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Farriss Brothers
In excess
INXS Groupe musical (Musical group or band)
INXS Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
INXS Musical group (Musical group or band)
INXS (Musical group or band)
The Farriss Brothers
began 1977-08-16 until 2012-11-13
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Barnes, Jimmy
Barnes, Jimmy (hasMember)
Beers, Garry Gary (hasMember)
D’Arby, Terence Trent (hasMember)
Farriss, Andrew
Farriss, Andrew (hasMember)
Farriss, Jon (hasMember)
Farriss, Tim (hasMember)
Fortune, J. D. (1973-; see also from)
Fortune, J. D. (hasMember)
Gribbin, Ciaran (hasMember)
Hutchence, Michael (1960-1997)
Hutchence, Michael (hasMember)
John, Elton (1947-)
Mummy Calls (Musical group)
Newman, Thomas
Pengilly, Kirk (1958-)
Pengilly, Kirk (hasMember)
Stevens, Jon (hasMember)
Stokes, Melissa
11th Revolution
18 Original Hits for Love
1984-05-08: Hamburg, Germany
2 for 1: Listen Like Thieves / Shabooh Shoobah
6 Of Our Favourite Tracks
Afterglow (Redanka's Afterdark remix)
Afterglow (single mix)
All Around (Version 2)
All Juiced Up
All the Voices
All Time Hits 1980-2002
Amateur Night
American anthem orig. motion picture soundtrack
American anthem original motion picture soundtrack.
Answer, The
Ashtar Speaks
Baby Don't Cry (Vocal & Orchestra mix)
Back on Line
Bang the Drum
Barbarian (1992 Capri rerecording)
Beautiful Girl (Mendelsohn mix)
Beautiful Girl (promo)
Begotten (Instrumental)
Best of INXS, The
Best of rock
Big Go Go
Biting Bullets
Bitter Tears (12" Lorimer Remix)
Bitter Tears (Instrumental)
Bitter Tears (Lorimer 12" / live version)
Bitter Tears (Lorimer 12" mix)
Black and White (extended version)
Black and White (live)
Body Language
Born to Be Wild
Breakaway (Sydney Studio demo)
Building Bridges
Burn for You (12" extended mix)
Burn for You (extended remix)
Burn for You (live)
Burn for You (single remix)
By My Side (live)
Calling All Nations (Kids on Bridges remix)
Communication (live)
Compilation: New Music From INXS
Complete B-Sides Collection, Volume 2, The
Coyote Ugly soundtrack
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure dub mix)
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure mix)
Dancing on the Jetty
Dark of Night (demo)
Days of Rust
Deepest Red
Definitive (bonus disc)
Deliver Me
Devil Inside (12" mix)
Devil Inside (7" version)
Devil inside Diablo : re-mix version
Devil Inside (radio edit)
Devil inside (remix-version)
Devil Inside (vocal/Edited version)
Devil Inside (vocal/remixed version)
Devil’s Party
Different World (12" version)
Different World (7" mix)
Disappear (Alternative 12")
Disappear (extended 12'' mix)
Disappear Live
Disappear (Lorimer 12" version)
Disappear (LP version)
Disappear (Morales 12″ mix)
Disappear (Red Zone mix)
Disappear (The Morales remix)
Do Wot You Do
Documentary: INXS: The Very Best
Don't Change - Live Aspen 1997
Don't Lose Your Head (Leadstation Solid Gold Mix)
Elegantly Wasted (G-Force and Seiji remix)
Elegantly Wasted (live at Aspen 1997)
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic dub)
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic remix)
Empty Sun Under Clean Mind
Everybody Wants U Tonight
Everything (Jaxx club vocal)
Everything (Jaxxclub Vocal)
Face the Change
Fair Weather Ahead
Fairweather Ahead
Faith in Each Other (live)
Falling Down the Mountain (Kiss the Dirt)
Farriss Brothers Remember (Commentary), The
Feeling Good (Moontan Double J Concert)
Fetenhits - The real classics
Firma Terror
Freedom Deep (extended 12" mix)
Full moon, dirty hearts
Get Up (Full version), I
Get Up (radio edit), I
Gift (bonus beat mix), The
Gift (extended mix), The
Gift (promo), The
Girl on Fire (Keepin It Tight mix)
God’s Top Ten
Golden Playpen
Good + Bad Times
Good and Bad Times
Got That Need
Greatest Hits Live!
