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Jarre, Maurice
Jarre, Maurice-Alexis
Marc Jarre
Maurice-Alexis Jarre
Maurice Jarre
Maurice Jarre (compositeur français)
Maurice Jarre (francuski kompozytor muzyki filmowej)
Maurice Jarre (Frans componist (1924-2009))
Maurice Jarre (französischer Komponist)
Maurice Jarre (French composer)
Maurice Jarre (musicista e compositore francese)
Mauritius Jarre
Moris Jarr
Moriss Žārs
Μωρίς Ζαρ
Жарр, Морис
Морис Жар
Морис Жарр
Моріс Жарр
მორის ჟარი
Մորիս Ժառ
מוריס ז'אר
موريس جار
موریس ژار
مۆریس جار
มอริส ฌาร์
모리스 자르
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Barry, John (1933-)
BMG France
Chaplin, Charles
EMI music France
Jarre, Maurice (1924-)
Jarre, Maurice (1924-2009)
Lafond, Robert (1954-)
Lean, David
Lean, David (1908-1991)
Milan France
Paramount pictures corporation
Petit, Roland
Quinn, Anthony (1915-2001)
Royal philharmonic orchestra Londres
Universal licensing music
Warner home video France
Weir, Peter (1944-...)
Weir, Peter (1944-)
Whitcomb, Ken
Zucker, Jerry (1950- ))
ז'ר, מוריס
22 Bullet
À la recherche de Vendredi
Aale (The Eels), Die
Accents 2 Suspense
Adam, The Fencing Champion
"Adela's Theme" From A Passage to India
Adieu à la nuit
Adulation / The Horse Stampede / Faraj Killed
Adventure Begins, The
African Wonderment
After Bob's Death / Late at Night
After Cicero’s Hanging / Sickness
After Dark, My Sweet
After Deserters Killed the Colonel
After the Battle / Love in the Boxcar
After the Flood - Alternate
After the Marriage / Lee Teaching Villa to Fly / Waltz in the Clouds
After the Night of Screams
After the Rescue
After the Run
After the Train Has Passed (original version) / Mark and Jack Reunion
After the Train Has Passed (revised) / Mark and Jack Reunion
Against The Danger I
Against The Danger II
Against The Danger III
Airship Departs, The
Al mio più caro amico
Alex Sees The Light
Ali Rescues Lawrence / Allenby's Flattery
Allie's Theme
Almost an Angel
Alone in the Night
Alone in Their Own World (alternate)
Alone in Their Own World (film version)
Always and Forever (English)
Always and Forever (French)
Ambush, The
Amérique, L'
Amida Tong
Amish Are Coming / Witness (End Title), The
Amour difficile
Ancient Suite for Percussion Instruments and Piano
Angel Wings
Angry Alberto / Vineyard Fire / Fire Aftermath
animaux : La fête, Les
animaux : Les animaux (Générique), Les
Animaux - Les chevaux, Les
Animaux - Les cigognes / Le paradis terrestre, Les
Animaux - Les insectes, Les
Animaux - Les premiers vertébrés, Les
animaux : Pavane des flamands roses, Les
animaux : Surf des loutres, Les
Année de tous les dangers, L'
Any Closer, And…
Après la mort de la mère
arc-en-ciel, L'
Arrival at Auda's Camp
Arrival in Africa
Art du blason et recherches sur armoriaux
Art of Making Love, The
As Rivers Run Deep (Lalapanzi Lullaby)
Assembled Army / Lawrence and His Bodyguard / Arab Theme
At the Hospital
At the Student's Cafe
At the Viking Council
Attack on Akaba / Lawrence at the Sea Shore
Au nom de tous les miens
Aux Barricades / A Plea For Paris / Fighting In The Streets
B.B.C. Drums
Back to England
Back to the Heavens
Baggage Again
balade de Dimanche (2e version), La
Balade en pirogue
ballade de Speranza, La
Ballade Of Love I
Ballade Of Love II
Ballroom (medley)
Bank Robbery
Bargain, The
Baroque Room Waltz
Bartertown Destruction
Bartertown Theme
Battaglia a Tchelenko
Battle With the Sea Beasts
Bear Is Dead / Burial of the Bear
Beatitudes (feat. Robert Powell), The
Bedouin Feast / On to Akaba / Attack on Akaba / Lawrence at the Sea Shore
Bedouin Wedding Music (Version I)
Bedouin Wedding Music (Version II)
Before the Battle
Before the Ceremony
Before the Drac Holy Council
Behold a Pale Horse
bel indifférent (1957), Le
Belle est en ce jardin d'amour, La
Betty's Slow Fox (source)
Bicycle Ride
Big Chase!, The
Big Fight, The
Big Gamble, The
Big-Hatted Person, A
Big Pipes de Lord Lovat, Les
Big Pipes du Lord Lovat, Les
Big Test, The
Big Wind
Birth of the Baby
Birth of Zammis, The
Black Jack March (Reprise)
Black Jack March / Semper Fidelis March
Black Magic
Blackthorne and Fujiko
Blackthorne and Mariko
Blackthorne at the Wheel (original version)
Blackthorne Obeys Naga
Blackthorne's Dance (unused)*
Blackthorne Taken in the Pit
Blanche and Mede
Blanche Comes Home
Blanche’s Problems
Blechtrommel (Le Tambour - The Tin Drum), Die
Boarding the Train
Boating Song... (feat. The Boatmen), The
Boiling Torture
Bombay March (From Passage to India)
Book's Sorrow
bord du lac, Le
Bottom’s Up
Braille Reader /Tea Time / Elevator Man / Hello Helena
Brands Hatch 1 / Brands Hatch 2
Brands Hatch Finish
Bride, The
Bridge, The
Brilliant Bit of Soldiering - The Voice of the Guns (Kenneth J Alford), A
Broken Idols
Brothel Baby
Bugle Call / Lawrence on the Terrace / Intermission
Building a Corral
"Building the Barn" From Witness
Building the First Mosque
Burial Release/Let's Do It
Burning Dollars and Main Title
Burning Lava
Burning of Lalapanzi, The
Burning The Barn from Witness
Butterfly Wings (film version)
Bye Bye Blackbird
Caduta degli dei
café du ghetto, Le
Café sztuka
Caffè arabo
