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Bernard Herman
Bernard Hermann
Bernard Herrman
Bernard Herrmann
Bernard Herrmann (American composer)
Bernard Herrmann (Amerikaans componist (1911-1975))
Bernard Herrmann (amerikansk komponist)
Bernard Herrmann (amerikansk kompositör)
Bernard Herrmann (amerykański kompozytor muzyki filmowej)
Bernard Herrmann (compositeur américain)
Bernard Herrmann (compositor estadounidense)
Bernard Herrmann (compositore e direttore d'orchestra statunitense)
Bernard Herrmann (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Herman, Bernard
Hermann, Bernard
Herrman, Bernard
Herrmann, Bernard
Herrmann, Bernhard
Бърнард Хърман
Херрманн, Бернард
ბერნარდ ჰერმანი
ברנרד הרמן
הרמן, ברנרד
برنارد هرمن (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
เบอร์นาร์ด เฮอร์มานน์
버나드 허먼
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Burks, Robert
Decca record company
EMI music France
Herrmann, Bernard (1911-1975)
Hitchcock, Alfred (1899-1980)
Hitchcock, Alfred Joseph (1899-1980)
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Naxos Digital Services
Novak, Kim (1933-)
Peck, Gregory (1916-2003))
Polygram, Division Barclay
Santa Monica symphony orchestra
Stewart, James (1908-1997)
Stravinsky, Igor (1882-1971)
Welles, Orson (1915-1985)
Williams, John (1932-)
$20 Bill / Target Practice, The
1st Floor, The
2:00 A.M.
2:00 AM
3:00 A.M.
3:00 AM
3 Worlds of Gulliver: The Liliputians and the Duel, The
3rd Floor
4:00 A.M.
4:00 AM
.44 Magnum Is a Monster, The
49th Parallel From the Invaders
5 am
5 Fingers: Alone
5 Fingers: Cicero
5 Fingers: Departure
5 Fingers: Dreams
5 Fingers: Escape
5 Fingers: Finale
5 Fingers: Five Weeks
5 Fingers: German Embassy / Berlin
5 Fingers (main title)
5 Fingers: Prelude
5 Fingers: Rio
5 Fingers: Romance
5 Fingers: The Boat
5 Fingers: The Charwoman
5 Fingers: The Embassy
5 Fingers: The Film
5 Fingers: The Old Street
5 Fingers: The Pursuit
5 Fingers: The Safe
5 Fingers: The Trap / The House
7th Voyage of Sinbad: Overture, The
Abducting George Kaplan
Abduction (alternate), The
Abduction / The Count and Groom
About Ships
Action Theme (film version)
After Dinner
After the Fire / Rochester Leaves
After the Speech
Aftermath / Finale
Air Hose, The
Airline, The
Airplane, The
Airport (alternate)
Airport, The
Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Volume 1, The
Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Theme
Alfred Hitchcock's Film Music
All that money can buy
All the Animals Come Out at Night
Almanac, The
Alternate End Title #2
Alternate End Title #3
Alternate Main Title #2
Alternate Main Title #3
And Bless Us Everyone / The Future
Andante Cantabile
Anger (four takes)
Anna and the King of Siam: Elegy
Anna and the King of Siam. Selections
Anna and the King of Slam: Coronation
Anna and the King of Slam: Elegy
Anna and the King of Slam: Montage
Anna and the King of Slam: Prelude
Anna Karenina - Suite: Finale
Anna Karenina - Suite: Forlane
Anna Karenina - Suite: Love Scene
Anna Karenina - Suite: Overture
Apache, The
Aparition, The
Apartment House / The Windows
Apparition, The
Are You Happy? / Montag Returns Home / Linda on T.V.
Arrestation de Delvaux et fuite de Julie
Arrival / The Bank, The
Arrival to "The Chronicle"
Arrogant Ambersons, The
Assassination Attempt / After the Carnage
Assets / Anger
At 20th Century Fox
At the Tomb of Amenhotep (The Great Pharaoh)
Auction & The Airport, The
Autumn Afternoon
Awakening, The
Bakuba Country
Balcony, The
Ballad of Springfield Mountain (longer version)
Balloon 1, The
Balloon 2, The
Bandage, The
Banquet / The Fire / Escape, The
Basket, The
Bathroom, The
Bathtub, The
Battle and Fanfares
Battle Of Neretva/The Naked And The Dead
Battle of Springfiled Mountain Andante Tranquillo
Bay, The
Beach, The
Bedroom / Second Monorail, The
Beginning of Madness
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (main title)
Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef: Beneath the Sea
Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef: Boat Fight / Finale
Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef: Elegy / The Lagoon
Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef: Out to Sea
Bernard Hermann conducts Great British Film Music
Bernard Herrmann Anthology, Volume 1: The Magnificent Ambersons
Bernard Herrmann at Fox, Volume 1: Tender Is the Night / The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit / A Hatful of Rain
Bernard Herrmann at Fox, Volume 2: Garden of Evil / Prince of Players / King of the Khyber Rifles
Bernard Herrmann at Fox, Volume 3: Anna and the King of Siam
Bernard Herrmann Film Scores: From Citizen Kane to Taxi Driver
Bernard Herrmann speaks on film music
Bernstein's Narration
Bernstein's Presto
Betsy in a White Dress
Bicycle, The
Bicycles / The Bus, The
Big Search, The
Bird, The
birds, The
Birth, The
Bittersweet / Exit
Blackboard, The
Blue Denim: Adoration
Blue Denim: Consolation / The Question
Blue Denim: Farewell
Blue Denim: Finale
Blue Denim: Fury and Grief / The Breakdown
Blue Denim: Prelude / The Boy
Blue Denim: Proposal / The Compact / Confession
Blue Denim: Sleep / The Decision
Blue Denim: The Arrival / The Bank
Blue Denim: The Chase
Blue Denim: The Dress / Shame
Blue Denim: The Girl
Blue Denim: The Letter / First Embrace
Blue Denim: The Playroom
Blue Denim: The Window / The Summons
Blurring, The
Boat, The
Body, The
Bonfire, The
Book in the Hamper / Linda's Pleas, The
Book People / The Final Show / Finale, The
Bookrack, The
Books, The
Bookstore, The
Bottle, The
Bowl, The
Box, The
Boy, The
Boyhood’s End
Boys, The
Bracelet and the Helmet (alternate), The
Brave New World. Original Score part 1
Brave New World. Original Score part 2
Brave New World. Original Score part 3
Brave New World. Original Score part 4
Brave New World. Original Score part 5
Brave New World. Original Score part 6
Brave New World. Original Score part 7
Brave New World. Original Score part 8
Breakdown, The
Breakfast on the Farm
Breaking the Contract
Bridal Suite, The
Bride Wore Black, The
Bridge, The
Bryn Mawr Walk
Burial, The
Bus, The
Button, The
Buzzards, The
By the Fireside
Cab-Driver / The Hill, The
Cabin 1
Cabin 10
Cabin, The
Cady Meets The Girls
Café, The
Cafeteria Shooting
Cafeteria, The
Cage / The Crocodile, The
Cake / The Car / The Candles, The
Camp #2, The
Canyon / Cave Glow / Mushroom Forest, The
Canyon / The Cave Glow, The
Cape Fear: Prelude & Homecoming
Cape Fear - Prelude - The School - Panic - Finale
Cape Fear: The Dog / Poison / Sorrow
Cape Fear: The Face / The Room
Cape Fear: The House / The Spy Glass
Cape Fear: The Phonograph / The Drowning
Cape Fear: The Pistol / The Phone / The Pier
Cape Fear: The River / The Embrace
Cape Fear: The School / The Panic
Cape Fear: The Stairs / The Bedroom / Departure
Cape Fear: The Struggle / The Rock / The Spike
Cape Fear: Waiting / Homecoming (reprise) / The River Boats
Captain Nemo
Captain's Death, The
Capture, The
Captured / Reunited
Car Crash
Car Lot, The Package, The
Car / The Street, The
Card, The
Cards, The
Carlotta's Portrait
Carter's Exit
Castle, The
Cave, The
Cell I, The
Cell II, The
Cellar, Part 1, The
Cephalopod, The
Chant No 1
Chant No 2
Chariot Ride / Pursuit, The
Charles Meets Thatcher
Charley's Dead
Charwoman, The
Chase, The
Chasm and the Valley, The
Checkbook, The
Chess Game, The
Chetniks' March
Child Is Born, A
Children’s Hour, The
Christmas Carol / A Child Is Born, A
Chronicle Scherzo
Church / Court’s Confession / Bryn Mawr / New Orleans / Wedding, The