Greatest Hits, The
Guns in the Sky (Kick Ass mix)
Guns in the Sky (Kookaburra mix)
Guns in the Sky (live)
Hear That Sound (live)
Heaven Sent (gliding version)
Heaven Sent (live)
Heaven Sent (Waltz Version - Original Demo)
Here Comes II (new version)
High life himml. Tophits
High-tech digital
Hits of INXS
Hits on CD
Hot Girls
I’m Coming (Home)
I’m Just a Man (live)
I'm Only Looking (Bad Yard club mix)
I'm Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard mix)
I'm Only Looking: The Best of INXS
In My Living Room (Unavailable On LP)
In Vain (1992 Capri rerecording)
In Vain (live)
Indian Song, The
Interview with Molly Meldrum, 1985
INXS Collection 1980-1993, The
INXS - Definitive
Inxs - Greatest video hits (1980 - 1990)
INXS, In search of excellence
Inxs - Live baby live
Inxs remastered
INXS : story to story, the official autobiography
Inxs - Sydney 1992
Inxs - The greatest hits
INXS : the official inside story of a band on the road
INXS²: The Remixes
It Ain't Easy
It's Only Time
Jan’s Song (live)
Jesus Was a Man (demo/outtakes)
Johnson’s Aeroplane
Johnson’s Airplane
Just a Man
Just Keep Walking (1992 Capri rerecording)
Just Keep Walking (live)
Just to Learn Again
Keep the Peace
Kick 25 : Super deluxe edition
Kick 30
Kick Flick
Kick (live from America)
Kick (live in California 1988)
Kill the Pain
Kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)
Know the Difference
Learn to Smile
Learning to Smile
Let It Ride
Light the Planet
Like It or Not
Listen Like Thevies
Listen Like Thieves (extended remix)
Listen Like Thieves (Instrumental Remix)
Listen Like Thieves (live in Melbourne, 1984)
Listen Like Thieves (Live Version)
Live at Wembley Stadium '91
Live baby live
Live: Germany 1984
Live in Aspen Wheeler Opera House
Live in Loreley, Germany
Live USA
Lived One, The
lost boys orig. motion picture soundtrack, The
Lost boys original motion picture soundtrack., The
Love Is (What I Say)
Loved One (live), The
Make Your Own Peace
Making of Switch, The
Maxi de luxe
Mediate (live at Osaka 1994)
Mediate (live from America)
Melting in the Sun
Men and Women
Messenger, The
Middle Beast
Miss Shapiro / You Really Got Me (Moontan Double J Concert)
Move On (Guitar version)
Mystify (Chicago demo)
Mystify (live at the Edinburgh Playhouse)
Mystify (live From America)
Need You Tonight (2005 NYT remix)
Need You Tonight and Other Hits
Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand) (Classic Dmc remix)
Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand mix)
Need You Tonight (Big Bump mix)
Need You Tonight (Bug Bump mix)
Need You Tonight, I
Need You Tonight (Koishii & Hush remix)
Need You Tonight (live at Osaka 1994)
Need You Tonight / Mediate (Michael Marshall & Steve Smith mix)
Need You Tonight / Meditate
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn 7" edit)
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn extended mix)
Need You Tonight (Mendelson mix)
Need you tonight Menselsohn mix
Need You Tonight (promo)
Need You Tonight (RWL remix)
Need You Tonight (Shaka Ponk remix)
Need You Tonight (Static Avenger mix edit)
Need You Tonight (Static Revenger club mix)
Need You Tonight (Streetlab mix)
Need You Toninght
Never Let You Go (Digital remix)
Never Tear Us Apart / Different World (Single Version) [Digital 45]
Never Tear Us Apart (Jools Holland)
Never Tear Us Apart (live from America)
Never Tear Us Apart (orchestral instrumental)
Never Tear Us Apart (Soul version)
Never Tear Us Appart
Never Tears Us Apart
New Sensation (extended mix)
New Sensation (extended remix)
New Sensation (live at the Edinburgh Playhouse)
New Sensation (live at Wembley 1991)
New Sensation (live From America)
New Sensation (Nick 12" mix)
New Sensation (Nick 7" mix)
New Sensation (Nick's Twelve Inch mix)
New Sensation (promo)
New sensation : remix ; Do wot you do
New Sensation (The Beginerz mix)
New Sensaton
New Senstation
Newsreel Babies
Night of Rebelion
Night of Rebellion
Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP fade)
Not Enough Time (Ralphi Rosario mix)
Old World New World
On a Bus (Wanda Beach Double J Concert)
On My Way
On the Rocks (vocal/Unavailable on LP)
One by One (live)
One Thing (extended mix), The
One Thing (extended version), The
One Thing (live USA 1983), The
One Thing (Wanda Beach Double J Concert), The
One x One
Original Sin (dance version)
Original Sin (Epic Adventure edit)
Original Sin (Ian Green Mix)
Original Sin (live in Narara, 1984)
Original Sin (Remix '95)
Original Sin: The Collection
original sin, The ; Jan's song
Other Side, The
Perfect Strangers
Phantim of the Opera