Cancel Manual Detonation
Candle Scene
Canoe sul tana
Canta Bajadera
Cantina Dance
Canty's Fight
caprices de Marianne
Captain Briux's Airship
Carol & Ivan
Carpe Diem (from Dead Poets Society)
carrosse du Saint-Sacrement
Casualty, A
Catch, The
Ce fou de Platonov
Cercle des poètes disparues, Le
Cercle des poètes disparus (Dead Poet’s Society), Le
cerf-volant (2e version), Le
cerf-volant (3e version), Le
Challenging Omi
Chanson de Lara, La
Chanson de Speranza (cabaret)
Chanson de Speranza (instrumental)
Char Meets Mark
Charge (Alternate Version)
Charge - Lion of the Desert (alternate)
Chase, The
Children Death
Children’s Theme
Children, The
Chinese Fog
Chiquita's Dance
Chiquita's Demise
Christian Samurai
Christmas Star
Cimarron Strip: Main Title
Claude Follows Anna
Clean Laundry
Cleaning Humiliation
clepsydre, La
Clermont-Ferrand Race, The
Cliff, The
Climbing to the Caves
Clouds Of Darkness
collector, The
Colonial Club Orchestra
Colorados in the Village / Too Many Guns / Ramirez Kicks the Chairs / The Villistas are Appearing
Combat pour la vie
combe rose (2e version), Le
combe rose, La
Come Aboard
Coming Back to Anjiro
Coming Home
commune, La
Concentrate On Living
Concentration Camp, The
Concert Works
Condor - Main Title Theme, El
Confrontation and End Title
Conspiracy / The Bomb
construction de la pirogue, La
Count Simon's Party
Cover-Up/Fatal Picture
Crater, The
Cried for 15 Minutes, I
Crossed Swords
Crush the Grapes
Cuca Shells (Alternate)
Damned: Finale, The
Damned: Incest, The
Damned: Lullaby for Lisa, The
Damned: Martin's Theme, The
Damned: Obsession, The
Damned: Opening Titles, The
Damned: Sophie Awaits, The
Damned: Sophie's Torment, The
Damned: The Death of Joachim, The
Damned: The Return of Herbert, The
Damned: Theme and Main Title, The
Dangerous Moments
Darkness / Gulag
Davidge at BTA
Davidge in the Pit
Davidges Lineage
Dawn Of Hope, The
Dead Poets Society: Carpe Diem
Dead Poets Society: Finale
Dead Poets Society: Keating's Triumph
Dead Poets Society: Neal
Dead Poets Society / The Year of Living Dangerously
Dead poets society. Theme
Dead Poets Society: To the Cave
Death and Misery
Death Bed
Death of a Child, The
Death of Joachim
Death of Omar, The
Death of the Digit, The
Death Potion
débarquement a Omaha Beach, Le
Declaration, The
Découverte du nouveau monde
Defense Preparation
Delight I
Delight II
Dernière valse
Des phares dans la nuit
Descent to Inferno
Desert Ambush
Desert Oasis
Desert Sun And Ehrengard's Collapse
Despair and Madness
deux mandragores, Les
Dice Table
Different Rhythm, A
Dimanches de Ville d’Avray - La Fête foraine, Les
Dimanches de Ville d’Avray - Suite, Les
Dinner Date
Dinner Table / Pearl’s Bath / Reading Lesson, The
Dirigible, The
Discovery, The
Display of Strength
Distant Thunder
Do It, Ingles (original version)
Do It, Ingles (pickup A)
Do It, Ingles (pickup B)
Do You Ever Get Tired? / Pat in Scott's Hospital Room
Do You Really Want to Know?
Do You Still Want Me? / Sarti and Louise Exit Party / Scott and Pat Reconciliation / Sarti and Louise Before Monza
Docteur Jivago (Doctor Zhivago Suite)
Doctor Schiwago
Doctor Zhivago. Main title
Doctor Zhivago: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Doctor Zhivago: Prelude and Lara's Theme
Doctor Zhivago & Ryan's Daughter
Doctor Zhivago. Selections
Doctor Zhivago Suite
Doctor Zhivago: The Deluxe Thirtieth Anniversary Edition
Doctor Zhivago: The Original Sound Track Album
Doktor Schiwago: Lara's Theme
Dolworth's Word
Dom Juan
Don't Die, Brutus
Don’t Fence Me In
Don't Surrender
Don’t Wanna Die, I
Donald's House
Door Is Banged Opened, The
Down the Hill
Dr. Zhivago "Lara’s Theme" (Le Docteur Jivago)
Drac in Pool
Drac Sings Lineage
Drac Skull (Alternate Take)
dragueurs : La ballade des dragueurs, Les
dragueurs : La femme idéale, Les
dragueurs : Surboum chez ghislaine, Les
Dravot's Farewell
Dream, The
Dreamed of Africa, I
Drugs for Rearden
Earrings, The
Easy Target, An
Échelle de Jacob, L'
école des femmes
einzige Zeuge: Witness, Der
Electric Davidge
Elegy (alternate)
Ellen Is Jealous
Ellen Pleads
Ellen’s Seduction
Emigranten (The Emigrants), Die
Émotion et la Force, L'
Empty Box
Empty Cup, An
Empty Saddle, The
Enchantement at Tugu
End Credits (alternate)
End / Play-off Music, The
End Title and Cast
End Title – Villa Rides
Ending (edit)
Endless Dreams
Enemy Mine (Suite: Fyrine IV / Scavengers / Drac Holy Council / The Relationship)
Enemy Mine: The Deluxe Edition
Engadiner suite
Enola Gay
Entering the Nightmare
Enterrement, L'
Entr'acte Music
Entrance To Paris
Entry to Mecca
Erasmus Towed
Erik XIV
Escape And Storm, The
Escape From Osaka
Escape Route
Escape Through the Ice Palace
Evening Bells - Moscow Station
Execution of Hamid, The
Execution / Villa is to be Shot / Huerta Reads Madero’s Message
Exile March
Exit Jesse—Enter Hubley and Wedding March
Exit Sam—Enter Jesse
Expectation of Sofia
Explanation, An
Faith of Islam, The
Falling in Love
Fanfare d'accueil au Théâtre national populaire
Fanfare d'accueil du Théâtre National Populaire (T.N.P)
Fanfare & "ThunderDome Music" from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Fanfares d'Alexandre
