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Beijing gu gong bo wu yuan
Beijing Palace Museum
Chinese National Palace Museum
Chinese National Palace Museum (Pékin)
Gu gong bo wu yuan (Pekin)
Gugong-Bowuyua, Beijing
Gugong-Bowuyuan Taibei
Gugong buwuyuan Pékin
Guoli-Gugong-Bowuyuan Taibei
Imperial Palace Museum (Pékin)
Kuo-li-ku-kung-po-wu-yüan Taibei
Musée de l'ancien Palais de Pékin
Musée du Gugong
Musée du Gugong Pékin
Musée du Kou-kong Pékin
Musée National du Palais Taibei
National Palace Museum
National palace museum of Peiping
National Palace Museum (Pékin)
National Palace Museum Taibei
Nationales Palastmuseum Taibei
Palace Museum
Palace Museum (Pékin)
Palace Museum Taibei
Palastmuseum Peking
Palastmuseum Taibei
Peking Palace Museum
Taiwan-Museum Taibei
Taiwan Museum Taibei, Guoli-Gugong-Bowuyuan
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Language material
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Fourcade, François
Guoli-Beiping-Gugong-Bowuyuan (see also from)
Guterman, Norbert
Hall, Dickson
Harcourt-Smith, Simon
Hutt, Graham
Pékin (see also from)
Polter, Regina
Polter, Stefan B
Weng, Wange
Yang, Boda
Zhu, Jiajin
Art Treasures of the Peking Museum
Castiglione, jésuite italien et peintre chinois
catalogue of various clocks, watches, automata, and other miscellaneous objects of European workmanship dating from the XVIIIth and the early XIXth centuries, in the Palace Museum and the Wu Ying Tien, Peiping, A
Chinese cultural art treasures : National Palace Museum illustrated handbook
Chinese paintings in the Palace Museum, Beijing : 4th - 14th century
Giuseppe Castiglione dit Lang shining : 1688-1766
Jewelry and accessories of the royal consorts of Ch'ing dynasty
Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong : Qing porcelain from the Palace Museum collection
Masterpieces of snuff bottles in the Palace Museum
Musée de Pékin, Le
Palastmuseum Peking : die Schätze der Verbotenen Stadt
Taiwan-yuanzhumin-wenwu-zhan Sonderausstellung aus Beständen des Taiwan Museums, Taipei, vom 15.11.1996 bis 31.3.1997
Treasures of the Forbidden City