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Čerčill', U.
Čerčill', Vinston
Čerčillʹ, Uinston
Cherchill', Vinston
Cherchillʹ, Uinston
Cherchillʹ, Vinston
Chŭrchil, Uinstŭn
Churchill, sir Winston
Churchill, Sir Winston (English statesman, author, and artist, 1874-1965)
Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer
Churchill, W. S.
Churchill, Winston
Churchill, Winston L.
Churchill, Winston L. S.
Churchill, Winston L. Spencer
Churchill, Winston Leonard S.
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer-
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer (Sir)
Churchill, Winston S.
Churchill, Winston S[pencer] (Auteur.)
Churchill, Winston S. (Sir)
Churchill, Winston (seras)
Churchill, Winston (Sir)
Churchill, Winston Spencer
Churchill, Winston Spencer (Sir)
Čʻurčʻili, Uinston
Leonard Spencer, Sir
Sir Winston Churchill
Spencer Churchill, Winston
Spencer-Churchill, Winston Leonard
Spencer, Winston Leonard
Ts'erts'il, Ṿinsṭon S.
Ts'erts'il, Ṿinsṭon Spenser
Ts'urts'il, Ṿinsṭon
Winston Churchill
Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
צ׳רצ׳יל, וינסטון
צ'רצ'יל, וינסטון לאונרד ספנסר
צ'רצ'יל, וינסטון לנרד ספנסר
צ'רציל, וינסטון ס
تشرشل، ونستون،
تشرشل، ونستون، (سير،)
ونستون تشرشل، (سير،)
ونستون سبنسر تشرشل، (سير،)
1874-1965 م
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
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author of introduction, etc.
Related identities: 
Colonel Warden (other identity, same person)
Warden, Colonel (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
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Ben-Moshe, Tuvia
Churchill, Randolph S. (1911-1968)
Churchill, Randolph Spencer (1911-1968)
Churchill, Winston (Sir; 1874-1965; see also from)
Eade, Charles
Ferrão, Carlos (1898-?)
Gilbert, Martin (1936-)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1940-1945 : Churchill) (see also from)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1951-1955 : Churchill) (see also from)
Hron, Zdeněk (1944-)
Luaces, Juan G. de
Mémoires sur la deuxième guerre mondiale. IV. Le tournant du destin
nicholson william
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1882-1945)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945)
Soames, Mary
Thorsch, Eduard (fl. 1946)
Truman, Harry S. (1884-1972)
Weizmann, Chaim (1874-1952)
محمود، عز الدين
25 Years of His Speeches 1918–1943
80th Birthday ("I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar...," excerpt; Nov. 30, 1954)
Address to the Nation on the R.A.F.
Age of revolution
America's Thanksgiving- 11.23.44
American Civil War., The
April 24th, 1933 St George and the Dragon
April 30th, 1938 a Sense of Collective Security All Is Over...
As the Threat of War Once Again Looms Over Europe Winston Churchill Asks 'What Are We to Do?' (1934)
Audio Clip, 03/31/49
Aufzeichnungen zur europäischen Geschichte
Be Ye Men of Honour (In a Solemn Hour). May 19th 1940
Birth of Britain
Blood, sweat and tears.
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat (excerpt; May 13, 1940)
Boer War, The
Britain Must Arm, America Must Arm (Broadcast to the United States, Oct 16th, 1938)
Britain Must Arm, America Must Arm (Broadcast to US Oct. 16, 1938
Britain Must Arm. (Broadcast to the USA). October 16th 1938
British Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill Declares Eastern Europe Behind an Iron Curtain (1946)
British Sea Power
Causes of War (excerpts; Nov. 16, 1934), The
Churchill Becomes Prime Minister (Blood, Sweat and Tears. Speech to the House of Commons). May 13th 1940
Churchill & Roosevelt.
Churchill's History of the English-speaking peoples
Churchill’s Speeches
Churchill Speech 'This Is Your Victory'
Churchill war papers., The
Churchill Wartime Speech: Unconditional Surrender
Closing the ring
Colossal Military Disaster ("We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches..." June 4, 1940), A
Colossal Military Disaster (We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches). June 4th 1940, A
crisis, The
Dějiny anglicky mluvících národů.
Deuxième guerre mondiale ["the Second World war"]..., Winston Churchill. La
Do Your Worst, and We Will do Our Best-7.14.41
Do Your Worst (Speech in London). July 14th 1941
Druhá světová válka
End of the Beginning-11.10.42, The
End of the Beginning. November 10th 1942, The
end of the beginning; war speeches, The
End of the War in Europe (May 8, 1945), The
End of the War in Europe. May 8th 1945, The
Every Man to his Post (excerpt; Sept. 11, 1940)
Every Man to His Post. September 11th 1940
February 23rd, 1940 the Long Arm Of
Fight on the Beaches
First Month of the War-10.1.39, The
First Radio Address as Prime Minister
First Year (Never... Have So Many Owed So Much to So Few). August 20th 1940, The
First Year (" so few;" excerpt; Aug. 20, 1940), The
Fruits of 1944-11.9.44, The
gathering storm, The
Gedanken und Abenteuer
German Ambassador, The
Give Us the Tools-2.9.41
Give Us the Tools (excerpt; Feb. 9, 1941)
Give Us the Tools (World Broadcast). February 9th 1941
Grand Alliance, The
Grandes contemporáneos
Great contemporaries
Great democracies
great republic, The : a history of America
Great Speeches
hinge of fate, The
His Finest Hour: The Great Wartime Speeches
history of the English-speaking peoples., A
If it had happened otherwise
In a Solemn Hour (May 19, 1940)
In the balance : speeches 1949 and 1950
Iron Curtain (Fulton, Miss., excerpts; March 5, 1946), The
Iron Curtain (Fulton Missouri). March 5th 1946, The
irrepressible Churchill, The : stories, sayings, and impressions of Sir Winston Churchill
island race, The
Jewish National Home and its critics, The : the Oxford speeches
June 12th, 1941 Lift Up Your Hearts
June 16th, 1941 We Shall Endure to the End
June 17th, 1940 in the End, We Will Be Well
June 22nd, 1941 Hitler Is a Monster of Wickedness
Liberalism and the social problem.
