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Arthur (Herzog von Wellington)
Arthur Wellesley
Arthur Wellesley, 1. Duke of Wellington (britischer Feldmarschall und Staatsmann)
Arthur Wellesley (1. hertug av Wellington)
Arthur Wellesley, 1. książę Wellington (książę Wellington, wódz i polityk brytyjski)
Arthur Wellesley, 1.º Duque de Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, 1. vévoda z Wellingtonu
Arthur Wellesley, 1. vojvoda z Wellingtonu
Arthur Wellesley, 1r duc de Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke o Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (British soldier and statesman)
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (Spaeterer Name)
Arthur Wellesley, an chéad Diúc Wellington
Arthur Wellesley (Brits politicus)
Arthur Wellesley, Công tước thứ nhất của Wellington
Arthur Wellesley dari Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, duca de Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, Dug 1af Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, duque de Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, hertig av Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, I duca di Wellington (generale e politico britannico)
Arthur Wellesley, Unang Duke ng Wellington
Arthur Wellesley, vojvoda od Wellingtona
Arthurus Wellesley
Artur Vellslī
Artur Velsli, vojvoda od Velingtona
Arturs Velzlijs (britu karavīrs un valstsvīrs)
De Wellington
Duke of Wellington
Duko de Wellington
Duque de Wellington
Velingtons, Arturs
Velingtons, Arturs (hercogs)
Velzlijs, Arturs (Velingtonas hercogs)
Welleslei v. Wellington, Arthur (Lord of Talaveira, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo and Vittoria)
Welleslei von Wellington, Arthur (Lord of Talaveira, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo and Vittoria)
Wellesley (Arthur)
Wellesley, Arthur (1st duke of Wellington)
Wellesley, Arthur (Duc, Chef militaire, Irlande, Grande-Bretagne)
Wellesley, Arthur (duc de Wellington)
Wellesley, Arthur (Duke, Military leader, Ireland, Great Britain)
Wellesley, Arthur (Duke of Wellington)
Wellesley, Arthur (Frueherer Name)
Wellesley, Arthur (Herzog, Feldherr, Irland, Grossbritannien)
Wellesley, Arthur of W.
Wellesley, Arthur W.
Wellesley, Arthur Wellington
Wellesley of Wellington, Arthur
Wellesley von Wellington, Arthur
Wellington (1º Duque de)
Wellington (1st Duke of)
Wellington, Arthur Colley Wellesley of
Wellington, Arthur W. of
Wellington, Arthur Welleslei v (Lord of Talaveira, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo and Vittoria)
Wellington (Arthur Wellesley)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (1st Duke of)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (Duc, Chef militaire, Irlande, Grande-Bretagne)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (duc de)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (Duke, Military leader, Ireland, Great Britain)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (Duke of)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley Duke of (British engineer, military strategist, 1769-1852)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (hercogs)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (Herzog, Feldherr, Irland, Grossbritannien)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley of
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (Velingtonas hercogs)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley (vévoda)
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley von
Wellington, Duc de
Wellington, .. (Duke of)
Wellington, ... of
Wesley, Arthur
Wesley, Arthur (1st Duke of Wellington)
Wesley, Arthur (Duc, Chef militaire, Irlande, Grande-Bretagne)
Wesley, Arthur (Duke, Military leader, Ireland, Great Britain)
Wesley, Arthur (Duke of Wellington)
Wesley, Arthur (Herzog, Feldherr, Irland, Grossbritannien)
Wesley, Arthur of W.
