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Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith (American blues singer)
Bessie Smith (Amerikaans straatartieste (1894-1937))
Bessie Smith (cantante estadounidense)
Bessie Smith (cantante statunitense)
Bessie Smith (chanteuse américaine)
Bessie Smith (US-amerikanische Bluessängerin)
Bessie Smithová
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Bessie Mae
Smith, Elizabeth
The Empress of the Blues
Беси Смит
Бессі Сміт
Смит, Бесси
Բեսսի Սմիթ
בסי סמית
بسی اسمیت
asi 1894-1937
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Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971)
Bailey, Buster (co-performer)
Bessie Smith & Her Blue Boys (isMemberOf)
Bessie Smith & Her Down Home Trio (isMemberOf)
Bessie Smith and her band (see also from)
Bessie Smith and her Blue boys (see also from)
Green, Charlie (1900-1936)
Green, Charlie (co-performer)
Henderson, Fletcher (1897-1952)
Henderson, Fletcher (co-performer)
Holiday, Billie (1915-1959)
Johnson, James Price (1894-1955)
Schmidt, Andrzej (1922- ))
Smith, Joe (1902-1937)
Smith, Joe (co-performer)
Sony music entertainment international
Sony music France
Terry, George N.
White, Josh
Williams, Clarence (1898-1965)
Župan, Ivica (novinar)
19 Reflective Recordings
1923-1933 Empress of the Blues
After You’re Gone
After You've Gone / Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)
Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try to Two-Time Me)
Agrevatin' Papa
Ain't Goin' To Play Second Fiddle, I
ain't gonna play no second fiddle, I
ain't got nobody, I
'Ain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do
Ain’t Nobody's Business If I Do
Alexander's ragtime band
American Legends - Bessie Smith
Anthology, The
Any woman's blues
At the Christmas ball
Baby doll
Baby Have Pity on Me
Baby Won't You Jump With Me
Baby Won't You Please Come Home Blues / Oh Daddy Blues
Back Water Blues [1927]
Back-Water Blues / Preachin' the Blues
Backwater Blues
Beale Street Mama (Papa)
Beautiful Tomorrow
Bessie Disappears
Bessie & Jack, Part I
Bessie & Jack, Part II / Bessie & The Ladies
Bessie Smith 1925-1933
Bessie Smith Blues Queen
Bessie Smith Sings the Jazz
Bessie Smith Story, Volume 1, The
Bessie Smith: The Greatest Blues Singer in the World
Bessie Smith Vol. 2 'St. Louis Blues': Original Recordings 1924-1925
Best Of, The
Black mountain blues
Black Water Blues
Blackwater Blues
Bleeding Hearted Blues
Blue, Blue
Blue Spirit Blues [1929-10-11]
Blues Collection 9: Classic Blues, The
Blues Collection: Bessie Smith, Classic Blues, The
Bo Weevil Blues
Boweavil Blues [1924]
Bye Bye Blues, The
Cake Walkin' Babies (From Home)
Cake Walking Babies (From Home) / Young Woman's Blues
Careless Love: 1
Careless Love [1925]
Careless Love Blues (alternate take)
Careless Love Blues / He's Gone Blues
Cemetery Blues
Charly Blues Masterworks, Volume 31: Empress of the Blues
Chattanooga Gal
Chicago Bound Blues
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1923-1924, The
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1924-1925, The
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1925-1927, The
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1927-1928, The
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1928-1929, The
Chronological Classics: Bessie Smith 1929-1933, The
Cold in hand blues
Cold in Hands Blues
Collection, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 01, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 1, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 2, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 3, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 4, The