Fat Boy
Fatal Attraction ("Eine verhängsnisvolle Affäre")
Fatal Attraction: Main Theme
Fate Decided / To the Longships, A
Father Francisco in Hospital
Father Francisco's Conscience Struggle
Faussaire I, Le
Faussaire II, Le
Faussaire III, Le
Faussaire IV, Le
Faussaire IX, Le
Faussaire V, Le
Faussaire VI, Le
Faussaire VII, Le
Faussaire VIII, Le
Faussaire X, Le
Faussaire XI, Le
Faussaire XII, Le
Faussaire XIII, Le
femme couchée, La
femme de Robinson, La
femmes savantes
fête du cordonnier
fêtes de Speranza, Les
feu, Le
feux, Les
Fight on the Steps
Figure de proue
Fille de Ryan (Ryan’s Daughter Suite), La
Film Music
fin de l'incendie, La
Fina and Lee
Final Fight – Revised
Finale & Bows (Theme From Plaza Suite)
Finale – Paris Liberated
Fire and Destruction
Fire Escape
Fires Within
First Baggage - Revised
First Degree / Taxi Ride / Needed Friend
First Entrance to the Desert
First Experiment
First Kiss (alternate Opening)
First Martyrs, The
First Meeting No. 1 / First Meeting No. 2
First Talman
Five card stud
Flags Flying Over the Train
Flashlight, Part Ii
Flashlight, Part Iii / Ross Shot / Deviate Calls
Florencia's Theme
Flyin' Without Engine
Flynn Patrick O'Flynn
folie de l'eau, La
Follow It
Follow Me
Follow the Whales
Following Dan
Football Game
Football Training
For as Long as We Need You
For Those I Loved: After Mother's Death
For Those I Loved: America
For Those I Loved: Cafe Sztuka
For Those I Loved: Deportation
For Those I Loved: Destruction / The Fire
For Those I Loved: Escape
For Those I Loved: First Love
For Those I Loved: Ghetto's Cafe
For Those I Loved: Happy Time
For Those I Loved: Hope and the Future
For Those I Loved: Insurrection March
For Those I Loved: Martin and Zofia
For Those I Loved: Melody Mansion
For Those I Loved: Resistance
For Those I Loved: Solitude
For Those I Loved: Souvenir
For Those I Loved: Survival
For Those I Loved: The Ghetto Uprising
For Those I Loved: The Grandmother
For Those I Loved: The Past
For Those I Loved: Treblinka
For Those I Loved: Zofia's Waltz
Formerly-Bean's-Now-Gass / Old Ragtime
Foxe Della Rose, Il
Frankenstein’s Punishment
Frozen Hand / Dig Jennifer
Full Speed
Funeral, The
Futility of an Inside Job / Delirious John
Fyrine IV
Gaby: A True Story
Gaby's Theme
Gail Leads - Alternate
Gail’s Advice
Gail Strikes Back
Garden, The
Garden With a Thousand Flowers
Gasim Lost in the Desert
Gauntlet, The
General Graziani
General Leclerc / Orders To Paris / Alerted Americans / Telephones To Paris
génération du désert (1956), La
Générique de fin
Générique début
Gentil Trio (Gentil Trio)
Georges Franju Suite (La tête contre les murs, Thérèse Desqueyroux, Les Yeux sans visage, Judex)
Ghost (Ghost End Credits)
Ghost (KMN score remix)
Ghost: Main Theme
Ghost [original motion picture soundtrack]
Gift for Blanche, A
Glenn Miller Suite (a) Little Brown Jug
Glenn Miller Suite (b) Moonlight Serenade
Go to Chupadero / El Paso
God's Punishment
Going Home II
Good Bath, A
Goodbye America (And Have a Nice Day)
Gorillas in the Mist (End Credits)
Gorilles dans la brume
Got Drunk Last Night (original version), I
grand-mère, La
Grand Prix (Grand Prix Ouverture)
Grand Prix: In the Garden
Grand Prix: Overture
Grand Prix & Ryan's Daughter
Grand Prix: Sarti's Love Theme (Bossa Nova)
Grand Prix: Scott and Pat / Sarti & Louise
Grand Prix: Scott's Theme (Bossa Nova)
Grand Prix: The Clermont Race
Grand Prix: The Lonely Race Track (Finale)
Grand Prix: The Zansvoort Race (Scott's Comeback)
Grand Prix: Theme From Grand Prix
Graveyard of the Whales
Graziani's Triumph
grotte, La
guerre, La
Hacienda Dance / Fierro After the Execution / Much More Money
Hacienda Happenings
Hacienda Intrigue
Hacienda Ole
Hail to the Chief / The Swinging Outlaw / Bad Bob
Half of Me (Bon Voyage)
Half of Me (Chorale)
Half of Me (Closing Theme)
Half of Me (Opening Theme)
Half of Me (Quiet Walk)
Half of Me (Wordless Demo)
Hanging, The
Happy Ending
Harmonica Solo (The Longest Day)
Harvest, The
Headlines / To the Mountains (revised) / The Forest at Night
Healing Legs
Hear That Note?
Heartbeat / Pigrock
Helios Docking
Hello Helena (Pad Stem)
Hendon Hall
Henri IV
Here Comes the King
Heri - Yesterday
High Fever
Himalayan Mountain Horns
Hodie - Today
Hold On
Holy Council, The
Holy Water
Home at Last
Home Coming
Homme qui voulait être roi, L'
Honeyed Tongue, A
Honorable Man / Whistling
Hope of Rescue
Horse Stampede / Farraj Killed, The
Hotel Matignon / Success – Intermission
House of Flowers
I'm Not the One to Go
I'm Sorry
I'm The One In The Picture, Sam (Alternate)
Ice Boat / Killer Whales
île de Speranza, L'
Imperial Army
Imperial Japan/Divine Wind
In Lara's Bedroom
In the Beginning
In the Cellblock
In the Garden
In the Pentagon
In the Village
In the Volcano
In the Woods
In Whose Name Do You Ride? / That is the Desert (The Camels Will Die)
incendie, L'
Incidental music. Selections
Incredible Discovery
Indians on TV
indiens, Les
Interior Student Café (BSO Dr. Zhivago)
Intermission Music
Internationale, The
Interview sur la musique du film (Maurice Jarre à propos de la musique de film)
Into the Cloud
Is Paris burning?