Άρθουρ Ουέλινγκτον
Артур Веллслӣ
Артур Веллслі
Артур Велсли, војвода од Велингтона
Артур Велсли, Прв Војвода од Велингтон
Артур Уэлсли Веллингтон
Артур Уэлслі Велінгтан
Артур Ўэлсьлі
Артър Уелсли
ართურ უელესლი, I ჰერცოგი უელინგტონი
ארתור ולסלי, הדוכס הראשון מוולינגטון
آرتور ولزلی، اولین دوک ولینگتون (سرباز و سیاست‌مدار بریتانیایی)
آرثر ويلزلي
आर्थर वेलेस्ली, ड्युक ऑफ वेलिंग्टन
ஆர்தர் வெல்லஸ்லி, முதலாம் வெல்லிங்டன் பிரபு
ആർതർ വെല്ലസ്ലി
อาร์เธอร์ เวลสลีย์ ดยุกที่ 1 แห่งเวลลิงตัน
ဝယ်လင်တန်၊ လော့
제1대 웰링턴 공작 아서 웰즐리
ウェリントン, アーサー ウェルズリー
1769-1852 ; duc de
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Manuscript notated music
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Brett-James, Antony (co-author)
Brooke, John (co-author)
Chad, George William (co-author)
Choumara, Théodore (co-author)
Cotton, Edward (co-author)
Fay, Charles Ryle (co-author)
Fouche, Joseph (1759-1820))
Francis, George Henry (co-author)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1828-1830 : Wellington) (see also from)
Gurwod, John (co-author)
Gurwood, Colonel-John (co-author)
Gurwood, John (1790-1845)
Gurwood, John (co-author)
O'Byrne, Robert
Pange, Pauline de (1888-1972)
Pange, Pauline de (co-author)
Pange, Victor de (1923-1984)
Rathbone, Julian (co-author)
Royal Commission on historical manuscripts
Sousa, António Alberto Marinho Duarte de (1896-1950)
Staël-Holstein, Germaine de (1766-1817)
Staël-Holstein, Germaine de (co-author)
Villiers, Charles Pelham (1802-1898)
Webster, Charles K.
Webster, Charles Kingsley
Webster, Charles Kingsley (co-author)
Wellesley-Pole, William Earl of Mornington, 1763-1845
Wellington, Arthur Richard Wellesley 2d Duke of (1907-1884)
Wellington, Arthur Richard Wellesley, 2e duc de (co-author)
Wellington, Gerald Wellesley Duke of, 1885-1972
Wellington, Gerald Wellesley, 7e duc de (co-author)
Wellington, Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke of (co-author)
Westmorland, Priscilla Ann Wellesley Pole, lady Burghersh, Ctesse de (co-author)
Wood, Walter (1866-)
Amptelyke tydingen, betrekkelyk de krygs-werkingen van het Bondgenootschappelyk leger, sedert den aenvang van Vyandlykheden : vervolg en eynde aen het verslag des hertogs van Wellington, aen Zyne Majesteyt den Koning der Nederlanden, gedagteekend Waterloo, 19 juny 1815.
Arthur Herzog von Wellington. -
Considérations militaires sur les Mémoires du maréchal Suchet,... suivies de la correspondance entre les maréchaux Soult et Suchet, présentant l'historique des plans d'opérations proposés par chacun d'eux, depuis la bataille de Vittoria jusqu'à la cessation des hostilités, après la déchéance de l'empereur Napoléon ; et considérations militaires sur la bataille de Toulousze
Conversations of the 1st duke of Wellington with George William Chad. Edited by the 7th duke of Wellington, The
Conversations of the first duke of Wellington with George William Chad. Edited by the 7th Duke of Wellington [Lieut.-col. Gerald Wellesley], The
Copies of the narrative and statements [relative to the Convention of Cintra and the campaign in Portugal] : delivered in by ... Sir A. Wellesley to the Board of Inquiry held at Chelsea during the months of Nov. and Dec., 1808.
Correspondance inédite 1815-1817
Correspondence of lady Burghersh with the duke of Wellington. Edited by her daughter, lady Rose Weigall...
Correspondence. Selections.
descriptive and historical catalogue of the collection of pictures and sculpture at Apsley House, London, A
Despatches, correspondence and memoranda of field marshal Arthur duke of Wellington,... Edited by his son, the duke of Wellington,... In continuation of the former series...
Dispatches, correspondence and memoranda of field marshal Arthur Duc of Wellington, K.G.
Dispatches of field marshal the duke of Wellington during his various campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries and France, from 1799 to 1818. Compiled from official and authentic documents by lieut. colonel Gurwood,... A new edition, The
dispatches of Wellington during his various compaigns i*. - 1834 -, The
Facsimile eines Briefes des Herzogs von Wellington an den Fürsten Blücher, vom 16sten Juni 1815 : Militair-Wochenblatt N° 3und 4 pro 1845
Fuenteguinaldo : Cuartel General de Lord Wellington : despachos
General orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington in Portugal, Spain, and France, from 1809 to 1814, in the Low Countries and France, in 1815, and in France, army of occupation, from 1816 to 1818, The : compiled alphabetically from the several printed volumes, which were originally issued to the general and staff officers and officers commanding regiments in the above campaigns
General Orders : Spain And Portugal : April 27th 1809 to December 31st 1811
great mans̓ friendship; letters of the Duke of Wellington to Mary, Marchioness of Salisbury, 1850-1852;, A
History of the Indian administration of Lord Ellenborough, in his correspondence with the Duke of Wellington.
