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T. Takemitsu
Takemitsu, T.
Takemitsu, Tohru
Takemitsu, Tooru
Takemitsu (Tōru)
Takemitsu Tōru (1930-1996)
Takemitsu, Tōru (Japanese composer, 1930-1996)
Tóru Takemicu
Tōru Takemitsu
Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996)
Tōru Takemitsu (compositeur japonais)
Tōru Takemitsu (compositore giapponese)
Toru Takemitsu (Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory)
Tōru Takemitsu (japanischer Komponist)
Toru Takemitsu (Japans componist (1930-1996))
Toru Takemitsu (japansk komponist)
Tôru Takemitsu (japansk kompositör)
Tōru Takemitsu (kompozytor japoński)
ToruTakemitsu (آهنگساز ژاپنی)
Такэмицу, Тору
Тору Такеміцу
טורו טאקמיצו
טקמיצו, טורו
다케미쓰 도루
タケミツ, トオル
タケミツ (トオル; 1930-1996)
武満, 徹
武満 (徹; 1930-1996)
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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B. Schott's Söhne
Hashimoto, Shinobu (1918-....))
jikken kobo
Kobayashi, Masaki (1916-1996))
Kurosawa, Akira (1910-1998)
Nakadai, Tatsuya (1932-)
Novoselec, Renata
Oguni, Hideo (1904-1996)
Ōshima, Nagisa (1932-2013))
Ozawa, Seiji (1935-)
Saitô, Takao (1920-)
Sato, Norio
Silberman, Serge (1917-2003)
Teshigahara, Hiroshi (1927-2001))
Tokyo String Quartet
Tsuruta, Kinshi
Visse, Dominique (1955- ))
Wakasugi, Hiroshi (1935-2009)
Yokoyama, Katsuya (1934-)
Шостакович, Дмитрий Дмитриевич (1906-1975)
川田, 順造 (1934-)
AGP24: Toru Takemitsu
Ai no Borei
Air Flûte
Aki, biwa, shakuhachi, orchestra
All Alone
All in Twilight: I.
All in Twilight: II. Dark
All in Twilight: III.
All in Twilight: IV. Slightly Fast
All that the Man Left Behind When He Died
Alone on the Pacific
Always Leave the Cage Door Open
Ame no jumon
Ame no ki 2
Ame no ki sobyô I Percussions ou claviers (3)
Ame no ki sobyô I Piano
Ame no ki sobyô II
Ame no ki sobyō, no. 1
Ame zo furu
And then I knew 'twas wind
Arc I
Arc, piano, orchestra. Coda
Arc, piano, orchestra. Part 1
Arc, piano, orchestra. Part 2
Arc: Pile
Arc: Reflection
Arc: Solitude
Arc: Textures
Arc: Your love and the Crossing
Archipelago S for 21 players
Arrangements [Hey Jude. Lennon, John] Guitare
Arrangements [Michelle. Lennon, John] Guitare
Arrangements [Yesterday. Lennon, John] Guitare
Arrival at Apartment
Ashita wa hare kana, kumori kana
Assassin, The
Attendance at the Funeral / Flute of Darkness
Autumn (excerpt)
Autumn, Into the Fall After a Little While, for Biwa, Skakuhachi & Orchestra
Azusa Castle in Ruins (Unused)
Bad boy Guitares (2)
Bad boy Guitares (3)
Bad Boys
Ballad of Orin
Battle in Yawatano I, The
Battle in Yawatano II, The
Battle in Yawatano III, The
Battle of Yawatano, The
Beast Alley
Between tides
Bird Came Down the Walk, A
Black Rain
Board Metting
Body Examined
Boy Named Hiroshima (for two guitars), A
Brave General’s Bow, The
Buddhist Praying Temple / The Last 110,000 and Hidetora / The Fury of Ootemon / The Second Castle, The
Call of Flesh, The
Car in Alley
Ceremonial: An Autumn Ode
Ceremony, The
Chamber music. Selections
Chaos in the First Castle - Ujigabana
Checking out the Apartment
Cherry blossoms
Chiheisen no dōria
Chiisana heya de
Chiisana sora
Choral music. Selections
Clap Vocalism
Clouds at Sunset
Coral island
Corona 2
Corona / For Away / Piano Distance / Undisturbed Rest (piano: Roger Woodward)
Corona II
Corona (London Version)
Crime Scene
Crimson Citadel (I), The
Crimson Citadel (II), The
Crimson Citadel / Surrendering the Castle - Desert of Madness, The
Cross hatch
Cross Talk Pour 2 Bandonéons Et Bande Magnétique
Day Signal (Signals From Heaven I)
Dear Summer Sister
Death and Resurrection
Departing for the Front I
Departing for the Front II
Desert of Madness
Distance de fée
Dorian Horizon, The
Dream / Window
Drive to Connor's Loft
Drums of the Plateau
Echo I
Echo II
Eclipse For Biwa And Shakuhachi
Eddie Revealed on Disc
Eddie's Alive
Eddie's Showdown
Electronic music. Selections
Empire of Passion
Encounter, The
Ending Credits
Endless Hell / Escape
Eucalypts I
Eucalypts II
Eucalypts, no. 1
Eucalypts, no. 2
Face of Another, The
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - A Distant Place
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - Dad
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - Grandma
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - Grandpa
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - Mom
Family Tree - Musical Verses for Young People - Once Upon a Time
Fantasma/Cantos 2 Trombone, orchestre
Fantasma/Cantos Clarinette, orchestre
Fantasma - Cantos II
Fantasma/cantos, no. 1
Far Away
Far calls. Coming, far!
