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Gulielmus Jones
Iones, Guilielmus
Iones, Gulielmus
Jones, Guilielmus
Jones, Guiliemus
Jones, Oriental
Jones, Sir
Jones, Sir William
Jones, W.
Jones, W. (Sir)
Jones, William
Jones, William IV (British artist, 1746-1794)
Jones, William (Sir)
Sir Jones William
Sir William Jones
Vilyam Cons
William Jones (Anglo-Welsh philologist and scholar of ancient India)
William Jones (englischer Orientalist und Jurist)
William Jones (filologo, orientalista e magistrato britannico)
William Jones (ieithegwr, Indolegwr, ysgolhaig, Prif Ustus India a llywydd yr Asiatic Society of Bengal)
William Jones IV
William Jones (językoznawca brytyjski)
William Jones (taalkundige)
Γουίλιαμ Τζόουνς
Джонс, Уильям
Уилям Джоунс
ויליאם ג'ונס
وليم جونز
ولیم جونز
ویلیام جونز
يونس، وليام،
विलियम जोंस
উইলিয়াম জোন্স
ਵਿਲੀਅਮ ਜੋਨਜ਼
വില്ല്യം ജോൺസ്
윌리엄 존스
Creation class: 
Language material
Manuscript language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Balmanno, John
Cannon, Garland Hampton (1924-...)
Écrammeville, d' (činný 18. století-19. století)
Eichhorn, Johann Gottfried (1752-1827)
Kālidāsa (03..-04.. poète et dramaturge)
Lee, Samuel
Mahdī Khān Astarābādī, active (1733-1759)
Manu (Lawgiver)
Philidor, François André (1726-1795)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Richardson, John F.S.A.
Rosenthal, Ethel
Rumsey, Almaric (1825-1899)
Sajāwandī, Sirāj al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad (active 12th century.)
Schultens, Hendrik Albert (1749-1793)
Shore, John
Thomas, Frederick William (1867-1956)
高橋, 五郎 (1856-1935)
5-th anniversary discourse. [On the Tartars.]
8-th... discource. [On borderers, mountaineers and islanders of Asia.]
A grammar of the Persian language ..., ...
Al Sirajiyyah, or, the Mahommedan law of inheritance
anneau fatal
Asiatick researches
Brief van William Jones (1746-1794) aan Hendrik Albert Schultens (1749-1793)
Catalogue of two collections of Sanskrit mss. in the India office library ... 1903.
Collected works of sir william jones
dictionary of religious opinions, or Concise account of the various denominations, into which the profession of christianity is divided... Alphabetically arranged. By William Jones, author of the "History of the Waldenses", &c
Discourse 9... On the origin and families of nations
Discourses and essays
Discourses delivered at the Asiatick Society, 1785-1792
Dissertation sur la litérature orientale
Dissertation sur la littérature orientale
Dissertations and miscellaneous pieces relating to the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences and literature of Asia...
easy introduction to the game of chess, An : containing one hundred examples of games, and a great variety of critical situations and conclusions; including the whole of Philidor's analysis, with copious selections ...
English translation of Sabbah Mo-alqa.
essay on the law of bailments., An
Farāʼiḍ al-Sirājīyah.
Gita-Govinda : ein indisches Singspiel von Jajadeva
Grammaire persane, traduite de l'anglois de Mr Jones... revue et corrigée par l'auteur....
grammar of the Persian language ..., A
Hindu Gesetzbuch oder Menuʹs Verordnungen nach Cullucas Erläuterung : ein Inbegriff des Indischen Systems religiöser und bürgerlicher Pflichten
Histoire de Nader Chah, connu sous le nom de Thahmas Kuli Khan, empereur de Perse. Tr. d'un manuscrit persan, par ordre de Sa Majesté le roi de Dannemark. Avec des notes chronoliguques, historiques, géographiques. Et un traité sur la poésie orientale.