Platinum - Greatest Hits
Please (You Got That...) (main edit)
Please (You Got Time…)
Please (You've Got That...) (E-Smoove Club Need mix)
Pretty Vegas (album version)
Pretty Vegas (Johnny Budz edit)
Pretty Vegas (live)
Pretzel Logic (Moontan Double J Concert)
Promo CD Single
Ptar Speaks
Reasons (Moontan Double J Concert)
Reckless Ways (Moontan Double J Concert)
Red Red Sun
Remember Who’s Your Man
Remixes: 1982-1988, The
Rocking the Royals (live 1985)
Roller Skating
Salvation Jane (demo)
Same Direction
Sax Thing, The
Searching (Alex Reece Drum 'n' Bass mix)
Searching (Leadstation LP version)
Searching (Leadstation radio edit)
Searching (Leadstation Radio Mix)
Searching (Linslee Campbell R'n'B mix)
Searching (live at Sydney 1996)
Send a Message (extended remix), I
Send a Message (live), I
shabooh shoobah sr p
Shake the Tree
She Is Rising
Shine Like It Does (live)
Shine Like It Does (San Diego 23.8.88)
Shine Like It Does: The Anthology 1979-1997
Shining star
Show Me (Cherry Baby)
Silent Night (Sydney Studio demo)
Simple Simon (live at the Gold Coast)
Sing Something
Singles Collection
Six Knotts/The One Thing
Somethin' Xtra (Live at Wembley Stadium, 13-07-1991)
Soothe Me
Soul Mistake
Space Shuttle
Spy of Love (live)
Stairs (7" version), The
Stairs (live), The
Stay Young 1979-1982 (The Complete 'Deluxe Years')
Stay Young (1992 Capri rerecording)
Story to story, the official autobiography
Strange Desire
Strangest Party (LP version), The
Strangest Party (Ther Are the Times), The
Strangest Party (These Are the Times) (Apollo 440 mix), The
Strangest Party (These Are the Times) (Top of the Pops), The
Suicide Blond
Suicide Blonde (7" Mix)
Suicide Blonde (7" version)
Suicide Blonde (Demolition mix)
Suicide Blonde (Devastation mix)
Suicide Blonde (Earth mix)
Suicide Blonde (Launay 12" version)
Suicide Blonde (live From America)
Suicide Blonde (Oakenfold Milk mix)
Suicide Blonde (promo)
Super champions of rock
Sweet As Sin
swing, The
switch sr p
Taste It (7" version)
Taste It (live)
Taste It (radio remix)
Taste It: The Collection
Taste It (Top of the Pops)
Taste It (Youth 12" mix)
Taste It (Youth Accapella mix)
Telefone (Sydney Studio demo)
This Time (live)
Three Sisters
Tight (Dan the Automator remix)
Tight (Dino Lenny mix)
Tight (Dino Lenny remix)
Tight (Randy Nicklaus remix)
Tight (The Automator mix)
Tight (Thick Dick vocal)
Tiny Daggers
To Look at You (extended version)
To Look at You (live)
To Look at You (single edit)
Trap (demo), The
Underneath the Colours (Chicken mix)
Unloved One, The
Very Best of INXS, The
Viking Juice
Waiting to Be Free
We Are the Vegetables
We Are Thrown Together
Welcome to wherever you are
What's a woman
What Would You Do?
What You Need (Cold cut mix)
What You Need (Coldcut Force mix 13 edit)
What You Need / Don’t Change
What You Need (Extended Mix)
What You Need (extended remix)
What You Need (extended version)
What You Need (live at the Edinburgh Playhouse)
Who Pays the Price (demo)
Why (Should We Cry) ??! A Dedication to M. Hutchence's Death
Wild Life (live)
Wishing Well (Courier extended mix)
Wishing Well (Courrier extended mix)
Wishing Well (instrumental)
Wishing Well (Version 2)
Wishy Washy
Years 1979-1997, The
You Never Used to Cry
Contributed to or performed: 
'80's Retro
'80s Gold
'80s Hit(s) Back 3, The
’80s Radio Hits
#1s: 38 of the Greatest #1 Singles of All Time
100 Essential Love Songs
100 Hits Dancefloor
100 Hits Hard Rock
100 Hits Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
100 Hits: Dancefloor Anthems
100 Love Classics
100 Tubes Starfloor
100% Hits Autumn 2002
100% Hits, Volume 10
100% Hits: Summer Hits 2001
100% Rock, Volume 3
101 mejores canciones del Rock, Las
107.5: Songs We Know You Love
18 Modern Rock Classics From the 80's
18 New Wave Classics, Volume 1
18 New Wave Classics, Volume 2
1980s Classic Rock
1980s Radio Hits
1980s Radio Hits: The Pure Gold Collection
1985-07-13: Live Aid: The Global Jukebox: [various locations]
2 Meter Sessies, Volume 7
2 Meter Sessies: De beste allertijden
20 Years on MTV: 1987
2001-07-27: A State of Trance #7
25 lat listy przebojów Trójki: 1988
25 lat listy przebojów Trójki: 2006
3 X Gold
30 of the Greatest Number One
30 Years Of Central Station Records: The House Years
30 Years of Central Station: The History of Dance Music in Australia
38 of the Greatest #1 Singles of All Time
40 Years of Number 1s
50 anni di musica internazionale
538 Dance Smash Hits 2003, Volume 4: Autumn
80's Gold: Club '80s
80's on the Rocks
80’s Collection: Super Hits, The
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80’s Top 100