Film Music of Toru Takemitsu, The
Fils des Étoiles, Le
First Castle, Conflagration, The
Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden, A
Flute of Darkness
Flute Orchestra, The
Folios: I.
Folios: II.
Folios: III.
For away
Fossil, The
From Far Beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog
From me flows what you call time
Full Life, A
Fury of Ootemon, The
Game of Love
Garden rain
Gémeaux: I. Strophe
Gémeaux: II. Genesis
Gémeaux: III. Traces
Gémeaux: IV. Antistrophe
Girl on the Table
Gitā no tame no jūni no uta
Glowing Autumn
Golf Course
Guitar music. Selections
Hall, The
Hanaze Goze Orin
Handmade proverbs
hear the water dreaming Flûte, orchestre, I
Hear the Water Dreaming, for Flute & Orchestra, I
Hell’s Picture Scroll
Hika - Elegy
How slow the wind
Hymn to a Tired Man
Illusion of Blood
Illusions in the Sky
In an Autumn Garden
In the Month of March
In the Woods: I. Wainscot Pond - After a Painting by Cornelia Foss
In the Woods: II. Rosedale
In the Woods: III. Muir Woods
Incandescent Flame
Inheritance, The
Inside the Heart of the Universe
Instrumental music. Selections
Interview 1: An Ocean to Cross - Main Theme
Interview 10: Importance of Mix & Responsibility of Composers
Interview 11: Episode About Recordings of Pale Flower
Interview 12: Pale Flower - 1st Scene
Interview 13: Relationship Between Films & My Music Works
Interview 2: About an Ocean to Cross
Interview 3: Sound Experiments of the Debut Crazed Fruit
Interview 4: Crazed Fruit - Main Theme
Interview 5: Recording Scene of Stranger's Face
Interview 6: People Around the Japanese Nouvelle Vague
Interview 7: Traditional Music & One-Note Structure
Interview 8: From Commit Ritual Suicide
Interview 9: Directing of Film Music
Itinerant Flûte
Jose Torres
Jūichigatsu no kiri to kiku no kanata kara
Just Sing, I
Ki no kyoku
Ki, Sora, Tori
Kii River, The
Koi No Kakuenbo
Koi no kakurembo
Kumo ni mukatte tatsu
Kwaidan: Biwa-uta
Kwaidan: Bunraku
Kwaidan: Ki
Kwaidan: Yuki
Kyouami Is Banished
Lamentation / Chaos in the First Castle - Ujigabana / Illusions in the Sky
Landscape 1
Last 10,000 and Hidetora, The
Last Judgement
Lento in due movimenti: I. Adagio
Lento in due movimenti: II. Lento misteriosamente
Litany: I. Adagio
Litany: II. Lento misterioso
Litany - in memory of Michael Vyner 1. Adagio
Litany - in memory of Michael Vyner 2. Lento Misterioso
Literary works
Looking at the Disc
Main Title
Man Who Left His Will on Film, The
Maru to Sankaku no Uta
Marvelous Kid, A
Masque For 2 Flutes
Masque. Incidental, no. 2
Medley (Credits - Short Version)
Mi yo ta
Mienai kodomo
Mizu no kyoku
Moeru aki
Motion picture music. Selections
Music From Banished Orin
Music From Dodes’Kaden
Music From Empire of Passion
Music From Harakiri
Music From Kaseki
Music From Rikyu
Music From Woman in the Dunes
Music of tree
Muzyka wokalna (wybór)
My Way Of Life - In Memory Of Michael Vyner: A Human Being Has Its Own Way Of Life
My Way Of Life - In Memory Of Michael Vyner: I Was Once Asked To Write About 'My Way Of Life'
My Way Of Life - In Memory Of Michael Vyner: It Is Not Time That Passes On
My Way Of Life - In Memory Of Michael Vyner: To A Discerning Eye
Mystery Figure Revealed
Nakamoto Steps
Nami no bon
Neige, La
Night Signal (Signals From Heaven II)
Nijuissai no chichi
Nostalghia for Solo Violin & String Orchestra
November Steps: 10th Step (variation)
November Steps / A String Around Autumn / Requiem for String Orchestra, etc.
