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E. Serra
Éric Serra
Éric Serra (compositeur français)
Éric Serra (compositore francese)
Éric Serra (Frans componist)
Éric Serra (fransk komponist)
Eric Serra (fransk kompositör)
Éric Serra (französischer Komponist)
Éric Serra (French composer)
Éric Serra (kompozytor francuski)
Serra, Éric
Ерик Сера
Ерік Серра
Серра, Эрик
إريك سيرا
اریک سرا (آهنگساز فرانسوی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Arbogast, Thierry (1957-)
Besson, Luc (1959-)
Cirque du Soleil
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
London Session Orchestra
Oldman, Gary (1958-)
Pagliaro, Michel
Réno, Jean (1948-)
RXRA (other; 1959-...; see also from)
Serra, Éric (1959-...)
Sony music France
Vanessa-Mae, 1979-
Virgin France
Virgin records international
300 Years Later
5th Element: Complete Score from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
5th Element: Little Night of Love, The
5th Element: The Diva Dance, The
Absolute Evil / General Staederts Death
Absolute Evil (unused)
Adèle et le Président
Adventure Is Waiting for Us
Adversity Is a Good Teacher, Pt. 1
Adversity Is a Good Teacher, Pt. 2
Air Bumblebee
Aknot! Wot?
Alfred at the Gas Station
All We Have Done With It
Am Everywhere, I
Am Invincible (Unused), I
Am Not a Hero, I
Am on Duty!, I
Ancient Book / Spaceship Attack
Angelus in Medio Ignis
Anger and Confession
Anna Is Free
Answer Me
Antenna in Position
Antenna, The
Anton and the resistants
Ants Train Station, The
Anybody Hello
Apollo Jazz
Appelez-moi l'intérieur
Arch's New Haircut
Archibald and Armando
Archibald's Magic Potions
Armaturam Dei
art du camouflage, L'
Arthur 3: La guerre des deux mondes
Arthur and the Aqueduct
Arthur and the Invisibles
Arthur and the Minimoys
Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard
Arthur et les Minimoys
Arthur the Hero
As Cold as Ice
At One With You
Atlantis: The Snake
Atlantis: Time to Get Your Lovin'
Attaque de la tour
Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec, Les
Babylonautes, Les
Babylonauts, The
Back on the crime scene (2 min 34 s)
bal des momies, Le
Ballad for Granny
Ballad for Mathilda (2 min 14 s)
Ballade de nuit
Bandidas finalio
bandidas (reprise), Las
Banners of Freedom
Be Gentle With Yourself
Be of Good Cheer
Beat's Whistling Sundays
beautiful daughter, The
Beautiful Sunday, A
becquée, La
Bee Raid, The
Behind the Bathroom Door
Believe, 2010
Best of Éric Serra
Between the sky-scrapers (1 min 02 s)
Big Badaboom
Big Bag of Marshmallows, A
Big Blue: My Lady Blue, The
big blue Ouverture (Le grand Bleu), The
Big Blue Overture (original demo), The
Big Blue: Suite, The
Big Fat Red Eyes
Big Score
big weapon
Billy Has a Gun / Mission Accomplished
bird in New York (1 min 19 s)
Bird in New York, A
Birds of storm (1 min 36 s)
Bizarre bizarre bizarre
Bloody Tourist
Blue Injection
Blue Rain
Blue Shutters, The
Blueberry Catapult, The
Bogo Matassalaï
Bomb Alarm and Evacuation
Bomb / Evacuation, A
Bomb in the Hotel, A
Bon voyage Mademoiselle Blanc-Sec
Boris and the Lethal Pen (Unused)
bouquet, Le
Bowl of Rubies, A
Braqueurs d'élite
Brawl in Pectopah
Breaking Underwater Walls
Bring me everyone
Bring Me Those Stones
Bug Express
Bulletproof Monk