80er Show, die 2te, Die
80s Mixtape
80s Remembered
80s Rock, Volume 3
90s Anthems
90s Collection: 90-91, The
90s Decade: New Breed of Rock, The
abRocken! Die Internationale
Absolute 80's, Volume 5: 88/89
Absolute Rock
Acoustic 80s
Addicted to Rock
Alarm für Cobra 11
Alf's Super Hitparade
All Night Love
All Time Greatest Pub Anthems
All Time Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s, Vol 2, The
All Time Greatest Rock Songs, Volume 1, The
Alternative Times, Volume 66
Ambient Nights, Volume 3
American Anthem
American Eagle Outfitters: The Black Top Sessions
Années New Wave, Les
Another Lost Decade The 80's: Romance
Anthems: Electronic 80s 3
Anual, 2002: El Álbum Dance del Año
Arrow Power Ballads
As 100 Mais Da Antena 1
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 4
Atlantic Records Caffeine Sampler, The
Atlantic Records: Hit Singles 1980-1988
Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule
Audio Couture
Aussie Stars
Australia's Ultimate Songs
Australian Legends
Awards 1989, The
Awards 1992, The
Awesome ’80s
Azuli Presents John Digweed: Choice: A Collection of Classics
Baby Don’t Cry
Back to the 80’s Live: De Hits uit de Jaren ’80: The Long Versions Live
Back to the 80’s: De Hits uit de Jaren ’80, Volume 3
Bairro Alto: Noites loucas anos 80
Baladas Unplugged
Banana Jack
Bangin' Progressive Beats
Barcelona Gold
Beat the Heat Summer 1991
Beautiful Girl
Because of You...
Best Club Anthems 2002, The
Best Ever Nineties Album, The
Best Live, The
Best of 80s Pop Party Songs, The
Best of Alternative, The
Best Of CMJ 1979-1989 Disc 5
Best of Drive Time, The
Best of Drivetime, The
Best of Rock
Best of Rock: Pop in the 90s, Volume 3, The
Best of Rock: Rockin 80's Volume 2, The
Best of Rock: The 50 Biggest Songs of History
Best of the 80's
Best of the 90's
Best of the Eighties: Forty Tracks, Original Hits, The
Best of.. Artists & Groups, The
Best of.. Groups, Volume 2, The
Best Rock Anthems in the World… Ever!, The
Beste Pop Klassiekers, De
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden Editie '98, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '94, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie '98, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie ’95, Het
besten Hits der 80er, Vol. 2, Die
Beverly Hills Cop III
Big Brother The Battle
Big Club Hits
Big Shiny '80s
Biggest & Best Ballads
Biggest BBQ Album, The
Biggest Hits Live USA Vol. 1
Billboard #1 Hits of the ’80s
Billboard #1s: The ’80s
Billboard Top Album Rock Hits 1983
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 3
Body Combat 14
Body Combat 20
Boonanza II
Bootleg Remixes, Vol. 1
Born to Be Wild
Boys Of Summer: 14 Summer Smash Hits
Brat Pack Years, The
Braun MTV Eurochart 2006, Volume 5, The
Breakdown Ibiza: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance
Brits 1991: The Magic of British Music, The
Building Bridges: Australia Has a Black History
Bump 16
Bump 17
Bump 9
Burning Heart 2
Caffeine: 14 Twitchy Songs of Angst and Nihilistic Ennui
Capital Gold: Just Great Songs
Car Classics 2.0
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top Ten 1980s: New Wave's Greatest Hits
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top Ten Hits The 1990s - Rock's Greatest Hits
Casey Kasem Presents America's Top Ten Hits: 1980s
CDNOW Presents Ten 14
Central Energy 11
Chart Show: Rock the Nation, The
Chart Show: Rock the Nation, Volume II, The
Chart Show: Ultimate Rock 2, The
Chart Toppers: Modern Rock Hits of the 80s, Volume 1
Chartbusters April 1993
Chilled Euphoria
Chris Sheppard's Club Cutz 505
Cien de la 100, Volume 2, Las
Clásicos de Los 80, Volume 2
Classic D.J. Mix, Volume 1
Classic Rock
Classic Rock 1966–1988
Classic Rock 80's
Classic Rock Box: WNEW-FM 25th Anniversary Collection
Classic Rock: 80's
Classic Rock: We Will Rock You
Club Delicious 6
Club Rotation, Volume 26
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 41
Clubbed Volume Two: Summer Collection Mixed By Judge Jules
Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza Summer 2001
Clubbers Guide Mexico 2003
Clubbers Guide Part 2 2006 (disc 2)
Clubbers Guide, Part 2: 2006
Clubmix 2002
Clubplanet Party Mix - Mixed by Crooklyn Clan
CMJ Presents Certain Damage! Volume 4
Coca-Cola, Volume 3
Cold Feet
Columbia House Presents: Pump Up the Jam! ’90s Dance Hits
Countdown (2006)
Countdown: The Wonder Years
Cover 2 Cover, Volume 6
Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly: Soundtrack by Jorge
Cream Anthems
Cream Anthems 2002
Credence Club Hits, Volume 1
Credence DJMag 001
Cruise Control: The Very Best Drive Time Anthems