Isadora Tango
Ishido's Letter*
Island at the Top of the World, The
Ismail's Sacrifice
It Couldn't Be Better
It’s a Deal
It's Here
It's Your Pick (Alternate)
It Was A Boy
It Was a Good Time (Rosy's Theme)
Italian Invasion, The
Itinéraire d’un génie
Jacob's Ladder
Jairus' Daughter
Japanese Attack
Japanese Compound
Japanese Flag - Alt. No. 1
Japanese Flag - Alt. No. 2
Japans, The
Jarre by Jarre: Film Themes of Maurice Jarre
Jealousy Merry-Go-Round
Jessica und das Renntier
Jessica und das Rentier
Jesus of Nazareth: Suite
Jewel Box (Alternate), The
Jewel Box/Car Chase/Foot Chase, The
Jewels, The
Joey's Death (Alternate)
jour et la nuit
jour le plus long, Le
Journey, The
Journey to Kafiristan
jours heureux, Les
Judex - Accordéon bistro
Judex - Générique
Judex - Jacqueline Favraux
Judex - Le bal masqué
Judex - Poursuite et final
Judge Roy Bean's Theme
Just Testing
Kaschubien (Kaschubien)
Kasiji Yabuka
Keatings Triumph
Kelso Dropships
King's March, The
Knife at Throat
Know You're His Friend, I
Komarovsky and Lara's Rendez-Vous
Komarovsky and Lara's Rendezvous
Komarovsky With Lara in the Hotel
Kontakion / Funeral Song
Kufra (alternate)
Kuki's Determination
Kwan's Sacrifice (from The Year Of Living Dangerously)
L’Amour éternel
L’Année de tous les dangers (The Year of Living Dangerously)
L’Échelle de Jacob (Jacob’s Ladder End Credit)
Ladder Proposal
Ladder, The
Lara and Komarovsky Dancing Up a Storm
Lara and Yuri Arriving at Varykino
Lara Is Charming
Lara Leaves Yuri
Lara Reads Her Poem
Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivago"
Lara's Theme (from the film Dr. Zhivago)
Lara's Theme (Jazz version)
Lara's Theme (Rock 'n' Roll version)
Lara's Theme (Swing version)
Lara's Theme (Waltz version)
Lara Says Goodbye to Yuri
Larry and Jack (After Shooting) / Mark and Jack Meet (revised)
Larry Consoles Mark
Last Day
Last Flight of Noah's Ark, The
Last Word, The
Latin Quarter Again / Lafayette We Are Here Again, The
Lawrence and Tafas
Lawrence & Body Guard
Lawrence d’Arabie (Lawrence of Arabia Suite)
Lawrence d'Arabie - Ouverture
Lawrence De Arabia (Overture)
Lawrence of Arabia: "Arrival at Auda's Camp"
Lawrence of Arabia: Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia: Main Title
Lawrence of Arabia: Main Titles
Lawrence of Arabia - Overture
Lawrence Rescues Gasim / Lawrence Returns with Gasim / The Riding
Lawrence Rides Alone / Exodus
Lawrence von Arabien: Hauptthema
Learning Japanese
Learning Tree
Leaving Home
Leaving, The
Lee and Fina at the River / The Plane is Repaired
Lee Gives the Burro to Gonzales
Leg Wound
Leidenschaftliches Rendez-Vous (Passionate Rendez' Vous)
Let There Be Light
Letter, The
Liaison fatale (Fatal Attraction Suite)
Liberation: General Leclerc / The Barricades / The Crossing Of The German Lines / March Of The Second D.B. On Paris / Vigil In The Gutters / The American Tanks / The Parisians In The Streets / The Entry Into Paris / Paris Liberated, The
Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean: Main Title, The
Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean: Marmalade, Molasses And Honey, The
Light, The
Lîle en fête
Lilly Followed
Lily's Theme
Limpy Reindeer
Lion In The Desert/The Message
Lion of the Desert
Lipstick and Rouge
Little Drac, A
Loin de Rueil (Rueil s’éveille, “On enterre les chiens”)
Lonely Conqueror / A Dangerous Quiet
Lonely Race Track (Finale), The
Longest Day March, The
Looking for Nitz
Loose Talk (alternate)
Louis Kisses the Train
Louis Walks the Track
Louise and Sarti in Sports Club
Louise and Sarti Overlooking Clermont-Ferrand
Love and Resistance
Love and Typhoon
Love Dreams
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing (Fain / Webster)
Lucy / Combat pour la vie / L'arc-en-ciel
Lucy's Blues
Lucy's Goodbye
Lucy's Theme
Lullaby for Lisa
Lullaby from The Damned
Ma Période Française
MacKintosh Man (single version), The
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max au-delà du dôme du tonnerre
Mad Max beyond the thunderdome
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Thunderdome Fanfare
Mad Max III: We Don't Need Another Hero
Mafia Bluff, The
Maggie, Too - Revised
Main Title (alternate version)
Main Title / Boat Arrival
Main Title (film version)
Main Title From "Doctor Zhivago"
Main Title: Lara's Theme
Main Title (Original)
Main Title (Revised)
Main Title (Theme From Plaza Suite)
Main Title – Villa Rides!
