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A. Michael Spence
A. Michael Spence (amerikansk økonom)
A. Michael Spence (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Andrew Michael Spence
Maykl Spens
Michael Spence (American economist)
Michael Spence (Amerikaans econoom)
Michael Spence (amerikansk ekonom)
Michael Spence (amerikansk økonom)
Michael Spence (economista statunitense)
Michael Spence (ekonomista amerykański, noblista)
Spence, A.
Spence, A. M.
Spence, A. Michael
Spence, Andrew M.
Spence, Andrew Michael
Spence, Michael
Майкл Спенс
Майкъл Спенс
Мајкл Спенс (канадски економист)
Спенс, Майкл
მაიკლ სპენსი
Մայքլ Սփենս
מייקל ספנס
مائیکل سپینس
مايكل سبنس
مایکل اسپنس (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
میخائل سپنس
মাইকেল স্পেন্স
마이클 스펜스
スペンス, マイケル
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Akerlof, George A.
Annez, Patricia Clarke
Brady, David
Buckley, Robert M.
Caves, Richard Earl (1931-...)
Collier, Paul
Commission on Growth and Development
David, Paul
El-Erian, Mohamed A.
Ghemawat, Pankaj
Gimeno, Rebeca
Graduate School of Business (Stanford, Calif.) Affiliation (see also from)
Hausman, J. A.
Hausmann, Ricardo
Hlatshwayo, Sandile
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace (Stanford, Calif.) Affiliation (see also from)
Kanbur, Ravi
Kanbur, Ravi (1954-)
Kanbur, S. M. Ravi
Keeler, Emmett
Leipziger, Danny M.
Leonard N. Stern School of Business (New York, NY) Affiliation (see also from)
Lim, Edwin
McCall, John
New York University (NYU) / Stern School of Business / Economics Department
Noll, Roger
Owen, Bruce
PIMCO Affiliation (see also from)
Ploeg, Frederick van der
Ploeg, Rick Van Der
Porter, M.E.
Porter, Michael E.
Porter, Michael E. (1947-...)
Porter, Michael E. (1947-)
Porter, Michael Eugene (1947-)
Roberts, Marc J.
Saloner, Garth
Scott, John T.
Scott, John T. (1947-...)
Spence, A Michael
Spence, A. M.
Spence, A. Michael
Spence, A.M.
Spence, Michael
Starrett, David
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Stiglitz, Joseph Eugene (1943-....))
Zagha, Roberto
Zeckhauser, Richard
Zeckhauser, Richard J
Capacity Expansion Process in a Growing Oligopoly: The Case of Corn Wet Milling, The
capacity expansion process in a growing oligopoly, The : the case of corn wet milling
Capital Structure and the Corporation's Product Market Environment
China and the Global Economy: Medium-Term Issues and Options--A Synthesis Report
Competition in Salaries, Credentials, and Signaling Prerequisites for Jobs.
Competition in the investment banking industry
Competition in the open economy : a model applied to Canada
Competitive and optimal responses to signals: An analysis of efficiency and distribution
Consumer Misperceptions, Product Failure and Producer Liability.
Contestable Markets and the Theory of Industry Structure: A Review Article.
Convergencia inevitable, La : el futuro del crecimiento económico en un mundo a varias velocidades
Cost Reduction, Competition, and Industry Performance.
Creating and capturing value : perspectives and cases on electronic commerce
Critical issues seminar on productivity
Designing Institutional Infrastructure for E-Science
Effect of the Timing of Consumption Decisions and the Resolution of Lotteries on the Choice of Lotteries., The
Efficient Collusion and Reaction Functions.
Effluent charges and licenses under uncertainty
Employment: Global and Country Perspectives
Entry, Capacity, Investment and Oligopolistic Pricing
Entry, conduct and regulation in professional markets.
Equity and growth in a globalizing world
Equity Within and Between Nations
Evolving Structure of the American Economy and the Employment Challenge, The
financial and economic crisis and the developing world, The
Growth Strategies and Dynamics
Guo ji shi jiao de si kao yu jian yi
Health and growth, 2009:
Impact of Globalization on Income and Employment, The : the Downside of Integrating Markets
In the wake of the crisis leading economists reassess economic policy
Industrial Organization and Competitive Advantage in Multinational Industries.
Information economics and policy in America
Informational Aspects of Market Structure: An Introduction.
Insurance, Information, and Individual Action.
Intellectual property
International competitiveness
Interview with the 2001 Laureates in Economics, George A. Akerlof, A. Michael Spence and Joseph E. Stiglitz
Job Market Signaling.
law of comparative advertising, The : directive 97/55/EC in the United Kingdom and Germany
Leadership and politics: a perspective from the Growth Commission
Learning Curve and Competition, The
Learning Curve Spillovers and Market Performance.
Managing Resource Revenues in Developing Economies
Market signaling: informational transfer in hiring and related screening processes
Market signalling
Medium and long term development and transformation of the Chinese economy.
Mirrlees, Vickrey, Akerlof, Spence and Stiglitz
Most Rapid Approach Paths in Accumulation Problems.
Multi-Product Quantity-Dependent Prices and Profitability Constraints.
Next convergence the future of economic growth in a multispeed world
Non-Random Missing Data
Nonlinear prices and welfare
Nonprice Competition.
Notes on Advertising, Economies of Scale, and Entry Barriers.
optimal control of pollution, The
Product differentiation and performance in insurance markets
Product Differentiation and Welfare.
Product Selection, Fixed Costs, and Monopolistic Competition.
Public lectures delivered by Professor A. Michael Spence : Lee Kuan Yew distinguished visitor, 22nd-28th March 1999.
Restoring Inclusive Growth in Advanced Economies: A Conversation with Economists and Policy Makers from the G20
Signaling in Retrospect and the Informational Structure of Markets
Signaling, Screening, and Information
Tacit Co-ordination and Imperfect Information.
Tacit coordination of industrial activity : policing non-competitive outcomes
Television Programming, Monopolistic Competition, and Welfare.
Time and Communication in Economic and Social Interaction.
Urbanization and growth
Vertical Integration and different Inputs
Zhongguo jingji zhongchangqi fazhan he zhuanxing
Bibliogr. S. 264-267
Harvard University, Diss. 1972--Cambridge/Mass., 1972