Daily Star's Jukebox Classics, Vol. 3
Damn! Volume 2: 100% Dancehits
Dance Hits 2002
Dance Machine 24
Dance Now 2002, Volume 1
Dance the Alternative, Volume 2
Dance Train 2002, Volume 1: Club Edition
Dancefloor FG Été/Summer 2006
Deejay Parade 2002
Dimitris Papaspyropoulos Presents: The Strength of Whispers
Disco Boys, Volume 2, The
Disco Boys, Volume 5, The
DJ Convention: Code Twelve
DMA 2003
DMC Commercial Collection 303
Donna's Swingcafé Classics
Donna’s Top 2004
Donnie Darko: Original Soundtrack
Donnie Darko: Original Soundtrack & Score
Double Happiness
Double Shot of Rock
Double Shot: Modern Rock
Double Shot: Pop Alternative
Down Under 2 - The Best Of Australian Rock
Drakkar Noir: Best of Rock, Volume 2
Dream Dance 22
Dream On (Roman Vincent ’O remix edit)
Dream On Black Girl
Dream On Black Girl (Muttonheads remix)
Dream on Black Girl (original Sin) (original mix)
Dream On Black Girl (Original Sin) (Roman Vincent'o Remix Edit)
Dream on Black Girl (original Sin) (Roman Vincento remix)
Dream on Black Girl (radio edit)
Dream on Black Girl (Roman Vincento remix)
Dream On Black Girl (Vencenzo mix)
Drive 1
Driving Music 2
Earthrise II
Edge of the 80s: 1988-1989
Eighties Hit(s) Back 3, The
Enfants du rock, Les
Entertainment Weekly Greatest Hits Of 1988
Entertainment Weekly The Greatest Hits 1988
Essential 80s, The
Essential Soft Rock Collection, The
Essential Songs
Eternal Love: Le Meilleur des slows en version originale
Eternal Romance
Euphoria: Return to Ibiza
Fantastic 80s!
Festivalbar '88
Festivalbar 97
Fetenhits: Rock Classics
Fetenhits: The Real Classics
Fetenhits: The Real Classics 4
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, the 2nd
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, Volume 5
FIFA 2005
Fifteen Years
Final Countdown: The Very Best of Soft Metal, The
Fine Time
Free Spirit
From the Heart Classics
Fun Dance 2006 (Summer Club Hits)
Fun de siècle, Volume 1
Fun Mom Dinner (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Future Retro
Gallery: 15 Years, The
Geezer! - The Funky Summer Sound of the UK Clubs
Generation '80s
Giants of Rock
Godskitchen: The True Sound of a Clubbing Summer
Gold & Platinum, Volume 5
Good Clean Fun: Target Music Sampler, Volume 2
Good Times
Grand Theft Auto V Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Flash FM
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Volume 4: Flash FM
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Official Soundtrack Box Set
Grandmix 2003
Great Australian Songbook, The
Greatest Ever! Love: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Groups Volume 1, The
Greatest Hits of the 80's
Greatest Hits of the 80's, Volume 4
Greatest Hits of the 80’s
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 80’s, Volume 3
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 90's, Volume 1
Greenpeace - Breakthrough 1
Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors
Greenpeace: Rainbow Warriors, Disc 1
Guitar Rock: The '90s
Hang the DJ: Modern Rock 1988
Hard Rock Cafe: New Wave
Hard Rock Essentials
Heavy 100
Hifi Visionen: Pop-CD 12
High Life
High Life: Himmlische Top-Hits
Highway Rock: Dancing in the Moonlight
Hit Academy, Volume 2, The
Hit Collection, Volume 2, The
Hit Explosion 1997, Volume 5
Hit Explosion 2001 - 11
Hit Explosion 2003, Volume 4
Hit Trax 693
Hits 50
Hits Explosion 13, 14
Hits Explosion, The
Hits House 2002, Volume 3
Hits Huge '84
Hits Keep) Comin’ On Strong, (The
Hits of... 83+84, Volume 10
Hits of… 87+88, Volume 12
Hits of... 89+90, Volume 13
Hits on CD, Volume 2
Hits on CD, Volume 9
Hits Zone: Summer 97
Hot City Nights
Hot Tracks 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition
Hot Tub Time Machine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
House Anthems, Volume 1: The Best Deep & Funky House
House goes 80’s
House Top 100, Volume 7
I'm So Crazy
I'm So Crazy (Crazy Guitar mix - edit)
I'm So Crazy (Dirty Vegas club mix)
I'm So Crazy (Dirty Vegas instrumental)
I'm So Crazy (Erik Morillo vs. Who the Funk/Harry 'Choo-Choo' Romero mix)
I'm So Crazy (Medicine mix)
I'm So Crazy (original mix)
I'm So Crazy (original radio f. edit)
I'm So Crazy (Radio Edit)
I'm So Crazy (The Crazy Guitar mix - edit)
I’m So Crazy
I’m So Crazy (original mix)
I’m So Crazy (Radio F. edit)
Ibiza 2007 Club Summer
Ibiza Annual: Summer 2001
Ibiza Chillout Session
Ibiza Euphoria
Ich hab’ dich lieb, Vol.2
Impossible Concert, The
In the Land of Women
International Remixed ’80s
Is This Love
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll... but We Like It!