Circle, The
Citizen Kane. Salaambo's aria
Citizen Kane. Selections
Citizen Kane: The Essential Bernard Herrmann Film Music Collection
Citizen Kane Theme
City, The
Civil War
Classic Fantasty Film Scores
Clean-Up / Split-Screen / The Search
Cleaning the Cab
Cliff, The
Cliffs, The
Clock, The
Closet (alternate), The
Closing Door, The
Clouds A, The
Clouds B, The
Clouds C, The
Clouds D, The
Clouds E, The
Club, The
Coat, The
Coin Disappears
Collecting on the Contract
Color Red, The
Concerto Macabre: First Movement
Concerto Macabre: Second Movement
Conch Boat / The Harbor, The
Conference, The
Confession, The
Consolation / The Question
Conversation Piece
Coronation March / End Title
Coronation, The
Corridor, The
Cottage, The
Couch, The
Count and The Groom, The
Count Arnes / Saint Giles, The
Count’s Death, The
Country Road, The
Courier, The
Court and LaSalle Struggle
Court Finds Lasalle
Court Meets Sandra
Court Meets Sondra
Court's Confession
Court, The Morning After / Court Signs Papers / Sandra Finds Briefcase / Court Arrives at Wharf
Courtyard, The
Cradle, The
Crash of the Cropduster
Crater, The
Creation of the World, The
Crocodile, The
Croft's Death
Cup, The
Currier&ives Suite - the Whirlwind Skater
Curtain, The
Cyclops, The
Daly’s Death
Dance and Air
Dance Macabre
Dancing With Belle (longer version)
Danger A
Danger B
Danica's Death
Danica's Theme
Daniel's Aunt
Danse Macabre (alternate)
Davis Arrives at School / Something in the Room
Dawn / The Idiot / Fear / The Cabin
Day by Day
Day the Earth Stood Still: Arlington Cemetary; Lincoln Memorial
Day the Earth Stood Still: Nocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space Control, The
Day the Earth Stood Still: Outer Space / Radar / Gort / The Robot / Space Control / Terror / Farewell and Finale, The
Day the Earth Stood Still: Prelude / Outer Space / Radar, The
Day the Earth Stood Still: Suite: Outer Space / Radar / Farewell & Finale, The
Days do Not End, The
Death Hunt, The
Death of Danica, The
Death of the Cyclops / The Crossbow / The Death of the Dragon, The
Death of Wilbur Minafer
Death Potion, The
Death Watch, The
Decision, The
Decline of a Bel Canto Diva, The
Deed / The Harp and Couch, The
Defiance / Bakuba Boy
Delivery / Something Small, The
Departure; Isabel's Death
Departure, The
Despair, The
Destroy Tina
Detective, The
devil and Daniel Webster. Suite
Devil and Daniel Webster, The
Dial, The
Diary of a Taxi Driver (album version)
Diner Music (film version)
Disbanding Xanadu
Discovery / The Blackboard
Discrete Theremin Tracks
Dissolve to Thatcher / Second Ms. / Bernstein's Narration
Divers, The
Dock, The
Doctor's Return, The
Dog Gone
Door (alternate), The
Door; Death & Youth, The
Door Slam
Down the River
Dragon and Cyclops / The Crossbow / The Death of the Dragon / Finale
Drawer, The
Dream / the Syringe, The
Dress / Shame, The
Dresses, The
Dressing Room, The
Drink / Newspaper, The
Drugstore, The
Duck / The Count's Death, The
Duel With the Skeleton, The
Dunes, The
Dungeon, The
Duo (Love Theme reprise)
Earthquake / The Shaft, The
Edwin’s Tour
Egg, The
Elegy and Jane's Sorrow
Elegy, The
Elevator / Magnetic Pull / Study / Conference / Jewelry Store
Elevator / The Magnetic Pull / The Study / The Conference / The Jeweler, The
Eleven Months
Embassy, The
Empty Fridge / Father Stalks Baby
Empty House / Antennas
Empty Room, The
End, The
End Theme
End Title: First Season
End Title: “Funeral March Of A Marionette”
End Titles
Endless Night
Eric Finds Tina
Eric Returns Tina
Eric Throws the Doll
Escape From the Island
Escape Me Never
Escape to the Clouds
Essential Film Music Collection, The
Evocation (alternate)
Exit (alternate — two takes)
Explosion, The
Explosions / The Message
Eye of the Beholders / Twilight Zone Theme (2nd Revision)
Fahrenheit 451: Prelude / Fire Engine / The Bedroom / Flowers of Fire / The Road and Finale
Fahrenheit 451. Selections
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: Finale
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: Fire Engine
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: Flamethrower
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: Flowers of Fire
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: Prelude
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Bedroom
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Captain's Death
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Garden
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Nightmare
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Reading
Fahrenheit 451: Suite for Strings, Harp and Percussion: The Road
Fahrenheit 451 / The Twilight Zone: Walking Distance
Failed Robbery
Failed Search
Faithful Heart / My Love Is Like a Reed / Red Rose, The
Fall, The
False Arrows / The Fall
Farenheit 451 : Fire Engine
Farenheit 451 : Flowers of Fire
Farenheit 451 : Prelude
Farenheit 451 : The Bedroom
Farenheit 451 : The Road and Finale
Farewell and Finale
Farewell and the Tower
Farmhouse, The
Fat Man, The
Father and Child / Father Protects Child
Father and Son (rehearsal)
Father Continues Search (alternate)
Father Runs With Child / Father Keeps Running With Child
Father Searches for Baby
Feather, The
Feel Like Dancing” (source), “I
Felony Court
Ferry / The Apartment / Breton, The
Fight With Cyclops / Cyclops' Death, The
File, The
Film Fantasy - Film music by Bernard Herrmann
Film Music of Bernard Hermann: Hangover Square & Citizen Kane (BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Orchestra, Conductor: Rumon Gamba), The
Finale and Credits
Finale & End Credits
Finale (rehearsal)
Finale, The
Fire Alarm
Fire Engine, The
Fire Station
First Barcarolle
First Book / David Copperfield
First Floor, The
First Lesson, The
First Letter Scene
First Nocturne
First Reverie; Second Reverie
First Snows Of Winter
Fish Market
Five Weeks
Flag, The
Flame Thrower / Captain's Death
Flashback II
Flashlight, The
Flight / The Battle With the Cyclops, The
Flowers of Fire II
Flowers of Fire, Part 2
Fog, The
Folders, The
For the fallen
Forest, The
Forio's Death
Forio's Fall
Formula / The Corridor, The
Four Faces of Jazz, The
Fourth Dimension
Foxhunt, The
Frank Refrigerates the Milk
Frank Visits Basement
Franz’s Exit / Rome
Frightened Sam
From Italy
Front, The
Fuller’s Death
Fuller’s Devotion
Fuller’s Plan
Fury and Grief / The Breakdown
Gallop - The Whip
Garden Music
Garden of Evil: Main Title / Greed
Garden of Evil (prelude)
Garden of Evil / Prince of Players
Garden Scene
Garden, The
Gates, The
Gentle Love
German Embassy / Berlin
Getting Into Shape / Listen You Screwheads / Gun Play / Dear Father & Mother / The Card / Soap Opera
Getty's Departure
Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Andante Cantabile, The
Ghost and Mrs. Muir: Prelude / Local Train / The Sea, The
Ghost / The Storm / The Apparition, The
Giant Bee 1, The
Giant Bee 2, The
Giant Chameleon and the Fight, The
Giant Crab, The
Giant Squirrel, The
Gift, The
Girl Escapes, The
Girls, The
Glades, The
Glass Ball, The
Glove, The
Glowing / Alone / Gort's Rage / Nikto / The Captive / Terror, The
God's Lonely Man (album version with alternate ending)
God's Lonely Man (End Title)
Golden Goblets, The
Goodbye to the Girl
Goodnight - The Park
Goodnight / The Safari
Goodnight (three takes)
Gort's Rage
Gort / The Visor and The Ray / The Telescope
Granite House, The
Grave / The Bells, The
Great Ball, The
Great Film Music
Greetings / The Doorway / Dear God of Christmas / Finale
Grenades, The
Grotto / “Twice as Tall”*, The
