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Carl II Bretta Cyning
Carl (II.; England, König)
Carl (II.; Grossbritannien, König)
Carl (II; König von England)
Carles II d'Anglatèrra
Carles II d'Anglaterra i d'Escòcia
Carles (II; Rei d'Anglaterra)
Carles (II; rei d'Escòcia)
Carles (II; rei del Gran Bretanya)
Carlo II d'Inghilterra
Carlos II de Inglaterra
Carlos (II.; Inglaterra, Rey)
Carlos (II; rei d'Anglaterra)
Čarls II Stjuart
Čārlzs (II; Anglijas un Skotijas karalis)
Čārlzs (II; Skotijas karalis)
Čārlzs II Stjuarts
Carol al II-lea al Angliei
Carolus II
Carolus (II.; Anglia, Rex)
Carolus (II.; Britannia, Rex)
Carolus (II.; Engeland, König)
Carolus (II; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Carolus (Stuart)
Charles II
Charles II của Anh
Charles II d'Angleterre
Charles II dari England (Raja England, Ireland dan Scotland)
Charles II dari Inggris
Charles (II.; England, King)
Charles (II.; England, König)
Charles (II.; Grande Bretagne, Roy)
Charles (II.; Great Britain, King)
Charles‏ (II; King of England)
Charles (II; King of Great Britain)
Charles (II; King of Scotland)
Charles (II; König von England)
Charles (II; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Charles (II; kung av England)
Charles II od Engleske
Charles II of England (King of England, Ireland and Scotland)
Charles (II; re di Scozia)
Charles (II; rei d'Anglaterra)
Charles (II; Roi d'Angleterre)
Charles (II; roi d'Angleterre, d'Écosse et d'Irlande)
Charles (II; roi d'Écosse)
Charles (II; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Charles (II Stewart.)
Charles (II Stuart.)
Charles (King of England)
Charlys II a Pow Sows hag Alban
II. Charles
II. Károly angol király
Kaarle II
Karel (II.; anglický a skotský král)
Karel II fan Ingelân
Karel (II; Koning van Engeland)
Karel (II; koning van Groot-Brittannië)
Karel II. Stuart
Karel II van Engeland
Karel II van Engeland (Brits politicus)
Karl 2. af England
Karl 2. Englandskonungur
Karl II av England
Karl (II.; England, König)
Karl (II.; Grossbritannien, König)
Karl (II; King of England)
Karl (II; König von England)
Karl II (König von Schottland, England und Irland)
Karl (II; kung av England)
Karl (II; kung av England och Skottland)
Karl (II; Roi d'Angleterre)
Kārlis (II; Anglijas un Skotijas karalis)
Karlo II, kralj Engleske
Karlo la 2-a
Karlos II.a Ingalaterrakoa eta Eskoziakoa
Karol II
Karol (II; (król Anglii ;)
Karol (II Stuart.)
Karol II Stuart (król Anglii i Szkocji)
Karolis II
Séarlas II Shasana
Siarl II, brenin Lloegr a'r Alban
Teàrlach II
Κάρολος Β΄ της Αγγλίας (βασιλιάς της Αγγλίας)
Карл II (король Англии и Шотландии с 1660 года)
Карл II Сцюарт
Чарлз II
Чарлс II
Чарлс II Стјуарт
ჩარლზ II
Չարլզ II Ստյուարտ
צ'ארלס השני, מלך אנגליה
تشارلز التانى ملك إنجلترا
تشارلز الثاني ملك إنجلترا
چارلز دوم انگلستان (سیاست‌مدار بریتانیایی)
चार्ल्स २
चार्ल्स दुसरा
चार्ल्स द्वितीय
बेलायतका चार्ल्स द्वितीय
দ্বিতীয় চার্লস
இங்கிலாந்தின் இரண்டாம் சார்லசு
พระเจ้าชาลส์ที่ 2 แห่งอังกฤษ
찰스 2세
1630-1685). [m]
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Anglaterra i Gal·les Monarca (1660-1685 : Carles II) (see also from)
Barker, Christopher
Barker, III Londen
Bill, II Londen
Bill, John
Bochart, Samuel (1599-1667))
Charles I. roi d'Angleterre (1600-1649)
England and Wales Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) (see also from)
England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II)
Escòcia Monarca (1649-1685 : Carles II) (see also from)
Gwyn, Nell (1650-1687; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Jacques II roi d Angleterre
Jacques II roi d'Angleterre (1633-1701)
Katharina (England, Königin; 1638-1705; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Kéroualle, Louise de (1649-1734; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Louis XIV, roi de France (1638-1715)
Martin (1680?))