Jason Mraz: Influences
Je t’aime 5
Jimmy Z Presents... 4Play, Volume 02
Just Keep Walking
KFOG: Live From The Archives 4
Kind of Slow to Body Language (special DJ remixed version), A
Kingshouse, Volume 7
Kiss Ibiza 2001
Knuffelrock 18
Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 15
Kuschelrock 20
Kuschelrock 30
Larry's Party Rock 3
Last Dance, The
Late Night Mix 3, The
Laying Down the Law
Legends III
Legends: Livin' on a Prayer
Life is Music: 100 onsterfelijke Studio Brussel songs
Like, Omigod! The ’80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)
Live Aid
Live Aid (Live, 13th July 1985)
Live Le Concert Du Siécle
Loaded, Volume 1
Long Hot Summer
Lost Boys (Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Lost Boys, The
Love Hurts: 40 of the Most Moving Songs of All Time
Love Is (What I Say)
Love My Dancefloor, I
Love Songs to Make You Feel Good
Love Tecno Pop, I
Love You - Best International Ballads and Love Songs 2006-2007
Loved One, The
Lovers Rock
Make It Better (original mix)
Mashed Up 19
Massive 2003
Massive: The Biggest Hits in Dance
Mastermix 221
Mastermix 226 (disc 1)
Mastermix Classic Cuts 3: Alternative
Mastermix Classic Cuts 72: Alternative
Mastermix Classic Cuts 85: Drive Time
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 134: 80s
Mastermix: Pro Disc 13
Mega Club Soleil
Mega Techno 7 (disc 1: Techno)
Mes Soirées New Wave
Meu Bem Meu Mal - Internacional
Midnight Hour: The 20 Sexiest Hits of All Time, The
Millenium Love Songs
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Classics
Ministry of Sound: Dance Nation
Ministry of Sound: Dance Nation 2003
Ministry of Sound: The 2002 Annual
Ministry of Sound: The 2004 Annual
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Annual 2002
Mixed Emotions III
Mixflash & Dancewell
Mixx-It: Best of Alternative 7
Modern Edge: A Modern Rock Collection, The
Modern Rock – Club 80s
Modern Rock 1986: Hang the DJ
Modern Rock: 1984-1989
Modern Rock: 1986-1987
Modern Rock: 1988–1989
Modern Rock: Early 80's
Modern Rock: Early 90's
Modern Rock: Late 80's
Modern Rock: Lost Hits of the Mid '80s
Modern Rock: Mid 80's
Modern Rock: The Mid '90s
Molten Metal
Monster Ballads
Monsters, Ghouls, Goblins & Demons
Most Wanted Rock 3
Most Wanted Rock, Volume 2
Mr Music Hits 6
Mr Reliable: An Unbelievably Good Soundtrack to the Motion Picture
MTV Fresh 3
MTV the First 1000 Years: Rock
Mushroom 25 Live
Music From Miami Vice
Music From the 80’s
Music Legend Collection 'Rock'
Music of the Millennium III
música do século, volume 13, A
música do século, volume 14, A
música do século, volume 21, A
música do século, volume 30, A
música do século, volume 32, A
música do século, volume 39, A
música do século, volume 42, A
música do século, volume 45, A
Mystify ('Reeloop' Klitzing remix)
Mystify (airplay edit)
Mystify (extended club mix)
Mystify (Kaiser Souzai remix edit)
Mystify (Kaiser Souzai remix)
Mystify (Mellow's Rock-A-Lot mix)
Mystify (Reeloop Klitzing remix)
Need You Tonight (mash up)
Need You Tonight, I
Never Tear Us Apart
New Sensation
No. 1 All Time Rock Album, The
No. 1 Drive Album, The
No. 1 Rock Ballads Album, The
No.1 Rock Ballads Album, The
No1 80's Collection, The
Now 23
Now Dance 2002
Now That's What I Call Music! 18
Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s
Now That's What I Call New Wave 80s: Deluxe Edition
Now That’s What I Call Halloween
Now That’s What I Call Music 14
Now That’s What I Call Music 15
Now That’s What I Call Music! 14