Guests Arrive, The
Guests Depart, The
Gulliver and Elizabeth
Gun, The
Half in Zone
Hall of Women, The
Hallway, The
Hamlet (interlude)
Hamlet Sequence
Hammer of God, The
Hangover Square / 5 Fingers
Hangover Square: Barbara
Hangover Square: Coda
Hangover Square: Concerto Macabre: First Movement
Hangover Square: Concerto Macabre: Second Movement
Hangover Square: Concerto Macabre: The Lost Movement
Hangover Square: Confession
Hangover Square: Fame and Anger
Hangover Square: Main Title / Fulham Waltz and the Dealer
Hangover Square: Murder and Fire
Hangover Square: Recovery and the Invitation
Hangover Square: Second Spell
Hangover Square. Selections
Hangover Square: The Bonfire
Hangover Square: The Cat and Netta's Death
Hangover Square: The Clock and the Knife
Hangover Square: The Murder
Hangover Square: The Spell
Hangover Square: [untitled 1]
Hangover Square: [untitled 2]
Hangover Square: [untitled 3]
Hangover Square: [untitled 4]
Hangover Square: [untitled 5]
Harbor, The
Harem, The
Harp and Couch, The
Harp Player, The
Harvest Eve
Hatful of Fish, A
Hatful of Rain: Coming Home / The Escape / Finale, A
Hatful of Rain: Main Title / Mother / Lost in the Night, A
Hatful of Rain: Suite, A
Hatful of Rain: The Car-Drive, A
Hatful of Rain: The Robbery, A
Have Dreamt (Wuthering Heights), I
Have Gun Will Travel
Help Me
Herrmann Chronicles: Obsession, The
Hidden Books I and II
Hidden Library
High Rocks, The
Highway, The
Hill, The
Hitchhiker, The
Hitchiker: Cross Country, The
Hitchiker: Harbinger, The
Hitchiker: Introduction, The
Hitchiker: No Escape, The
Hitchiker: The Specter, The
Hold-Up, The
Hole in Wall
Holy Man, The
Holy War, The
Home / Sorrow, The
Home Sweet Home
Homecoming, The
Homestead, The
homme qui en savait trop
Hookboat / The Fight, The
Hooker, The
Hopkins’ Promise
Hornpipe Polka
Horse, The
Hose, The
Hospital, The
Hotel Berlin
Hotel Lobby (outtake)
Hotel Room, The
House (film version), The
House of the Dead / The Burial, The
Hunt's End, The
Hunt Scherzo
Hut, The
Hyena, The
I'll See You In the Morning / The Father Returns Home / Cry Baby
I'm Going to Kill You
Ideal Husband: Galop, An
Ideal Husband: Waltz, An
In Cage
In-Laws (alternate), The
In the Cellar
Indestructible Tina
Indian, The
Information Desk
Instrumental music. Selections
Interlude #1
Interlude #2
Interrogation / Montag Is Followed
Isabel Death
Island, The
It's Alive (Main Title)
Jane Alone / Helen
Jane Asks for Reference
Jane Eyre: Jane's Departure
Jane Eyre: Main Title
Jane Eyre: Mrs Mason
Jane Eyre: The Finale
Jane Eyre: The Wedding
Jane Goes to the Tower
Jane Leaves
Jane’s Confession
Jane’s Farewell
Jane’s Return
Jason and the Argonauts: Prelude
Jason and the Argonauts: Talos' Death
Jason and the Argonauts: The Skeletons / Battle With the Skeletons / Finale
Jason and the Argonauts: Triton
Jason & the Argonauts: Prld
Jason & the Argonauts: Talo's death
Jeweler, The
John Brown
Journey to the center of the earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Mountain Top and Sunrise / Prelude / The Grotto / Salt Slides / Atlantis / The Giant Chameleon and the Fight / The Shaft and Finale
Joy in the Morning
Julie et l'echarpe
Jungle, The
Kane and Miss Susan
Kane Marries
Kane Meet Benrnstein
Kane Meets Susan / Susan's Room / Mother Memory
Kane's New Office
Kane's News Office / Carter's Exit / Chronicle Scherzo
Kane's Picnic / Susan Leaves
Kane's Return / Valse Presentation
Kentuckian: Prelude; The Steamboat; The Stagecoach; Victory; The Forest; Nocturne; Night Sounds; Scherzo; Miss Susie; The Rope; Finale, The
Kersek Killed
Khan’s Rage, The
Kill It / Sad Reunion/End Title
Killing / Rome, The
King Lear “Storm” Scene
King of the Khyber rifles. Attack on the mountain stronghold
King of the Khyber Rifles (main title)
King of the Khyber Rifles: Symphonic Suite
King's March, The
Knife, The
Kralahome, The
Ladder, The
Ladies, The
Lady Thiang
Lagoon, The
Lake, The
Lamp, The
LaSalle and Sandra at Airport
Lasalle & Sondra at Airport
Last Bandage, The
Last Call, The
Latch, The
Late Sea, The
Lava Flow
Lead In
Leah's Vigil
Lean’s Vigil
Ledge, The
Legend of the Panels, The
Leland's Dismissal
Leopard, The
Letter Burns, The
Letter / First Embrace, The
Letter / The Coach, The
Letters, The
Life, The
Lights / Bedtime, The
Lilliputians 1 and 2
Lilliputians, The
Lincoln Memorial
Little Girl Lost / Where Are You?
Little Mama
Living Doll / Tina Arrives
Local Train
Locket, The
London / The Reading / Local Train
Lonely / Twilight Zone Theme, The
Look for Her
Lookout, The
Lost / Bridge / Gas Caves / Vines
Lost Cambodia
Lost City / Atlantis, The
Lost / The Bridge / Gas Cave
Lotus Pool, The
Love Scene
Lovers, The
Lucia / Dictation / Boyhood's End / Pastoral
Lucy Takes Gull Cottage
Lullabye 2
Madeleine and Carlotta's Portrait
Madhouse, The
Magnetic Pull (without overlays), The
Magnetic Storm / Whirlpool / The Beach
Main Theme From Taxi Driver
Main Title: First Season
Main Title: “Funeral March Of A Marionette”
Main Title / Valse Lente / Kidnap
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Farewell, The
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Finale, The
Man in the gray flannel suit. Main title
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Maria's Room, The
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: Prelude, The
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: The Children's Hour, The
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: The Coat, The
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit: The Rain, The
Man in the Grey Flannel Suit: Main Title, The
Man in the Grey Flannel Suite (end title)
Man in the Grey Flannel Suite (main title)
Man Who Knew Too Much: Prelude, The
Man Who Knew Too Much Theme, The
Manny and His Wife (rehearsal)
Manny Picked Up by the Police
Manny Returns Home
Manuscript Reading and Snow Picture
Maria’s Room
Mariage de Julie
mariée était en noir
Marion and Sam
Mark's Office
Marker, The
Market Place Murder
Marley (The Spirit Lament)
Marnie & Mark
Marnie: Suite: I. Prelude
Marnie: Suite: II. The Hunt
Martin's Anger
Martin's Summer
Marvellous Film World of Bernard Herrmann, Volume 2, The
Mary / Exit
Mary’s Death
Mason Hurt / The Locked Door
Match Book, The
Match Box, The
Meeting on the Moors
Meiser's Wife Tempo de Valse lente, The
Memorial Park
Memories of the Susan Life
Memory Waltz (alternate), The
Merry-go-round, The
Message, The
Mine, The
Mirror, The
Miser's Waltz, The
Miss Gravely Digs
Miss Gravely's Test
Mission, The
Moat Farm Murders: Prelude, The
Moat Farm Murders: Stalking, The
Moat Farm Murders: The Visitor, The
Moby Dick
Money, The
Monorail / The Girl
Montag and the Girl Have Coffee / The Informer
Montag Confesses to the Girl
Montag Faints / Linda, the Informer / Montag Finds the Girl
Montag in the Captain's Office
Montag Reads the Encyclopedia
Montag Runs
Montag's Books
Montag's Photos / Suicide Attempt / Search for the Pills / Stomach Pump
More Searching / Frank Waits
Morgan's Love Letter From Isabel
Morning After / Rutland Cottage, The
mort aux trousses
Mother Memory
Mother's Sacrifice
Motion picture music. Selections (Preamble)
Mount Rushmore / Finale
Mountain Ledge, The
Mountain / “My Heart’s in the Highlands”*, The
Mountain Slopes, The
Mountain / The Crater, The
Mountain Top and Sunrise
Mountain Top / Sunrise / Rope / Torch / March
Mountain Top / Sunrise, The
Move Around
Mr. Kane Politician
Mr. Mason
Mr Scratch Allegro Moderato e Agitato
Mr. Stevens Matching Gold
Murder and Fire
Murder at the U.N.
