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Bartolotius, Franc
Bartolozzi (F.)
Bartolozzi, Fran
Bartolozzi (Francesco)
Bartolozzi, Francesco (engraver.)
Bartolozzi, Francesco Giuseppe
Bartolozzi, Francesco (Italian engraver, 1727-1815)
Bartolozzi (Francis)
Bartolozzi, Francisco
Bartolozzi, François
Bartolozzi, François Joseph Eloi
Bartolozzi, Frao
Bartolozzi, Guiseppe Francesco Eligio
Bartolozzi, R. A.
Bartolozzi & Vendramini
Francesco Bartolozzi
Francesco Bartolozzi (disegnatore, pittore e incisore italiano)
Francesco Bartolozzi (graveur italien)
Francesco Bartolozzi (Italiaans kunstschilder)
Francesco Bartolozzi (Italian artist)
Francesco Bartolozzi (italienischer Kupferstecher)
Francesko Bartolozzi
Франческо Бартолоззи
Франческо Бартолоцци
Франческо Бартолоцці
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Computer file
Language material
Notated music
Projected medium
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Barber, M. T. (co-author)
Blake, William (1757-1827)
Burney, Charles (co-author)
Carlini, Agostino (co-author)
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista (1727-1790)
Copley, John Singleton (co-author)
Delatre, Jean-Marie (co-author)
Duane, Matthew (1707-1785)
F. Bartolozzi & J. Vendramini (see also from)
george iii king of great britain
Guisan, C. (graveur; co-author)
Hamilton, W.m (co-author)
Herhan, Elisabeth G. (co-author)
Holbein, Hans (1497-1543)
Holloway, Thomas (1748-1827)
Kalterer, I. (co-author)
L'Évêque, Henri (co-author)
Labille-Guiard, Adélaïde (co-author)
Landseer, John (co-author)
Martini, ..
Martyn, Thomas (éditeur; co-author)
Napier, William (co-author)
Pellegrini, Domenico (1759-1840)
Pellegrini, Domenico (co-author)
Rigny, Chevalier de (peintre; co-author)
Stedman, John Gabriel (1744-1797)
Tott, François de (co-author)
Vieira Portuense, 1765 (1805)
Vieira, Francisco (co-author)
Violet, Pierre Noël (co-author)
Wagner, Joseph (1706-1780)
Žižić, Nela
Zocchi, Giuseppe (1711-1767))
Zuccarelli, Francesco (1702-1788)
A General history of music from the earliest ages to the present period, to which is prefixed a dissertation on the music of the ancients, by Charles Burney,... Volume third
A selection of the most favourite Scots songs chiefly pastoral. Adapted for the harpsichord, with an accompaniment for a violin, by eminent masters [: Arnold, Barthelemon, Carter, Shield. Vol. I]...
Admiranda romanarum antiquitatum ac veteris sculpturae vestigia anaglyphico opere elaborata, ex marmoreis exemplaribus quae Romae adhuc extant in Capitolio aedibus hortisque virorum principum ad antiquam elegantiam a Petro Sancti Bartolo delineata incisa, in quibus plurima ac praeclarissima ad romanam historiam ac veteres mores dignoscendos ob oculos ponuntur, notis Io. Petri Bellorii illustrata
Apothéose de Louis XVI [estampe]
apotheosis of a beautiful female..., The
Ascensão], [
Aux mânes de Louis seize] [estampe], [
Bacante], [
Biographia navalis, or Impartial memoirs of the lives and characters of officers of the Navy of Great Britain : from the year 1660 to the present time : drawn from the most authentic sources, and disposed in a chronological arrangement
birth and triumph of love, The
[Britannia, full-length portrait, left profile, seated, holding olive branch in right hand and staff topped with liberty cap in left hand]
Cabeça de velho e duas mulheres], [
Charles 2d Son of Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. ob. 1551.
Cipriani's rudiments of drawing
Clarafrente . La princesa tímida. El hada de Brezal. La venganza del enano Bulfstroll
Coins of the Selencidoe, kings of Syria... with historical memoirs of each reign... Engraved by F. Bartolozzi
Coins of the Seleucidæ, kings of Syria : from the establishment of their reign under Seleucus Nicator, to the determination of it under Antiochus Asiaticus with historical memoirs of each reign
Commémoration of the victory of Juny M DCC XCIV [estampe]
D. Carolus Godofredus Woide [...]
David Perez neapolitanus...
Dejanire e Hércules], [
Dissertation sur le jardinage de l'Orient. Par Mr. de Chambers,...ouvrage traduit de l'Anglais, avec plusieurs additions fournies par l'Auteur.