Now That’s What I Call Music! 15
Now That’s What I Call Music! 18
Now That’s What I Call Music! 19
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1988: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1989
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1989: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1990
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1990: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1992: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 20
Now That’s What I Call Music! 23
NOW That’s What I Call the 80s Hits
NOW That’s What I Call the 80s Hits (deluxe edition)
Now! T.W.I.C.M. Collection (1983-2000)
Now! That’s What I Call Music 18
Now! That’s What I Call Music 19
NRJ Extravadance 5
NRJ la plus belle des compilations
Ö3 Greatest Hits, Volume 6
One & Only Rock Ballads Album, The
One and Only 80’s Album, The
One and Only Rock Ballads
One Of A Kind (Radio Edit)
One Of My Kind
One of My Kind (radio edit)
One of My Kind (Rogue Traders Club Adventure)
One of My Kind (Rogue Traders dub mix)
One of My Kind (Rogue Traders Dub)
One of My Kind (Swimming in Blue mix)
One of My Kind (Swimming mix)
One Shot ’80, Volume 18
One Shot 1984
One Shot 1985
One Shot 1987
Only Love 1985 - 1989
Only Rock 'n' Roll 1985-1989 #1 Radio Hits
Original Rock, Volume 1
Original Sin
Original Sin (Rosario & Craig J vocal)
Out of Bounds: A Journey Through Modern Rock
Party Power Pack, Volume 2
Passion: Songs for Lovers
Pepsi: More Music, Volume 2
Perfecto Album: Remixes by Oakenfold and Osbourne, The
Philips Compact Disc at Rock Torhout – Werchter 1988
Phonogram News 5/91
Phonogram News 7/91
Piano Songbook
Platin, Volume 3: Das Album der Megastars
Please (You Got That Need)
Please/You Got That
Poly Star 8
Polystar 7
Pop Ballads, Volume 2
Pop in the 90's Volume 3
Pop Music Sampler
Pop Selects
Pop'n'Rock 80 Volume 1
Pop'n'Rock 80 Volume 3
Pop'n'Rock 80 Volume 5
Pop'n'Rock 80 Volume 7
Popformule Tophits, Vol. 2
Poptronica Dance
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Power and the Glory
Power Cuts
Power of Love: Rock Dreams, The
Pre Historie 1987, Volume 3, De
Precious Heart
Precious Heart (135 BPM Trance House)
Precious Heart (Lush mix)
Precious Heart (Lush remix)
Precious Heart (Marc O'Tool remix)
Precious Heart (original mix)
Precious Heart (original mix) / Underground (a cappella)
Precious Heart (Radio Edit)
Precious Heart (Riva edit)
Precious Heart (Riva mix)
Precious Heart (Riva remix)
Precious Metal
Presents DutyFree2
Pretty in Pink: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pretty In Pink: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Previous Heart (Lush remix)
Progressions Into Trance 2
Promo Only: Dance Radio, February 2006
Promo Only: Mainstream Club, June 2011
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, December 2005
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, March 1997
Provocative Trance
Pump Up the Dance
Pure 80's Hits
Pure Power Ballads
Pure Rock Ballads
Pure Rock Ballads 2
Pure Rock Moods
Q: Decade: The Very Best of 1986–1996
Q101: Live 101, Volume 1
Radio City Hits
Radio City Hits 5
Reach the Beach and Rule the Pool: Spring Breakers '93
Reckless Kelly
Red Hot
Relax Mania, Volume 6
Remember Tonight
Remixed: Progressions Into Trance
Remixland 2006, Volume 1
Retro Remixed: Rare & Extended
Retro: The One and Only 80’s Album
Retro:Active 1: Rare and Remixed
Retro:Active 3 - Rare & Remixed
Rhino Instant Party: Blow-Out!