Ormonde, Dukes of
S.n. (S.l.)
Scheltus, I 's-Gravenhage
Scheltus, Jacobus
Scotland Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II) (see also from)
Staten- Generaal
Account of His Majesty's escape from Worcester
account of the preservation of King Charles II after the battle of Worcester, An
Answer commanded by His Majesty
Answer to some papers lately printed concerning the authority of the Catholick Church
Brief van Robert Spencer tweede graaf van Sunderland (1640-1702), namens Charles II, koning van Engeland (1630-1685) geschreven aan de Staten Generaal
Brief van Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) aan Charles II (1630-1685)
Briefwisseling tusschen Karel II, Koning van Engeland en Willem III, prins van Oranje-Nassau, in 1672
Brieven van Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687), geschreven aan [de latere] Karel II, koning van Groot-Brittannië (1660-1685)
By the King, a proclamation for due execution of the late act of Parliament against importing cattel from Ireland, and other parts beyond the seas
By the King. A proclamation for publishing the peace between His Majesty and the States General of the United Netherlands
By the King. A proclamation for the entring and putting in of claims in Ireland pursuant to His Majesties gracious declaration of the 30th of November 1660 and the instructions for execution thereof.
By the King. A proclamation prohibiting the planting, setting, and sowing of tobacco in England and Ireland, according to an act of Parliament herein specified
Charles II and Madame
Charles II to Lord Taaffe : letters in exile
Charter of King Charles II. impowering Erasmus Smith, esq; to erect grammar schools in the Kingdom of Ireland, and to endow the same with covenient maintenance for schoolmasters. And to make further provision for education of children at the University.. And for several other charitable uses. Together with an Act of Parliament, for the further application of the said charity. Printed bo order of the Trustees., The
Col. enc.:
Copies of two papers written by the late king Charles II. Dutch.
Copye, van Twee Geschriften, Geschreven door wylen Koning Karel de II. ...
Declaration de guerre du roy, contre les Estats generaux des Provinces Unies : du 6 avril 1672
Discours de Sa Majesté Britannique aux deux chambres de Parlement assemblées le mercredi 15 février 1673
Écrits du feu roy de la Grande Bretagne
Eikon Basilike
Extrait de la declaration du roy d'Angleterre, portant reglement sur l'establissemen de cinq schelins valant 70. sols, pour le droict de fret de chacun tonneau, sur tous les vaißeaux appartenans aux estrangers ; ausquels deffenses sont faites de faire aucun negoce & commerce dans le Royaume, s'ils ne sont de la Nation, regnicoles & naturalisez.
Five Letters of King Charles II communicated to the Camden Miscellany, by... the marquis of Bristol,... (1556-1660.)
Franc. Baconi de Verulamio Historia regni Henrici Septimi Angliae regis opus vere politicum.
Généalogie de la maison de Sainte-Hermine
harangue du Roy de la Grand Bretagne, à la Reyne de France, Faicte au Chasteau de Sainct Germain en Laye le 6. jour de May 1652. sur l'arrivée des Deputez, de Messieurs les Princes & du Parlement.