Murder" from Psycho: A Suite for Strings, "The
Murdered Boy / Getting Ready for Fishing Trip / The Milkman Goeth
Mushroom Forest / “March” / The Lizard
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 1: Prelude / No. 2: Rain / No. 3: Thatcher Library / No. 4: Manuscript Reading and Snow Picture / No. 5: Mother's Sacrifice / No. 6: Charles Meets Thatcher
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 15: Kane's Return / No. 16: Collecting Statues / No. 17: Valse Presentation / No. 18: Sunset Narrative / No. 19: Theme and Variations
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 20b: Kane Meets Susan / No. 21: Susan's Room / No. 22: Mother Memory / No. 23b: The Trip / No. 24a: Geddes's Departure / No. 25: Kane Marries
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 26: Salammbo's Aria
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 27: Leland's Dismissal / No. 28: New Dawn Music / No. 29: Xanadu / No. 30: Jigsaws / No. 31: Second Xanadu
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 32: Kane's Picnic / No. 33: Susan Leaves / No. 34: El Rancho / No. 35: The Glass Ball / No. 36: Finale
Music From Citizen Kane: No. 7: Galop / No. 8: Dissolve Thatcher Reading Document / No. 9: Second Manuscript / No. 10: Thanks / No. 11: Bernstein's Narration / No. 12: Kane's New Office / No. 12A: New Hornpipe Polka / No. 13: Carter's Exit / No. 14: Chronicle Scherzo / No. 14A: Bernstein's Presto
Music From Great Film Classics
Music From Hangover Square: No. 1: The Dealer / No. 2: Murder and Fire / No. 3: Confession
Music From Hangover Square: No. 17: The Cat / No. 18: Netta's Death / No. 19: The Bonfire / No. 20: Recovery
Music From Hangover Square: No. 7: Netta / No. 11: The Spell / No. 12: The Murder / No. 14: Fame
Music from: The Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers
Musique de film
“My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose”*
Mysterious Film World of Bernard Herrmann (National Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Bernard Herrmann), The
Mysterious Island: Prelude
Mysterious Island: Prld
Mysterious Island: The balloon
Mysterious Island: The giant bee
Mysterious Island: The giant bird
Mysterious Island: The giant crab
Mysterious Land: Escape / The Ballon
Mysterious Land: Pipeline / The Ship Raising
Mysterious Land: Pirates / The Doomed Ship
Mysterious Land: Prelude
Mysterious Land: The Cave
Mysterious Land: The Giant Bird
Mysterious Land: The Giant Crab
Naked and the Dead (main title), The
Nautilus, The
Naval Battle
Nazi Attack
Necklace and the Return and Finale, The
Nefer, Nefer, Nefer
Nefer’s Farewell
Negra Noche (Me-Mue)”*, “La
Neiges du Kilimandjaro
Nemo/The Grotto
nerfs à vif
New Boat / The Buoy / Descending / The Sea Garden, The
New Dawn Music
New House, The
New Job, A
New Look, The
New Orleans / Wedding / Court - The Morning After
New Twilight Zone Theme Closing
New Twilight Zone Theme Opening
New Year (alternate), The
News on the March
Newsboy / The Tape / The Ferry
Newspaper, The
Night Digger
Night Magic / Tiny Princess / Street Music
Night Scene
Night Watch, The
Nightmagic / Tiny Princess / Street Music
Nightmare and Dawn, The
Nile and the Temple (alternate), The
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 1
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 10
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 11
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 12
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 2
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 3
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 4
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 5
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 6
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 7
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 8
Ninety Years Without Slumbering, Part 9
No Place to Hide: Chariot Continues
No Place to Hide: Chariot Enters Cave / Exploration
No Place to Hide: Chariot Past Dead Cyclops
No Place to Hide: Climb to Weather Station
No Place to Hide: Don Prepares Chariot
No Place to Hide: End Credits
No Place to Hide: Footprints / Cyclops
No Place to Hide: Jetpack
No Place to Hide: Launch / Asteroid Storm / Landing
No Place to Hide: Laundry / Cyclops Sighted
No Place to Hide: Log and Crash Site
No Place to Hide: Penny Gossips
No Place to Hide: Penny Rescued / Chariot to Cyclops
No Place to Hide: Will Runs / Cyclops Attacks / Will Kills Cyclops
Nocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space Control
North by northwest. Conversation piece
North by Northwest "Main Theme" (La Mort aux Trousses)
North by northwest. Main title
North by Northwest Murder at the U.N.
North by Northwest: North by Northwest
North by Northwest: Original Motion Picture Score
North by Northwest: Overture
North by Northwest: Prelude
Novel (David Copperfield), The
Nurse, The
Oath, The
Ocean / Glumdalclitch, The
Octopus, The
Off to Baltimore
Offering, The
Office, The
Old House, The
Old Street, The
Old Woman / Flowers of Fire, The
Oliver Twist - 2 Lyrical Pieces: Fagin's Romp
Oliver Twist - 2 Lyrical Pieces: Finale
On dangerous ground. Death hunt
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 1]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 2]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 3]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 4]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 5]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 6]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 7]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 8]
On Dangerous Ground: [untitled 9]
On the Road
On the Rocks
One Last Trip / Linda Leaves
Opening Party
Opera Montage
Operatic Fiasco at the Opera House
Operation, The
Outer Space Suite: Airlock, The
Outer Space Suite: Danger, The
Outer Space Suite: Moonscape, The
Outer Space Suite: Prelude, The
Outer Space Suite: Signals, The
Outer Space Suite: Space Drift, The
Outer Space Suite: Space Stations, The
Outer Space Suite: Starlight, The
Outer Space Suite: The Earth, The
Outer Space Suite : The Outer Space Suite (Prelude)
Outer Space Suite: Time Suspense, The
Outer Space Suite: Tycho, The
Outer Space (without theremin track)
Overnight in Jail (rehearsal)
Overture (2)
Overture / Bagdad
Overture (long version)
Overture / The Fog
Package, The
Pad & Pencil, The
Paddock, The
Painting (alternate), The
Painting / The Laundry Truck, The
Parents, The
Park, The
Parlor, The
Parlour, The
Part II
Part One: "This is a Town..."
Part Three: "The Night Deepens...."
Part Two: "The Day Passed, and the Night Fell On the Town...."
