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Death 1983-1998
Death (Musical group or band)
began 1984 until 1998
Location / Nationality: 
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Musical sound recording
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Andrews, Bill (hasMember)
Brecht, Eric (hasMember)
Butler, Terry (hasMember)
Carino, Scott (hasMember)
Carlson, Scott (hasMember)
Christy, Richard (hasMember)
Clendenin, Scott (hasMember)
Conlon, Kelly (hasMember)
DiGiorgio, Steve (hasMember)
Fear Factory
Gonzalez, Albert (hasMember)
Hamm, Shannon (hasMember)
Hand, John (hasMember)
Hoglan, Gene (hasMember)
Koelble, Bobby (hasMember)
LaRocque, Andy (hasMember)
Lee, Barney (hasMember)
Mantas (see also from)
Masvidal, Paul (hasMember)
Mundanus Imperium
Murphy, James (hasMember)
Olivo, Matt (hasMember)
Reifert, Chris (hasMember)
Reinert, Sean (hasMember)
Rozz, Rick (hasMember)
Schuldiner, Chuck
Schuldiner, Chuck (hasMember)
Williams, Chris (hasMember)
1,000 Eyes
#1 #2 & Rehearsal Demos
1000 Eyes
Altering The Future - Live
Altering the Future (rehearsal)
Arch Angel
Babtized in blood
Back from the Dead
Baptized in Blood (Back From the Dead demo)
Baptized in Blood (Florida session)
Baptized in Blood (Infernal Death demo)
Baptized in Blood (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Beyond the Unholy Grave (Back From the Dead demo)
Beyond the Unholy Grave (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Beyond the Unholy Grave (rehearsals 5/28/86)
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, instrumental)
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, Paul Payne on Vocals)
Bite the Pain (1996 demo, Shannon Hamm on Vocals)
Bite the Pain (1997 demo)
Bite the Pain (1998 demo)
Black Magic (July 1984)
Born Dead (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Born Dead (rehearsal, 1987-12-05)
Choke on It (live)
Choke on It (rehearsal, 1987-09-23)
Choke on It (rehearsal, 1987-12-05)
Corpse Grinder
Cosmic Sea (drum & bass)
Cosmic Sea, Part 2
Cosmic Sea (riffs w/ drum machine)
Crystal Mountain (demo)
Curse of the Priest (live 1987: FL, USA)
Death by Metal (demo) / Reign of Terror (demo) / 1984 Rehearsals
Death by Metal (Rehearsal 1984)
Death - Live in LA (death & raw)
Death Metal (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Death's door
Defensive Personalities - Live
Defensive Personalities (rehearsal)
Defensive Personalities (studio instrumental)
Demo #3 #4 #5
Demo-Tapes, The
Demon Flight (July 1984)
Denial Of Life (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Denial of Life (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Denial of Life (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Do You Love Me? (V1)
Do You Love Me? (V2)
Drum Solo
Empty words
Evil Dead (Rehearsal 1984)
Exorcist, The
Fate: The Best of Death
“Felt Good” (studio snippet)
Flattening Of Emotions (drum & bass)
Flattening of Emotions (riffs)
Flesh and the Power It Holds (1998 demo no bass)
Flesh and the Power It Holds (live)
Forgotten Past (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Forgotten Past (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Forgotten Past (rehearsal, 1987-09-23)
Genetic reconstruction
God of thunder
In Human Form (Riffs)
Individual thought patterns
Infernal Death (demo) / Back From the Dead (demo) / Mutilation (demo) / 1986-08-20: FL, USA / 1987: Brandon, FL, USA (live)
Infernal Death (Infernal Death demo)
Infernal Death (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Infernal Death (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Infernal Death (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Infernal Death (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Intro-Back From the Dead (Back From the Dead demo)
Intro; The philosopher
Jon a Qua (take 2)
Jon a Qua (take 3)
Jon a Qua (take 4)
Jon a Qua (take 5)
Jon a Qua (take 6)
Killing Spree (rehearsal)
Lack of Comprehension (take 2, riffs)
Land of No Return (Florida session)
Land of No Return (Mutilation demo)
Land of No Return (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Left To Die (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Left to Die (rehearsal, 1987-09-23)
Left to Die (rehearsal, 1987-12-05)
Left to Die (rehearsal take 2, 1987-9-23)
Left to rot
Legion of Doom (Back From the Dead demo)
Legion of Doom (Florida session)
Legion of Doom (rehearsals 5/28/86)
Leprosy (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Leprosy (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Live 11/9/84
Live At Cottbus
Live at Ruthie’s Inn
Live Death recordeded live at the Milwaukee metalfest
Live in Cottbus ’98
Live in Eindhoven ’98
Live in L.A. (Death & raw)
Living Monstrosity - Live
Low life
Mentally blind
Misanthrope (demo)
Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals), A
Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, instrumental), A
Moment of Clarity (1996 demo, Paul Payne on Vocals), A