Bungee Jumping
Burmese Rain
Burying Our Children
By the Pool
caballo atras, El
Call for Zorg, A
Calling Names
Can I have a word with you ? (1 min 12 s)
Can't Stop Thinking
Can't Wait for Sundays, I
Car Race in Moscow
Ce qu'il y a de pire
Cellular Recreation Process / Leeloo Comes to Life
cellule, La
Central Gate
Checking the Distance
chemin de la guillotine, Le
Cherry, A
Child of Babylon
Childhood Drama
Choking on a Cherry
Choose to Reproduce
cinquième élément musique du film de Luc Besson
cinquième élément - The Fifth Element (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Le
Closing Credits
Cloth Ladder, The
Cocoon Airport
Collapse of Grahove (Pt. 1 to 4)
Congabass (original demo)
Cornelius Appears
Couleur de l'eau, La
Coup de lune
Crapodak à la Tour Eiffel
Crapodak Nelson et la baballe
Crash of the Wooden Plane
Creation, The
Cruise of the dolphin tribe (2 min 43 s)
Cute name (3 min 25 s)
D.M. Mishkin
Daddies and Sons
Daddy and His Angel
Dallas Collects the Stones
Dallas Gets Up
Dallas & Leeloo
Dallas Takes the Mission / Airport Arrival
dame au chapeau vert, La
Dangerous Gun / Nive Hat / Have a Nice Day
Dangerous Sergio
Dark Passage II
Dark Side of Time, The
Darkos at the Antique Shop
Davido and the Watertank
Daw Suu and the Burmese Tribes
Décalage horaire
Découverte, Part 1, La
Découverte, Part 2, La
Deep blue dream (1 min 27 s)
Dernier Combat: Alcool, Le
Dernier Combat: Ruines, Part 2, Le
Dernier Combat (thème), Le
Destruction of the Seides
Didge Is Back, The
Dieuleveut le maléfique
Dish Out of Water: A Good Squeeze / The Antenna
Disturbing Day for Maude
Div Arrives / Ruby Rhod Live, The
Diva Aria Coda
Diva Arrives, The
Diva Dance / Leeloo Fighting Mangalores
Diva Dance (Remix by S.W.O), The
Diva Plavalaguna, The
Diva’s Demise, The
Diving in the Vault
Dizzy Riders
Djabote Doudou Ndiaye Rose
Do you like this place (1 min 04 s)
Dolphin Dance
Don't Run out on Me Now
Double Chase
Down to the Unknown World
Dragonfly Eggs
Drumming for You
Dying Divas Instructions / Korben Under Fire
Each to His Own World
echamos de menos, Le
Egypt, 1914
Egypt (unused)
Elements Activated, The
Emancipation Is the Key Word
Emperors Fields, The
Empty Cage
Empty Chase, An
End of Destiny
Endless Night, The
Enjoy Your Vacation
Escape from KGB
escuela de billbuck, La
Eternally Grateful
étrange invité, Un
Evil M, The
Evil Straws
Experience of Love, The
Explaining the Boom
Face à face
Failed Escape
Family Morning Routine
Fancy Face
Fatal Dive
Fatal Weakness
Father Vito Cornelius
Fatman (5 min 11 s)
Feeding Time
Feel Everything, I
Feel the Breath
Felix Culpa
Femme Nikita: Learning Time, La
Ferdinand titubant
Fhloston, The
Fifth Element (KMN score remix), The
Fifth Element: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Fight, Part 1: The Swat Squad, The
Fight, Part 2: Bring Me Everyone, The
Fight, Part 3: The Big Weapon, The
Fight, Part 4: One Is Alive, The
Find Him
Find Me in the Closet
Fine Pair, The
Finger on the Phone
Fire One Million
First Cells
First Dive in Grahovo
First Night Out
Five Millenia Later
Five Minutes to Cut a Deal
Flicking Through Time
Flight in a Wooden Plane
Flight over the Lake
Flower Through the Gun Line, A
Flying Tattoos
Flying to Mexico