Main Titles Isadora
Major, The
Making Contact
Mal d’Afrique
malade imaginaire
Man Who Killed Ms. Atwell, The
Man who would be king banda sonora original de la película, The
Mandingo / Plaza Suite
Manuel and the Girl in Café
Manuel Crossing Pyrenees
Manuel in San Martin
Manuel's Decision
Manuel Studies Map
Map, The
Marabar Caves, The
marathon, Le
March of Freedom (album version)
March of Freedom (With Choir)
March of the B-29's
March Theme
March to Demination / Plunder and Displacement
Marche de l'insurrection
Marche du Grand Prix
Marche Slav, Op. 31
Marcia Reale
Marcus Der Spielzeughändler (Marcus the Toyseller)
Maria And Intrepid Dolworth
Maria's Fashion Show
Mariachi Serenade
mariage de Figaro
Marie Tudor
Mariko's Funeral
Mariko's Theme
Mariko (unused)
Mark and Jack Meet (original version)
Mark in Hospital / It’s Not Your Fault
Mark in Pond
Mark in the Park / Jack Gets Letter
Mark Leaves Mountains–Insert
Mark Leaves Town
Marmalade, Molasses and Honey (instrumental) (The Bear, Pt. 2)
Marshalls / Dodd's Hanging / Law and Order, The
Martin et Zofia
Martin's Theme
Master Blaster / The Manipulator / Embargo / Entity Humiliated
Master in Underworld / Desert Hallucinating
Mate Arrivals At Pentagon/Mate Spots Tom/Carry Sidearms/Bellboy's Arrival At Pentagon/Panning File Room Shelves
Maurice Jarre à propos de la musique de film
Maurice Jarre Interview
Maurice Jarre Trilogy, A
Max and Savannah Escape
Max’s Theme – The Desert
Medals and Imprisonment
médecin malgré lui
Meek’s Demise
Meet Me
Meet Mr. Wallace (original version)
Meeting in Prison
Melancholy Shamisen and Shakuhachi
Mélodie Palace
Men Make Mistakes
Message Film Music, The
Meurtre dans la cathédrale
Michael's Theme
Michael Shows Randolph His Strange Treasure
miel, Le
Military March
Military Parade
Miracle of the Fish
Miracle Wish
Mirage / The Sun's Anvil
Miss Lillie Langtry
Miss Lillie Will Perform in San Antonio / On the Way to the Opera
Miss Lily Langtry (cue from The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)
Mobiles for Violin and Orchestra
moissons, Les
Moon Over Osaka
Mordant Tones
More Flowers
More I See You (Warren / Gordon), The
Morning Walk / I'll Stay
Mort, où est ta victoire ?: Thème
Mosquito Coast, The
Motion picture music. Selections
Motorcycle & Gun
Mourir à Madrid : Mourir à Madrid
Moving Moses
Much More Money / Lee in Gonzales House
Murder, The
Musique de film. Extraits
Musiques inédites du cinéma français
Must Go / Kufra, I
My King
My Silent Love (alternate)
Mysteries of Love
National Guard, The
National Security
Native Drums
naufrage, Le
Near Death
Nefud Mirage
Nervous Walk
Nestor and Sam
New Day, A
New Tai-Pan, A
Nice Deal, A
Nigel's Plan
Night and Stars / Lawrence and Tafas
Night Of The Generals – Concert Suite: Lieutenant General Tanz / On The Terrace At Versailles, The
Night Of The Generals – Concert Suite: Love Theme, The
Night Of The Generals – Concert Suite: Main Titles, The
Night Of The Generals – Concert Suite: March, The
Night Watch, The
Nights and Stars
Nina Has To Get Lost (Alternate A)
No Bedtime / Teddybear Flashback
No Braille
No Circus Deer
No Lies / Ashtray
No Trespassing
No way out
Notre-Dame de Paris
nouvelle mandragore
Nubes Return, Las
nuit des généraux, La
O'Reilley's Daughter... (feat. Lee Marvin & The Bar Flies)
Oda Mae & Carl
oiseau de paradis : L'oiseau de paradis, L'
Omar Enters Camp
Omar's Wife (Alternate Version)
Omar Taken / The Hills
Omar the Teacher
On a Yuriatin Street
On Course / Icy Passage
On Kathleen's Porch
On ne badine pas avec l'amour
On the Beach
On the Way to Meet Toranaga
On to Akaba
On Your Own / Cello Solo / Breathless / Cafe Chat
One Minute to Comply
One of You Is to Die
Only Game in Town, The
Only Japanese Ways
Only the Lonely
Oomiak Is Trapped
Opening Theme
Organ Effects
Organ Preview
organisation de la fête, L'
Organiser et ordonner
Original Main Title Music
Oskar's Trommel (Oskar's Drum)
Overture From "Doctor Zhivago"
Overture from ‘Lawrence of Arabia’
Overture, Part II
Paco Arrives in Pau
Paco at the Frontier
Paco Leaving Spain
Pancho Villa reitet
Paramount Seal / Rastenburg / Hitler
Paris brûle‐t‐il ? (Paris en colère)
Paris En Colère – Choral Version
Paris en colère 'Paris brûle-t-il ?'
Paris En Colère – Solo Vocal By Mélinda Million
Paris To Arms / A Dangerous Mission
Paris Waltz (Paris Smiles), The
Parole d'homme
Parting of Ways, The
Party 1
Party 2
Party Continued
Party Television
Passacaglia to the Memory of Arthur Honegger
Passage, The
Passage to India (expanded), A
passé, Le
Pearl’s Bath (original version)
Permission Granted
Pete on Empty Stands
Petite Cafe Concert
Phoney Triumph / The Wire
Pianos Overdubs for The Big Chase!