Moment of Clarity (1997 demo), A
Moment of Clarity (1998 demo), A
Mutilation (Back From the Dead demo)
Mutilation (Florida session)
Mutilation (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Mutilation (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Mutilation (Mutilation demo)
Mutilation (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Non:Analog - On:Stage Series - Chicago, IL 04-28-1987
Non:Analog - On:Stage Series - Montreal 06-22-1995
Non:Analog - On:Stage Series - TIJUANA 10-06-1990
Nothing is everything
Open Casket (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Open Casket (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Open Casket (rehearsal, 1987-09-23)
Open Casket (rehearsal, 1987-12-05)
Out of touch
Overactive imagination
(Part of) Evil Dead (rehearsals 5/26/86)
(Part of) Scream Bloody Gore (rehearsals 5/28/86)
Perennial quest
Philosopher (Riffs), The
Poison (Rehearsal 1984)
Power of Darkness
Primitive Ways (live, 1988-12-11: The Dirt Club, Bloomfield, NJ, USA)
Primitive Ways (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Primus Jam
Pull The Plug - Live
Pull the Plug (rehearsal, 1987-12-05)
Regurgitated Guts (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Reign of Death
Reign of Terror (Back From the Dead demo)
Sacred serenity
Sacrificial Cunt (live 1986-08-20: FL, USA)
Sacrificial (Florida session)
Sacrificial (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Sacrificial (take 2)
Satanic Jam
Scavenger of Human Sorrow (1998 demo)
Scavenger of the human sorrow
Scream Bloody Gore (Florida session)
Scream Bloody Gore (rehearsals 5/28/86)
Secret Face (instrumental)
Secret Face, Part 2
Secret Face (riffs)
Secret Face (take 2, w/o Paul)
Secret Face (w/o Paul, ½ song)
See Through Dreams (drum & bass)
See Through Dreams, Part 2
See Through Dreams (take 2, w/ Paul and Sean)
See Through Dreams (Unearthed Pre-Human Rehearsals)
See Through Dreams - Unearthed Version 2
Skill to Kill (Back From the Dead demo)
sound of perseverance, The
Soundcheck series
Spirit Crusher (1998 demo no bass)
Spiritual Healing (rehearsal)
Spiritual Healing (studio instrumental)
Story to Tell (1996 demo, Chuck Schuldiner on Vocals)
Story to Tell (1996 demo, instrumental)
Story to Tell (1997 demo)
Story to Tell (1998 demo)
Suicide Machine / Left to Die
Suicide Machine (Unearthed Pre-Human Rehearsals)
Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 2
Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 3
Suicide Machine - Unearthed Version 4
Summon To Die
Summoned to Die
Symbolic Acts (4-track demo)
Symphonic Technicalogy: Live in Japan 1995
To forgive is to suffer
Together As One (Unearthed Pre-Human Rehearsals)
Together As One - Unearthed Version 2
Torn to Pieces (Florida session)
Torn to Pieces (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Torn to Pieces (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Torn to Pieces (rehearsals 5/28/86)
Trapped in a Corner (Riffs)
Vacant Planets (instrumental)
Voice of the Soul (1996 demo)
Voice of the Soul (1998 demo no bass)
Voice of the Soul (Zardonic remix) (2012 revamp)
Witch of Hell
Within The Mind - Live
Within the Mind (studio instrumental)
Within the Mind (take 2) (rehearsal)
Without judgement
Zero Tolerance (demo)
Zombie (Rehearsal 1984)
Zombie Ritual (live, 1988-12-13: Backstreets, Rochester, NY, USA)
Zombie Ritual (Mutilation demo)
Zombie Ritual (rehearsals 08-20-1986)
Zombie Ritual (rehearsals 5/26/86)
Contributed to or performed: 
20 Years of Nuclear Blast
At Death's Door
At Death's Door II
Black - Doom - Death
Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack
Cover It Up, Vol. 1
Cut's You Up - The Complete Dark 80's Cover Compilation
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 5
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 7
Fastest Guitar Players in the World, The
Great Metal Covers, Volume 2
Great Metal Covers, Volume 3
Headbanger's Club
Headbangers Ball Christmas Rumble 94
HellDorado II
Knuckletracks XXXVI
Masters of Brutality
Metal Anthology 90
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 11
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 51
Metal Millennium: Countdown to Armageddon
Metal Museum: InstruMetal I, The
Metal Up Your Bass
Mystic Art, vol. 16
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 15
Relapse 2011 Winter Sampler
Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
Relapse Sampler 2012
Relapse Sampler 2014
Relapse Sampler 2016
Relapse Sampler 2017
Relativity - In-Effect - Combat
Roadrunner Records New Releases 1995
Rock Hard Presents: Monsters of Death
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 13
Speed Kills 5: Head Crushing Metal
Taking in the Trash
Tribute to the Priest, A
Ultimate Revenge 2
XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records
Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance / Zero Tolerance II
Zero Tolerance II