For England, James
For Enzo (2 min 46 s)
For Ever, James
Forget Your Dreams of Greatness
Free Side, The
Full Powers
Funeral of Daw Khin Kyi, The
game is over (1 min 35 s)
Game Is Over, The
General Alert / Police Pursuit
Get Lost Snow
Giant Ant with a Pink Hat, The
Give Me a Report
Glories of the Raj
Go Girl
Gobernador y oro
Gold Brush, The
Golden Palace, The
Goldeneye Expanded Soundtrack
GoldenEye: GoldenEye
GoldenEye: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
GoldenEye Overture: Half of Everything Is Luck / The Other Half Is Fate / For England, James, The
Goldeneye: Tank Drive Around St. Petersburg
GoldenEye: That's What Keep You Alone
GoldenEye: That's What Keeps You Alone
GoldenEye: The Experience of Love
Good Job
Good Squeeze, A
Goons and Guards
GPS Control
Grand Bleu: My Lady Blue, Le
Grand bleu (The Big Blue Ouverture), Le
Grand Bleu: The Big Blue Overture, Le
Grand Bleu : Version intégrale, Le
Grand Bleu, Volume 2, Le
Grandpa's Mission
Greed and Loneliness
Green Beams
Green Devil, The
Grenade Trick
Grossing the Goon Sea
Guns and People
Half of Everything Is Luck
He Will Be Back
Heading to the Human's World
Heat (From 'The Fifth Element')
Hey little angel (4 min 48 s)
Hidden Crypt (Pt. 1 to 3), The
Hiding in the Freezer
Hire’s Lucky Charm, La
Hive and the Stone, The
Homo delphinus (8 min 02 s)
Houdi Bee
How do you know it's love ? (1 min 29 s)
Huacracocha (5 min 20 s)
Hub's Bank
Huella dactilar
Human Nature / War / The Five Elements
Hunger Strike
I'm on Vacation
I'm Sorry Mum
Iguana dance (4 min 58 s)
In Bed With Selenia
In the Kingdom of Spirits
Inner Fireworks
Insidious Flattery
Inspecteur Caponi
Into Russia
It Is About Peace
It's a Beautiful Day
It’s Only Mystery
Izmailovo Market
J comme Jardin
Jade's Mansion
James Bond Theme, The
Jean / Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne et Ferdinand
Joan and the Wolves
Joan of Arc (Luc Besson)
Josephine and the Big Dealer
Justin à la chasse
Kabuki Plan (Original Demo Karaoke), The
Kamikaze: Edge of Madness
Kamikaze: Procession in the Shakuashi Temple
Kamikaze Steel Drums (Unused Demo)
Kindly Step Aboard
King Is Home, The
Kiss in the Spa, A
Komm' Heim
Korben Accepts the Mission / Airport
Korben Dallas Awakes
Korben Finds Leeloo
Korben Wins a Trip
Ladies First
Ladronas y horcas
Lady in Waiting
Lady, The
Lake Finale, The
Lakta Ligunai
Land of the Minimoys, The
Landslide Victory
Lara's Lucky Day
Lara the Church and Petrovic (Pt. 1 & 2)
Last Hug, The
Last Mission
Last Time I Kiss You, The
Last Verse, The
Learning Time (La Femme Nikita)
Leaving Peru (1 min 50 s)
Leaving the world behind (3 min 15 s)
Leeloo Autowashed
Leeloo Begs for Help
Leeloo Breaks Out / Falling Into a Taxi
Leeloo Is Rescued
Leeloo Learns About War
Leeloo Visits Korben
Legend of manatees (5 min 03 s)
Legend of Manatees, The
Léon: Hey Little Angel
Léon: Noon
Leon the cleaner (1 min 48 s)
Léon: The Professional
Let’s Welcome Victor
Let them try (3 min 20 s)
Let Them Try (original demo)
Letter from Mikie
lettres de Zborowsky, Les
Leyenda y muerte
Liftoff Preparations
Light Speed Flight, A
Lightspeed Flight
Like This, I
Little Fight of Love (end titles)
Little Light of Love (End Title)
Little Light of Love (end titles version)
