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Džons Heršels
Geršel, Džon
Gershel', Zhin (Sir)
Gershel', Zhon
Gershelʹ, Dzhon Frederik Uilʹi︠a︡m
Gershelʹ, Dzhon Frederik Uilʹi︠a︡m (Sir)
Gershelʹ, Zhon
Gershelʹ, Zhon (Sir)
Herschel, Frederick William
Herschel, J. F. W.
Herschel, J. F. W. (Sir)
Herschel, Johann F.
Herschel, John
Herschel, John (English photographer, draftsman, and scientist, 1792-1871)
Herschel, John F.
Herschel, John F. W.
Herschel, John F. W. (Sir)
Herschel, John Frederick
Herschel, John Frederick (Sir)
Herschel, John Frederick William
Herschel, John Frederick William (baron)
Herschel, John Frederick William (seras)
Herschel, John Frederick William (Sir)
Herschel, John Frederick William (Sir, bart)
Herschel, John Friedrich Wilhelm
Herschel, John (Sir)
Herschel, Sir John
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (1st Bart)
Herschel, Sir John Frederick William (Vollstaendiger Name)
Herschel, W.
Herschell, John Frederick William
John Frederick William Herschel (britisk fotograf og astronom)
John Frederick William Herschel (English mathematician, astronomer, chemist and photographer)
John Herschel
John Herschel (Ahli sains British)
John Herschel (astronom angielski)
John Herschel (astronomo, matematico e chimico britannico)
John Herschel (britisk fotograf og astronom)
John Herschel (Brits astronoom)
John Herschel (científico inglés)
John Herschel (John Frederick William Herschel (7. März 1792-11. Mai 1871) britischer Astronom)
John Herschel (scientifique et astronome britannique)
Τζον Χέρσελ (Άγγλος αστρονόμος και μαθηματικός)
Джон Гершель (английский астроном и физик)
Джон Гершэль
Джон Хершел
Џон Хершел
Ջոն Հերշել
ג'ון הרשל
הרשל, ג'ון פרדריק ויליאם
הרשל, ג'ון פרידריך וילהלם
جان هرشل (ستاره‌شناس و عکاس بریتانیایی)
جان ہرشل
جون هيرشل
जॉन हर्षल
ജോൺ ഹെർഷെൽ
จอห์น เฮอร์เชล
존 허셜
ジョン・ハーシェル (イギリスの天文学者、数学者)
ハーシェル, ジョン
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Musical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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atkins anna
Cournot, Antoine-Augustin (1801-1877)
Cournot, Augustin
Davis, Wilbert Davis
Dreyer, John Louis Emil (1852-1926)
Great Britain. Admiralty
Humanities research center. The University of Texas
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Main, Robert (1808-1878)
Pawłowski, Tadeusz
Peyrot, J. (01)
Talbot, William Henry Fox (1800-1877)
Vergnaud, Amand-Denis (1791-1885)
Wallis, Mieczysław
Warner, Brian
7th Catalogue of double stars, obs. at Slough, 1823-1828
Account of observations made with a twenty-feet reflecting telescope, *. -
Bowood, seat of the marquis of Landsdowne [photographie]
brief notice of the life, researches, and discoveries of Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, A
Catálogo Geral
catalogue of 10,300 multiple and double stars, A : arranged in the order of right ascension
Catalogue of 9766 stars in the southern hemisphere: for the beginning of the year 1750, A
collection of examples of the applications of the calculus of finite differences., A
Correction of an error in a paper published in the philosophical trans*. -
Découvertes dans la Lune faites au Cap de Bonne-Espérance
Des Herrn Dr. Herschels Untersuchungen über die Natur der Sonnenstrahlen
[Deux statues] [photographie]
Discorso preliminare sullo studio della filosofia naturale
Discours sur l'étude de la philosophie naturelle
elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus, An
Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly reviews
Familiar lectures on scientific subjects.
Herschel at the Cape : diaries and correspondence of Sir John Herschel, 1834-1838
Instructions for making and registering meteorological observations in southern Africa and other countries in the south seas, and also at sea
Isaac Roberts' atlas of 52 regions a guide to Herschel's fields (avec texte anglais et texte francais). Edition commemorating Isaac Robert's centenary (1829-1904)
Journal of a tour in unsettled parts of North America in 1796 & 1797
Kont︠s︡ept︠s︡ii︠a︡ metodologii estestvoznanii︠a︡ Dzhona Gersheli︠a︡, 2007:
Lacroix's Traité élémentaire.
Lehren der Astronomie.
Manual of scientific enquiry prepared for the use of her majesty's navy and adapted for travellers in general
manual of scientific enquiry; prepared for the use of officers in Her Majesty's Navy; and travellers in general., A
Memoir of Francis Baily,...
New general catalogue of nebulae and clusters of stars (1888) : Index catalogue (1895) Second index catalogue (1908)
Notes in reply to Sir John Herschel's "Queries relative to double stars."
Notices of the elliptic orbits ξ [xi] boötis and η [eta] coron Æ a second approximations to the orbit of γ [gamma]
Observations of the apparent distances and positions of 380 double and triple stars made in the years 1821, 1822, and 1823, and compared with those of other astronomers : together with an account of such changes as appear to have taken place in them since their first discovery : also a description of a five-foot equatorial instrument employed in the observations
On atoms
On musical scales
On the advantages to be attained by a revision and re-arrangement of the constellations with especial reference to those of the Southern Hemisphere
On the astronomical causes which may influence geological phaenomena
On the paralax of the fixed stars. -
On the rotation impressed by plates of rock crystal on the planes of polarization of the rays of light, as connected with certain peculiarities in its crystallization. From the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
Outlines of astronomy
Physical geography,... by Sir John F. W. Herschel,...
Physical geography; from the Encyclopædia Britannica.
Preliminary discourse on the study of natural philosophy
[Recueil. Photographies négatives de William Henry Fox Talbot]
Remarks on colour-blindness.
Results of astronomical observations made during the years 1834, 5, 6, 7, 8, at the Cape of Good Hope; being the completion of a telescopic survey of the whole surface of the visible heavens, commenced in 1825
River Avon at Lacock abbey [photographie]
[Sculpture : buste sur piédouche] [photographie]
Sensorial vision: a paper read by Sir J.F.W. Herschel, bart. ... before the Philosophical and literary society of Leeds, 30th September, 1858.
Splošni katalog meglic in zvezdnih kopic
Suggestions to astronomers for the observation of the total eclipse of the sun. (J. Herschel).
Traité d'astronomie
Traité de la lumière
Treatise on astronomy
[Visages de femmes, reproduction d'une peinture] [photographie]
Vom Licht
Wste̡p do badań przyrodniczych
Општ каталог на маглини и јата
学海探究之指針 : 付・追補