Parting / The Return / The City / Finale, The
Partisan March
Party on "The Inquirer"
Party's End / The Offering / The Harp Player
Pass, the
Passing Years / The Late Sea, The
Past and Present (Unused Cue)
Past / The Christmas Dance, The
Past - The Girl, The
Patrol Car, The
Pawnshop, The
Paying Mr. Stevens
Peephole, The
Perfection of Love / Violence, The
Petticoat Dance
Phantom Coach, The
Phillip's Murder / Window View
Phone Booth, The
Phone Call / I Realize How Much She Is Like the Others / A Strange Customer / Watching Palantine on TV / You're Gonna Die in Hell / Betsy's Theme / Hitting the Girl
Phone Call to the Lawyer
Phone / The Bookstore, The
Phorarhacos, The
Photos, The
Piano, The
Pills in Bed / The Fireman
Pink And Gold Pills
Pipeline, The
Pirates, The
Plane / Court and La Salle's Struggle / Airport, The
Plastic Bag / The Dress / Cake Box
Playground, The
Playroom, The
Plea, The
Pleasure Trip
Poem, The
Poetry (alternate)
Pole, The
Police, The
Police Van
Pomegranate, The
Pool, The
Porch Talk
Porch, The
Porthole, The
Portrait of Elizabeth
Portrait of Hitch from The Trouble With Harry, A
Prayer and Rescue
Prelude (2)
Prelude (alternate take)
Prelude and Outer Space
Prelude and Rooftop
Prelude and 'the Murder' From Psycho
Prelude (film version)
Prelude / Fire Trucks
Prelude for Piano
Prelude / Local Train / The Sea
Prelude / On This Darkest Day of Winter
Prelude (original version)
Prelude / Outer Space / Radar
Prelude / Outerspace / Radar
Prelude (Reprise)
Prelude (Revised)
Prelude / Siesta
Prelude (studio version)
Prelude / The Boy
Prelude / The Ruins / The Red Sea and the Childhood / The Nile and the Temple
Prince of Players (main title)
Prince of Players (prelude)
Prince of players. Selections
Princess / The Stone Gate / The Cyclops, The
Princess / The True Pharaoh / The Tomb, The
Prison, The
Proof / The Holy War, The
Prophecy, The
Proposal / The Compact / Confession
Psycho (A Narrative for Orchestra)
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: Finale
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: Prelude
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Cellar
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The City
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Knife
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Madhouse
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Murder
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Rainstorm
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Stairs
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Swamp
Psycho: A Suite for Strings: The Water
Psycho: Complete Original Motion Picture Score
Psycho: Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers
Psycho: I. Prelude
Psycho: II. The City
Psycho: III. The Swamp
Psycho: IV. The Murder
Psycho (KMN score remix)
Psycho: Marion and Sam
Psycho: Patrol Car
Psycho: Prelude and the City
Psycho. Selections
Psycho: The City / Finale
Psycho: V. The Celler
Psycho: VI. Discovery
Psychose "Suite"
Punishment in the Rain
Pursued by Giants
Pursuit, The
Pycho: Suite
Pyscho: Prelude / The City / Rainstorm / Murder / Finale
Quarrel, The
Que Sera, Sera (film version 2)
Que Sera, Sera (studio version)
Question, The
Quiet Sea / The Airline, The
R. C.
Radar (from: The day the earth stood still/Der Tag an dem die Erde still stand)
Radar (live)
Radio Truck, The
Radiogram / The Hotel, The
Raft, The
Raid on the School
Railway, The
Rain, The
Rainstorm, The
Rancho (Second Dawn Sequence), El
Ransom (Unused Cue)
Rape And Hospital
Rape, The
Rattle, The
Reading, The
Rebuke, The
Reception, The
Red Flowers
Red Sea and Childhood, The
Reef, The
Reluctant Hero / Betsy / End Credits, A
Reprise: Theme From Taxi Driver
Request / The Genie's Home / The Fight With the Roc / The Nest / The Dragon, The
Resolution, The
Resort in Winter, The
Restless Night/Where's Lenore? / Someone's Thirsty (alternate)
Retreat, The
Return (Finale), The
Return / The Child, The
Reunion / Nocturne
Reunion, The
Revelation, The
Revelers, The
Revolver, The
Richard III - Prelude
Ridge, The
Riva's Death
River, The
Road and Finale, The
Robot, The
Roc / The Nest, The
Rochester on the Moors
Rochester’s Past
Rock, The
Rocking Chair, The
Rocks, The
Rod Open: Season 1
Romance / Love / Farewell
Romance on the Train
Room, The
Rope / The Torch / The Entrance / “March”, The
Ruins, The
Safe, The
Sail, The
Salaambo's Aria
Salt Slides / The Pool / Dead Groom / The Gun
Sam Hides
Sam's Story
Sandra Again
Sandra at Monument
Sandra Finds Briefcase
Sanitarium and Finale
Santa Claus, Santa Claus / The Office
Sausage, The
Scar / The Pills / Duo, The
Scenario Macabre, Five
Scenario Macabre, Four
Scenario Macabre, One
Scenario Macabre, Seven
Scenario Macabre, Six
Scenario Macabre, Three
Scenario Macabre, Two
Scene d'Amour From "Vertigo"
Scene Pathetique
Scotty Tails Madeleine
Scotty Trails Madeline
Sea (alternate), The
Sea Garden, The
Seamen (alternate)
Search (B), The
Search for Love, The
Search for the Box
Searching Heart, The
Searching Traces on the Thatcher Library
Season Three Library Cues: Hammer of God
Second Barcarolle
Second Dinner, The
Second Letter Scene; Romanza
Second Local Train
Second Manuscript
Second Meeting
Second Nocturne
Second Stor, The
Second Store
Second Xanadu
Secrets / Very Fine Sports
Sentries, The
Separation Nightmare / Breton's Murder / Dirge
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: Fight With the Cyclops / Cyclop's Death, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: Finale, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: Overture / The Duel With the Skeleton / Baghdad, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: The Cyclops' Fury / The Capture, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: The Dragon and the Second Cyclops / Death of the Second Cyclops / The Crossbow / Death of the Dragon, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: The Egg, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: The Fight, The
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: The Shell / The Genie's Home, The
Shadow, The
Shaft and Finale, The
Sharpshooter, The
Shinbeck, The
Ship Rising, The
Ship / The Fight, The
Shooting, The
Shower, The
Shrine, The
Shroud, The
Siamese Twins
Sidewalk, The
Sign / Sleep / False Arrows / Fall / Grotto
Sign / Sleep, The
Silence, The
Silent noon
Sinbad and Princess
Sinfonietta Cordes
Sinfonietta for String Orchestra
Sinfonietta: I. Prelude: Slowly
Sinfonietta: II. Scherzo: Presto
Sinfonietta: III. Adagio
Sinfonietta: IV. Interlude: Largo
Sinfonietta, string orchestra. Scherzo
Sinfonietta: V. Variations
Sinking Ship, The
Skeleton / The Duel With the Skeleton / The Sword, The
Sketch, The
Skull, The
Skulls, The
Skylight, The
Sleep / The Decision
Sleigh-Ride (longer version)
Sleighride Allegro con brio
Slow March
Smashed Mirror (rehearsal)
Smashed Mirror, The
Smoke Signals, The
Snake, The
Snow Ride
Snow / “The Faithful Heart”*, The
Snows of Kilimanjaro: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Snows of Kilimanjaro (Suite), The
Snows of Kilimanjaro: The Memory Waltz, The
Snowstorm / The Silence
Solar Diamonds I and II (unused)
Solution / The Clinic / Hypnotic Trance, The
Something Wrong With the Pole / The Old House
Sondra Again
Sondra at Monument
Sondra Finds Briefcase (Second Ferryboat)
Songs from "The Three Penny Opera"
Sorrow / The Dock / Escape
Souvenirs de Voyage / Echoes
Souvenirs de voyage, for Clarinet and String Quartet: Andante pastorale; allegro
Souvenirs de voyage, for Clarinet and String Quartet: Andante tranquillo quasi barcarolla
Souvenirs de voyage, for Clarinet and String Quartet: Berceuse
Souvenirs de Voyage: I. Andante pastorale - Allegro
Souvenirs de voyage: I. Lento (Molto tranquilo)
Souvenirs de voyage: II. Andante (Berceuse)
Souvenirs de Voyage: III. Andante tranquillo quasi barcarolla
Souvenirs de voyage: III. Andantino (Canto amoroso)
Space Control
Spear / Dead Groom / The Gun, The
Spell, The
Spellbound Theme
Sport and Iris
Spring Sea, The
Squirrel, The
Stairs, the Keys and the Stairway, The
Stairway, The
Stake, The
Stakes / The Emperor's March, The
Stalking Vandamm's House
Stars, The
Start, The
Station (film version), The
Station (original), The
Stationhouse, The
Step Down!