Richard Wilkins Presents: 38 More Smash Hits of the 80s
Rock 'n Roll Relix: 1986-1987
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1987
Rock Album, The
Rock Anthems
ROCK Australia
Rock Ballads
Rock Ballads 2
Rock Ballads Vol. 2
Rock Ballads, Vol. 2
Rock Busters
Rock Circus - Rock, Vol. 2
Rock City Nights
Rock Classics: Rock the City, Volume 2
Rock Internacional: o melhor das novelas
Rock Legends
Rock Line
Rock Line 6
Rock On 1990
Rock on Tap Volume 1 Happy Hour
Rock Platinum
Rock Star
Rock Star: Music From the Motion Picture
Rock Story
Rock the ’90s With Planet Rock
Rock the Kuga
Rock the Planet
Rockin’ Down the Highway
Rolling Stone: Retrospective The '90s
RollingStone '80s Alternative
Romeo & Julia: Die schönsten Love Songs aller Zeiten.
Sanremo 88
Sanremo Millennium: International
Sax Album, The
Scandalous / Need You Tonight
Scary Halloween Songs
School Summer Holiday
Schoolies 2000: Your Soundtrack to Mayhem
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Selections From "Like, Omigod! The '80s Pop Culture Box (Totally)"
Shine On: The 80’s, Volume 1
Silvester Hits 2001
Simply the Best Superstars
Smash Hits Party 88
Smash Hits Strange 80s
So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2004 Plus the Biggest Hits of 2003
So Fresh: The Hits of Winter 2003
Soft Metal Ballads
Soft Rock
Sold Out (The Ultimate Selection of Live Performances)
Solid Rock
Som Livre Anos 80, Volume 1
Songs From the Chillout Lounge
Songwriters Speak
Sounds of the Eighties: 1986-1989
Sounds of the Eighties: Everything '80s
Stairs, The
Starfloor, Volume 3
Starfloor, Volume 4
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, Volume 3: The New Collection
Stop Manta, Volume 3
Street Vibes 8
Studio Brussel: Klas X
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1992: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Summer ’89
Sunday Girl: 20 Pop Classics
Sunrise Live: The Concert Series
Sunshine Live, Volume 20
Superstars of the 80s
Superstars of the 80s Shake It Up
Tales of Fantasy
Temptation Island
Testament van de Eighties
That Sound From Down Under
That’s Live, Vol. 2
Themes From Miami Vice
This Is Where I Leave You (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Thump'n New Wave Rock-N-Ingles
Time 100, Volume 2: The Music of Our Lives 1980–1999
TM Century: GoldDisc 143
TM Century: GoldDisc 157
TM Century: GoldDisc 158
TM Century: GoldDisc 161
TM Century: GoldDisc 189
TM Century: GoldDisc 191
TM Century: GoldDisc 252
TMF Rockzone 3
To Look at You
Top 100 Hits 80s
Top 100 Hits Of The 80's
Top 100 Pop Love Songs
top 20 ans de Tubes, Volume 11, Le
Top 2006: Los Números 1 del Año (disc 1)
Top Hits U.S.A. T129
Top Hits U.S.A. T142
Top Hits U.S.A. T153
Top of the Pop Hits the 80's
Top of the Pops 2002, Volume 3
Top of the Pops 2003, Volume 2
Torhout Werchter 20: 1977–1996
Total Relaxed
Totally 80s 1+2
Totally Awesome 80s Mix Tape: 17 Hand-Picked Hits
Trance Voices: The Greatest Vocal Trance Anthems, Vol. 23
Trance Voices: The Greatest Vocal Trance Anthems, Volume Two
Trip: Created by Dirty Vegas, The
Triple J: Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time
Triple J: Live at the Wireless: From the Vaults, Volume 1
True Rock
Tubes New Wave
Tubes, Volume 5, Les
Twisted: Indie Floorfillers for a Twisted Generation
Ultimate 16 Originals: Rock & Roll '80s
Ultimate 16 Originals: The Very Best of Classic Rock
Ultimate 80s
Ultimate Eighties, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: Rock Dreams, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and Platinum, The
Ultimate Sports Album
Ultimix Medley Collection, Volume 4, The
V8 Supercars - No Special Effects: A Full Tank of Rock 3
V8 Supercars: A Full Tank of Rock
Very Best of Dave Pearce Dance Anthems, The
Very Best of Legends II, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1980-1995: Presentation CD, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1987-88, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1989–90, The
Very Best of Rock 1990-93, The
Very Best of the 90's, Volume 2
Very Best of The Tube, The
VH1 Classic Tracks
Vh1: I Love the 80s
Virgin Radio: The Album
Voices for Life
Vorspiel Collection 1, The
W H Smith Cable Jukebox
Was het nu 70 of 80?
Way Way Back, The
Way Way Back: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Welcome to the Club 10
What's Your Thing?: OfficeMax Super Hits
Wild Gold
Wild Gold, Volume 2
Wild Nights 3
Wild Trance Anthems
Wild, Volume 14
Wild, Volume 16
Y-100: Sonic Sessions, Volume 2
You're So Crazy (original mix)
You’re Beautiful: 101 Love Songs to Show You Care
zweite ultimative 80'er Fete, Die