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O′en, Robert
Oʹen, Robert
One of His Majesty's justices of peace for the county of Lanark
Ou, Wen
Ou-wen, Lo-po-tè
Ou-wen, Lo-po-tʻe
Ou-wen, Lo-po-tʿe
Ouėn, Robert
Oven, Robert
Owen, R.
Owén Robert
Owen, Robert (Welsh manufacturer and reformer, 1771-1858)
Robert Ouen
Robert Owen
Robert Owen (arloesydd y cysyniad o gymuned gyd-weithredol)
Robert Owen (britischer Unternehmer, Frühsozialist, gilt als der Begründer des Genossenschaftswesens)
Robert Owen (Brits ondernemer)
Robert Owen (britský podnikatel, zabýval se dělnickou otázkou, hledal alternativu ke kapitalistickému systému)
Robert Owen (imprenditore e sindacalista gallese)
Robert Owen (walijski działacz socjalistyczny)
Robert Owen (Welsh social reformer)
Robertus Owen
Ρόμπερτ Όουεν
Овен (Р; 1771-1858)
Овэн (Р; 1771-1858)
Оуэн, Р
Оуэн, Роберт
Роберт Овен
Роберт Оуен
Роберт Оуэн
Робърт Оуен
Ռոբերտ Օուեն
אואן, רוברט
אוען, ראבערט
רוברט אואן
أوين، روبرت،
رابرت اوون
روبرت أوين،
ڕۆبێرت ئۆین
وۋەن روبەرت
राबर्ट ओवेन
রবার্ট ওয়েন
ਰਾਬਰਟ ਓਵਨ
ராபர்ட் ஓவன்
റോബർട്ട് ഓവൻ
โรเบิร์ต โอเวน
로버트 오언
オーエン, ロバート
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Bayon, Denis (co-author)
Cabet, Étienne (co-author)
Campbell, Alexander (1788-1866)
Campbell, Alexander (co-author)
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Gatrell, V.A.C.
Gay, Jules (co-author)
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Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Morton, A. L.
Morton, Arthur Leslie (co-author)
O'Kelley, Francis J. (d. 1951)
Owen, David Dale (1807-1860; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Pare, William
Przyborowska, Maria
Saint-Simon, Claude-Henri de (co-author)
Silver, Harold
Streek, Tony
Thornton, T. W.
Thornton, T. W. (co-author)
Universal Community Society of Rational Religionists
University of London Library (London)
Volgin, Vâčeslav Petrovič (1879-1962))
Wilson, Effingham (1785-1868))
Каменский А. В (1843- Андрей Васильевич)
address delivered to the inhabitants of New Lanark, on the first of January, 1816, at the opening of the Institution established for the formation of character., An
Adresse à l'Assemblée nationale de France
Book of the new moral world, containing the rational system of society, founded on demonstrable facts, developing the constitution and laws of human nature and of society
Classics of modern management theory
Courte exposition d'un système social rationnel
Crisis, and national co-operative trades' union gazette
Crisis., The
Debate on the evidences of christianity, containing an examination of the social system and of all the systems of scepticism of ancient and modern times, held in the city of Cincinnati... between Robert Owen,... and Alexander Campbell,..
development of socialism., The
Dialogue entre la France, le monde et Robert Owen, sur la nécessité d'un changement total dans nos systèmes d'éducation et de gouvernement
Dialogue entre les membres de la commission exécutive, les ambassadeurs d'Angleterre, de Russie, d'Autriche, de Prusse, de Hollande, des États-Unis et Robert Owen
dialogue in three parts between the founder of "The association of all classes of all nations", and a stranger desirous of being accurately informed respecting its origin and objects, A
discourse on a new system of society;, A
essay on common wealths., An
future of the human race, or a great, glorious, and peaceful revolution, near at hand, The : to be effected through the agency of departed spirits of good and superior men and women
inauguration of the millenium, The : May 14th, 1855 : being the report of two public meetings
Institution pour améliorer le caractère moral du peuple, ou Adresse aux habitants de New-Lanark en Écosse
Izbrannye sočineniâ.