Pieterzoon's Death
pirogue, La
Pizza Rock
Plans For The Destruction Of Paris
Planting The Polaroid/Photo Flashback/Susan Atwell Is Dead
Plastic Tube Effects
Playout Isadora
Please Don't Do This
Pleins feux sur l’assassin - Générique
Pleins feux sur l’assassin - L'agonie du comte
Pleins feux sur l’assassin - Meurtres au château
Pleins feux sur l’assassin - Son et lumière
Pleins feux sur l’assassin - Thème de Jeanne
pluie / Tremblement de terre, La
Polnische Post (The Polish Post), Die
Posse / The Last Tycoon
Postal Thief
Potato Farm Siege, The
poursuite d'Andoar, La
Poursuite des indiens
Poverty and Misery
Practice Run
Prancer Is Free & End Credits
Prancer Picnic
précieuses ridicules
Predator in Hut
Prelude and Lara’s Theme from ‘Doctor Zhivago’
Prelude and Main Title/The Enola Gay March
Prelude & "Lara's Theme" From Dr. Zhivago
Prelude: Libya 1929
Prelude to the Love Scene
Premier amour
Preparing For Destruction
Preparing for Mariko's Suicide
Presence of Mohammad
Prince and the Pauper, The
prince de Hombourg
Procession 1
Procession 2
Procession 3
Procession 4
Procession 5
Profane Dance
Professionals original soundtrack recording, The
Professionals - Overture, The
Proposition For The Professionals - Main Title
punition de Vendredi, La
Punjaub March
Pursuit, The
Put Them On (pickup)
Rachel and Book (Love Theme) / Beginning of the End
Racing Victory - Alternate 1
Racing Victory - Alternate 2
Raft In Trouble - Revised
Ranger Danger
réconciliation, La
Recours en grâce : Recours en grâce
Red Sun (Final)
Red Sun - Main Title
Red Sun: Suite
Red Sun: Theme
Reindeer Cookies
Relationship, The
Remember Billy
Rendezvous With Wheeler
Rescue of Gasim and Bringing Gasim Into Camp
Resistance: The Heads Of The Resistance / The Resistance At The Convent / The Taking Of The Police Headquarters / The Slaughter Of The Students / Paris Wounded, The
Return of Herbert, The
Reunion - Version 2
Reunion - Version 3
Reunion – Version 4
Reunion - Version For Album
Reunited / Ismail's Sacrifice
Reverend LaSalle / Law West of the Pecos
Ride Through the Woods
Rigging The Pass
Rinaldo’s Death
Ritualistic Dance
River, The
Road Back - End Title, The
Robinson regarde
Rock Symbols
Rol, Chaban, Gallois / The Convent
Ropes, The
Rose and Terry
Roseaux en feu, Les
Ross Shot / Deviate Calls (alternate mix)
Roswitha (Roswitha)
Rosy and the Schoolmaster
Rosy on the Beach
"Rosy's Theme" From Ryan's Daughter
Route des Indes (A Passage to India Suite), La
Royal Divertissement
Ruffler's Men
Ruy Blas
Ryan's Daughter: Main Title
Ryan's Daughter: Michael's Theme
Ryan's Daughter: Michael Shows Randolph
Ryan's Daughter: Obsession
Ryan's Daughter: Overture
Ryan's Daughter: Ride Through the Woods
Ryan's Daughter: Rosy on the Beach
Ryan's Daughter: Rosy's Theme
Ryan's Daughter: Rosy & The Schoolmaster
Ryan's Daughter: Song of the Irish Rebels
Ryan's Daughter Suite
Ryan's Daughter: The Major
Ryan's Daughter: The Shakes
Ryan's Daughter: You Don't Want Me Then
Sabre, Le
Sacred Dance
Sad Awakening / After Maria's Death, A
Sad Prospect
Safe Flying (Chorale)
Sake to Me
Salvation Army
Samuel's Discovery / Book's Disappearance
Samurai's Oath
Sarti and Guido / Jeff and Scott After Watkins Glen Race
Sarti and Louise Fishing
Sarti's Love Theme (Bossa Nova)
Scarti's Love Theme
Scavengers, The
Scène du radar
School Moments
School Ties
Scipio March
Scott + Pat, Sarti + Louise
Scott and Jeff in Scott's Room
Scott and Pat in Pete's Place
Scott and Pat-Sarti and Louise
Scott in Roger's Car / Zandvoort
Scott's Theme [Bossa Nova]
Scrub Up
Season in Hell: A Season in Hell, A
Season in Hell: Arabian Coffee, A
Season in Hell: Battle at Tchelenko, A
Season in Hell: Canoe on the Tana, A
Season in Hell: Difficult Love, A
Season in Hell: Impossible Thing, A
Season in Hell: The Caravan, A
Season in Hell: The Commune, A
Season in Hell: To My Best Loved Friend, A
Season in Hell: Words and Syllabes, A
Season in Hell: Yearning for Africa, A
sécheresse, La
Sécheresse / Les indiens
Seize The Prefecture / Molotov Cocktails
sème (1re partie), Il
sème (2e partie), Il
Semper - Always
Sent to Madgeland / The Shooting
Sent to Prison
Sergent Maillat
Setting Sun, The
Seven Minutes Late / Café Des Vosges
Shadow of the Wolf
Shakes Based on Michael's Theme, The
Shaman Hawk, The
Shamisen Source
Shortest Straw, The
Shout at the Devil... The Story Begins...
Sign, A
Silent Night & Main Title Music
Sinai Desert / After Quicksands / Hutments / Suez Canal
Sinister Cue
Slave Ship, A
Slow Dance
Small Drac, The
Smoke Clears, The
Snakeman, The
So I Owe You My Life, Ingles
Sofia's Fall
Solar Crisis
Soldats sans armes
soleil dans l'oeil : Générique, Le
Soleil rouge
Something's There
Something Unexpected
Somewhere, My Love
Song of the Irish Rebels
songe d'une nuit d'été
Sonnenscheins (Sunshine), The
soufrière / La grotte, La
souille / La ballade de Dimanche, La
Soulèvement du ghetto
Spain Regained
Spanish Street
Speech, The
Speranza / Danses
Spread of Islam, The
Sredi Dalyiniy Rovniya
Stakes Just Got Higher, The
Star Wishes (film version)
Start Of The Quest
Starting Grid of Monza
Steve’s Doing It
Steve’s Doubts
Steve’s Run
Sting (FX)
Storm, The
Story Continues..., The
Stove's Out, The
Strawhorn Escapes
Street Fighting Begins / Cease-Fire / Paris Sewers / Good And Bad News
Suite Georges Franju
Suite I: After Dark My Sweet
Suite II: Collie and Fay
Suite III: Uncle Bud
Suite IV: The Kidnapping
Suite No. 4
Suns Avril
Superior Officer
Support Our Marshal
Sura, The
Survie (variation)
Susan Leaves For The Embassy Party/Sailing
Sventitsky's Waltz / After the Shooting
Sventytski's Waltz
Swear to Me
Sweetheart Tree
Symphonie No. 7: I.
Symphonie No. 7: II.