Complete Recordings, Volume 5, The
Devil's Gonna Get You
Devil's Gonna Git You
Dirty No-Gooder’s Blues
Dirty No-Gooders Blues
Dixie flyer blues
Do Your Duty / I'm Down in the Dumps
Don't Cry Baby / You Don't Understand
Down Hearted Blues [1923]
Down in the Dumps
Downhearted Blues (Original 1923-1924 Recordings)
Dyin' by the Hour [1927]
Dyin’ Gambler’s Blues
Dying Gambler's Blues
Easy Come Easy Go Blues / Frosty Morining Blues
Eavesdropper's Blues
Empress of the Blues
Empty Bed Blues, Part 1
Empty Bed Blues, Part 2: [1928]
Empty Bed Blues (Part One)
Empty Bed Blues (Part Two)
Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 & 2)
Empty Bed Blues, Pt. 1 & 2
Empty Bed Blues (side 1)
Empty Bed Blues (side 2)
Essence of Bessie Smith, The
Essential Bessie Smith, The
Far Away Blues
Farewell Baby Blues
Florida Bound Blues
Follow the Deal on Down
Foolish Man Blues [1927]
Frankie Blues
Franlie Blues
Frosty Morining Blues
Frosty Mornin' Blues: 4
Frosty Morning Blues
Génies du Blues, Volume 6 : Empress of the Blues, Les
Génies du Jazz (Tome 1, No. 12): Bessie Smith, Les
Gimme a Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer
Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
Gimme a Pigfoot (Gimme a Reefer)
Gimmie a Pigfoot / Take Me for a Buggy Ride
Gin House Blues / Lost Your Head Blues, The
Gold Collection: 40 Classic Performances, The
Golden Rule Blues
Golden Rules
good man is hard to find, A
Good Man It's Hard to Find, A
Got What It Takes, I
Graveyard Dream Blues [1923]
Great Divas
Great original performances 1925-1933
Greatest Hits
Gulf coast blues
Hard Drivin' Papa
Hard driving papa
Hard time blues
Hard Times Blues
Hateful Blues
Haunted House Blues
He’s Gone Blues
He's Got Me Goin' / It Makes My Love Come Down
Homeless Blues
Honey Man Blues
Honeyman Blues
Hot Spring Blues
Hot Springs Blues
House Blues, The
House Rent Blues
Hustlin' Dan
Hustlin' Day
I'd Rather be Dead and Buried in my Grave
I'm Coming Home
I’m Down in the Dumps
I'm Going Back to My Used to Be
I'm wild about that thing
I'm Wild at That Thing
I've been mistreated and I don't like it
I've Got What It Takes (but It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away)
I've Got What It Takes - Vol. 5: Original Recordings 1929-1933
If You Don't I Don't Know Who Will
In the House Blues / Blue Blues
In The Still Of The Night
Introduction to Bessie Smith: Her Best Recordings 1923-1933, An
It Makes My Love Come Down
It Won't Be You
J.C. Holmes blues
Jail-house blues
Jailhouse Blues
Jazz Greats, Volume 38: Bessie Smith: Preachin' the Blues
Jazz 'n' Blues
Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town
Keep It to Yourself
Keep On Rainin!
Keeps on A-Rainin' (Papa, He Can't Make No Time)(
Keeps on A-Raining (Papa, He Can't Make No Time)
Keeps on Rainin' (Papa, He Can't Makke No.Time)
Kitchen Man / I've Got What It Takes
L’Art vocal, volume 3 : La Sélection 1923–1933
Lady Luck Blues: 3
Lady Luck Blues (Test)
Lice tame
Life on the Road, Part I
Life on the Road, Part II
Life on the Road, Part III / Bessie & Gertrude Saunders
Lock and Hey
Lock and Key / Trombone Cholly
Lonesome desert blues
Long old road
Looking for my Man Blues
Lost your head blues
Lou'siana Low Down Blues
Louisiana Low Down Blues
Love Me Daddy Blues
Mama's got the blues
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Bessie Smith
Masters, The
Me And My Gin (Burke)
Me and My Gin / Slow and Easy Man
Mean Old Bad Bug Blues
Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
Mean old bedbug blues
Mean Old Bedbug Bues
Mean Ole Bed Bug Blues
Members Edition
Midnight Blues: 3
