1964
In My Home in Shelby County (Down Near Memphis Tennessee)
In My Home in Shelby County (Overdub)
In My House in Shelby County
In the Battle of New Orleans
It'll be me (2 min 53 s)
It's a Long Rocky Road 1951
It's a Long Rocky Road 1959
It's a Long Rocky Road 1964
It’s a Long Rocky Road (Overdub)
J.horton's greatest hits
Jim Bridger Story, The
Joe's Been a Gettin' There
Joe's Been A-gittin' There
John Paul Jones
Johnny Freedom (Freedom Land)
Johnny Freedom ("Freedomland")
Johnny Horton 1956-1960
Johnny Horton Legend, The
Johnny Horton Makes History
Johnny Horton's greatest hits
Johnny Horton the singing American
Johnny Reb
Journey With No End 1955
Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin', I
Just good ole boys
Just Walk a Little Closer
Let it be me (3 min 26 s)
Let's chase each other around the room (2 min 52 s)
Let’s Take the Long Way Home
Lonesome and Heartbroken
Loose talk
Lost highway (2 min 33 s)
Love and Tell 1991
Love You Baby, I
love you so much it hursts me, I
Lover’s Rock
Lovers Rock
Mansion You Stole 1953, The
Mansion You Stole (Columbia version), The
Mansion You Stole (Mercury version), The
Mean, Mean Son of a Gun 1951
Mean, Mean Son of a Gun 1959
Mean, Mean Son of a Gun 1964
Meant So Little to You 1991
Miss Marcy
Mister Moonlight
Move Down the Line 1954
Mr. Moonlight
My Heart Stopped, Trembled and Died 1991
Natural high.. ̮etc
No True Love 1954
None of You but All of Me 1991
North to Alaska and Other Great Hits: The Early Album Collection
North to Alaska: “North to Alaska”
North to Alaska / The Mansion You Stole
O'Leary's Cow
Old Blind Barnabas
Old Dan Tucker
Old flames
Old Slewfoot
Ole slew foot (2 min 19 s)
Ole Stew Foot
On the Banks of the Beautiful Nile 1951
On the Banks of the Beautiful Nile 1964
Out in New Mexico (2 min 19 s)
Out of bounds the Johnny Horton connection
Over-Loving You
overlooked an orchid, I
Pick me up on your way down
Pistol packin'Mama
Plaid and Calico 1951
Plaid and Calico 1959
Red wine and blue memories
Release me
Rest of Your Life 1952, The
Rhythm in My Baby's Walk 1952
Rhythm in My Babys Walk
Ridin' the Sunshine Special 1955
Riding west
Rock Island Line
Rock'n'roll cowboys [Enregistrement sonore] : 200 original recordings
Rockabilly from the vaults of Abott Fabor Radio Records
Rockin' Rollin' Johnny Horton
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
S.S. Lureline 1953
Sal's got a sugar lip (1 min 58 s)
Sal’s Got a Sugarlip
Sal's Got a Sugerlip
Sam Magee
Same Old Tale the Crow Told Me, The
San Antonio rose
Schottische in Texas
Seven Come Eleven
Seven Comes Eleven
Shadows on the Bayou 1991
Shadows on the Old Bayou 1951
Shadows on the Old Bayou 1959
Shadows on the Old Bayou 1964
Shake, Rattle and Roll
She Knows Why
Shotgun Boogie
Singing American, The
Singing the blues
Sink the Bismarck
Sink the Bismark (3 min 12 s)
Sinking of the Reuben James, The
Sinking of the Rueben James
Six Classic Albums Plus Singles
Sleepy-eyed John (2 min 40 s)
Slipping around
Smokey Joe's Barbecue 1951
Smokey Joe's Barbecue 1959
Smokey Joe's Barbecue 1964
Smokey Joe's Barbecue 1991
Snow Shoe Thompson
Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart (1) 1991
Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart (& Hillbilly Barton) 1952
Spectacular Johnny Horton, The
Stompin' at the Kwkh (Piano instrumental) 1998
Streets of Dodge
Sugar Coated Baby
Take It Like a Man
Take me like I am (2 min 33 s)
Talk Gobbler Talk 1991
Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler The Houn' Dog)
Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, the Hound Dog) 1951
Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, the Hound Dog) 1959
Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, the Hound Dog) 1964
Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, the Hound Dog) (Overdub)
Teched in the Head
Tell My Baby I Love Her
Ten little bottles
Tennessee Jive 1953
Tetched in the Head
That Boy Got the Habit
That'll flat git it
That's what makes the juke box play
That Woman I Need
There'll Never Be Another Mary 1954
There's nobody home on the range anymore (2min 55 s)
They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
They Shined Up Rudolph’s Nose
This Won't Be the First Time 1952
Top country hits
Train With the Rhumba Beat 1954, The
Train With the Rhumba Beat 1991, The
Two Eyed Sunday Pants 1991
Two Red Lips and Warm Red Wine 1953
Vanishing Race, The
Wabash cannon ball
Waiting for the sun to shine (3 min 37 s)
What Will I Do Without You
When It's Spingtime in Alaska
When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's 40 Below)
When It's Springtime in Alaska [It's Forty Below] (1959)
When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Berlow)
Where Are You 1991
Where Do You Think You Would Stand 1991
Whisley river
Whispering Pines
Whistle bait! 25 rockabilly rave-ups
Whiter shade of pale (4 min)
Why Did It Happen to Me 1991
wild one (1 min 54 s)
Wild One, The
Wild side of live
Will the circle be unbroken
Wine me up
Wine, women and song
Wise to the ways of a woman (2 min 10 s)
Wise To The Ways Of A Women
Wish Heartaches Were Strangers 1991, I
Wished for an Angel) The Devil Sent Me You 1952, (I
Witch Walking Baby
Woman I Need (Honky Tonk Mind), The
Won't Forget 1952, I
Won't Get Dreamy Eyed 1953, I
Won't You Love Me, Love, Love Me 1991
Words 1951
Words 1959
Words 1964
Words (2 min 28 s)
World of Johnny Horton, The
Worried mind
You are so beautiful (3 min 39 s)
You Cry in the Door of Your Mansion 1954
You Don't Move Me Anymore 1955
You don't move me baby anymore (1 min 45 s)
You make it easy (3 min 36 s)
You’re My Baby
You win again
You You You 1953
You, You, You (Caused This Heartache) 1991
Young Abe Lincoln (Make a Tall, Tall Man)
Contributed to or performed: 
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101 Greatest Country Hits, Volume 6: Timeless Country, The
101 Jukebox Hits
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 2: 1961
40 Ultimate Country Super Hits
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American Heartbeat: 1960
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Hillbillies in Hell: Country Music's Tormented Testament (1952-1974) - The Resurrection
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