Little Red Button, The
Little Surprise for You: Xenya / D.M. Mychkine, A
Little Test, A
Lobby Shootout
Lonely Moment
Long Way to Democracy
Lot of Money, A
Lov’ me, lov’ moi
Love at Last
Love Is Worth Saving
Love the Wonderland
Love Your Haid, I
Lucia Di Lammermoor
Lucy and Lucy
Lucy and the Sniffer Dog
Lucy Is Going Out, Part 1
Lucy Is Going Out, Part 2
Ma sœur ma jumelle
Magic Forest, The
Mail and Door Bell
Main Title
Make Up
Making the Perfect Specimen / Leeloo
malédiction de Wadjet, La
Man. Y
Mangalore Ambush / Autowash
Mangalore Attack
Manque de classe
Maria y su caballo
Marijo en el saloon
Marijo en prison
Martin's New Partner
Masters of Disguise
Matt Family Drama (Pt. 1 & 2)
Meeting at Parc Monceau
Melt Into Matter
Menace, The
mercenarios, Los
Message for the Bees
Message from the KGB
Messenger of God, The
messenger, the story of Joan of Arc, The
Mexican Standoff in Paris
Miko's Ashes
Miko's Testimony
Miller's Proposal
Mina Hinoo
Minimoys Awakening, The
Minimoys: En Minimoy, Les
Minimoys Finale, The
Minimoys Overture, The
Miracle of Orleans, The
Miss San
Mission in Milan, Pt. 1
Mission in Milan, Pt. 2
Mission in Venice
Mistery of a Woman, The
Modoshawan Return / Mangalores Attack
Momies en goguette
Monastery of Amorgos (1 min 12 s)
Monastery of Amorgos, The
Mondoshawan Arrive, The
Monk and the Thief, The
Monk With No Name, The
Monstre, Le
Moskifight in Daisy Town, Pt. 1
Moskifight in Daisy Town, Pt. 2
Mr. Shadow on the Line
Mr Tank Driver (Pt. 1 & 2)
Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Part 1 to 4
Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Part 5 to 7
Mr. Zorg
Much better down there (1 min 28 s)
Mugger Disarmed, The
Mum Send Her Love
Munich Flight Boarding
musique des films, La
Must Find Alone
Muyuu Byoo Shao Okose
My Brother Monks
My lady blue (4 min 25 s)
Mystery of a Woman's Bag, The
Need His Finger, I
Negotiator, The
Nice Town
Nikita "Failed Escape"
No Amen
No Cash No Trash
No Crash No Trash
No Kiss but Tradition
No More Make-Up
Nobel Peace Prize
Noodle Soup Recipe, The
Noon (4 min)
Not a Good Omen
Not Just yet Home
Novios en el banco
nuit au Louvre, Une
Nutboat and Laces
Nuts and Berries
Ô Konpyûta
œuf et les scientifiques, L'
ogre de Garbarie, L'
Olga in Her New Office
Once Upon a Time in Burma
One is alive
Only One Survivor
Only One Way to Leave
Opening Titles / Egypt 1914
Origin of the World
Other Half Is Fate, The
Our Guest Has Arrived
Our Lady of Smolensk
Pack Your Bags
Packing Sadness
Pamphlets for Democracy
Pantry Hideout, The
Parade of the Pink Eproms, The
Paradise Alley
Paradiving Seals
Passage Is Broken, The
Patmosis et Coryza
peones en la iglesia, Los
Perfect Specimen / General Alert / Police Pursuit
petit tour de ptérodactyle, Un
Pétrodak attaque
Pharaon et le sac en toile, Le
Phonecall and the Waxcake, The
Pickpocket Dutchess, The
Pictures of War
Placing the Stones in the Temple
Platform (2 min 50 s)
Playing on Saucepans
Pleasant Drive in Paris
Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg, A
Please Help / Fleeing From Cops
Police Chase (with sfx)
Police Control
Police Visit, The
Power of the Scroll, The
Preference for Shady Places
Préparation au rituel
Princesa Sara
Procession to Orleans