Midnight Blues (Test)
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Empress of the Blues
Mistreatin' Daddy
Mistreating Daddy
Moan Mourners / On Revival Day
Moan you moaners
Moan, You Mourners
Money Blues
Moonshine Blues
Mother of the Blues
Mountain Top Blues
Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)
Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moon)
My Man Blues
My Sweet Went Away
My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn’t Say Where, When or Why)
Nashvile Woman's Blues
Nashville Woman’s Blues
Nashville Women's Blues: 2
Nashville Women's Blues (alternate take)
Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl [1931-11-20]
Need a Little Sugar in my Bowl, I
Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl / Safety Mama
New Gulf Coast Blues
New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
Nobody Can Base A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine
Nobody in town can bake a sweet jelly roll like mine
Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out [1929-05-15]
Nobody Knows You When You are Down and Out
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out / Take It Right Back
Nobody Knows You When Youʼre Down and Out
Nobody's blues but mine
Nothing but the Blues: Bessie Smith
Oh! Daddy Blues
Oh Daddy (You Won't Have No Mama at All)
On Reveval Day
On Revival Day [1930-06-09]
On Revival Day (A Rhythmic Spiritual)
One and Two Blues
Outside of that
Pickpocket Blues
Pinchbacks - Take 'em Away
Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind
Please Help Me Get Him Out of My Mind
Poor Man's Blues
Preachin' the blues
Preaching the Blues
Put It Right Here (or Keep It Out There)
Queen of the Blues, Volume 1
Quintessence: The Empress 1923-1933, The
Rainy Weather Blues
Reckless blues
Reckless Love
Red Mountain Blues
Rockin' Chair Blues
Rocking Chair Blues
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Bessie Smith, The
Safety mama
Salt Water Blues
Sam Jones blues
See If I'll Care
Send me to the 'lectric chair
Shipwreck Blues [1931-06-11]
Sinful blues
Sing, Sing Prison Blues
Slow and Easy Man
Sobbin’ Hearted Blues
Soft Pedal: 1
Soft Pedal Blues [1925]
Sorrowful Blues
Spider Man Blues
Squeeze me
St. Louis Blues, Part 1
St. Louis Blues, Part 2
St. Louis Blues, Part 3
St. Louis Blues, Part 4
St. Louis Blues Soundtrack: a)Band intro; b)Crap Game; c)St. Louis Blues.
St. Louis Blues, The
St Louis Gal: 3
St. Louis Gal (Test)
Standin' in the Rain Blues
Standing in the Rain Blues
Surf Coast Blues
Sweet mistreater
T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
T'ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
T'ain't Nobodys Business If I Do
'Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do
'Tain't Nobody's Bizness if I Do
'Tain't nobody's business if I do
'taint Nobody's Bizness If I Do
'Taint Nobody's Business
Take It Right Back ('cause I Don't Want It Here)
Take Me for a Buggy Ride [1933-11-24]
Them ''has been'' blues
Them's Grave Words
Them's graveyard words
There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight
Thinkin' Blues
Thinking blues
Ticket agent ease your window down
Trombone Cholly
Ultimate Collection, The
Undisputed Queen of the Blues, Volume 1, The
Used to Be Your Swee Mama, I
used to be your sweet mama, I
Waldorf-Astoria Party
Want Ev'ry Bit of It, I
Want Every Bit of It, I
Washwoman's Blues
Wasted life blues
Weepin’ Willow Blues
Weeping Willow Blues [1924]
What's the matter now
Whoa Tillie take your time
Woman’s Trouble Blues
Won’t Be You, I
Work House Blues
World's Greatest Blues Singer, The
Worn Out Papa Blues
Yellow Dog Blues: 1, The
Yes Indeed He Do!