Still Can't Sleep / They Cannot Touch Her (Betsy's Theme), I
Still More Searching / Police Pick Up Mother
Stone Arrow, The
Stone Faces, The
Store, The
Stork Club
Storm Cloud Cantata (DVD menu release suite)
Storm Cloud Cantata (film version)
Storm, The
Stranger, The
Stream, The
Street Music
Street / The Card, The
Streets (outtake), The
String Quartet "Echoes"
Strip Search
Studio Rehearsals and Outtakes
Studio Rehearsals & Studio Outtakes
Study, The
Sub Deck, The
Sueurs froides
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Brooding / End Of The World / Elsa Comforted / To Commercial #1
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Doctor’s Office / Two Doctors / Crushing Glasses / Dead Doctor
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Jarvis / Wister / Wister At Hospital / Wister In Reception Room / Linvale
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Mike Reminisces / Prison Hospital / Newsie’s Tip / Rendezvous / To Commercial #1
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Note Found / Sheriff & Samantha / Bessie’s Kitchen / Watching Samantha / Uninvited Callers / To Commercial #1
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Rose Following Driver / Betty Rose Dies / Driver Comforts Mickey / Strange Button / Mickey Pretties Herself
Suite 1: Chapter Title / Stranger In Car / Dave Scares Bonnie / Fascinating Mystery / Dave Exploring
Suite 1: Old Edinburgh / Street Meetings / Heavy Casket / Doctor Inspects Casket / To Commercial / Out Of Commercial
Suite 2: Bonnie’s Mother / Dave Leaves / Bonnie Visits Dave / Dave Makes Bonnie Promise / Happy Moment / Door
Suite 2: Bridge Game / Puzzled Sheriff / Mrs. Logan / Hole In Garden / Jarvis At Hole / Jarvis Sees Mrs. Logan / Frightened Mrs. Logan / Wister & Mrs. Logan
Suite 2: Bumper 1 / Sarah Complains / Apprehensive Natalie / Uncertain Natalie
Suite 2: Exuberant Aggie / Mac Ducks Aggie / Aggie The Nymph / Cobbler’s Shop / Human Hair / Mac Opens Coffin / Aggie Drunk / To Commercial #2
Suite 2: Out Of Commercial #1 / Bessie At Window / Peace Offering / Bessie Prowling / To Commercial #2
Suite 2: Out Of Commercial / To Commercial #2 / Peter’s Shack / Shack Searched / Boat House
Suite 2: Seashore / Cellar / To Commercial #2
Suite 2: Strange Visitor / Ruby & Mickey / Ruby & Dog
Suite 3: Bumper 2 / Natalie Climbs Stairs / Natalie Sees Body / Natalie Trying Door
Suite 3: Elsa’s Despondence / To Commercial #3 / Photo / Start Of Something / Detectives / End Title
Suite 3: Mac & Drunk Aggie / Killer Burke / Tommy Lad / To Commercial #3 / Out Of Commercial #2
Suite 3: Making Up Suicide Note / Sleeping Pill / Mrs. Daniel Finds Body / Bonnie’s Death
Suite 3: Mickey’s Big Reaction / Death / Driver Soothes Mickey / Mickey Questions Driver / False Search
Suite 3: Money Box / Konk On The Head / End Title
Suite 3: Out Of Commercial #2 / Samantha Not Believed / Jesus Christ Is Risen Today / Visitor For Bessie / Henry Returns Home / To Commercial #3
Suite 3: Wister At Grave / Wister and Jarvis / Jarvis & Car / Jarvis Filling Hole #1 / Jarvis Filling Hole #2 / Something Buried / Dead Dog
Suite 4: Aggie In Coffin / Remorseful Mac / Drunken Mac / Burke’s Ruse / Stranger In Coffin / End Title
Suite 4: Bumper 3 / Natalie Trying The Door / Horrified Natalie / Natalie Running / Panicky Natalie / Trying To Escape / Natalie Seeking Sarah / Natalie In Sarah’s Room / Frantic Natalie
Suite 4: Jarvis’ Sorrowful Tale / Mrs. Logan At Door / Jarvis At Logan House / Lovers / Jarvis & Corpse #1 / Jarvis & Corpse #2 / End Title
Suite 4: Laura’s Office / David Revisits House / Dave Still Searching / End Title
Suite 4: Mickey Follows Driver / Mickey’s Realization / Driver Kills Mickey / Anguished Driver / Mickey’s Body Found / End Title
Suite 4: Out Of Commercial #3 / Groggy Bessie / Henry Visits Bessie / Bessie Orders Henry Out / Bessie Conniving / End Title
Suite For North By Northwest: Abduction Of George Kaplan
Suite For North By Northwest: Main Titles
Suite For North By Northwest: Mount Rushmore / Finale
Suite For North By Northwest: Murder At The United Nations
Suite For North By Northwest: The Elevator
Suite For Psycho: Finale
Suite For Psycho: Flight, The Petrol Car, The Car Lot, The Package, The Rainstorm
Suite For Psycho: Hotel Room, The Window, The Parlour
Suite For Psycho: Prelude
Suite For Psycho: Temptation
Suite For Psycho: The City, Marion, Marion And Sam
Suite For Psycho: The Madhouse
Suite For Psycho: The Peephole
Suite From Psycho: Prelude / The Murder / The City / Finale
Sultan's Feast / The Vase / Cobra Dance
Sun, The
Sunset Narration
Sunset Narrative
Surfboard, The
Surprise Bonus Track
Susan in Night Club (New Dawn Sequence)
Susan in Night Club (Rain Sequence)
Susan Leaves
Susan’s Rage
Susan's Room
Suspense Suite (film version)
Swamp, The
Swing Your Partners Allegro Vivace
Symphony: II. Scherzo
Symphony, no. 1. Finale
T.V., The
Table / The Quarrel, The
Talking Doll
Tank/Handcuffs, The
Tape, The
Taxi Driver: A Night-Piece for Orchestra With Obbligato Alto Sax: Bloodbath
Taxi Driver: A Night-Piece for Orchestra With Obbligato Alto Sax: Blues
Taxi Driver: A Night-Piece for Orchestra With Obbligato Alto Sax: Finale
Taxi Driver: A Night-Piece for Orchestra With Obbligato Alto Sax: Night Prowl
Taxi Driver: A Night-Piece for Orchestra With Obbligato Alto Sax: Prelude
Taxi Driver Main Theme
Taxi Driver: Night Piece for Saxophone & Orchestra
Taxi Driver: Original Soundtrack Recording
Taxi driver. Selections
Tea Time
Teacher, The
Teddy Bear Wired
Telephone, The
Telescope, The
Tempest, The
Tender Is the Night: Breakdown
“Tender Is the Night” (Finale)
Tender Is the Night: Honeymoon
“Tender Is the Night” (Main Title) (alternate)
“Tender Is the Night” (Main Title) (orchestra only)
Tender Is the Night: Regrets
Tender Is the Night: Tender Is the Night
Tender Is the Night: The Beach
Tender Is the Night: The Closing Door
Tender Is the Night: The Dawn
Tender Is the Night: The Elegy
Tender is the Night: The Embrace
Tender Is the Night: The Lake
Tender Is the Night: The Mirror
Tender Is the Night: The New Year
Tender Is the Night: The Porthole
Tender Is the Night: The Walk
Tender Is the Night: Thunder
Tender Is the Night: Vacation
Tent, The
Tentacles, The
Terror / Recovery / The Finale
Thank God for the Rain
Thatcher Library (Litany) / Ms. Reading & Snow Picture / Mother's Sacrifice / Charlie Meets Thatcher
Theme and Variations (Breakfast Montage)
Theme From 'Taxi Driver'
Theme & Variations; George's Homecoming
Theremin Remixes
Things to Come Suite: Attack on the Moon Gun
Things to Come Suite: Building of the New World
Things to Come Suite: Epilogue
Things to Come Suite: March
Things to Come Suite: Prologue
Third Dimension
Third Monorail
Thirty Seconds
Thornfield Hall
Three Doctors, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: A Hatful of Fish, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Fanfares / The Tightrope, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Finale, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Hornpipe, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Lilliputians 1 & 2, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Lovers, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Minuetto-Wapping, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Overture, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Pursuit / Escape, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Reunion (Love Theme), The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The Chess Game, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The Giant Crocodile, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The King's March, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The Lilliputians, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The Stakes / The Emperor's March, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: The Storm, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Trees, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: Victory 1 & 2, The