Hierozoicon sive bipertitum opus de animalibus Sacrae Scripturae. Pars prior agit libris quatuor de animalibus in genere. Et de quadrupedibus viviparis et oviparis. Pars posterior agit libris sex de avibus, serpentibus, insectis, aquaticis, et fabulosis animalibus. Cum indice septuplici I. Locorum Scripturae. II. Auctorum qui citantur. III. Vocum Hebraici, Chaldaici, Syriaci, Samaritanici, & Aethiopici sermonis. IV. Vocum Arabicarum. VI. Graecarum. VI. Romanarum, quae passim explicantur. VII. Rerum. Auctore Samuele Bocharto..
His Majesties declaration against the States Generall of the United Provinces of the Low-Countreys. : Published by the advice of His Privy Council
His Majesties declaration to all his loving subjects, concerning the treasonable conspiracy against his sacred person and government, lately discovered. Appointed to be read in all churches and chappels within this kingdom. By His Majesties special command.
His Majesties gracious speech to the Lords and Commons, together with the Lord Chancellors at the opening of the Parliament on the 8th day of May, 1661
His Majesties gracious speech together with the lord keepers to both Houses of Parliament, April 13, 1675
Karel II.
King Charles II
Konincklick memoriael
Latin prayer book of Charles II, or, an account of the Liturgia of Dean Durel, together with a reprint and translation of the catechism therein contained, with collations, annotations, and appendices, The
letters, speeches, and declarations of King Charles II;, The
Lettre véritable du prince de Galles, escrite de La Haye à la reyne d'Angleterre sa mère
Mémoires du comte de Grammont
Memoires of the reign of K. Charles 1 ...
memorial delivered to His Majesty from the Lord Van-Gogh, A : Ambassador from the States General of the United Provinces
Miscellaneous Documents. 1681-04-08
Missive van den koningh van Groot Brittannien, aen de Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, wegens de vrede ..
Murder will out, or, The King's letter, justifying the Marquess of Antrim : and declaring that what he did in the Irish rebellion was by direction from his royal father and mother and for the service of the crown.
My dearest Minette the letters between Charles II and his sister Henrietta, Duchesse d'Orléans
Placcaet van Carolus de II. koningh van Engelant, Schotlant en Yrlant, Aengaende den haring-vanghst. Onderaan.
Procès de Charles 1er
Proclamatie van sijne koninglijke majesteyt van Groot-Brittanien, rakende de neutraliteyt van de selve sijn majesteyts zeehavenen.
Proclamations. 1681-01-18
Response du nouveau roy d'Angleterre, cy-devant prince de Galle, aux Millords d'Angleterre, touchant la mort de son père
Response du nouveau roy d'Angleterre, cydevant prince de Galle, aux millords d'Angleterre, touchant la mort de son pere.
Scriptum in scrinio Seri Regis Angliae Caroli II repertum post ejus mortem, ipsius manu exaratum.
Scripturæ. - Francofvrti Ad Moenvm, 1675.
Sijn majesteyts gunstige aanspraak aan beyde de Huysen des Parlaments, den 24. Ianuary oude stijl 1674. ende het antwoort van het Parlament daer op: Nevens den brief van de Staten Generaal ... aan sijn majesteyt van Groot Britanien &c. den 24. January nieuwestijl 1674. ende sommige propositien der geseyde Staten Generaal ... rakende een vrede.
Sijne Majesteyts declaratie aen alle sijne lieve onderdanen. Den 15. Maert 1671/2
Speeches. 1678-10-21
Speeches spoken to the King and Queen, Dvke and Dvchesse of York, in Christ-Church Hall, Oxford, Sept. 29, 1663
Syne majesteyts antwoort op den brief gesonden van de Staten Generael der Vereenighde Provincien, door hun trompetter.
Votum pro pace christiana, quo exponuntur et amoventur praecipiae obstacula pacis per Romanae ecclesiae ministros objecta, et ostenditur quam immerito pacem respuant cum reliquis christianis ecclesiis, praecipue vero cum anglicana, author Andrea Sall....