Yodelin' Blues: 3
Yodling Blues -tk2-test
You'd Been A Good Ole Wagon
You Don’t Understand
You Ought to Be Ashamed
You've Been a Good Old Wagon
You've Been a Good Ole Wagon (But You Done Broke Down)
You've got to give me some
You've Gotta Give Me Some
Young Woman’s Blues
Contributed to or performed: 
!PROTEST! American Protest Songs 1928 - 1953
'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do
’Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do
"Satchmo": Ambassador of Jazz
1. Le grandi voci della musica nera
100 Hits: Blues Tunes
100 Plus Beaux Gospels, Les
100 plus grands thèmes du blues, Les
100 Years of Jazz: From Ragtime to Avantgarde
125 Blues Hits
36 Masterpieces of Jazz Music, Volume 1
50 Essentials Of Louis Armstrong
A-Z Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
ABC of the Blues
Ain’t Got Nobody, I
All Aboard
All That Jazz
All Time Greatest Blues Songs
Amazing Grace - The Greatest Gospel Singers
America! Jazz: Jazz Divas from Bessie to Billie
America's Musical Landscape, Sixth Edition
American Pop: An Audio History - From Minstrels to Mojo: On Record, 1893-1946
American Popular Song
American Roots Music
Angel Heart
As Good as It Gets: Country Blues
Audio Collection: Classic Blues, The
Baby Won’t You Please Come Home Blues
Back to Black
Back Water Blues
Barbecue Blues
BBC Radio 2: More Songs of the Century
Beauty of the Blues: Roots n' Blues Sampler
Bed Spring Poker: Meat in Motion, 1926-1951
Beginner's Guide to Blues Music
Bessie: Music From the HBO Film
Best of Blues
Best of Blues, Volume 1
Best of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, The
Best of Jazz Classics, The
Big Blues Collection
Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey
Bioshock Infinite (Complete Collection)
Birth of the Blues, The
Black History in Music Sampler 1999
Black Mountain Blues
Black Water Blues
Blue Spirit Blues
Blues - The Best Blues Of All-Time, The
Blues 1923 to 1933, The
Blues All Ways
Blues Anthology
Blues Collection 73: Blues Women, The
Blues Is Black
Blues Juke Box Hits, Volume 1
Blues Legends
Blues Masters
Blues Masters, Volume 11: Classic Blues Women
Blues Power: 50 Blues Artists Who Matter
Blues Roots of Rock ’n’ Roll
Blues Spirit
Blues Story
Blues Story n°17 Le Blues au féminin
Blues Women Anthology, Volume 2
Blues, Blues Christmas - Volume 1, 1925-1955
Blues, The
Blues, Volume 2
Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, The
Blues: An Illustrated History
Blues: La Grande Anthologie 1925-1962
Born Under a Bad Sign
Box Set Series: Jazz, The
Cake-Walking Babies From Home
Careless Love Blues
Century of Jazz, A
Century of the Blues
Chronicle of Jazz, The
Classic Blues & Vaudeville Singers Vol 5 (1922-1930)
Classic Columbia And Okeh Joe Venuti And Eddie Lang Sessions, The
Classic Jazz: The Thirties
Classic Jazz: The Twenties
Club Verboten
Columbia Basic Library of Great Jazz
Complete Blues: The Roots of the Allman Brothers Band
Complete Masters 1925–1945, The
Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Volume 1 (1923-24)
Copulatin' Blues, The
Copulatin' Blues, Volume Two, The
Cotton Pickin' Blues
Country Blues Roots of Eric Clapton, The
Cuban Tapes, The
Dead Cool, Volume 1
Deep South: The Story of the Blues
Definitive Charley Patton, The
Devil's Gonna Get You
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 1
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 10
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 2
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 3
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 4
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 5
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 6
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 7
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 8
Diggin' Deeper, Volume 9
Dirty Blues
Do Your Duty
Doom & Gloom: Early Songs of Angst and Disaster 1927-1945
Double Crossing Blues
Doug Aiton's Jazz Favourites
Down at the Crossroads
Electro-Swing & Gospel-Breaks
Empty Bed Blues
Empty Bed Blues: Best of the Good Time Mommas
Encyclopedia of Jazz, Part 1/5: Classic Jazz - From New Orleans to Harlem, The
Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
Épopée du Jazz, L'
Essential Women in Blues
Every Day I Have the blues
Far Away Blues
Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes: The Essential Recordings of the Blues Ladies
Finest Vintage Jazz
First Day: Blue Note's First Recording Session of January 6, 1939, The
First-Time Buyers Guide To American Negro Spirituals
Flashbacks, Volume 4: Blue & Lonely: HeartBreakers 1927-1946
Flashbacks, Volume 5: Gospel & Prayers: Halleluja 1926-1946
Folk, Gospel & Blues: Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Frankie Newton Collection 1929-46, The
Génies du Blues: Blues Festival 1, Les
Get Up Off Your Knees
Giants of Jazz
Giants of Jazz Collection, The
Giants of Jazz, Volume One, The
Giants of Jazz: Louis Armstrong
Gimme A Pigfoot
Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
Glazbeni primjeri 4. vrste
Gold Standards: 40 Classics from the Great American Songbook
Good Man Is Hard to Find, A
Gospel Fever - God Bless You
Gospel Tradition: The Roots and the Branches, Vol.1, The
Got a Feeling Called the Blues
gouden eeuw van de blues, De
Grande Blues di Repubblica, Il
Grande Époque du Gospel : 1902-1944, La
Great Blues Singers, The
Great Tomato Blues Package, The
Great Women Blues Singers, The
Halloween Classics: Hellbent for Halloween
Hard Times & Heartaches
Harlem Blues
Haunted House: 20 Tracks to Make You Jump in the Night, The
He's Got Me Goin'
Heard It on NPR: Shake These Blues, I
His Best Recordings, 1924-1938
History of American Music, The
History of American Music: The Blues, The
History of Jazz: 100 Jazz Hits as Featured in the Celebrated TV Series, The
History of the Blues, Part 1
Hits of '25: Yes Sir, That's My Baby!