Three Worlds of Gulliver: War March / The Naval Battle, The
Thunder, The
Tightrope, The
Time Passage
Time Passes
Tina Disappears
Tina Talks Again
Tina Threatens
Tiny Princess
Toast / The Photos, The
Tom Curtain: Prelude
Tomb / Sandra, The
Torchlight Finale
Torn Curtain: I. Prelude
Torn Curtain: II. Gromek
Torn Curtain: III. The Killing
Torn Curtain: Suite From the Unused Score
Torn Curtain: The Ship / The Radiogram
Tour, The
Tower, The
Toys, The
Tracker Library Cues: The Quarrel (Garden of Evil)
Trail, The
Trailer (Hitchcock/Prelude/Manny)
Train / Farewell, The
Traitor, The
Tramp, The
Trap / The House, The
Travel-Desk / Gromek, The
Trees, The
Trestle, The
Trio Refrain
Trip to Susan's / Getty's Departure / Kane Marries, The
Trip to the Court (rehearsal)
Trouble With Harry: A Portrait of Hitch, The
Trouble With Harry: Overture and Autumn, The
Truck, The
True Pharaoh, The
Trumpets / Bagdad, The
Tuptim’s Slave
Turning Point, The
TV Aerials
TV Signals
“Twice as Tall” (short version)
Twilight Zone: 40th Anniversary Collection, The
Twilight Zone: Episode 91: Little Girl Lost, The
Twilight Zone: Main Title - First Season, The
Twilight Zone (Theme), The
Twilight Zone: Walking Distance / Memories, The
Twisted Nerve - Jazz, The
Twisted Nerve / The Bride Wore Black
Twisted Nerve (vocal version), The
Two Dollars
Two Policemen / Another Victim
U.N., The
Underscore Suite (film version)
Undersea Forest, The
Undersea / The Boat, The
Underworld Ocean / The Dimetroden's Attack
Unknown Piece #1
Unknown Piece #2
Unknown Piece #3
Unknown Piece (rehearsal)
Untitled Cue
Valse Bluette / Adele
Valse Lent
Valse lente 'Obsession'
Valse Presentation
Variations for Piano & Orchestra on "I Got Rhythm"
Vase, The
Vertigo: Prelude and Rooftop
Vertigo: Prelude and Scene D'Amour
Vertigo: Prelude / Roof-Top
Vertigo (Prelude; The Nightmare; Scene d'amour)
Vertigo. Selections
Vertigo Suite: Carlotta's Portrait
Vertigo Suite: I. Prelude
Vertigo Suite: II. The Nightmare
Vertigo Suite: III. Scene d’Amour
Vertigo Suite: Scotty Trails Madeline
Vertigo: The Rooftop Chase
Very Merry Christmas (Oh, Days May Come), A
Victory 1 and 2
Victory! (Finale)
View From Pompey's Head: After the Ball, The
View From Pompey's Head: Confession, The
View From Pompey's Head: Dinah's Marriage, The
View From Pompey's Head: Dinah's Theme, The
View From Pompey's Head: Finale, The
View From Pompey's Head: Forever Dinah, The
View From Pompey's Head: Homecoming, The
View From Pompey's Head: Love on the Beach, The
View From Pompey's Head: Main Title, The
View From Pompey's Head: Mulberry, The
View From Pompey's Head: On the Road to Tamburlaine, The
View From Pompey's Head: Reunion, The
View From Pompey's Head: Revelation, The
View From Pompey's Head: The Promise, The
View From Pompey's Head: Twilight, The
View From Pompey's Head: Unexpected Meeting, The
Village, The
Vines, The
Visor and The Ray (separated elements), The
Volcano, The
Waiting 1 and 2
Waiting Room / Portico
Waiting, The
Walk Down Hallway
Walk Home, The
Walk Into the Grocery Store
Walk to Church
Walking Distance / Intro
Waltz Macabre
Waltz Reprise
Wapping Market
War March / The Naval Battle
Warning, The
Watchers, The
Water, The
We'll Love Again (studio version)
Wedding Night, The
Wedding, Part II, The
Wedding / Woodland, The
Welles Raises Kane: Antimacassar
Welles Raises Kane: Introduction
Welles Raises Kane: Overture
Welles Raises Kane: Pursuit and Happiness
Welles Raises Kane: Ragtime
Welles Raises Kane: Theme and Variations
What Should I Give My Lad / Girl for Christmas?
Where Is Everybody? / The Man
Where's Chris or Someone?
Whispering, The
White witch doctor
Wiege des Satans (It's Alife 2), Die
Wild Party, The
Wild Ride, The
Wilson's Death
Window / The Summons, The
Windows, The
Winter Walk, The
Wish, The
Witch Doctor
Wonderful Gulliver
Wooden Cross, The
Woodland, The
Word Game, The
Work the Whole City, I
Wrong Man: Manny in His Cell, The
Wuthering Heights: Act I
Wuthering Heights: Act II
Wuthering Heights: Act III
Wuthering Heights: Act IV
Wuthering heights: I have dreamt
Wuthering Heights: Prologue
Xanadu / Jigsaw Puzzles (Perpetual Motion) / Second Xanadu
Xanadu Music
Xmas Gift, The
Young People Promenade, The
Your Kid Goes Here
Contributed to or performed: 
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
20th Century Fox: Music From the Golden Age
Airport, The
Alfred Hitchcock: Music From His Films
America's Musical Landscape, Sixth Edition
American Chamber Music
American Portraits: The American Music Sampler
Aventures de Mercure, Les
Balcony / The Match Box, The
Banda sonora de la pelicula Kika
Bandes originales des films de François Truffaut : L'Intégrale
Bandes originales des films de François Truffaut : Récits d'apprentissage et d'amour
Bar Classics
belle excentrique, La
Belle excentrique: Grande ritournelle, Valse du mystérieux baiser dans l'oeil, La
Best of Cult Fiction, The
Best of Horror
Best of Rod Serling's: The Twilight Zone, Volume 1, The
Best of the Twilight Zone, Volume 2, The
Bicyclettes de Belsize / Twisted Nerve, Les
Big Screen Sound
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection
Cafeteria / The Shooting, The
Cannes Film Festival: 50 Years of Music and Song
Chamber Music of Bernard Herrmann & Jerome Moross (Texas Festival Chamber Ensemble)
Chariot Ride, Pursuit / Akhnaton, Put Them in Chains, The
Chiller Cabinet
Ciné Jazz
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane: Overture From Citizen Kane
Clair de lune
Classic CD, Volume 103: The All-Time Greatest Pianists
Classic Cinema, Part 2
Classic Movie Themes
Classic Movie Themes 2
Classical Vitality
Crash / Hotel Lobby, The
Crash, The
Creation du Monde, La
Crocodile Inn / Thebes
Cult Files: Re-Opened, The
Day the Earth Stood Still (Prelude), The
Day the Earth Stood Still, The
Detectives / Conversation Piece / Duo
Director's Cuts: Brian de Palma, The
Door / Cheers, The
Drew's Famous Fright Flicks: The Sequel
Egyptian (main title), The
Egyptian, The
Egyptian: The Deluxe Edition, The
Elevator, The
Essential Soundtracks: The Classic Collection
Et valse le cinéma
Fantasticks - April, The
Fantasticks - February, The
Fantasticks - January, The
Fantasticks - March, The
Fantasticks - May, The
Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann, The
Fashion Show (source)
Festival de Cannes: 60th Anniversary
Fifth Symphony “Lenore”
Film 2000 With Jonathan Ross
Film Music by Bernard Herrmann
Film Music: The Essential Album
Film Scores, The
Finale (Citizen Kane)
Finale (From Citizen Kane)
Five O'Clock Foxtrot
Five O’Clock Fox-Trot
Flight / The Ledge, The
Forbidden Planets: Music From the Pioneers of Electronic Sound
Forest, The
Gates / The Stone Faces / The Ridge / On the Rocks / The Cliff / Finale, The
Gymnopédies 1 & 2
Gymnopedies III & I
Herrmann: Souvenirs de Voyage / Del Tredici: Magyar Madness
History of Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder, A
Hitchcock et la musique
Hollywood Chronicle: Great Movie Classics, Volume 1
House, The
Impressionists, The
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
In the Still of the Night (source)
Incredible Film Music Box, The
Inrockuptibles présentent : Initials BO, Les
Interlude (From Snows of Kilimanjaro)
Interlude (The Snows of Kilimanjaro)
It's a Most Unusual Day (source)
Jack-in-the-Box: Prelude, Entracte, Finale
Jane Eyre (From Jane Eyre)
Jason and the Argonauts
Jazz Moods 2
Kentuckian / Williamsburg: The Story Of A Patriot, The
Kentuckian, The
Kill Bill
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Action und Thriller (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 4)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Fantasy und Science-Fiction (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 3)
Knife, The