Symphony No. 1
Symphony No. 2 in B Minor
Tai Pan: Main Title
Take My Place
Take One Step Forward
Takeoff - The Mission
Talman Sung
tambour, Le
Tango of the Things Unsaid
Tanks Approaching
Tapped Out
Taps Disco
Taps / The Only Game in Town
Taxi Ride (alternate version)
Tea and Jealousy
Tea Ceremony
Teaching of Talman
Telling / I Ain't Captain Walker, The
Tema de Lara
temple et le collier, Le
Temple, The
Tenderness and Turmoil
terre, La
Terreur dans les roseaux
Terry Hesitates
tête contre les murs : Enterrement à l'asile, La
tête contre les murs : Générique / Surprise partie, La
tête contre les murs : Thème de stéphanie, La
Texas When I Die
That Is the Desert (The Camels Will Die)
That Man on Horseback
Thème de Speranza
Theme From David & Lisa
Theme from Fatal Attraction
Theme from Grand Prix
Theme from 'Lawrence of Arabia' (aus "Lawrence von Arabien") Luis Cobos 1994
Theme from Nabucco
Theme From No Way Out
Theme IV (Theme From Plaza Suite)
Thème romantique
Then It's a Gift (End Title)
Thérèse Desqueyrou: Générique
Thérèse desqueyroux : Générique
Thérèse desqueyroux : Non-lieu
Thérèse desqueyroux : Thérèse desqueyroux
They Began to Go Home
They Didn't Lock the Cottage
They Start the Trek
Three Kings
Three-Part Invention - Excerpt No. 1
Three-Part Invention - Excerpt No. 2
Through The German Lines
Through the Mouth of Hell
Through the Volcano
Ticket Switch / Train Flashback / Catching Bus
Time Bomb
Tinfoil Rings (film version)
Title and Theme
To the Cave
To the Dump / One Hand
To the Galley! (original version)
To The Ghetto
To the Mountains (original version)
To the Skies / The Kiss
To the Top of the Wolf
To the Top of the World (From Agaguk)
To Yedo II (short version)
Tokyo Blackout I
Tokyo Blackout II
Tokyo Blackout III
Tom and Maggie
Tom Lost
Tom or Edward
Tom’s Plan – Revised
Ton nom sera Speranza
Tonya and Yuri Arrive at Varykino
Tonya Arrives at Varykino
Tonya Greets Yuri
Top Secret!
Topaz: March from Topaz
Toranaga's Camp
Torch, The
tragédie du roi Richard II
Tragic Saxophone
Train And Raza
Train: Christine, The
Train – Concert Suite: Dénouement, The
Train – Concert Suite: Papa Boule On The Move, The
Train – Concert Suite: The Hub, The
Train – Concert Suite: The Intrepid Mr. Labiche (Main Titles), The
Train – Concert Suite: The Train, The
Train: Didont, The
Train: Labiche Goes to His Hotel Room, The
Train: Labiche in Repair Shed, The
Train: Labiche Strikes, The
Train: Main Title, The
Train: Papa Boule Theme, The
Train: Start of the Rondelay at Montmirail / The Train Enters Burning Metz Station, The
Train: Struggle Against Time, The
Train: The Death of a Hero, The
Train: The Entrepid Mr. Labiche, The
Train: The Return of Labiche, The
Train: The Train Goes Through Sweibrücken, The
Travaux de nuit
travaux de Robinson / Réconciliation, Les
tremblement de terre, Le
triomphe de l'amour
tristesse de Vendredi, La
Tristesse de Vendredi / Le kachiri
Triumph of the Resistance, The
Tu r’passeras
Turkey in the Straw
Turning Wheels
Twigs and Leaves
Two Forgotten Heroes / A Brave Moment / Surrender
Two Hustlers
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 01)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 02)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 03)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 04)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 05)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 06)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 07)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 08)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 09)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 10)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 11)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 12)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 13)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 14)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 15)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 16)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 17)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 18)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 19)
Una stagione all’inferno (seq. 20)
Unchained Melody (from Ghost)
Unchained Melody (orchestral version)
Underworld Takeover
Unexpected Call, An
Unhappy Lovers
univers d'utrillo : L'univers d'utrillo, L'
Univers d'Utrillo. Selections
Unterbrochene Parade (Interrupted Parade)
Untie Us
Up the River
Uprising (Uprising Main Title)
Valse de Lara 'Docteur Jivago'
Valse de Platanov
valse de Zofia, La
Valse poursuite
Van Search (alternate version)
Varykino Cottage, Winter Snow
Vendanges de feu, Les
Vendredi ou la vie sauvage
Vendredi poursuit Andoar
ventre de Speranza, Le
Verdammten, Die
Vers la montagne
Victoria (From a Walk in the Clouds)
Victorious Army / Much More Money
Viking Camp / In Flames
Viking City, The
Vikings Fortress, The
Viktor and Eva
Villa Has Taken Parral
Villa in Mexico City / Villa and Madero
Villa Rides - Main Theme
Villa Rides! - The western music of Maurice Jarre
Villistas Attacking the Train, The
Vinck's Madness
Viral Vine
Vision de Lucy / La clepsydre
vision de Lucy (version chœur), La
Vocali e sillabe
Voice of the Guns, The
Vw Van / Van Search / Picking Lock
Wade and Terry Argue
Wade Overboard
Wade Shows the Gun
Wakening in the Japans (original version)
Walk in the Clouds, A
Walk in the Forest
Waltzes, orchestra. Selections
Want Her Back / Scott Listening to Pat Interview, I
Want Her Back / Scott Listens to Pat, I
Wanted Truth / Victoria's Pain / Let ‘Em Know It
War and Misery
Warsaw Newsreel
Wayang Kulit
Wayang Kult / Death of a Child / Kwan / Enchantment at Tuge / Kwan's Sacrifice
We All Go
We Can Interface/CID Blood Type/I'm The One In The Picture, Sam
We Know Donald
We'll Shout at the Devil Together
We Need a Miracle
We’re Here
We're Under Way
We’ve Won the War
Wedding Day
Wedding March
Wedding, The
Week-end à zuydcoote : Final
Week-end à Zuydcoote (Marche)
Week-end à zuydcoote : Sergent maillat
Week-end à zuydcoote : Week-end à zuydcoote
Week-end à Zuydkoote
Weekend At Dunkirk – Concert Suite: Main Titles / Sergeant Maillat / March – Finale
What Can We Do?