I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
I'm Down In The Dumps
I'm Going Back to My Used to Be
I'm Wild About That Thing
I’m Going Back to My Used to Be
Indigo Blues Collection 1
Inspirations: Rocked by Rod
Introduction to the Blues: 50 Nostalgic Tracks That Defined a Genre, An
It's a Long Old Road
It's All About the Blues
It's the Blues
Jazz & Blues Legends
Jazz Cats: Lonesome Jazz
Jazz Century, The
Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo, Volume 3: New York
jazz de cabu, Le
Jazz for Lovers: Unforgettable Songs
Jazz From the Vaults
Jazz Greats, Volume 56: Clarence Williams: Talk of the Town
Jazz Greats, Volume S1: Swing Celebration
Jazz in the Charts 002 (1921–1923)
Jazz in the Charts 003 (1923–1925)
Jazz in the Charts 008 (1928–1929)
Jazz Legends
Jazz Masters Trilogy, The
Jazz Masters: 27 Classic Performances From the Columbia Jazz Masterpieces Series, The
Jazz Roots: The Music of the Americas
Jazz Selection, Volume 1, The
Jazz Singers, The
Jazz Station, The
Jazz Styles: 8th Edition
Jazz von M-S
Jazz, Volume 2: The Blues
Jazz, Volume 4: Jazz Singers
Jazz: The First 100 Years
Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology
Jazzuela: Julio Cortázar y el Jazz
Jazzuela: Le jazz dans Marelle de Julio Cortázar
Jingle Blues: House of Blues Christmas Collection
Juke Joint Blues
Keep It To Yourself
King Louis
L’Histoire du jazz vocal - The Story of Vocal Jazz: 1911–1940
L’Intégrale Jazz
Ladies First
Ladies in Blues, The
Ladies of Jazz & Blues, The
Ladies Sing the Blues
Lady Sings the Blues
Larkin's Jazz
Legendary King Oliver, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, The
Legends of Blues
Legends of Gospel & Blues
Legends of the Blues, Volume 1
Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon: The Ultimate Rude Blues Collection
Let Me Tell You About The Blues: New York - The Evolution Of New York Blues
Let's Get Drunk Again
Listening to Music: 4th Edition
Listening to Music: Third Edition
Livin’ the Blues
Living the Blues: Blues Roots: 1920-1930
Lock and Key
Lost Your Head Blues
Louis Armstrong e Le Origini
Many Faces of Eric Clapton, The
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Warming by the Devil's Fire
Masters of jazz. vol. 1 traditional jazz classics
Merriest Christmas Album, The
Messed Up in Love and Other Tales of Woe
Midnite Jazz & Blues: That's Jazz, Volume 2
Millenium Collection: Blues Legends
Mo' Electro Swing Republic - Let's Misbehave
Mo’ Electro Swing Republic - Let’s Misbehave
Moaners (Suonho Good Love remix)
Mojo Workin': Blues for the Next Generation
More Jazz Legends
Most Famous Hits: That's Jazz: The Album
Most Famous Hits: That’s Jazz: The Album
Mourir ? Plutôt crever !