LateNightTales: At the Movies
Lounge Movie (disc 1)
Magic Film Hits
Memory Waltz (From Snows of Kilimanjaro), The
Memory Waltz (The Snows of Kilimanjaro), The
Message / The T.V. / The Airplane, The
Moby Dick / Sinfonietta
More Music to Spy By
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Music for Murder
Music from the Films of Orson Welles, Volume One
Music From the Movies
Music to Spy By
National Public Radio: Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film
Nefer's Farewell / Sights, Sounds and Smells
No Place to Hide: The Whirlpool / Escape / Finale
North by Northwest
North by Northwest: The Complete Score
Overture (Citizen Kane)
Overture / Main Title
Pad & Pencil / The Auction / The Police, The
Pastorale d’été
Pavane, op. 50
Pavane: Finale
Phase 4 World of Thrillers, The
Piccadilly Records 2016 Sampler
Planets, The
Planets: I. Mars, the Bringer of War, The
Planets: II. Venus, the Bringer of Peace, The
Planets: III. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, The
Planets: IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity, The
Planets: V. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age, The
Planets: VI. Uranus, the Magician, The
Planets: VII. Neptune, the Mystic, The
Plus Belles Musiques de films, Les
Plus de peur
plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Volume 2, Les
plus que lente, La
Portrait of "Hitch" (from "The Trouble With Harry"), A
Prelude (from 'Torn Curtain')
Prelude (Jason and the Argonauts)
Prelude from 'Marnie'
Psycho (A Narrative for Orchestra)
Psycho Suite for String Quartet / Souvenirs de voyage / Echoes
Psycho: A Narrative for Orchestra
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Radiogram (from 'Torn Curtain'), The
Ragtime (Citizen Kane)
Ragtime (From Citizen Kane)
Reel Music 2
Relaxing Album, The
Return / Two Dollars, The
Reunion / Goodbye / The Question, The
Rosalie (source)
Saudades do Brasil: Overture, Sorocaba, Botafago, Leme, Copacabana, Ipanema, Gavea, Corcovado, Tijuca, Sumare, Paineras, Laranjeiras, Paysandu
Sax and Violence: Music From the Dark Side of the Screen
Scary Movie Music
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Volume 1: Final Frontiers
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Volume 3: The Uninvited
Score It!, Volume 18
Ship (from 'Torn Curtain'), The
Silva Treasury - Hollywood Tough Guys
Sleigh Ride (From 'The Devil and Daniel Webster')
Sleigh Ride (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
Sony Classical Great Performances: 1903-1998
Sony Classical: New Directions
Sorcerer's Apprentice (excerpt), The
Station / The Phone Booth / Farewell, The
Streets, The
Strictly Breaks, Volume 8
Suite (Jane Eyre)
Suite bergamasque, L.75: 3. Clair de lune
Suite bergamasque: III. Clair de lune
Swing Your Partners (From the Devil and Daniel Webster)
Swing Your Partners (The Devil and Daniel Webster)
Symphony - The Fantasticks
Symphony no. 5 “Lenore”
Symphony no. 5 in E “Lenore”
Symphony no. 5 in E, op. 177 “Lenore”: Part One “Liebesglück”: First Movement: Allegro
Symphony no. 5 in E, op. 177 “Lenore”: Part One “Liebesglück”: Second Movement: Andante quasi larghetto
Symphony no. 5 in E, op. 177 “Lenore”: Part Three “Wiedervereinigung im Tode”: Fourth Movement: Allegro
Symphony no. 5 in E, op. 177 “Lenore”: Part Two “Trennung”: Third Movement: Marsch Tempo – Agitato
Symphony No.1 - I. Maestoso: Allegro Pesante
Symphony No.1 - II. Scherzo
Symphony No.1 - III. Andante Sostenuto
Symphony No.1 - IV. Rondo: Epilogue A La Processional
Talo’s Death (Jason and the Argonauts)
Talos (Jason and the Argonauts)
Tarantino New Hits from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Themes of Horror
Things to Come - March
This Is Cult Fiction
This Is the Return of Cult Fiction
This Is… Science Fiction
Threepenny Opera (excerpts), The
Top of the Spot: New Collection, Volume 1
Triton (Jason and the Argonauts)
Trouble With Harry: A Portrait of “Hitch”, The
Twilight Zone III, The
Twilight Zone V, The
Twilight Zone Volume Five, The
Twilight Zone Volume Three, The
Twilight Zone: Themes, The
Twilight Zone/Unheimliche Schattenlichter
U.N. / Information Desk, The
Ultimate Bond & Spy Themes Collection
Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack, The
Uncut: Screenadelica: Hot Sounds From Cool Movies
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Variations (Citizen Kane)
Variations (From Citizen Kane)
Variations on 'I Got Rhythm'
Vertigo: Prelude
Vertigo: Prelude / Nightmare / Scène d'amour
Vertigo: Scene d'amour
Vertigo: The Nightmare
Very Best of Jazz After Dark, The
Very Scary Music
View from Pompey's Head / Blue Denim, The
Warriors of the Silver Screen
Watch the Skies
Wild Ride / Car Crash, The
Wild Ride, The
World of Science Fiction, The
Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "Be Quiet, Ye Ill Children"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "Ha! So This Is What You Do, Is It?"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "I Have Been Wandering"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "Look, Cathy"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "Look, the Moon"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: "On the Moors, on the Moors"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: Introduction
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 1: Orchestral Interlude, Nocturne
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 2: "I Am the Only Being"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 2: "It Is Now Christmas"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 2: "Joseph, Enough of Your Christmas Music"
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 2: Introduction
Wuthering Heights: Act 1. Scene 2: The Postillion Call of the Coach
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "Come, Cathy -"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "I Have Dreamt"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "I'm Not Come Too Soon, Am I?"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "Isn't That Heathcliff?"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "Nelly, Nelly, Hide Me"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "Nelly, Will You Keep a Secret for Me?"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: "Poor Bairn, Poor Bairn"
Wuthering Heights: Act 2: Introduction
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "A Person From Gimmerton"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "Heathcliff! I Want to Talk to You"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "Love Is Like the Wild Rose-Briar"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "Now Art Thou, Dear"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "Sit Down, Sir"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: "There's a Face in the Window"
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: Introduction
Wuthering Heights: Act 3: She Goes to the Window
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: "Heathcliff, Heathcliff"
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: "May She Wake in Torment!"
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: "Silence!"
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: "Tell Me, Nelly"
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: Cathy Enters
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: Hindley Picks Up One of the Bottles
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: Orchestral Interlude, Meditation
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: Prelude
Wuthering Heights: Act 4: Slowly Hindley Begins to Awaken
Wuthering Heights: Prologue: "Catherine Earnshaw, Her Book"
Wuthering Heights: Prologue: "Is Anyone Here?"
Wuthering Heights: Prologue: "Snow, Everlasting Snow"
Wuthering Heights: Prologue: "Wuthering Heights!"
Wuthering Heights: Prologue: Introduction