Like the Mississippi-8.20.40
London to Ladysmith via Pretoria
Lord Randolph Churchill
March, 1936 I Am for the Armed
March 30th, 1940 We Trust in God
Marlborough, his life and times
Maxims and reflections.
May 28th, 1940 Hard and Heavy Tidings
Mémoires de guerre
Mémoires sur la deuxième guerre mondiale
Memoirs of the Second World War : an abridgement of the six volumes of the Second World War
Min ungdom : ett kringflackande liv
minhas memórias, As
Mr. Crewe's Career
My African journey
My early life : a roving commission
Navy's Here-2.23.40, The
Never in the field of human conflict...
Never... Was So Much Owed by So Many to So Few
New world
November 11th, 1918 Is This the End
November 1th, 1934 the Causes of War
Obras escogidas
October 16th, 1938 We Must Arm
Painting as a pastime.
people's rights., The
river war, The : an account of the reconquest of the Sudan
river war, The : an historical account of the reconquest of the Soudan
Roosevelt and Churchill : their secret wartime correspondence
Royal Academy of the Arts- 4.30.38, The
Ruée japonaise, 18 janvier-3 juillet 1942, La
Russia Invaded-6.22.41
Savrola : a tale of the revolution in Laurania
Second World War, The
Secret session speeches.
Segunda Guerra Mundial, La
sinews of peace; post-war speeches., The
Sir Winston Churchill Announces Victory in Europe
Sir Winston Churchill: His Finest Hour
Sir Winston Churchill's life through his paintings
So Few-8.20.40
Some Chicken! Some Neck! (Address to the Canadian Parliament). December 30th 1941
Some Chicken... Some Neck (Canadian address, excerpt; Dec 30, 1941)
Speaking for themselves : the personal letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill
speeches of Winston Churchill, The
Step by step, 1936-1939
story of the Malakand field force, The : an episode of frontier war
story of the malakand field force winston l spencer churchill, the
Surrender Speech
Their Finest Hour-2.23.40
Their Finest Hour (Speech to the House of Commons). June 18th 1940
These Cruel, Wanton, Indiscriminate Bombings of London...
This Is Your Victory-5.8.45
This Was Their Finest Hour (excerpt; June 18, 1940)
Thoughts and adventures
Treasury of famous English essays from Francis Bacon to Winston S. Churchill, A
Triumph and tragedy
Unconditional Surrender-5.8.45
und siegten am siebenten Tag, ... : (Israelisch-arabischer Krieg von 1967)
unrelenting struggle;, The
vtoraa mirovaa vojna
War of the Unknown Warriors, The
War speeches 1939-45.
war speeches of Winston Churchill., The
Wars Are Not Won by Evacuations
We Must Arm-11.16.38
We Shall Fight on the Beaches
...we shall never surrender
We Shall Not Fail or Falter...
Weltabenteuer im Dienst
Weltkrisis ...
Westward Look, the Land Is Bright. April 27th 1941
While England slept; a survey of world affairs, 1932-1938.
Winston and Clementine : the personal letters of the Churchills
Winston Churchill: "Give Us the Tools"
Winston S. Churchill: his complete speeches, 1897-1963.
world crisis, 1911-1918, The
Young Winston's wars; the original despatches of Winston S. Churchill, war correspondent 1897-1900
Zweite Weltkrieg Mit e. Epilog über d. Nachkriegsjahre. [Einzig berecht. Übertr. aus d. Engl.], Der
היסטוריה של העמים דוברי האנגלית
וינסטון צ'רצ'יל
מלחמת העולם השניה
مذكرات ونستون تشرشل
Contributed to or performed: 
Atomic Cafe
Elizabeth: Her Life, Our Times
England Anthems
Fight on the Beaches / White Cliffs of Dover
Formal Introductory Speech
Golden Age of Radio: A Musical Tribute to the War Years Performed by the Original Artists
Great Moments of the 20th Century
Great Speeches of the 20th Century
Heroes & Sweethearts: A Salute to the Greatest Wartime Songs
Hits from the Blitz: Songs from the War Years 1939-1946
Home for Christmas 1945
Jack Benny Presents the Treasury of Golden Memories of Radio (side 1: Remember the Golden Days of Radio?)
Land of Hope and Glory (Finale)
Mastermix: War Zone
Nimrod (From Enigma Variations)
Songs That Won The War
Songs That Won the War: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of VE Day
Speeches That Changed the World
V-E Day: The Musical Memories of World War II
V.E. Day: The Album
VE Day - 60th Anniversary Collection
Victory 1945: A Musical Tribute to the War Years Performed by the Original Artists
White Cliffs of Dover
Mémoires sur la deuxième guerre mondiale. IV. Le tournant du destin