What Will the General Do?
Wheelchair Chase
Wheelchair Duet
Where Is Ellen
Where Was I When the Parade Went By? (The Major)
White Wolf, The
Whose Name Do You Ride
Wife Beating
Wild Chords
Will Wait for You, I
Wire (alternate), The
Wish I Had Your Face, I
Witness (Main Title) / Journey to Baltimore
Witness (Witness Building the Barn)
Works. Selections
Wrong Course
X-Mas Threat / Not Wrong / Up the Ladder / Flashlight, Part I
Yabu and Ninja
Yabu's Arrival
Yabu's Betrayal
Yabu Trapped
Year of Living Dangerously: Death of a Child, The
Year of Living Dangerously: Kwan's Sacrifice, The
Year of Living Dangerously: Prelude, The
Yellow Rose of Texas (music box), The
Yes, Please
yeux sans visage : Des phares dans la nuit, Les
yeux sans visage : Final, Les
yeux sans visage : Inquiétude, Les
yeux sans visage : Les yeux sans visage, Les
yeux sans visage : Thème romantique, Les
yeux sans visage : Valse poursuite, Les
Yevgraf Snaps His Fingers
You Are Too Ambitious
You Don't Want Me Then
You Have a Nice Smile
You’re a Real Amigo
You're Exotic/CID Blood Type/Arrival At The Pentagon
You've Been Out Of Town/Confrontation/The Fall Of Susan
You Will Burn in Hell (alternate A)
You Will Burn in Hell (alternate B)
Young Trouble / The Massacre Of The Boys
Yuri and the Daffodils
Yuri Approaches Lara's Apartment
Yuri Escapes
Yuri Follows the Sound of the Waterfall
Yuri Frightens the Wolves Away, Part I
Yuri Frightens the Wolves Away, Part II
Yuri Gazing Through a Tiny Open Hatch
Yuri Is Escaping
Yuri Is Taken Prisoner by the Red Partisans
Yuri Is Trying to Write
Yuri Looks Into the Mirror
Yuri Rides to Yuriatin
Yuri Works On
Yuri Writes a Poem for Lara
Zansvoort Race [Scott's Comeback], The
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100 Años de cine, Volume 1
100 Años de cine, Volume 2
100 ans de musiques de films
100 Greatest TV Themes
100 Greatest World Cinema Themes
101 canciones del cine, Las
21 Kino Hits: 1895–1995, 100 Jahre Kino
25 ans de musique de cinéma Français
Action Movie Themes: It's Music (Movie Sound Orchestra)
Alphabet des musiques de films, L'
Apocalypse: Cinema Choral Classics
Arrival at Auda’s Camp
Big Gamble / Treasure Of The Golden Condor, The
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Bringing Gasim Into Camp
Cannes Film Festival: 50 Years of Music and Song
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Classical Chillout Gold
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Concerts pour l'aventure: Les plus belles musiques de films au Grand Rex
Continuation of the Miracle
Drive Around Paris
élections de la musique de film, Les
End Title
Essential Maurice Jarre Film Music Collection: Dr. Zhivago and Other Classical Themes, The
Essential Themes Volume 1
Et valse le cinéma
Exit Maxim's
Exit Music
Fanfare from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Fearless (Music From The Original Soundtrack)
Fearless: Music From the Original Soundtrack
Festival de Cannes: 60th Anniversary
Filmharmonic II
Filmharmonic III
From the Movies
Grands thèmes du cinéma
Great Film Themes
Great Memories of Screen Themes: Original Soundtrack & the Others, The
Great Movie Themes, The
Great TV & Movie Themes
Grosse Welt der Filmmusik, Die
Guitarra española, volumen 4
H.M.S. Defiant / Behold a Pale Horse
Highlights from Hollywood
Hollywood Heroes
Homo faber / Die Blechtrommel
In the Museum
In Whose Name Do You Ride?
Incredible Film Music Box, The
Jennifer 8
Just Classics
Kino De Luxe: Der Soundtrack: FOCUS Edition
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Christmas (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 8)
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Klassik Radio: Christmas Soundtracks
Lara's Theme
Lawrence and Body Guard
Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia: World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score
Lieutenant General Tanz
Lonesome Dove: Classic Western Scores 2
Longest Day: Music From the Classic War Films, The
Love Movie Themes
Love Theme (reprise)
Love Theme From the Night of the Generals
Loves of Isadora, The
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Magic Film Hits
Main Title
March From the Night of the Generals
mejor álbum de música de anuncios TV, Volumen 1, El
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Movie Memories: A Golden Age Revisited
Music for Murder
Music for Relaxation, Meditation and Concentration
Music From Famous Westerns, Volume 2
Music from the Golden Age of French Cinema
Musik zum deutschen Film, Volume 2: 1946-2000
Mystica 1
Mystica 3
Nefud Mirage
Night of the Generals (An extended Suite of the Principal Themes From the Night of the Generals), The
O Som dos Grandes Amores, Volumen 2: Años 70
On the Bridge
On the Terrace at Versailles
Original Soundtrack Recordings: Cinephile Sampler 1999
Passport To Russia : Berlitz Passport - The Music Of Russia
Patchwork: La Musique de Christian Lacroix
Plus Belles Musiques de films, Les
plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
Plus Grands Thèmes du Cinéma: Films de Guerre, Les
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Real... Classic Film, The
Rescue of Gasim
Reunion and End Title
River Wild, The
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Soundtrack Edition
Sax and Violence: Music From the Dark Side of the Screen
Science Fiction Album, The
Score It!, Volume 18
Seven Days in May / The MacKintosh Man
Seville Film Music Concerts
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Slow Motion Vol. 4
Slow Motion Vol. 9
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Star Wars / 2001: A Space Odyssey / Classic Symphonic Film Music
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Tanz Comes Back
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That Is the Desert
Total Film CD, The
TV Movie Adventure Classics Vol. 3
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