Music: An Appreciation Tenth Edition - Brief Set of 5 CDs
Music: An Appreciation, Sixth Brief Edition
Music: An Appreciation, Sixth Edition
My Man Blues
Negro Spirituals - Gospel Songs 1926-1942
New York, New York
News & the Blues - Telling It Like It Is
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
Norton Anthology of African American Literature Audio Companion, The
Norton Jazz Recordings, The
Nothing But the Blues
Old School Blues, The
On Revival Day
One for My Baby (Classic Female Vocals)
Original Blues
Original Sound of “The Twenties”, The
Oxford American: 2005 Southern Music CD
Oxford American: Southern Music CD #15 - Tennessee
Perfect Blues Collection, The
petit dictionnaire du jazz classique en 80 musiciens, Le
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 8
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 9
Plus Grands Artistes de Blues, Les
Presenting… The Great Blues Singers
Presenting...the best of The Blues
Prewar Blues Story, The
Promised Land, The
Qualis: Masters
Real Jazz
Real… Blues: The Ultimate Collection, The
Really the Blues? A Blues History 1893-1959 Volume1 (Of 4) (1893-1929)
Reefer Madness: A Collection of Vintage Drug Songs 1927-1945
Respect: A Century of Women in Music
Rhapsodies in Black: Music and Words From the Harlem Renaissance
Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1928-1932, Volume 2, The
Riverside History of Classic Jazz
Road Trippin' Blues
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 2
Romance of Jazz: Ladies Sing the Blues
Root of Blues: 72 Blues Standards That Inspired Generations
Roots & Blues
Roots of Rhythm: Deep Blues
Roots of Rock
Roots of the Blues, Volume 1
Roots of the Blues, Volume 5
Rough Guide Music Sampler, The
Rough Guide to Blues Divas, The
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Blind Blake, The
Rough Guide to Blues Women, The
Rough Guide to Classic Jazz, The
Rough Guide to Gospel Blues, The
Rough Guide to Hokum Blues, The
Rough Guide to Jazz Legends: Louis Armstrong, The
Rough Guide to the Roots of the Blues, The
Route 66: The USA Music Story (disc 3)
Route du Blues, La
Rude Dudes
Saint Louis Blues
Santa’s Christmas Collection
Satin Dolls: The Women of Jazz
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
She's Got the Blues
She's Got The Blues, Disc 3
She’s Got The Blues
Simply Blues
Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, The
Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz, Volume 1, The
Soul Chronology Vol. 1: Wade in the Water
Sound of the City: Memphis, The
Soundtrack for a Century - Jazz: The Definitive Performances
Speakeasy Times
Special Blues
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues, The
St. Louis Daddy
Standin' In The Rain
Stars of the Apollo Theatre
Story of the Blues
Story of the Blues, The
Street Walker Blues: Vintage Songs About Prostitution, Vol. 2
Sugar in My Bowl: Hard Drivin' Mamas, Vintage Sex Songs 1923-1952
Summertime Blues
Sweet Home Chicago
Swingin' at the Speakeasy: The Sound of the Roaring 20s & 30s
Take Me For A Buggy Ride
That's Jazz: Jumpin' at the Woodsite
Those Dirty Blues, Volume 1
Torch Songs [Louisiana Red Hot]
Tresors Blues: Les plus beaux Blues
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Ultimate 8 Blues Collection, The
Ultimate Blues Box, The
Ultimate Encyclopedia of American Blues Classics, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 10: Blues, The
Ultimate Jazz Archive, The
Used To Be Your Sweet Mama, I
Vaudeville Blues
Very Best of John Lee Hooker, The
Vintage Christmas Cracker, A
Vintage Vaults: Jazz
Volume 5: 1925
Volume 6: 1925
Wall Street Blues
Water for Elephants
Where Will You Be Christmas Day?
White Christmas
Winter Wonderland, Volume 3
Woman’s Place Is in the Groove, A
Worried Life Blues
You've Got To Give Me Some