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Marsh, O. C.
Marsh, Othniel C.
Marsh, Othniel Charles
Othniel C. Marsh
Othniel Carolus Marsh
Othniel Charles Marsh (American paleontologist)
Othniel Charles Marsh (Amerikaans paleontoloog (1831-1899))
Othniel Charles Marsh (paleontologo statunitense)
Othniel Charles Marsh (paléontologue américain)
Othniel Charles Marsh (US-amerikanischer Paläontologe)
Otniēls Čārlzs Māršs
Марш, Отниел Чарлз
עותניאל צ'ארלס מארש
اتنیل چارلز مارش
오스니얼 찰스 마시
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bibliographic antecedent
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American Association for the Advancement of Science
Central Connecticut State University Affiliation (see also from)
Cohen, I. Bernard (1914-2003)
Hatcher, J. B. (1861-1904)
Hatcher, John Bell (1861-1904)
Hatcher, John Bell (co-author)
Lull, Richard Swann
Osborn, Henry Fairfield (1857-1935)
YA Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Yale University. Library. [from old catalog]
Affinities of Hesperornis, The
Birds with teeth
Brain of Coryphodon
Catalogue of official reports upon geological surveys of the United States and British provinces.
Ceratopsia, by John B. Hatcher, based on preliminary studies, by Othniel C. Marsh, edited and completed by Richard S. Lull, The
Characters of the Odontornithes with notice of a new allied genus
Comparison of the principal forms of the dinosauria of Europe and America
Contribution to the mineralogy of Nova ...
Description of an ancient sepulchral mound near Newark, Ohio.
Description of miocene mammalia
Description of the remains of a new enaliosaurian (Eosaurus acadianus)
Dinocerata, a monograph of an extinct order of gigantic mammals, by Othniel Charles Marsh
Dinosaures of North America, by Othniel Charles Marsh, The
Discovery of additional remains of Pterosauria
Discovery of cretaceous mammalia
Distinctive characters of the order Hallopoda
Fossil horses in America.
Fossil mammal from the jurassic of the Rocky Mountains
Gigantic bird from the eocene of New Jersey, A
Gigantic Ceratopsidae, or horned dinosaurs, of North America, The
Horned Artiodactyle (Protoceras celer) from the miocene, A
Introduction and succession of vertebrate life in America. An address delivered before the American association for the advancement of science, at Nashville, Tenn, August 30, 1877
New cretaceous bird allied to Hesperornis, A
New order of extinct jurassic reptiles (Macelognatha), A
Notice of a fossil forest in the tertiary of California.
Notice of a new genus of sauropoda and other new dinosaurs from the potomac formation
Notice of gigantic horned dinosauria from the cretaceous
Notice of new tertiary mammals
Notice of new vertebrate fossils
Notice of some new Mosasauroid reptiles from the greensand of New Jersey
Odontornithes, a monograph on the extinct toothed birds of North America... by Othniel Charles Marsh,...
Odontornithes: a monograph on the extinct toothed birds of North America; with thirty-four plates and forty woodcuts.
On a new sub-class of fossil birds (Odontornithes), 1873:
On the dates of Prof. Cope's recent publications
On the geology of the Eastern Uintah Mountains.
On the gigantic mammals of the American eocene
On the structure and affinities of the Brontotheridæ.
On the structure of the skull & limbs in mosasauroid reptiles with descriptions of new genera & species.
On the supposed human foot-prints recently- found in Nevada
On the united metatarsal bones of ceratosaurus
Preliminary description of new Tertiary reptiles.
Principal characters of American jurassic dinosaurs
Principal characters of the Tillodontia
Reply to Professor Cope's explanation
Reptilia of the Baptanodon, The
Restoration of Brontops Robustus, from the miocene of America
Restoration of dinoceras mirabile
Restoration of Mastodon Americanus, Cuvier
Restorations of Claosaurus and Ceratosaurus
scientific contributions of Othniel Charles Marsh, The : birds, bones and brontotheres
Skull of Torosaurus, The
Some recent restorations of dinosaurs
statement of affairs at Red Cloud agency, made to the President of the United States, A
Sternum in dinosaurian reptiles, The
Thomas Henry Huxley
Tinoceras and its allies
Typical ornithopoda of the american jurassic, The
Vertebrate fossils collected for the U. S. Geological Survey, 1882-1892
Wings of Pterodactyles, The