Institutes of Hindu law; or, the Ordinances of Menu, according to the gloss of Cullúca comprising the Indian system of duties, religious and civil
Lailí Majnún a persian poem of Hatifi
Laura door Petrarcha beweend : eene elegie
Lettre à Monsieur A*** du P***. Dans laquelle est compris l'examen de sa traduction des livres attribués à zoroastre
Lettres philosophiques et historiques, a Mylord S*** : sur l'Etat moral et politique de l'Inde, des Indous, et de quelques autres principaux peuples de l'Asie, au commencement du dix-neuvième siècle
life and times of Oriental Jones: Sir William Jones, the father of modern linguistics, 1990:, The
Limon, seu miscellaneorum liber
Mahomedan law of succession to the property of intestates, in Arabick, engraved on copper plates from an ancient manuscript, with a verbal translation and explanatory notes ...., The
Mānava dharma śāstra.
Mānava-dherma-sāstra; or, the institutes of Menu.
Memoirs of the life, writings and correspondence of Sir William Jones...
Moallakat or Seven Arabian poems, which were suspended on the temple at Mecca
morals of chess
On the Indian game of chess
On the musical modes of the Hindus
Persarum regis antiquissimi testamentum morale, seu De regum officiis
Poèmes sur le jeu des échecs : 1° latin, de l'évêque d'Albe Vida,... ; 2° polonais, de Jean Kochanowski ; 3° anglais, de sir William Jones ; 4° allemand, du recteur Fischer ; traduits en français, par Frédéric Alliey,...
Poems, consisting chiefly of translations from the Asiatick languages. To which are added two essays : 1. On the poetry of the eastern nations. 2. On the arts, commonly called imitative. The 2d edition
Poeseos Asiaticae Commentariorum libri sex, cum appendice. -
principles of government; in a dialogue between a scholar and a peasant., The
Remarks on the Island of Hinzuan or Johanna
Rückschritte der Poesie
Sacontalá; or, The fatal ring: an Indian drama.
Sacontala ou l'Anneau fatal, drame traduit de la langue sanskrit [sic] en anglais par Sir Wm. Jones et de l'anglais en français par le cit. A. Bruguière, avec des notes des traducteurs et une explication abrégée du système mythologique des Indiens mise par ordre alphabétique et traduite de l'allemand de M. Forster.
Sakontala of De beslissende ring, een Indiaansch schouwspel van Kalidas, oorspronglijk geschreeven in de oude Sanskritische en Prakitische taal
Sakuntara hime : Bongeki
seasons, The : a descriptive poem
Sir William Jones : a study in eighteenth-century British attitues to India
Sir William Jones, bicentenary of his birth commemoration volume, 1746-1946.
Sir William Jones : selected poetical and prose works
Speeches of Isaeus, in causes concerning the law of succession to property at Athens, with a prefatory discourse, notes... and a commentary by William Jones,...
story of Indian music and its instruments, The : a study of the present & a record of the past ; together with Sir William Jones celebrated treatise in full, with 19 plates chiefly of instruments, music illustrations, and a map
Studies of chess containing Caïssa, a poem
Tārīkh-i Nādirī.
To a Poet, op. 13a: II. On Parent Knees
Travels in India
whole of the proceedings at the Assizes at Shrewsbury, on Friday August the sixth 1784, in the cause of the King on the prosecution of William Jones, attorney at law, against the Reverend William Davies Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph, for a libel, The : before the Honourable Francis Buller, Esq., one of the judges of His Majesty's Court of the King's Bench
Works of Sir William Jones, in 6 volumes. [Published by A. M. Jones.]
Works of Sir William Jones, with the life of the author, by lord Teignmouth...
Προκλι Σπἁερα. Πτολεμαει δε ὑποτἑσιβυς πλανεταρυμ λιβερ σινγυλαρις νυνκ πριμυμ ιν λυκεμ εδιτυς. Κυι ακκεσσιτ εηυσδεμ Πτολεμαει Κανον ρεγνορυμ. Υτρυμκυε λιβρυμ... ρεστιτυιτ, λατινε ρεδδιδιτ... Ηο-. Βαινβριδγε,....
كتاب شكرستان در نحوى زبان پارسى
さくんたら姬 : 梵劇