Dom Ioao principe do Brazil regente de Portugal [estampe]
Dottor Willis], [
Eighty-two [i.e. 155] prints
Embarquement du Prince Regent de Portugal, au quai de Belem, avec toute la Famille Royale le 27 Novembre à 11 heueres du matin
Francesco Bartolozzi : incisore delle grazie
Gemmarum antiquarum delectus : ex praestantioribus desumptus, quae in dactyliothecis Ducis Marlburiensis conservantur
George Prince of Wales [estampe]
Grafika u Italiji 18. st. (II. dio) : zbirka starih majstora Kabineta grafike HAZU : Kabinet grafike HAZU, Zagreb, studeni 2005. - siječanj 2006.
Helas voyés sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia langunt...
Her Majesty Marie-Antoinette Queen of France [estampe]
Honble Elizabeth Vernon Countess of Harcourt, The
Il ne leur reste que l'esperance [estampe]
Imitations of original drawings
Johann Christian Bach
L'Amour et la Raison [estampe]
Le Départ du Général Junot après la Convention de Cintra [estampe]
Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho, an African, 1782:
Louis Joseph de Bourbon Prince de Condé, - Prince du Sang, Pair et Grand-Maître de France, Colonel-General - de l'infanterie Française et étrangere.. [estampe]
Luís Pinto de Sousa Coutinho, 1.º visconde de Balsemão] desir de bien faire, [
Madame Élisabeth, en buste, de trois quarts à droite, coiffée d'une toque ornée de plumes, dans une bordure ovale [estampe]
Marie-Antoinette, en buste de trois quarts à gauche, dans une bordure ovale [estampe]
Marie Christine, Herzogin von Sachsen-Teschen (Nach A. Rosin) ; Faksimile nach einem Stich in Punktmanier
Marie Thérèse, Charlotte De France, Duchesse D'Angoulême. Née le 19 Déc. 1778 [estampe]
Mattutino dé Morti
Memoirs of Thomas Hollis.
Miscellanies The fourth edition, revised and corrected
Mrs. Lenox
músicos], [Os
Narrative, of a five years' expedition, against the revolted Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the wild coast of South America, from the year 1772 to 1777 : elucidating the history of that country, and describing its productions ... with an account of the Indians of Guiana, & Negroes of Guinea
Nascimento de Jesus Cristo], [
Ode, inscribed to John Howard ... author of "The state of English and foreign prisons".
Orlando furioso
[Paisaje con dos mujeres junto a una cascada]
Partida do Principe Regente de Portugal para o Brazil
Paschalis Josephus Mellius Freirius, jureconsultus lusitanus
poems of William Shakspeare, The : with Mr. Capell's history of the origin of Shakspeare's fables : to which is added a glossary : ornamented with three portraits, by Bartolozzi, &c.
Portrait de Louis Joseph de Bourbon, prince de Condé, à mi-corps, de 3/4 dirigé à gauche [estampe]
Prelude to Matrimony, The
Ragionamento di messer Lapo da Castiglionchio celebre giureconsulto del secolo XIV. Colla vita del medesimo composta dall'abate Lorenzo Mehus. Si aggiungono alcune lettere di Bernardo suo figliolo e di Francesco di Alberto suo nipote. Con un appendice di antichi documenti.
riposo in Egitto], [Il
Roland Furieux : Poëme Héroique De L'Arioste.
[Santa Anna ensenyant a llegir a la Verge Maria nena]
Schauspielerin Elisabeth Farren, später Lady Derby (Nach Th. Lawrence), Die ; Faksimile nach einem Stich in Punktmanier
seasons. -, The
Senhor dos Passos], [
Senhor Jesus da Consolação, e Pai das Misericordias, O
Sepúlveda em Bragança alçando a mão disse pelo príncipe regente D. João
Shakespeare's Tumb
Six quartetto for two violins, a tenor and violoncello obligati, opera VIII
Splitska narodna nošnja
Studj di pittura
Teatro de Manuel de Figueiredo
The Origin of horn fair, held at Charlton in Kent] [estampe], [
The Right hon.le William Pitt first Lord commissioner of the Treasury
The Sitting of the Council of five hundred at St Cloud to whom Bonaparte having presented himself, he dissolved, Nov.r 10th 1799 [estampe]
The Unfortunate Louis In the Dress he wore while confined in the Temple [estampe]
To the King's most Excellent Majesty // This plate, the prosperity of Great Britain, contrasted with the misery of France, is with // His gracious Permission humbly Dedicated, by his Majesty's most dutiful Subject & devoted Servant, Tho.s Martyn [estampe]
To the Memory of the Late Most High and Puissant Prince Hugh Percy Duke of Northumberland, who was a Patron of the Arts, and to Whose Virtues, This Work is Dedicated, by his Most Grateful and humble Servant Michel Angelo Pergolesi
Venus sleeping