Jinrui ni atau
Le livre du nouveau monde moral contenant le système social rationnel basé sur les lois de la nature humaine
Lectures on an entire new state of society : comprehending an analysis of British society, relative to the production and distribution of wealth, the formation of character, and government, domestic and foreign
Life and ideas of Robert Owen, The
Life of Robert Owen, written by himself, with selections from his writings and correspondence. Vol. I. - A Supplementary appendix to the 1st volume of the life of Robert owen, containing a series of reports, addresses, memorials and other documents, referred to in that volume, 1803-1820..., The
livre du nouveau monde moral contenant le système social rationnel basé sur les lois de la nature humaine
Memorial of Robert Owen to the Mexican Republic and to the Government of the state of Coahuila and Texas
My learn to ride book
neue Auffassung von der Gesellschaft ausgewählte Texte
new religion, or, Religion founded on the immutable laws of the universe contrasted with all religions founded on human testimony, as developed in a public lecture, The
New view of society or, essays on the formation of the human character preparatory to the development of a plan for gradually ameliorating the condition of mankind
New view of society ... with reference to a public meeting held ... August 14th, 1817, for consideration of a plan to relieve the country from its present distress.
No. II. New view of society. Mr. Owen's report to the committee of the Association for the relief of the manufacturing and labouring poor;
Nouvelle vision de la société, 1816
Observations on the effect of the manufacturing system, with hints for the improvement of those parts of it which are most injurious to health and morals... by Robert Owen. The third edition to which are added two letters on the employment of children in manufactories, and a letter on the union of churches and schools
Oeuvres choisies
Outline of the rational system of society.
Pädagogische Schriften
Part I of the New existence of man upon the earth to which are added an outline of Mr Owen's early life, and several of the most important and interesting of his early publications, by Robert Owen
Propositions fondamentales du système social de la communauté des biens, fondé sur les lois de la nature humaine
Quiero aprender equitación
Report of the proceedings at the several public meetings, held in Dublin
Report to the county of Lanark of a plan for relieving public distress and removing discontent by giving permanent productive employment to the poor and working classes...
Revolution in the mind and practice of the human race or The coming change from irrationality to rationality, The
Robert Owen a jeho pedagogické názory
Robert Owen in the United States
Robert Owen on charity and its effects in politics
Robert Owen, prophet of the poor; essays in honour of the two hundredth anniversary of his birth.
Robert Owen's journal. Explanatory of the means to well-place, and well-feed, well-clothe, well-lodge, well-employ, well-educate, well-govern, and cordially unite, the population of the world.
Robert Owen's millennial gazette
Robert Owen. Textes choisis
Robert Owen, textos del socialista utópico
Saint-Simon, Fourier, Owen. [Texte alese] Cu studii introductive de I. Cernea
Sekai daishiso zenshu.
Selected works of Robert Owen
Sheng-hsi-men, Fu-li-yeh ho Ou-wen, 1986:
Six lectures delivered in Manchester previously to the discussion between Mr. Robert Owen and the Rev. J.H. Roebuck and an address delivered at the annual congress of the "Association of All Classes of All Nations," after the close of the discussion
Six lectures on charity : delivered at the Institution of New Lanark, upon the thirteenth chapter of the 1st epistle to the Corinthians
Société fraternelle centrale. 7e et 8e discours du citoyen Cabet, sur les élections. Discours de Robert Owen. (3 avril.)
statement regarding the New Lanark Establishment., A
Textes choisis
To the electors of the borough of Marylebone
To the imperial Parliament of Great Britain
Two memorials on behalf of the working classes, the first presented to the governments of Europe and America, the second to the allied powers assembled in congress at Aix-la-Chapelle
Una Nueva visión de la sociedad
universal permanent government, constitution and code of laws, based on the unchanging laws of nature, for the world, in which there is but one real interest for all its population, wherever situated and also for each state or nation separately, until they shall have acquired the knowledge and wisdom to unite in federative union., The
Universal revolution
Vybrané spisy
What is socialism? and what would be its practical effects upon society : a correct report of the public discussion between Robert Owen & Mr. John Brindley, held in Bristol, on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of January, 1841, before an audience of more than 5000 persons, J.S. Harford, Esq., of Blaize Castle, in the chair : with the preliminary correspondence between Mr. Owen and Mr. Brindley's committee : and an appendix, containing a distinct declaration of principles.
Works. Selections.
Wybór pism
Избранные сочинения : [в 2-х т.]
Роберт Овэн и его попытки общественных реформ
Роберт Оуэн, его жизнь и общественная деятельность Биогр. очерк А.В. Каменского
Роберт Оуэн. Жизнь и идеи учебное пособие для студентов Московского государственного университета, имеющего право разрабатывать образовательные программы на основе самостоятельно установленных образовательных стандартов и требований [для студентов гуманитарных факультетов]