Professional, The
Protect Life / Letter to Daniel
ptérodactyle est né, Un
pueblo en la caverna, El
Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 1
Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 2
Put Faith in Yourself, Pt. 3
Qu'est ce que j'aime ça
Que fait la police
Questions of Trust (Pt. 1 to 4)
Racked Animal
Radio Waves
Ram Crash
Rangoon Family Home
Rap Continues
Rat Trap Principle, The
Raya (2 min 02 s)
Raya (original demo), La
realms of ice (7 min)
Realms of Ice, The
Recrossing the River
Red and Golden Jellyfish
Red Button
Red Car, The
Red Poppy Night
Red Scarf, The
Remembering a heart beat (1 min 08 s)
Repentance, The
Rescue in a wreck (2 min 35 s)
Responsibility of the Scroll, The
Rêve inhabité
Réveillez les somnambules
Revenge of Maltazard, The
Rex Coronatur
Rico’s Gang Suicide
Ride of the Valkyries
Rifing the Wooden Horse
Rituel de résurrection
Rollerball: Music From the Motion Picture
Room 4602 (1 min 17 s)
Room four thousand and six hundred two
Rose in the Lift
Royal Urgency
Ruby Rhods Rap
Ruby’s Intros
Ruby’s Rap
Ruines, Part 1
Ruines, Part 2
Run, Shoot and Jump
Runway 31 R
Sad Morning in Oxford
Sailing to death (2 min 18 s)
Sara y Maria
scale to hell (3 min 43 s)
Scale to Hell: Boris and the Lethal Pen / I Am Invincible, The
Scientific Method, The
Seals Gone Shipping
Search for an Air Tank (Pt. 1 & 2)
Second Attempt
Second dive (1 min 50 s)
secret life of angels (5 min 34 s)
Secret Life of Angels, The
Secrets of a Strange World
Seides at the Supermarket
Sent by God
Sentence, The
Settling in Another Grey Box
Severnaya Suite: Among the Dead / Out of Hell / The Husky Tribe, The
Seytcha Seytcha
Shakoto" & "Narita Smurf
Shark attack (9 min 41 s)
She is dead (1 min 32 s)
She Is Perfect
Shoot the Gumboats
Show Time in Necropolis
Showtime in Necropolis
Shwedagon Pagoda Speach, The
Sicilia (1 min 23 s)
Six Months of Freedom
Sixty Percent Mess
Slim Black Boogie
Small as a Tooth
Smart Man
Smile, A
Snake (4 min 56 s)
Snake, The
Sneaking Into the Manticore
Snow My Man
So Happy You Are Here
So Hard to Admit
sœurs Blanc-Sec, Les
Solid Gate
Song to Miko
Song to Xavier (original demo)
South Brooklyn / New / York (unused)
Souvenir d'Adèle
Spaghetti del mare (1 min 58 s)
Speedway (original demo)
Spider and the Lollipop, The
Spider Messenger, The
Start to Tremble
Steel Orchid, The
Still My Home
Stolen Kiss
Story of Anton, The
Strange feelings (3 min 20 s)
Stranger in the House
Struker and the Mirror
Subway: It's Only Mystery
Subway: Subway/Masquerade
Such a family (1 min 19 s)
Sunday Family Dinner
Surviving Hand
Swamp Air Fleet, The
swat squad
Sweet Dreams / Dissapointed Zorg
Sword in a Field, A
Sword of Power, The
Symposium in the Hive
Synchronised instant (2 min 05 s)
Taipei Airport
Talk to Him
Tango to Lara (Pt. 1 & 2)
Tank Dive, The
Tatoo, The
Temple of Sublime Truth
Temple Works
Temps mort
Thank You for Sharing
Thank Your God
That’s What Keeps You Alone
Theme from The Big Blue
Théme principal (Subway)
Theme (reprise)
Third dive (2 min 45 s)
Third Dive, The
Third Ring for the Soul
Three Rites of Initiation
Tiger Tied Up
Time Crash
Time Is Unity
Time Not Important
Time to Get Your Lovin'
Tingjhou Hospital
To Arms
To the King of England
Toast, A