Huskisson and Irish affairs based on the Foster papers in the Public record office, Belfast, by C. R. Fay. [Letters from William Huskisson, John Foster, Spencer Perceval and Duke of Wellington, then Sir Arthur Wellesley.]
Hymno Patriotico
II.ii.2.b. Correspondence of Charles Powell Leslie II regarding Monaghan Militia
Letter from Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, to John Singleton Copley, 1st Baron Lyndhurst , making an appointment to call on him
Lettre du duc Wellington, generalissime des armées coalisées, au lord Casteleagh, au sujet de la guerre dont elles menacent la France
life and exploits of ... the Duke of Wellington ... including, The : a complete history of the Peninsular War ...
Life of the most noble Arthur Marquis and Earl of Wellington ... With copious details and delineations, historical, political, and military of the various important services in which he has been engaged in Flanders, India, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, and Portugal. Also numerous intersting professional anecdotes, not only of his brethren in arms, but also of the great generals opposed to him ..., The
life of Wellington., The : For use in schools.
Lord Wellington - pogromca Napoleona
Madame de Staël et le duc de Wellington; correspondance inédite, 1815-1817
Mademe de Staël et le Duc de Wellington correspondance inédite 1815-1817
Maske des Feldherrn, Die : Alexander der Große, Wellington, Grant, Hitler, 2000:
Maxims and opinions of fieldmarshal his grace the duke of Wellington selected from his writings and speeches during a public life of more than half a century
military achievements of ... the Duke of Wellington, The : contrasted with those of Alexander, Pyrrhus ... Napoleon, and other ... generals
Notes of Conversations with the Duke of Wellington : 1831-1851
Political correspondence
Practical observations upon the projected alterations of the law for regulating the import of corn into the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland : in a letter addressed to His Grace the Duke of Wellington
prime ministers' papers
Private correspondence of Thomas Raikes with the Duke of Wellington and other distinguished contemporaries
Proclamation du duc de Wellington... Donné au quartier-général, à Malplaquet, ce 21 juin 1815
Quadras para musica ao Marechal General Lord Visconde Wellington. -
Recueil choisi des dépêches et des ordres du jour du field-maréchal Duc de Wellington
Recueil des principales pièces de la correspondance du feld-maréchal duc de Wellington, pendant les dernières guerres, par le colonel Gurwood. Traduit de l'anglais et suivi d'un résumé historique publié par J. Corréard,... T. I, 1re livraison
Selections from certain letters and papers (1794-1852)
Selections from the dispatches and general orders of field marshal the duke of Wellington, by lieut.-colonel Gurwood,... New edition
Some letters of the duke of Wellington to his brother William Wellesley-Pole
Speeches of the duke of Wellington in Parliament, collected and arranged by the late colonel Gurwood,... [Edited and completed by W. Hazlitt.], The
Staeël-Holstein, Anne Louise Germaine (Necker), baronne de, 1766-1817. The unpublished correspondence of...
Supplementary despatches and memoranda of field marshal Arthur duke of Wellington,... Edited by his son the duke of Wellington...
Une Voix de Waterloo : histoire de la bataille livrée le 18 juin 1815, avec un choix des dépêches de Wellington, ordres généraux et lettres... Par le sergent-major Édouard Cotton,... Traduit par Gust. Sluse,... d'après la 6e édition...
Unpublished correspondence of Madame de Staël and the Duke of Wellington, The
Voice from Waterloo, a history of the battle fought on the 18th June 1815, with a selection from the Wellington dispatches, general orders and letters relating to the battle... by sergeant-major Edward Cotton (late 7th hussars). 5th edition..., A
Wellington and his friends : letters of the First Duke of Wellington to the Rt. Hon. Charles and Mrs. Arbuthnot, the Earl and Countess of Wilton, Princess Lieven, and Miss Burdett-Coutts
Wellington at war, 1794-1815 : a selection of his wartime letters
Wellington, or, The public and private life of Arthur, first duke of Wellington, as told by himself, his comrades, and his intimate friends
Wellington papers [printout relating to Portugal]
Wellington plate Portuguese service, The
Wellington's war, or, 'Atty, the long-nosed bugger that licks the French' : peninsular dispatches
Wellington souvenir., The : A golden record! [A biographical sketch printed in golden letters].
Words of Wellington : collected from his despatches, letters, and speeches, with anecdotes
wreath of victory, or laurels of Wellington, The : comprising a correct ... account of the decisive battles of Talevera, Salamanca, Pyrenees, storming of St. Sebastian, Ligney and Waterloo ...