November Steps (excerpt)
Once a Rainy Day
Opening Credits - Main Title
Orchestra music. Selections
Orchestral Works III: Autumn, Etc.
Orchestral Works, Volume 1 - Visions / November Steps / Requiem for Strings
“Original Soundtrack ‘RAN’” (Side 1)
“Original Soundtrack ‘RAN’” (Side 2)
Orion and Pleiades: I. Orion
Orion and Pleiades: II. and
Orion and Pleiades: III. Pleiades
Orion to Pureadesu
Paths, op. 50
Pause ininterrompue: I. Slowly, Sadly and as If to Converse With
Pause ininterrompue: II. Quietly and With a Cruel Reverberation
Pause ininterrompue: III. A Song of Love
Peter Serkin Plays the Music of Toru Takemitsu
Petrified Forest, The
Pianisuto no tame no Corona
Piano distance
Piano music. Selections
Piano Pieces for Children: No. 1. Breeze
Piano Pieces for Children: No. 2. Clouds
Piece, guitar
Pieces for children
Pièces Guitare
Quatrain 2
Quatrain II
Quotation of Dream – Say sea, take me! –
Rain Coming
Rain dreaming
Rain Spell
Rain Tree Sketch (1982)
Rain Tree Sketch I
Rain Tree Sketch II - in memoriam Olivier Messiaen
Ran. Selections
(Régis Campo - Hommage a Takemitsu) Harmoni(qu)es
(Régis Campo - Hommage a Takemitsu) Les octaves menaçantes
(Régis Campo - Hommage a Takemitsu) Mondes cachés
Requiem for String Orchestra
Requiem for strings
Ring, G
Ring, I
Ring, N
Ring, R
Rising Sun
Riverrun / Water-Ways / Rain Coming / Rain Spell / Tree Line
Rocking mirror daybreak: I. Autumn
Rocking mirror daybreak: II. Passing Bird
Rocking mirror daybreak: III. In the Shadow
Rocking mirror daybreak: IV. Rocking Mirror
Romance Piano
Ruined Map, The
Saburou's Army Arrives / Departing for the Front
Sacrifice, Chant I
Sacrifice, Chant II
Sacrifice, Voice
Saegirarenai kjūsoku
Saegirarenai kyûsoku
Sakujitsu no shini
Samurai Spy
Sangatsu no uta
Scattered Clouds
Second Castle, The
Security Room
Senator Morton Gets Faxed
Shima e
Shinda otoko no nokoshita mono wa
Shiroi asa
Shūtei-guwa ichigu
Signals from heaven 1
Signals from heaven 2
Signals from Heaven: Day Signal
Signals from Heaven: Night Signal
Sky, Horse and Death (concrete-music)
Small Sky
So Eddie Witnessed the Murder
Solitude sonore
Solo piano works (Kumi Ogano)
son-calligraphie 1
son calligraphié I, Le
son calligraphié II, Le
son calligraphié III, Le
Son calligraphié, no. 2
Son calligraphié, no. 3
Song of Circles and Triangles: Choral Works, A
Songs (12) for Guitar : Over the Rainbow 2001
Songs (12) for Guitar : Summertime 2001
Songs (12) for Guitar : Yesterday 2001
Songs, guitar. Londonderry air
Songs, mixed voices, no. 1
Songs, mixed voices, no. 2
Songs. Selections
Sora, uma, soshite shi
Spirit Garden: Orchestral Works
Stanza, 1
Stanza, 2
Stanza I
Stanza II
String Around Autumn, A
Subarashii akujo
Summer Soldiers
Suna no onna
Surrendering the Castle - Desert of Madness
Take Off for the Clouds
Tanin no Kao
Tension in Yahatabara / Assault
Third Castle (I), The
Third Castle (II), The
Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: No. 1. Music of Training and Rest (from José Torres)
Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: No. 2. Waltz (from Face of Another)
Three Film Scores for String Orchestra: No. 3. Funeral Music (from Black Rain)
Three Film Scores for Strings: Funeral Music
Three Film Scores for Strings: Music of Training and Rest
Three Film Scores for Strings: Waltz
Time Within Memory
To the edge of dream
To the Island
Tōi yobigoe no kantata e!
