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Aston, James (pseudonym)
Hanbury White, Terence
T. H. White
White, T.
White, T. H.
White, Terence H.
White, Terence Hanbriry
White, Terence Hanbury
White, Timothy
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
bibliographic antecedent
Related identities: 
Aston, James (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Ardizzone, Edward (1900-1979)
Bruns, George (1914-1983)
Garnett, David (1892-1981)
Hegewicz, Enrique (1944-)
Lebailly, Monique (1929-...)
Lopes, A. Martins
Peet, Bill
Peet, Bill (1915-2002)
Reitherman, Wolfgang (1909-1985)
Schafer, R. Murray (1933-)
Schafer, Raymond Murray (1933-)
Slavik, Martha
Sprague, Kurth
Walt Disney company
Warner, Sylvia Townsend (1893-1978)
age of scandal, The : an excursion through a minor period
Arthur, koning voor eens en altijd
Bestiary (Ms. Cambridge University Library. Ii.4.26).
bestiary, The : a book of beasts : being a translation from a latin bestiary of the twelfth century
Bob Marley
boek Merlijn, Het
Book of beasts being a translation from a Latin bestiary of the twelfth century [preserv. at the Cambridge University Library, II.4.26], The
book of beasts, The : being a translation from a Latin bestiary of the twelfth century
book of merlyn sound recording, the
book of Merlyn, The : the unpublished conclusion to The once and future king
buch merlin, das
Camelot ; El libro de Merlín
Candle in the Wind, The
chandelle dans le vent roman
chevalier roman
Contes étranges et histoires fantastiques
Darkness at Pemberley
Dead Mr. Nixon
elephant and the kangaroo, The
England have my bones
Excalibur l'épée dans la pierre
Farewell Victoria
First lesson
Geheimnis von Liliput Auf Gullivers Spuren, Das
Godstone and the Blackymor, The
goshawk, The
gran icono de la cultura reggae, un músico genial y un símbolo de liberación, El
Herrscher im Fels, Der
hexe und der zauberer
Ill-Made Knight, The
Johnson's Materials of construction
joy proposed, A : poems
kasteel van Malplaquet, Het
König auf Camelot, drittes Buch: Der mißratene Ritter, Der
König auf Camelot, erstes Buch: Das Schwert im Stein, Der
König auf Camelot, viertes Buch: Die Kerze im Wind, Der
König auf Camelot, zweites Buch: Die Königin von Luft und Dunkelheit, Der
Kopfkalamitäten und andere Geschichten
Král bývalý a král budoucí.
Letters to a friend : the correspondence between T. H. White and L. J. Potts
libro de Merlín, El
Loved Helen and other poems
M[iste]r White treibt auf der reissenden Liffey nach Dublin e. Überlebensroman
maharadja en andere verhalen, De
maharajah and other stories, The
master, The : an adventure story
Meč v kameni
medieval bestiary, A : for mixed choir (SATB)
Merlijn de tovenaar
Merlin, el encantador
Merlin l'Enchanteur
Mistress Masham's repose
once and future king, The
pani powietrza i ciemnosci
Poets unfashionable lecture
Queen of Air and Darkness, The
quête du roi Arthur
rei que foi e um dia será, O
Romans de la Table ronde
scandalmonger., The
Schloss Malplaquet oder Lilliput im Exil
Schwert im Stein Roman, Das
sorcière de la forêt roman
spada nella roccia
sword in the stone, The
They winter abroad, a novel
vlucht van de havik, De
Walt Disney's The sword in the stone.
White/Garnett letters., The
Witch in the wood
Contributed to or performed: 
‘Another thing I like about them,’ said the Wart
‘Do you like it?’ asked the owl…
‘Life is blood…’
‘Well, you know quite well,’ said Merlyn…
‘What a shame that they should be kept prisoners…’
After the staff lecture…
All the hawks…
Another thing was the riot…
At the moment he was lying on his back…
Being invisible is not so pleasant as it sounds…
call sounded from far away…, The
Chapter 1
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 2
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
darkness became watered with light…, The
day was cooler than it had been…, The
don’t want to hear it any more…’, ‘I
education of any civilized gentleman…, The
gore-crow hastened to obey…, The
He was timid, ruminant and harmless…
He weighed between ten and twenty score…
In a small bushment the grim boar stood at bay…
Instantly Mother Mim was framed in the lighted doorway…
It ought perhaps to be explained…
It was a long and terrible journey…
It was about compline…
Kay was frightened by this…
King Pellinore closed his eyes tight…
King Pellinore hurriedly sat on his victim’s chest…
know some history’ said the Wart…, ‘I
König auf Camelot, Teil 1: Das Schwert im Stein, Der
König auf Camelot, Teil 2: Die Königin von Luft und Dunkelheit, Der
König auf Camelot, Teil 3: Der missratene Ritter, Der
König auf Camelot, Teil 4: Die Kerze im Wind, Der
Merlyn had a long white beard…
Mews was one of the most important parts of the castle…, The
Mrs. Roach held out a languid fin…
night fell still…, The
old gentleman scratched about…, The
Once upon a time…
People don’t think of trees as alive…
People in those days had rather different ideas…
She waved her apron at the sergeant…
Sir Grummore Grummursum was cantering up…
snake slipping easily along the coping…, A
So it was decided.
So King Pellinore was bent over the dead beast…
Some people say that snakes are deaf…
Sword in the Stone, The
Teil 01
Teil 02
Teil 03
Teil 04
Teil 05
Teil 06
Teil 07
Teil 08
Teil 09
Teil 10
Teil 11
Teil 12
Teil 13
Teil 14
Teil 15
Teil 16
Teil 17
Teil 18
Teil 19
Teil 20
Teil 21
Teil 22
Teil 23
Teil 24
Teil 25
Teil 26
Teil 27
Teil 28
Teil 29
Teil 30
Teil 31
Teil 32
Teil 33
Teil 34
Teil 35
Teil 36
Teil 37
Teil 38
Teil 39
Teil 40
Teil 41
Teil 42
Teil 43
Teil 44
Teil 45
Teil 46
Teil 47
Teil 48
Teil 49
Teil 50
Teil 51
Teil 52
Teil 53
Teil 54
Teil 55
Teil 56
Teil 57
Teil 58
Teil 59
Teil 60
Teil 61
Teil 62
Teil 63
Teil 64
Teil 65
Teil 66
Teil 67
Teil 68
Teil 69
Teil 70
Teil 71
Teil 72
Teil 73
Teil 74
Teil 75
Teil 76
Teil 77
Teil 78
Teil 79
There seemed to be no sensible reply to this.
There was a clearing in the forest…
There was a distant noise…
They crossed the courtyard…
They had become interested in this discussion…
They went to the man cautiously…
They were close to the castle…
think that was a very good wreath…’, ‘I
This is what the letter said…
vanity-glass vanished…, The
Wart did not know quite how to put it…, The
Wart had lost the panicky feeling…
Wart knew he was probably going to be killed…, The
Wart looked, and at first saw nothing…, The
Wart thought it was time to ask…, The
Wart was on an even keel now…, The
Wart was so startled…, The
Wart was still staring at his tutor’s chair…, The
Wart watched…, The
Wart went over to the tree…, The
When he got to the inn it was closed.
While this incantation was going on…
William Twyti was called for…
With a blood-curdling beat of iron hoofs…
With these words…