Toast to Fame
tombeau de Patmosis, Le
Tony the IBM (1 min 56 s)
Torrente, El
Tourelles, The
Train Fight (Part 5), The
Train Fight (Parts 1&2), The
Train Fight (Parts 3&4), The
Tricked Pickpocket
Trip to Cuba, The
Try to Be Convincing
Two ways out (3 min 08 s)
Two Worlds Overture, The
Ugly Face, An
Under House Arrest
Underwater Church, The
Unwavering Love
valse d'Adèle, La
Vas Adelante
Very special delivery (2 min 44 s)
Virgin Island
Virgin Islands (2 min 12 s)
Visions of the Underway
Visit of the Giant House
Visitors, The
Viva Mejico
Volunteers of Daisy Town
Wake up the Sleepwalkers
Wakeup Kiss
Walk in Taormina (48 s)
Walk in Taormina, A
Wanna Get Out of Here, I
War Crimes of Pillage (Pt. 1 & 2)
Water works (3 min 07 s)
Watergames (2 min 10 s)
We Share the Same Passions: The Trip to Cuba / The Same Passions
We Will Miss You
Whale Feathers (Unused Demo)
What Kind of Freedom Is That
What's happening out there ? (3 min 03 s)
When George Met Darkos
When Leon does his best (2 min 09 s)
When the Angels Call
Where Is Lucy?
Whispering statues (3 min 26 s)
Whispering Statues: Whispers / Two Faced
Who Can Be Trusted
Wielki błękit
Wild Underwater Fights
Will Let Go, I
Without a Footprint (Pt. 1 & 3)
Work for the KGB Baby, I
Yoratention Pliz
You Are Not Bulletproof
You killed my father
Young Lady, The
Your Idea of a Joke
Your Sleep Will Be Eternal
Złote oko
Zorg and Mangalores Attack
Zorg’s Intrusion / The Takeover
Zorgs Return / Negotiations
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Greatest World Cinema Themes
1000% Golden Soundtrack
19 H 37
80 Hits : Années 80, Volume 2
Absolute Relax
Absolute Relaxed
Alphabet des musiques de films, L'
Am Criminal, I
Années 80 Mega
Années 80 Mega 10CD
Arc-Boutant, L'
Art (délicat) de la séduction, L'
Chillout Album, Volume 3: Soft Mixed, The
Ciné Dancing
Ciné Slows
Cinema Moods
Classic Movie Themes 4
Colonnes De Buren, Les
Cool feeling
Creatures in Crisis
Designers, The
Digital Storm Lulu
Diversion: 17 artistes Virgin interprètent 17 artistes Virgin
Does Everybody Love Somebody
Eiffel Kurtz
Génération Top 50, Volume 2
Harmonia : Le Chant des rêves
Harmonia (disc 1)
Harmony Cinéma : Les Grandes Musiques de films
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 35
Instrumental Moods
It's In The Bag
It’s Only Mistery
James Bond Collection, The
Je Rappellerai...Peut-Etre
Jonquilles De Kurtz, Les
Kabuki Plan, The
Kyoto Gardens
Kyoto Gardens···
Laure Part Fachée
Lola Lit
M.C. Papa Noël
Maman Noël
Manpower Club
Masse Sèche
Méga cinéma
Mélodies en or, Vol.12
Most Relaxing Feel, The
My Heart Calling
Nuits de rêve
Overture (Le Grand Bleu)
Panic On D-Day
Perfecto Fluoro
Pluie Sur Buren
plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
Pure Moods
Real Eyes
Reflections of Silence
Sa Trincha, Volume 2
Score It!, Volume 2
Sex Machine
Sounds of Heaven: Drama I
Spirits of the World
Spirits: Music for the Soul
Stars 80, Vol2
Stars font leur cinéma, Les
Studio : Bandes originales de films
Taxi Girls In Soho
Time Weakens Love
Top des Tops N°4
Torre Ibiza Volumen Dos, La
Ultimate Bond & Spy Themes Collection
Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection, The
Wasabi: Original Score
Κλικ: Soundtrack του Φθινοπώρου