Toru Takemitsu - Complete piano works
Toru Takemitsu: Works for Flute and Guitar
Toward the sea 2 Flûte, harpe, orchestre à cordes
Toward the sea 3 Flûte, harpe
Toward the Sea, Cape God
Toward the Sea II: I. The Night
Toward the Sea II: II. Moby Dick
Toward the Sea II: III. Cape Cod
Toward the Sea III: I. The Night
Toward the Sea III: II. Moby Dick
Toward the Sea III: III. Cape Cod
Tree line
Tsurumaru's Flute / Azusa Castle in Ruins
Twill by Twilight (In Memory of Morton Feldman), for Orchestra
Twin Sisters of Kyoto
Umi e 1
Umi e 2
Umi e 3
Under the Blossoming Cherry Tree
Undisturbed Rest: I. Slowly sadly as if to converse
Undisturbed Rest: II. Quietly and with cruel reverberation
Undisturbed Rest: III. A song of love
Uninterrupted Rest
Uninterrupted Rests: A song of love
Uninterrupted Rests: Quietly and with a cruel reverberation
Uninterrupted Rests: Slowly, sadly as if to converse with
Unseen Child
Utau dake
Vers, l'arc-en-ciel, Palma
Viola Concerto "A String around Autumn"
Visions: I. Mystère
Visions: II. Les Yeux clos
Vocal music. Selections
Vocalism A.I
Vocalism Ai
Water Music
Water-Ways (opening)
way a lone 1
way a lone 2 Orchestre à cordes
Way a Lone II, for String Orchestra, A
Web Meets Connor
Web's Confession
Werke, Orch
Werke Singst. Kl
Will Tomorrow Be Clear or Cloudy
Will Tomorrow, I Wonder, Be Cloudy or Clear?
Wind horse
With Beauty & Sorrow
Woman in the Dunes
Wonderful Bad Woman
Works. Selections
Yakuza Pursuit
Yesterday's Spot
yeux clos II, Les
Yeux clos, no. 1
Yeux clos, no. 2
Yume no fuchi e
Yureru kagami no yoake. Aki
Yureru kagami no yoake. Yureru kagami
すべては薄明のなかで: II.
すべては薄明のなかで: IV.
Contributed to or performed: 
All in Twilight
Around the World With Philips Classics in 1993
BBC Music, Volume 2, Number 11: Live From The Proms: Walton: Symphony no. 1 / Takemitsu
Between Tides and Other Chamber Music
Carter: Partita / Berio: Continuo / Takemitsu: Visions
Chamber Music by Tōru Takemitsu
Classic CD, Volume 54: Bizarre - But it Works!
Complete Piano Works (1952-1990)
Complete Soundtracks of Akira Kurosawa, The
Complete Works for Solo Piano
Concert 20-21 Century, Volume 7: Early Tape Music
Coral Island / Water Music / Vocalism Ai
Dorian Horizon - for 17 Strings
Experimental Music of Japan
Fantasma - Cantos II - for Trombone and Orchestra
Film Music of Akira Kurosawa, The
Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden / Spirit Garden / Dreamtime, A
Flock Descends, A
From Me Flows What You Call Time / Twill by Twilight / Requiem
Gémeaux / Dream/Window / Spirit Garden
Hear the Water Dreaming, I
How Slow the Wind
How Slow the Wind - for Orchestra
In Memoriam
Mano a mano
Messages for the 21st Century Vol. 4
Mozart: Klarinettenkonzert / Debussy: Première Rapsodie / Takemitsu: Fantasma/Cantos
Music of Cosmos, The
Music of Takemitsu
Musica Humana
Nostalghia - In Memory of Andrei Tarkovskij - for Violin and String Orchestra
November Steps
Orchestral Works IV: Coral Island
Piano Music
Piano Works
Quatrain / Stanza I / Sacrifice / Ring / Valeria / A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden
Quatrain II
Quotation of Dream
Rain Tree: The Complete Solo Piano Music of Tōru Takemitsu
Requiem for Strings - for String Orchestra
Seventh Sense, The
String Around Autumn, A
Takemitsu Played by John Williams
Tan Dun: Pipa Concerto / Hayashi: Viola Concerto / Takemitsu: Nostalghia
To the Edge of Dream
Toward the Sea / Rain Tree / Rain Spell / Bryce
Tre voci
vallée des cloches, La
Winter / Marginalia / Gitimalya
黒澤明 映画音楽